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  1. Amazon Buys Twitch for $970 Million!

    I have streamed myself on youtube 3 or 4 times if you really need to know how to do it im sure i could help
  2. Amazon Buys Twitch for $970 Million!

    Twitch will most likely contune as is i mean look at youtube we HATE google running it but it hasnt died and in fact has grown big websites being eaten up by big company will not end them sure we may hate what they do but its hard to see the 60Million plus pepole that use both youtube and twitch all going away overnight so im not worryed i am however pissed since the way twitch was going it would of been the last free place of the internet without all this copyright bullshit and might of even turned into the new and better youtube but now i see Amazon going head to head with google and it ending in both of them being the same
  3. Good program to monitor cpu temp

    I tend to use speed fan for my CPU Temp Core http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php Its great since not only can you see all your temps like harddrive GPU CPU atc you can also control your fan speed and set timeings as to when you want your fans to increase there RPM to cool the core down atc
  4. Console killers

    This topic is devoted to computers that cost near the same as a console and Perform better and or the same Xbox One Specs 8 Core AMD custom CPU Frequency: 1.75 GHz   8GB DDR3 Clock: 2133MHz Bandwidth: 68.26 GB/s /PS4 RAM  8GB GDDR5 (speed unknown)   GPU:Clock Speed: 853 MHz(originally 800 MHz) Shader Cores: 768 Peak Throughput: 1.31 TFLOPS   500 GB Hard Drive non-replaceable, External Hard Drive support available   REMINDER PS4 AND XBOX ONE SHARE THE SAME CPU WITH MINOR CHANGES ALL HARDWARE ABOVE IS SOMEWHAT THE SAME ALL OTHER SPECS (that i could find) ARE HERE http://au.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/PS4_vs._Xbox_One_vs._Wii_U_Comparison_Chart   My console killer AMD A10-5800K 4 core Clocked at 4.0GHz A-Data Technology DDR3 2133X 8GB Clocked at 1067 with all the timeing set as low as possable Sapphire Radeon HD 6750   700 MHz Core Clock 40 nm Chip 720 x Stream Processors Video Memory 1024 MB Size 128 -bit GDDR5 4000 MHz Effective   1TB Harddrive WDC WD10EZRX-00A8LB0 And a 2TB external harddrive Motherboard Model:ASUS F2A55-M LK PLUS (Love ASUS) 500W PSU 80+ Silver you can pick this up cheap in the usa(900-700$ depending on sites you buy the parts from) but here in New Zealand its about 1200$ due to   shipping costs and other stuff i had a SSD was a 60GB one but it died and i desided due to the cost of shipping and geting a new one and takeing it apart that ill just stick my   OS on the 1TB harddrive boot time went from 5 sec to around 35sec i can live with that lol     Now im not saying "CONSOLES SUCK" Couse they dont, They have there pros and cons and they are usefull to some pepole Post your console killer below remember you dont have to own said computer you may use sites like part picker atc but be within 750$ (900$ Was consoles release date price)
  5. RainbowTray; Reporting for duty!

    Welcome to ADK Injoy your stay and watch out for the Amp Stations on plantside if you ever deside to play it :)
  6. INtro

    Welcome to ADK Injoy your stay cookies and milk is over there down the hall
  7. Bacon Roses

    Bacon race ftw
  8. Bacon Roses

    Ohhh i like bacon ;D Welcome to ADK!
  9. L3g4cy's Intro

    So i should prase this guy? OK! You soo kool you make fish fall from the sky :) Welcom back (i asume) to ADK
  10. What up? My name is..

    Hi And welcom to ADK injoy your stay :D
  11. First Aircraft To be looked at is the comman but not very well knowen   Cessna T-37 (aka Dragon Fly)   The growing American military involvement in Vietnam in the early 1960s led to strong interest in counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft. In late 1962, the U.S. Air Force's Special Air Warfare Center at Eglin Air Force Base's Hurlburt Field in Florida evaluated two T-37Cs for the role. The Air Force found the T-37 promising, but wanted an improved version of the aircraft that could carry a much larger payload, and had much greater endurance and better short-field performance. This meant a heavier aircraft with more powerful engines. In 1963, the Air Force awarded a contract to Cessna for two prototype YAT-37D aircraft: T-37s with modifications that included: Stronger wings. Three stores pylons on each wing. Larger wingtip fuel tanks of 360 litre (95 US gallons) capacity. A General Electric GAU-2B/A 7.62 mm "Minigun" Gatling-style machine gun, with a rate of fire of 3,000 rounds/minute and 1,500 rounds of ammunition. The weapon was fitted in the right side of the aircraft's nose behind a large, convenient access panel. A gunsight and gun camera were also fitted. Better avionics for battlefield communications, navigation, and targeting. Tougher landing gear for rough-field operation. These changes meant a drastic increase in aircraft weight and the aircraft now had to carry a significant payload as well. Cessna, therefore, doubled the engine power by replacing the two Continental J-69 engines with General Electric J85-J2/5 turbojet engines with 2,400 lbf (10.7 kN) thrust each. The first YAT-37D flew in October 1964, followed a year later by the second prototype. The second prototype had four stores pylons under each wing, rather than three, and the first prototype was upgraded to this configuration as well. Test results were good, but USAF interest in counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft had faded for the moment. The program went into limbo for a time, with the second prototype "put out to pasture" at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. The war in Southeast Asia, however, continued to escalate. Losses of Douglas A-1 Skyraider close-support aircraft in US and South Vietnamese service proved greater than anticipated and USAF interest in COIN aircraft was revived. The YAT-37D seemed like a promising candidate for the job, but the Air Force felt that the only way to be sure was to evaluate the aircraft in combat. As a result, the USAF issued a contract to Cessna for a pre-production batch of 39 YAT-37Ds, with a few minor changes relative to the prototypes, to be rebuilt from existing T-37Bs. These aircraft were initially designated AT-37D, but the designation was quickly changed to A-37A. The second prototype YAT-37D was pulled out of the Air Force Museum and upgraded to A-37A standards as part of the test program. The A-37A had a gross takeoff weight of 12,000 lb (5,440 kg), of which 2,700 lb (1230 kg) was ordnance. The A-37A retained the dual controls of its T-37B ancestor, allowing it to be used as an operational trainer. In combat "forward air control (FAC)" operations, the second seat was occupied by an observer. Only one crewman normally flew in the aircraft for close support missions, permitting a slight increase in ordnance.   General characteristics Crew: 2 Length: 28 ft 3.4 in (8.62 m) Wingspan: 35 ft 10.3 in (10.93 m (including tip tanks)) Height: 8 ft 10.3 in (2.70 m) Wing area: 183.9 ft² (17.09 m²) Empty weight: 6,211 lb (2,817 kg) Max. takeoff weight: 14,000 lb (6,350 kg) Powerplant: 2 × General Electric J85-GE-17A turbojet, 2,850 lbf (12.7 kN) each Performance Maximum speed: 507 mph (440 kn, 816 km/h) at 16,000 ft Cruise speed: 489 mph (425 kn, 787 km/h) at 25,000 ft Range: 920 mi (800 nmi, 1,480 km)[citation needed] Combat radius: 460 mi (400 nmi, 740 km) with 4,100 lb warload Service ceiling: 41,765 ft (12,730 m) Rate of climb: 6,990 ft/min (35.5 m/s) Armament Guns: 1× .308 in (7.62 mm) GAU-2B/A minigun (mounted in nose) Hardpoints: 8 under-wing with a capacity of 1,230 kg Gun pods: SUU-11/A (1× 7.62 mm M134 minigun), GPU-2/A (1× 20 mm M197 cannon), 30 mm DEFA cannon Rockets: four pods, each with seven 70 mm/2.75 inch rockets (Mk 4/Mk 40 FFAR rockets in a LAU-32/A, LAU-59, or LAU-68 launcher) or (Mk 66/WAFAR rockets in a LAU-131 launcher) Missiles: AIM-9 Sidewinder Bombs: 500 lb (241 kg) Mk.82 (×4 on multiple ejector racks), SUU-14 bomblet dispenser Other: Napalm tanks, SUU-25/A Flare Dispenser   Now That we have the specs down lets look at what it looks Like     Heres the Trainer Ves On a runway Heres the one with guns and its in combat   This Aircraft Even though it had been lost in time and forgoten. I'd Like to bring it to ADK As the shape and form of this aircraft is very unlike todays aircraft, This was one of the only Cessna Aircraft used in moden day combat (Cessna being mainly Civ Aircraft makers) As well as serveing in Vietnam War And the Salvadoran Civil War This aircraft proved to be very slow for a jet and thus great for CAS After the war, the USAF passed their A-37Bs from the USAF Tactical Air Command (TAC) to TAC-gained units in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. In the early 1980s these aircraft were assigned to the FAC (Forward Air Control) role and given the designation OA-37B. The OA-37Bs were eventually phased out and replaced in the FAC mission by the much more formidable Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II in regular air force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve service. Today Very Few can be found flying at airshows and in Limited service in South American Air Forces
  12. Hi

    Hi Im DXTFantom I mainly do youtube on my small channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgF3Bte6YNxvgkDwszbVnuA I like to lead large platoon and have played the game for 2 years now stoped playing after the beta was done and came back around about 12 days ago, Lead an outfit for awile and is a great pilot Mainly do tanking and enginner like to fly alot thats it really, -DXTFantom

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