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    Dayz, Wow, ARMA, Basketball, being fat, lifting pussy weights.

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  1. @[member='Greyleaf'] Is it gonna be F2P, or am I gonna have to buy it? I saw some gameplay and It looks like Team Fortress 2 + Warframe, but it doesn't seem like something I want to drop cash on.
  2. @[member='jayrestexas'] I believe they've gotten better but you're still gonna have to queue for atleast an hour.
  3. I've been playing it and I must say it's a really great game. Shame I gotta play on EU servers though for less lag. Also a bit disappointing how they're dealing with the amount of players who want to play, and some problems like Patron not working, which is also happening to me.
  4. Come check my stream out at http://www.twitch.tv/thefreditowner I stream DayZ and WoW. Follows appreciated ;)

  5. A short little baby review of my Gunnar Optiks glasses.

    Filthy casual. jk. Seems a bit expensive though but if it actually helps that much I guess it's worth it. I'm supposed to wear glasses but don't even bother, if I ever got these they'd probably just sit on my shelf. :P
  6. Hello everybody!

    @[member='armorer'] Welcome to the forums! There's alot of oldies like you on here so I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Feels a bit weird when you realize that players on here have kids the same age as me.
  7. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    @[member='Fuz'] Noice.
  8. Introduction to Brittany

    @[member='Brittany'] Welcome to the forums, Brittany! You probably should have posted this in the introduction area though.
  9. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    @[member='Coldgrin'] I'm still not gonna finish the campaign. I find online to be way more fun.
  10. Introduction - MadHatter05

    @[member='MadHatter'] You were a terrible admin. Jk man, welcome again, and I noticed you have an ADK member app in. Good luck with that!
  11. Introduction - MadHatter05

    @[member='MadHatter'] Welcome to ADK! Are you by any chance the same Madhatter that was an admin on BMRF?
  12. -GALLOWS- intro

  13. -GALLOWS- intro

    @-GALLOWS- Haha, thanks I was going H.A.M.
  14. -GALLOWS- intro

    @-GALLOWS- Only other game I've played this much would be WoW. I play both religiously.
  15. -GALLOWS- intro

    I know that feel... Welcome to the forums!

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