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  1. Banned from TS? Reason: Recruiting?!?!?

    If the Ban is going to be upheld I request to be banned from the site also.  I wish ADK the best and I guess I will just have to talk to Moonin,Gil, JB in the MC TS3 which is fine. However how is it going to look when they get into a game with me banned from being in the ADK TS and come over to the MC TS when their is another ADK member who is the game who wants to still communicate. At that point should the member request the info from them they may supply it to better communicate throughout the game. Therefore taking a member away from ADK's TS due to fact yall believe I am trying to recruit your members when all I am doing is trying to play with my friends.   The entire point here is =ADK= is afraid of losing its members to another community, when as it has been shown they have not left when they have come over to play with me as there loyalties lie here. Again I wish yall the best, and I will now tell moonin JB and Gil they are allowed back over to the MC TS anytime they please, and should they choose to leave I would like it to be known it wasn't that I recruited them. It may well be this incident that caused them to leave. I wish =ADK= nothing but the best. I am no longer checking this forum. I hope everyone in =ADK= lives a good life and enjoys their time here.       Signing out, Hueyness
  2. Banned from TS? Reason: Recruiting?!?!?

    Also I do believe the assumption is I came on to yall's TS and gave out the info. That is not correct I privately messaged them the info in game LOL which is a free to play mmo without servers. As I said I did it in a private matter. At no point did I hop unto ADK TS server and distribute the info which I do believe is how y'all precieve I distributed the info.
  3. Banned from TS? Reason: Recruiting?!?!?

    I was contacted by one of your members, if they asked the question I have to respond politely. I responded in the best way I knew how with out trying to simply trying to be like " Hey im in this community its the best, So on and so on so fourth". I answered as any normal player of a community would and I apologized for responding but I was asked for the information.      **They have been informed to no longer hop into MC TS as its against =ADK= Policy. They hopped over here I instantly informed them of the situation and told them I will being doing my best to to try and have my ban appealed and not further violate a policy I didn't know of**
  4. Banned from TS? Reason: Recruiting?!?!?

    Gil, Moonin, and JB are still in =ADK= as they enjoy it over here and I haven't hassled them to join the community I joined. They do make the decision to hop into the TS I gave them to see if Im up for a game and play. They still use ADK's TS 98% of the time.      Now if I need to make a public apology and be logged into Adk's TS and My community's TS to still be able to be welcome over here I will as I'm sure they will do the same thing to try and contact me as you are muted in which ever TS you have as your primary.       **Apology**   I, Jonathan Rigsby (hueyness), due hereby apologize for breaking =ADK= TS rules. As I was ignorant of the situation and said rules. I will make a Valid effort to hereby not break them any longer and use two different TS's at one time. I do apologize for any hinderence I have the LoL section of the =ADK= community as I was an Admin in it and tried valiantly to support it and bring it into further bloom and invested a decent amount of time into it. I do not wish to be an enemy of =ADK= all I wish for is to be able to further play with my friends and any =ADK= members they play with. The reason its taken me so long to notice is I haven't been around much for league as my wife is often playing my account to learn the game I have been in and out of the hospital still for 2-3 days at a time as I said multiple times through out me trying to get the 5v5 tourny going. They believe I have a serve case of Chron's Disease or Colon cancer. I haven't tried hoping on to the =ADK= Ts as they contact me through League or MC TS and come to play with me. Since I now know this is a problem I will emphasis to them not to hop over here to avoid future problems. I am truly sorry, as I was ignorant that I was breaking an =ADK= policy. I will not make the same mistake twice. I do still wish to be able to use =ADK= TS as I stated in my announcement to have my privileges revoked as not every game we play we play together. I also will apologize to each and every =ADK= member I may have offended with my actions and I will apologize to you individually if you so wish.     Your friend always, Jonathan Rigsby (hueyness)
  5. Just wanted to know why I was banned from TS, at no point have I tried to recruit any ADK personal from ADK to MadCast. In fact I notify a veteran Admin every time some from ADK does apply to madcast. Ex: When Rubystar09 tried to apply to MadCast I specifically talked to Joey to clear the situation, as well as advised MadCast senior members that I disapproved of the situation and he was denied. Other than that can you please an instant on which I tried to recruit an =ADK= Member?!?!?   Now I have given the MadCast TS to Gil, Moonin, JB as its the main one I use now and they hop over when we get into a game together. Other than that I have been approached by your members on info on the community I joined. Ex: Regular (Reversing the right not to name the person)- Is displeased with the LoL section, I specifically told him what LoL Community I joined and our website. Other than that I gave no more information other than the normal amount of people we have online at a time and that its fun over here. I advised them to make the decision to either stay in =ADK= or to leave. At no point was I "egging" them on to leave =ADK= as that is their decision and in no way was I influencing it.   Never have I specifically gone to a =ADK= member and been like: Hey you leave =ADK= and come join MC. NEVER have I done that because I respect =ADK= as I was apart of it for nearly a 1 1/2 years enjoy my time in it. I have offered to my close friends the option if they ever want to get ahold of me to hop on the MC Ts to see if I'm There. However to say that is recruiting is wrong. I have shown nothing but respect to =ADK= since I left willingly to pursue a more League orientated community.     **TS Ban Appeal**       Hueyness
  6. Sundays 2pm Est

    We didnt do them sunday we just did them today
  7. Sundays 2pm Est

    -Hey just wanted to remind everyone that Sundays at 2pm Est we will be doing custom 5's from here on out. We would appreciate that everyone that uses TS to hop in and come play with us. We will be around to your channels before then to kindly remind you that if your not busy to come and help us get this started.     -# of Games: 2+  -Separate channels -Mixed teams -Friendly Competition -Most of All Fun!     So remember if your going to play a game around then just wait if you can and come play with us! Plus I'll kick your ass so if your scared I understand.   ----------------------------------Much Love Huey--------------------------------------------
  8. I don't always win team fights.

    I don't always play top but when I do I play akali
  9. League of Legends - Cash Prize 5v5 Tourny!

    We can discuss a reschedule, and maybe look at getting 1 to 2 more sponsors before we try again. Also probably going to redo this into a 1 day massive tourney if we have to reschedule. May be hard for teams to currently make the 6 week commitment. Another idea is to start a donation pool from our own members to help. So that way we have a Base Prize pool of say like $200 and then the teams entry fee's on top of that.     But keep promoting you never know what might happen.   **Another problem I have been seeing is teams are turning away b/c our own team isn't known. We may want to look at putting together a team that can start participating in other tournaments to help promote our own.**      Btw go bad news from the Doc but its nothing Im going to die from. Just have to eat certian things which is water and grill foods only low sodium. Basically live an unhappy life.
  10. League of Legends - Cash Prize 5v5 Tourny!

    Unless we can get more teams we are going to have to cancel. I've been promoting and talking to as many teams as I can but still need help.
  11. League of Legends - Cash Prize 5v5 Tourny!

    Im going to have to step back from leading this. I'm going to going in soon to have go in and basically have a camera stuck into my stomach to see what is causing the pain and vomiting. I apologize but I am unable to be the front man for this anymore, after tues I may or may not quit league for a while depending on what the doctor says. I appreciate your understanding, and I wish this tournament the absolute best.
  12. Twisted Fate

    Lichbane raddabons zhonyas death fire nasther tooth
  13. League of Legends - Cash Prize 5v5 Tourny!

    Current Prize Pool: $200 USD
  14. League of Legends - Cash Prize 5v5 Tourny!

    Vexx Gaming signed up Last night :)
  15. League of Legends - Cash Prize 5v5 Tourny!

    Payment Directions:   1: Go to Www.Adkgamers.com. 2: Click on =ADK= Store. 3: Click on LoL Tournament Buy In. 4: Click ADK League- $50 Entry fee. 5 Enter the Necessary Information.

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