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  1. Best Cigarette

    Though I recently quit smoking and chewing, I'd have to say American spirit cogs were my favorite. Super expensive but they were additive free. (Not addictive free) :D
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Michael Bay = too many explosions. I'll still pay to watch it, but hopefully he doesn't overdo it.
  3. Hockey

    Blues all the way!!
  4. Wuh-Wuh-Warlight?

    here's the link to that WW1 game! www.supremacy1914.com
  5. Favorite music?

    Mine is country. Not today's country-pop but more 80s-90 country.
  6. World Cup 2014

    Do you guys think the USA could've pulled a win off yesterday if they hadn't cut Landon donavan?
  7. NFL or college football?

    College. They play with more heart and it's not all about the money. (Yet)
  8. InferiorBaton's intro

    Thanks alot! @[member='BgBang18'] If I can get my BF4 to work, perhaps I could play with you guys sometime!
  9. InferiorBaton's intro

    Thanks will do!
  10. Wuh-Wuh-Warlight?

    Looks like fun! There's one like this for world war 1. I can't remember the Web address but I'll look for it and post it!
  11. American roads

    Mine too. But I just got home from texas and I'love tell ya what; driving on the Kansas turnpike was the smoothest drive I've ever had! Plus the speed limit is 75 so you can't beat that!
  12. InferiorBaton's intro

    Certainly, though it's a pretty lame story. Haha. I used to be a console fan, and when I signed up for Xbox live I couldn't figure out what I wanted my name to be so I used a name generator and this came up. I ended up not using it, but onice I transitioned over to pc I started using it for everything. :)
  13. NEW Battlefield Game

    I've played the beta. To me, it's just a $60 DLC. It's fun, but only for a short period of time. I don't think I'll be buying it.
  14. American roads

    By "quality" I'm guessing you mean smooth roads. Perhaps it was a toll road? Those are usually the best roads since repairs actually get done on them.
  15. InferiorBaton's intro

    Hello ADK, I'm InferiorBaton, but I go by Inferior or Baton, whichever you prefer. I'm 20 years old living in Illinois, USA. I found ADK through pubbing in your Planetside 2 platoon and decided I'd try and join since I like ADK's play style. I've been playing Planetside 2 since early beta (off and on) and just came on this server, because of the time difference. FIll free to ask me questions, and I look forward to getting to know ya'll.

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