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  1. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    I may sit this version of BF out. I've been playing the open beta...and while it looks amazing, I'm less than impressed with the gameplay. Hell, they could have done Vietnam or Korea and I would have signed up. WWI? Right now, nope...I'll wait and see what the reviews are for the complete game and see if they've tweaked the gameplay.
  2. Poison Arrows on No Explosive Server

      Thanks, you guys rock!
  3. Poison Arrows on No Explosive Server

      Totally agree.  Unnecessary, ruins the flow of the game, and as someone on the server pointed out...a violation of all sorts of international treaties...most conventional armies would NOT use them.   Done playing until this gets sorted out...it just isn't fun with those just like playing with someone lobbing HE rounds in Metro.
  4. Poison Arrows on No Explosive Server

    I wouldn't mind if there was some option for a gas mask, which would balance them out...but as it stands, not playing on any Locker/Metro servers that has them.  It really ruins the balance of the game.
  5. I'm back....

    Some of you may remember me...I played quite a bit of BF3 and was on TeamSpeak often.  I was busy with work when BF4 came out and didn't start playing much for the first couple months it was out.  I got really frustrated playing because everyone else had all the attachments to the weapons, I didn't know the maps, and was nothing but cannon fodder.   So I took some time off...   What did I do with my time away from BF?  I did something crazy.  I bought a house and got married (even more crazy because I'm older than most here in my late 40's).  So my time (and money) went out the window.  LOL.  In any case, I have a little more time to play and I'm ramping up my skills.     The one odd thing...I can't get to the forums from my home IP.  It appears to be blocked (and I'm not coming through a proxy, I just moved from my original address).  I had to use my VPN to get to the forums again.  Anyone have any ideas (mods/Admins please)?   See you around on TeamSpeak soon.   Slayer99199    
  6. Need to vent...RE: BF4

    Mine isn't pirated either...   No other issues with any other online games.  I'm trying the port-forwarding...we'll see how that works out.  Just frustrated because it took awhile for nVidia to come out with a driver version that worked and now I'm getting disconnected. 
  7. Need to vent...RE: BF4

    Sure.  I'm certain that the crashing issue was due to the nVidia drivers...since I've updated, no crashes.  But the constant disconnects with multiple maps and servers  have infuriated me to the point where I don't even know if I want to play BF4 anymore.   My internet connection has been solid for quite some time...no issues with any other online games, downloads, etc.  Don't even get me started on the weird key-binding issues (insert/delete, etc).   Windows 7 Pro SP1 (fully updated) and NO, I won't install Win 8 or 8.1...ever.  :) AMD FX 8150 8-core 16GB RAM GeForce GTX570 (drivers updated to 331.82) Samsung 128GB SSD drive for OS and selected games (including BF3 and 4).      
  8. Need to vent...RE: BF4

    So...I finally get through the crashes that prevented me from playing single-player and I move on to multi-player.  What happens?  Numerous disconnects.  For every 5 matches I play, I'm disconnected 2-3 times (doesn't matter what servers I'm on or what maps I'm playing).   It only happens with BF4 (don't get disconnected on BF3).   It's far more difficult to ramp up in BF4 and with the numerous crashes I'm barely able to finish a match.    At this point, I'm going to uninstall it and play BF3 while I wait for a major BF4 patch because it's too damn frustrating to play.  I'm SOO glad I ponied up the money for the Digital Deluxe edition.
  9. Finally...I'm able to play...

    My system is an AMD system.  I don't know what it is...I'm betting it was my video card (nVidia).  I'm just glad I can play again.
  10. Finally...I'm able to play...

    I bought the game the day after it came out....and after 2 weeks of nothing but crashes, I gave it a rest due to frustration.  I decided to give it another shot this weekend since I'm off until January 6.   I updated all my nVidia drivers and finally, I was able to complete the single-player campaign and play a couple MP games without a crash.   I have to say the SP game was lame (CoD does a better job with SP).  Glad to get in and play MP again.  Finally.
  11. BF4 - I'd like to play but....

    I don't have the patience for that.  I really wanted to play the SP, but not with all the crashes.  I'll just jump into MP now...
  12. BF4 - I'd like to play but....

    Tried that...that didn't work either.   But the entire reason I purchased BF4 is for MP.  Since the unlocks I'd get don't really matter in MP, I'll just skip it (since the maps aren't the same anyway and I already know how to run and shoot).   Thanks everyone for the insight...much appreciated.
  13. BF4 - I'd like to play but....

    I bought the game online a couple days after it came out.  After a couple weeks dealing with key binding issues (since ironed out), I'm trying to complete the campaign so I can learn the maps AND get all the weapons.  Unfortunately, the game keeps crashing at the same spot in the first mission (just after the gondola crashed, walking through the snow...etc.  You have to take out a BMP and get through a gate, through some arches into a park...it crashes as I enter the park every single time).   Thus far I've tried the following:   Dialing down the video to low (I suppose I can try dialing down the resolution to something ridiculously small). Complete reinstall Testing between x32 and x64 (no difference).   I'm out of ideas, hence my post.   I'm getting pissed off and I reported this to EA on Monday and have not received a response.  BF3 worked like a charm out of the gate (in fact, I seldom had any crashes with any previous version of BF).  This one is really annoying especially how they set it up (playing campaign to unlock weapons for MP).   I'd really like to play multiplayer sometime this year.
  14. I've been busy...and after my brief time off work I was a bit burned out on BF3 and ready for BF4...not to mention hella busy with the new gig (as is typical when I start a new gig...3-4 months of ridiculous hours before it calms down...such is the life of a consultant...but I digress).  That being said, I unfortunately haven't had the time to play the Beta...from the videos I've seen it looks awesome...which makes me wonder, should I upgrade my video card?  I have plenty of CPU and memory on my 2 year old rig (8 cores, 16 GB), but I'm wondering if my nVidia GTX 570 will be able to handle BF4.  What has been your experience with a similar video card with the BF4 Beta?    Thanks!
  15. UPS FAIL!

    I've been using a UPS now for the last 6-7 years (just set up my new 1500w UPS). Why? Because dirty shutdowns due to power loss are bad for computers (especially my SSD) AND my QNAP NAS. My UPS has software that will monitor and alert me or shutdown devices if I'm unavailable to do so. Over the top? Probably. Then again, at one point I had a hardware firewall plugged into my network. Part of being an uber-geek I guess.

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