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  1. Hainan Resort Balcony Glitch!!

    Hello Everyone, so I was playing Battlefield 4 in Hainin Resort. And I was parachuting of the top of the building. And I noticed that if you actually try to enter one of the balconys. It actually works. I posted it so people could take it a look at it. It was on pc, so I dont know if it will happen for consoles. And one other thing is that, I believe that i wasent the first to find it. So I might get a little credit for it. But probably not. Thanks!! --- And one thing is that im not trying to promote my video. I posted it to show you guys a video on how it looked. So you could just watch 15-20 seconds of it. And leave. :)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfbwLGz1Ur0&feature=youtu.be
  2. Before you start saying that you didnt forget. Im just trying to say is that, since the whole Battlefield Hardline beta was announced two weeks ago. In my opinion, people just seemed like they forgot about that, DICE still has two. Yet to be released dlc. And It seems like nobidy is hyped. So this is just my opinions, dont hate if you disagree. But it would be nice if you post your opinions down below. Thanks!!

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