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  1. Pennsylvania

    I'm from outside of Philly, about 30 miles west.
  2. Divine Connection

  3. Introduction...I am SenorChris

    @[member='senorchris912']   Glad to see ya on TS and the forums. I hope to play H1Z1 with ya sometime.
  4. intro Hello im Statistics

    @[member='StatisticsGmaer']   It's good to have ya on the forums! Come join us in TS sometime, there a plenty of nice fellows who will enjoy a game with you.   -RidleeV
  5. Blez!

    @[member='blez']   Welcome to the ADK forums! It's great to have ya here and see that you play a wide variety of games that ADK offers.   Come hop on TS with us sometime, we'd love to have ya!    -RidleeV
  6. Alabama???

    @[member='ianno7']   I'm close enough in New Orleans during the schoolyear
  7. I want spring break back...

  8. Brain matter is on my mind.

  9. Pennsylvania Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

    @[member='n00bwithgun72'] @[member='Chaos1907']
  10. The Pets of ADK!

    Miss my baby Kilo, he's living it up getting spoiled by mom and dad (since I'm not there to cook him breakfast right now). :wub:  
  11. This is why this woman should NEVER drive....

    Who dat dere
  12. Battlefield Friends - Mobile AA

    I dont think they ran out of material, prolly just had a lazy week. I still found it cute.
  13. Funny BF GIF

    This is old but it is so true. We females always get everything. Such gentlemen out there. So much ammo, what is a girl to do? :D
  14. Steam Summer Sale Made 8 Million People Log On

    I was part of this 8 million. I picked up a few games here and there but nothing really crazy since I already have my main games I play daily. They Did have a lot of good sales tho, hope everyone got what they wanted!
  15. Godzilla?

    Here is my immature analysis of the movie:   Godzilla had too many American cheeseburgers whilst visiting the San Francisco area. Even though he looks relative to the original Godzilla, I feel the 1998 version had the most EPIC depiction of the Lizard King (even if the plot kinda sucked).   My heart goes out to the young boy, become American Officer who could never escape the drama of being sandwiched between two extra-terrestrial Praying Mantis' and a really pudgy Lizard.    And lastly, THEY KILLED OFF BRYAN CRANSTON IN THE FIRST 20 MINUTES?  Obviously they couldn't afford to cast him for a longer role.   =(

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