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  1. I am pumped for Fallout 4...hope we can beta it soon
  2. Hello ADK people. Solipsism82 here. (BF3/4)

    Nice to meet you, had some fun games with you....my defib hero.... Very nice ride.
  3. Refresh

    Hi all, I have been in ADK for almost 2 years or something like that, so I thought I would reintroduce myself since im not much for being active in a forum setting. My name is Erik. Live in WV at the moment and pursuing a degree in Pyschology. I play way to many games, the ones I like the most are: WoW, EvE, D3, Hearthstone, BF4, Banished, DayZ, Civ5...just to name a few. Ok, so yeah that's me...nice to meet you (again). See ya in a game, somewhere.  

    meaty_sailor is mine
  5. Watch Dogs

    all I can say is...ooo-maaa-gawd
  6. Let's Talk Patch

    P90 w/laser is pretty epic for hip fire, larger amount of ammo...and pretty spot on...give it a whirl
  7. Hello

    Hello all, my name is Erik. I live in MN and game way to much....I play all kinds of games, on all sorts of devices... Wish I was better at some games so I could play ladder or comp play...but sigh, I am not I play WoW alot, BF3, Black Ops and TF2...along with others like Diablo and Skyrim... I look forward to getting to know the ppl here at ADK....Thank you

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