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  1. LOTR of GoT?

    Actually I didn't read these, darkelf told me that I should read these, and I think I well Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  2. LOTR of GoT?

    David drake - the complete hammer slammers - sci-fi Brent weeks - black prism, blinding knife and book 3coming this fall + the night Angel trilogy - fantasy David wiltse - the fifth Angel(old book) Timothy zahn - the cobra trilogy(old book) - sci-fi R a salvatore - the darkelf trilogy, legacy of the drow, icewind dale - fantasy Steven kent - the clone idenity -sci-fi - there a couple ultimatum and another darkelf couldnt remember he read the first one, nas the others Daniel wilson - robopocalypse and robogenesis (just came out)
  3. LOTR of GoT?

    Sorry dear sir, my internet has been down for quite some time... I regained it just a couple of minutes ago.... let me get it Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  4. LOTR of GoT?

    Ok Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  5. LOTR of GoT?

    It's not that I don't like it, it's pretty cool. It just gets boring in a way, and I grew up on a first person kind of books... Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  6. LOTR of GoT?

    This section was created not so long ago. I think home boy created it, after a huge demand. But to be honest I enjoyed both of the book series, I'm only on the second book of GoT, but the biggest downside for me was that they were written in third person. So therefore I will call the LoTR a better series, but as much exciting as GoT. Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  7. Lemme see your

    So if were talking about cats, what do you guys think of Jingle Cats? Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  8. Well this person seems like the American Nicole Scherzinger Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  9. I won something?

    Wolf, you serious I only got a Crappy skin for a gin in that game. And as soon as I acquired it the game didn't let me to use it! Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  10. Am I any less of a man?

    Well to be honest maleficient, was an amazing movie. I think it was one of the best movies, starting Angelina Jolie. So therefore you are much more of a man than most if you can express what you think... Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  11. Favorite Artist/Band?

    I'm much more random... I'd have to say: Powerwolf Metallica Two steps from hell Martin Garrix Like Mike London symphony orchestra And best of all Helloween Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  12. Favorite music?

    For me it depends from the weather, when its sunny I will be listening to electro/house/Dubstep, When It's raining, it's metal/rock time but when Its kind of windy with a bit of sun I listen to Orchestra and some orchestrate music that makes you feel like you're in a world full of danger and deceit...
  13. Should the government censor information?

    Well UK tried to do this, with porn and pirating stuff from the internet. At some point seemed like the thing worked, Like the Brits are screwed. But then all the grown ups started to create proxy's  and therefore it has failed miserably.
  14. Right, so the thing I've noticed in the ADK is that we have a lot of activities/hobbies sections dedicated to music, films and such. And yet there isn't a book/reader section, is this reason because No-one actually reads any more?   But what about US? The ones that are dedicated to reading books such as Fiction or SCI-FI or Mystery or whatever rocks your boat? I hope that something like this will happen because I really want to find people who actually enjoy to read books that I read.       Thanks for Listening and I hope for a response soon!   Pavvel
  15. The Evolution debate

    I do not know why, but Ken Ham sounds like Kanye West's fatter white brother.   No offence Americans

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