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  1. ADK on EU ?!

    Hey guys, so i'm an old member from the Planetside2 crew and i currently started to play WoW for the first time (i considered it first time since i only played it on BC and i never got to max level so... yeah xD). I was wondering if there is an ADK Guild but on EU. I would love to join you guys.
  2. http://www.businessinsider.com/myo-armband-2014-6 - Check this link out!   Do you guys think this will work out ?! i mean, to a greater step on evolution
  3. Sword Art Online Speculation?!?!?!?

    it's cominggggggg! http://www.gogoanime.com/category/sword-art-online-ii  it's the Sword art online 2 xD
  4. How to cook a steak.

    Here's a tip, if you don't know when you steak is ready you can just make a light cut with a knife in the most thick part of the steak, if the color is the one you want, done and ready to eat xD
  5. Hello there!

    ty a lot xD Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  6. Hello there!

    Ty a lot sir xD
  7. Hello there!

    ty guys xD Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  8. Hello there!

    ty, i'm alreadt having a lot of fun, specialy on TS Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  9. Hello there!

    oh, btw, I LOVE FREAKING ANIMES! Almost have 400 anime series completed xD
  10. I'm feeling happy xD

  11. Hello there!

    Hey guys, bluewolfxD here!  I'm Currently playing Planetside 2, i have been in the TS for a couple of days, but i have joined the outfit and participating in the squads for a long time. I love plying with ADK, you guys have a really solid structure and i love the organization and the commitment you have to the game! Everyone is amazing and funny, but at the same time get things done! So, a little about me, hummm, I live in Portugal( yeah i know, the heck i'm doing here ?  - sooo, one time i made my main account to try the game, and i think it was on beta but at the time i didn't like it, but one day, i saw this crazy video with a lot of Team Work and i decided to give a try, and i remained with the same character). i have 22 years old, i love games (WoW, LoL, Rift) but FPS is the ones i enjoy the most, specially Planetside 2. I have been playing since the day i remember, my mom had a gaming store, so, i was always at the store trying new games and stuff because my mom didn't want me to have the games at home, the first gaming console i played was Spectrum, with the pistols and stuff, i like to hang out with friends, play piano/guitar, and love to have a good chat, but sometimes i'm shy because, since i don't practice my English for a long time it got a little bit rusty, but bear with me.   well, i think that's it xD

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