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  1. Ida told him hes either gona call me a cab or call the cops after i jump over and beat his ass.  his choice.  Then again i woulda prob used my work phone before i left if i knew buses weren't running. ive never had a good mcdonals experience.  i might eat there twice a year if im starving and its the only FF  around or open.
  2. Fallout 4 Artwork Preview

    http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/fallout-4-pc-cd-key-steam     CDKEYS.com.  39.99 pre order.  Purchase at your own risk.  i have used them once before with no issue.  got Mad Max for $20 day before release.  like their FB page for an additional 5% off.  can also get  season pass for 24.99.
  3. will have to see how much the reclaimer is. or maybe buy a couple of escort ships to  loan out for defense of my Orion.
  4. I don't have a problem with  it going to someone who needs it more either.  Just the lack of transparency
  5. Pretty disappointed I show up to find out  people with decent GPUs aren't Eligible.   Should have been stated in the event description.
  6. FPS Update - CR interview

    Ughh right around football season :o! As long as its no later than 5 that's cool. Hopefully won't be hearing " a few more weeks" a month from now.
  7. got my guaranteed beta access without pre ordering thanks to that humble bundle. :D
  8. https://www.humblebundle.com/        right now for about $4  you get.   - Wildstar. Standard Game- includes first 30 days.   -World or Warships beta access -World of Tanks Beta Access -Guaranteed access to Rainbow Six Siege   Steam game codes for:: -Cities in Motion 2 -Midievel Total War II -Company of heroes -Psychonauts   You also get:: - 1 month of Twitch Turbo -SMITE Loki pack -Smite closed beta XBoxOne Code -Warframe 7-day Credit and Affinity Booster Pack - Masks for Payday 2 - DLC for Age of Empired II HD edition -DLC for Magika Wizard Wars     Theres  about a day 1/2 left.  well worth the price.   GO GO GO
  9. Virtue's TDM/DOM BF4 Event

    work till  11pm EST.  then ill be around.
  10. Playing BF on multiple platforms

    I just bought premium for PC yesterday  because i originally bought the game and premium for XB1.  I used to use a Mouse/keyboard converter for battlefield 3 on the 360 and it was amazing.  all the perks of playing on PC, but was able to bind  things like weapon swap to 1 button, instead of having  seperate buttons for each thing.  since each button itself was a mapping of the controller. 
  11. Favorite dinosaur so far

    i want one of those OP vultures
  12. Meetings Structure

    enjoyed it but i had to leave after we started talking about spies for the 8th time.  I was in a lot of pain and very irritable. enjoyed it overall, a little more structure would be awesome but its still good to have that much input regardless if it takes a bit longer.
  13. Advocacy Concept: =TF1=

    Ill be all about some boarding actions.  Want to go as far as setting up mock runs inside friendly ships to learn the layouts and best routes to clear.  Eventually ill get my dogfighting down, until then passenger is fine :)
  14. Be An Advocate

    I would like to be involved with the mining charter, but since I will probably be a grade A "nub" in my Orion could we have like an apprentice position of sorts?  I would be interested in being apart of the talks in things like how much we pay our guys on ride alongs in regards to mining ventures, not necessarily to set/establish them but just to get a feel of what everyone else is thinking so i can be  in the loop, ya know?
  15. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/248564/giveaway-aegis-vanguard-lti-giveaway-from-captain-richard/   if you don't mind changing your sig,  why not give it a shot?

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