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  1. The Invisible (Deep) Web-FASCINATING!

    ACRONYMS- DW- Deep Web BW- Basic/ Visible Web ________________________________________ So today while at work my friend/co-worker Josh told me about something he has been researching called the "Deep Web". This "Deep Web" (oftentimes interchanged with "Invisible Web") is a colossal database of the internet that is NOT INDEX-ABLE by Google and other search engines. The fact that this database is not index-able by Google and other engines isn't particularly fascinating, as many sites are not index-able. Such as GIFs and things of that nature. Files, that exist as a webpage, but in a different format than HTML; like PDF, ppt, etc. Josh proceeded to draw a diagram on the all mighty whiteboard, where we do most of our brainstorming on projects. He showed me the "Tip of the Iceberg" diagram that we've all seen at one point or another. The tip of the iceberg is the "Visible Web". Everything below the respective "water" is the Deep Web. The thing I find fascinating about the DW is that from what Josh has told me, it is only accessible by clicking a URL. This URL can only be known by those that have been to it. For example, if Little Johnny wants to go to the DW, he would have to get the URL from Little Timmy, who's been to the website before. Likewise, Little Timmy would have had to have the URL shared with him. This cycle would repeat itself all the way to the creator of the DW webpage. The thing about the DW is that for the privacy of the users of the DW, it is only SAFE for the users to access the URLs from a browser that does not "track" you in any way. Browsers like Tor( [url="https://www.torproject.org/index.html.en"]https://www.torproject.org/index.html.en[/url] ) that protect you from traffic analysis and network monitoring. This is because a vast percentage of the DW is malicious, shrouded in secrecy and may contain highly illegal content or intentions. The vast majority of Child Porn sites are held on the DW because of its inability to be indexed by search engines. The reason these pages are not able to be accessed from indexing is because they are created dynamically, and are only accessible by a very specific search. Ergo, the exact URL of the site given by someone who's been to it. I actually had to opportunity to search the DW at a few URLs that Josh had bookmarked on his Tor browser. He took me to one particularly interesting site at which you could hire a very REAL hitman for a modest fee of $34,000. He took me to yet another one that mail delivers Marijuana. The Tor browsers and those like it are used to send money to the website that is converted into the "credits" that are used to purchase these products. The ratio of currency is 1$/1C so as to keep the standard prices generally offered for Marijuana. I counted over 30 different varieties of Marijuana strains that they sold. Some that shipped to the US, some that would only ship offshore FROM offshore. I was directed by Josh to never touch a redirect link or URL with CP ANYWHERE IN IT. As these sites are generally child porn sites, and even though we are using dynamic and safe browsers, the FBI can still kick your ass. Now, something like the DW isn't all bad. Many university's different departments, mainly in the computer science and tech fields, use the DW to safely store datamines and databanks that can't be used by anyone without the URL. The ones given the URL would be the students. Just thought I'd share my experience. I won't post any of the DW links, mainly because I've forgotten the names, which contain very complicated combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. But also for the fear of posting DW links on a tracking browser could lead to my legal status being... altered. But I'm pretty sure if you looked hard enough they wouldn't be too difficult to find. Probably on some forum somewhere. ALSO NOTE: If anyone gets any funny ideas and wants to DL Tor to see if they can check out the DW, BE WARNED, the Tor browser is not near as secure as other browser, and by design does not allow plugins, if plugins are bypassed and used, there is a good chance they can be exploited to get your IP address. But Tor itself will not give up your IP. Just make sure you don't use plugins. TL;DR- There is a database of unindexed webpages that is multitudes larger than the Web as we know it. Get the Tor browser and a link to a DW webpage to access it.
  2. Scuba Divers!

    Are there any SCUBA divers around here? I know that Summer is coming up and us SCUBA divers are starting to thaw out our gear from Winter. Is anyone around here going to be doing any diving?
  3. Hey guys!

    Alright thanks. I've made a thread of my 3D graphic design work but where I really shine is 3D animation and motion graphics. I've made some T-Shirt designs that are in a thread in the Member forum
  4. From Dust

    I loved From Dust on the 360. I probably would've bought it on PC as well if all these problems weren't there.
  5. Hey guys!

  6. Mixing work and play with these t-shirt designs!

  7. Karkand Server Maps

    Yeah I never really played anything other than Oman for the 4 weeks that I DID play BF2. It's just such an amazing map. They did literally EVERYTHING right. The way the objectives were laid out were near perfect. It works like an actual assault on a beachhead. The opposing team could set up a defensive head after attacking the 2 or 3 shoreline objectives and the attackers jets could come in and clear the way. I would honestly love to see a 24/7 Oman server. I may be interested to help take care of some of the funding as well. There just aren't enough Oman Servers...
  8. Battlelog opening a bunch of unneccessary processes

    Probably shutting down those ESN processes. Not that big of a deal because as soon as you'd click your friends list or voice chat or something they might reopen themselves...
  9. How long have you been gaming?

    Now that I think about it, I remember going to my Uncle Bob's office when I must have been 8 or 9 and playing Nintendo 64 and getting beat by a [color=#ff0000][size=6]GIRL[/size][/color]. My cousin Adrianne. I never did beat her in Goldeneye007...
  10. Karkand Server Maps

    Wake Island and Gulf of Oman. Or are those already in the rotation?
  11. Battlelog opening a bunch of unneccessary processes

    I know that Battlelog uses different services from ESN. This is what they use to handle their VoIP and text chats and friends list. Im pretty sure that's what they are. One is called Sonar. I can't remember the other 2 off the top of my head right now
  12. Medal Of Honor Warfighter

    I naw wucha mean
  13. Medal Of Honor Warfighter

    If I were them I would watch myself about releasing the game with MP this soon after BF3 was released. DICE promised a lot of DLC for BF3 and if they release this with MP it might not go so well for them. Especially if they do what they are doing now as far as DLC(which is nothing). Let's hope by October they'll have thrown some DLC our way
  14. Hey guys!

    Born and raised in Caddo Parish!
  15. Battlefield 2143 hinted at with Easter Egg?

    Oh man, this would be insane! Consider if you will bringing back Titan mode with the squad-based VoIP that we all know and love from BF games of old and the new engine, we could have a game of the century on our hands.

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