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  1. Ask The Challenger

    Thanks for posting this Huskay, look forward to seeing more questions and answers!
  2. Your Skins!

    I have 96 skins dating back to 2011, although I think I played league before 2011. I'll post some pictures later of them
  3. Ranked arams?

    I would love this! +100 on this idea
  4. Image result for hi gif

  5. I'll be in touch with you. Mondays are hectic for me at work lately but I'll shoot you a message soon.
  6. I'm all for creating it's own section. Do we have anyone looking to lead this section?
  7. Who's Using The New Firefox?

    As the title says, who's using the new version of Firefox? If so, do you like it? And what are pros and cons of it versus Google Chrome since we know IE/Edge still isn't in the picture.
  8. Team "Everything Else"

    not at my computer right now :( should be back in a bit to play at least one game
  9. Team "Everything Else"

    When do you guys normally play?
  10. Team "Everything Else"

    But I can't celebrate with you then :( lol
  11. Hi, I'm seagull'ls bae

    ^^^^ this Anyways, welcome to the community! Glad you've stopped by
  12. Team "Everything Else"

    Should post some screenshots of your team comps on those matches
  13. Team "Everything Else"

    We weren't positive that we'd win at the beginning of the match, but decided to just go in and have fun. It was decided that I'd be the 'tank' for the team. And well it worked better than expected and we came out with a win!
  14. HotS Black Friday deals through 11/28!

    You've peaked my interest with this! I might have to participate in some of these deals
  15. An official statement was made earlier today about the passing of AC/DC Co Founder - Malcolm Young passing away. It was said that he was battling dementia for several years which is never an easy thing to deal with.

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