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  1. Goodbye Battlefield 1 CTE

    Yeah not sure how many people actually used it on console, and how much feedback was provided. . which is probably one of the main reasons they are getting rid of it.
  2. Hey, Im new

    Welcome to ADK! Glad you've stopped by and hope you enjoy your time on our ARK servers Look forward to seeing you around
  3. Count to 1,000

  4. Goodbye Battlefield 1 CTE

    Yesterday on Reddit Braddock512 announced that the Battlefield Community Test Environment will no longer be offered to those on console and moving forward it will be offered to PC players only. You can see the official text below: So at least there's 1 positive thing for PC players right? Am I being too optimistic to think that this might also include some RSP updates which should hopefully lead into the next Battlefield? What are all of your thoughts about this?
  5. Fellow SC'ers! Let's Cruise the Verse

    @justicarAB is a SC kind of guy
  6. New Hero! Jetpack Cat!

    That's right, Overwatch has a new Hero coming soon. And it's not a hero you'd might expect. . it's Jetpack cat. Okay okay, it's not really happening but had a good laugh from this video so had to share it.
  7. Favorite Pro Team or Player?

    Is it the hair? lol But my favorite bot duo was sneaky / lemon
  8. Discord Trivia If you haven't seen the Trivia Channel yet in Discord you're missing out! You can CLICK HERE to be taken to it. The commands below will be for the current bot to use. This might change at some point in time if there's a better bot out there. But updated commands will always be in this topic. COMMAND ALIASES USAGE DESCRIPTION t.rivia mc, multiple, multiplechoice, trivia t.rivia [category] [difficulty] [amount] Starts a multiple choice trivia game. t.tf boolean, truefalse t.tf [category] [difficulty] [amount] Starts a true/false trivia game. t.quiz jeopardy, j t.quiz [amount] Starts a jeopardy trivia game. t.categories None t.categories Returns a list of available categories for use in trivia games. t.count None t.count (category) Returns the question count of the specified category. t.points None t.points [user] Returns the specified user's trivia points, or the user who ran the command's trivia points if there is none specified. t.top leaderboards t.top [pageNumber] Returns a list of the top ten users, or the top users on a specified page. t.topGuild guildLeaderboards t.topGuild [pageNumber] Returns a list of the top ten users in the guild that the command was run on, or the top users on a specified page. I'll work on cleaning this up to make it a little easier to read in the coming days.
  9. Hello

    Welcome! We're glad you stopped by and look forward to seeing you around some more. How did you come across ADK?
  10. Stream Deck - anyone use it?

    Yeah I use OBS and have no issues with it overall. . it's just the ease of use for switching to different scenes and such as it's a pain when I have to alt tab just to turn off the cam or mic for a quick second.
  11. There's a cat in the volcano

    Who doesn't like cats jumping through the air as smoke and ash?
  12. With the first part of the season coming to an end, you might have started enjoying watching one team or player more than someone that you liked previously. So who do you current favorite team or player that you enjoy watching in the LCS?
  13. Thanks for everyone who has been voting - https://www.adkgamers.com/vote/  :)

  14. On Amazon there's a few Anker products on sale - click here to see all of the deals A wall charger, Car Charger, Lightning Cable, USB C and Power Cores
  15. Dream Builds

    Not sure the practical application for this computer, as well as not sure I've ever seen a 31 band EQ setup that way. lol But there's so many dream builds out there that I'd love to have.

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