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Friday Night Mayhem: 'In house' at ADK

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Our Extinction Server is finally here!

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Friday Night Mayhem
Friday Night Mayhem will start at 8:00 Pst
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1 Free Copy of Overwatch

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Fortnite Season 5 all you need to know
Worlds Collide in Season 5!

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FTB Revelations Spawn Build Event!!
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Join us for Overwatch In Houses and Community Comp Nights!
"Every Thursday and Saturday night we have events where we play some fun and serious game modes."

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Who wants to rock drake farm!


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After a little over a month, we can finally see how the rework for,now defense hero, Symmetra looks like on the PTR.

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Overwatch Legendary Edition is on sale now for $20 off the regular price at participating retailers thru Monday June 4th 

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<< It's time. >>
When: June 2 @ 5p PST // 7p CST // 8p EST

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Feed The Beast
The ADK Continuum
Delve into the ADK Continuum
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Overwatch Free to Play Weekend - 05/25 to 05/28 https://www.adkgamers.com/index.html/gaming-news/overwatch/overwatch-free-to-play-weekend-0525-to-0528-r939/
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April Foods Event
Pizza Delivery Sivir

Available March 30, 2018 at 8:00 AM PT
1350 RP

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Eco Mods added to the ARK Hived Servers!
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I was thinking about doing a Civ V night. I am curious how many people would want to play if we did do it?
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What's New in the First Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic Snapshot Update?

Check out all the latest additions to the first Update Aquatic Snapshot in this guide to Minecraft 1.13

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WoW: "Guild Days" AKA Events!
What are "Guild Days" Feisty?

Found out all the details here!
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Event details

Date: March 2

Time: 7pm EST 

Site Link: https://plug.dj/adk-karaoke

Details: Come hang out and sing some fun songs.

Here are some ground rules:

Be respectful of the people that are singing Even if you dont like the music or song. 

Remember to make sure the language in the song is not super offence.

If you are not going to sing (or not playing a song for some one else to sing) do not play music. It will be skipped.
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Date & Time: friday, Feb 23rd, 7-9pm EST

Two Time Zone converters to use to help make sure there is no confusion, if you need help using these please feel free to PM or find me on Discord.



free online Poker!!!


I will send an invite link when the event starts. But that is the link please try to at least make the account. Please be aware that once this event starts the tables can not be added to, you will ahve to wait till the game is over, Please be on time if you want to play.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to PM or find me on discord.
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What a great way to help start a new section with a free to play weekend! If you were thinking about getting the game or just want to try it come join us down in the siege channels. Also with this free to play weekend the game is also on sale so be sure to go ahead and check that out.

The weekend will last from Feb. 15th to the 18th
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That's right! Overwatch is Free To Play this weekend. It begins 2/16/18 at 11:00 AM PT and ends 2/19/18 at 11:59 PM PT, so if you don't own Overwatch here's your chance to come have some fun with our Overwatch section! 

What's even better is we've got our Overwatch In Houses this Friday as well! You might not typically participate in the poll if you don't own Overwatch, but now's your chance! 

We look forward to seeing some new faces this Friday during the Overwatch Free Weekend!
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On Tuesday, Studio Wildcard came out and talked about an exploit that has existed since August of 2015. . yes that's right. . 2015.  So they did give a stern warning to those who were found using said exploit but they actually just proved why Community Hosted ARK Servers like ours here at ADK are far superior to Official Servers.
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