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    Rules and Info

    I know this is kind of late since the server has been running for a while, but I thought it was time to amend and simplify the rules and other info so that they are caught up with the times. Server Info Type: White-listed Vanilla+(We make use of the EssentialsX and MCMMO plugins to enhance gameplay) Address: adk.devonsreach.com Dynmap: dynmap.devonsreach.com:8123 Manager/Dev: JadenDevon Player Moderator/Designated Tattletale: DMSpooky* ***To be white-listed on the server please contact me (JadenDevon) on Discord via DM or @mention with your username and confirmation that you have read and accepted the rules.*** All new players will require someone to vouch for them. If you do not have anyone to vouch for you please hang out with the group for a while. New players may be added without someone to vouch for them on a one strike basis if they have interacted positively with the group. All new players will be asked to verify that they have read the rules. *Note: DMSpooky has been around for a long time and I trust his judgement. He used to be the ADK Minecraft Manager. Please listen to him. Server/Section Rules Have Fun! - This is a game! If you are not enjoying the game, take a break and come back later. Please do not grief. - This makes the game not fun for others. If it is not yours, don't touch it. Don't cause the death of villagers and villages. - As annoying as villagers can sometimes be, some players enjoy helping villages thrive. Please allow other players to continue to have fun by allowing the villages and villagers to exist. This includes starting pillager raids without defending. Respect all other players and staff. - It is nice to be nice. If someone asks you to stop because they feel disrespected, stop. We also have younger players in this server and we want it to be a safe place for everyone to play. Be aware of who is around and keep your conversations appropriate. Do not ask for personal information. - Again, we want this to remain a safe place to play. Lost items are lost. - Unfortunately we have no way of tracking inventories, so if you lose something, we cannot verify that you actually had that item and will not replace it. All parties must agree to PvP. - Some people like PvP. Most of our players do not. If you want to fight it out with your friends, that's fine as long as you all agreed. Please don't hack. - Nobody likes a hacker and they make the game not fun for others. Don't go AFK forever. - If you are done playing it is okay to exit the game. It will still be here when you get back. This includes making AFK machines that will work for you when you are gone. Have Fun! - In the end, this is what we are all here for. Let's have a good time as friends. *Note: Rule are subject to change without notice. This server is made possible by an extremely generous donation by @Th3eRaz3r who donated the money to purchase the hardware for the dedicated box that I run. And now for the shameless plug: If you would like to help me continue to keep the world alive please consider donating: paypal.me/JadenDevon Thank you! - Jaden
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    Hello, I have recently released an album called Dark Days, Long Nights and wanted to promote it on here. There's an A/B Single for it on bandcamp called In the Underground/In His Own and I have made it available for free download via bandcamp (no email required). If interested please feel free to give it a listen and download it if you are so inclined. https://dayriderofficial.com/album/in-the-underground-in-his-own
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    Hello friends! Open Testing is over. But you can continue to play. About 10,000 players took part in open testing, helped to find bugs, and enough new information to improve optimization and fix a number of problems. Thank you for your contribution to the testing! What you saw is only the beginning of a large-scale future game. During the summer, we will improve Wild Terra 2 according to your feedback, as well as add a central city with inhabitants and quests, agriculture, cooking, new territories for discovering, and much more! What does devs plan to add to Wild Terra 2 before the release on Steam Early Access Special attention to the improvement of what is already added to the game (for example, updated combat system, sorting inventory, settings, and much more). Summer: - The central city of the Mainland with NPCs and quests. - New locations on the Mainland. - Bags and belts. - Agriculture. - Cooking. Autumn: - Cartography. - Even more new territories on the main Continent, including Port City. - Livestock and breeding. - Trade (currency and auction). - Guilds. Winter: - Witchcraft skill. - One new Continent. - Castles and sieges. During all period until the release of the game: - New types of weapons (crossbows, poles, two-handed, throwing bombs, and more). - New buildings, skills, pets, animals, monsters, bosses, equipment, resources, recipes, production buildings, quests. Support the proyect if you like the game. Join ous on Discord to be part in the game creation, talk to developers, participate in events and more. https://discord.gg/dkafSZe
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    My name is Kryt

    Hello! My name is Kryt and I'm a 22 year old in California. I found you just by googling gaming communities. I stream on twitch under the username Kryt1. I play a variety of games from mainstream ones like overwatch, WoW, CS:GO, and Hearthstone to smaller ones such as pacify, Sniper Contract, and OSRS.
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    Hi I'm Krey

    You usually see me as Kreydawg but I typically just go by Krey. I play a lot of Rocket League, LoL, and I have joined the server for the Ark cluster through a friend.
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    Hoole is back!

    Hey everyone I'm back! IGN I'm infamoushoole, or hoole, go by branden in the world. I joined ADK during the battlefield 1 days. I worked by way up to a BF1 admin and helped start up the twitch channel. It was so long ago I can't really tell you what else I did lol. I had a kid like four years ago so I became pretty inactive. But I'm back now. Looking forward to hearing some old voices and maybe even some new ones!
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    It's me, SniperFodder!

    Hey everyone, it's been long enough that I think I should introduce myself for those who frequent the forums. The name is SniperFodder and I found ADK through the PlanetSide 2 outfit. It's been a long time since I've in a gaming community, with the last one being End of Evolution which had started as a Command & Conquer: Renegade clan which moved onto becoming a multi-gaming community before it finally bit the dust after we lost a lot of members. I figured I'd check out ADK as I've seen the tag for years now. If you want to know more about me you can check out my profile; I finally got it filled out. For the most part I love reading, playing video games, watching anime, and programming. In recent years I've delved heavily into Powershell as part of my current job, and I'm looking to expand into C# as I have some ideas for several projects I'd like to get done. I've also started to be more active in streaming, but that's more because I had nothing better to do for the past week since I was Furloughed. Hope ya'll are staying safe, and I'll see you in game or in discord!
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    Delete Top 100 Clans Link

    Hello, In the About ADKGamers blurb in the footer, you have a link to (www.top100clans.com/button.php?u=ADKGamers) to a button for a website that doesn't exist anymore. This is causing the page to stall on load until the http call times out. To prevent this for me, I've filtered that element out using uBlock origin and now the page loads almost instantly for me and is super responsive.
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    Member Picture Thread

    In Honor of the new theme...
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    26yrs and Gaming BF4 on the 360

    Whatsup everybody, I'm getting back into BF4 and looking for people to team up with Its an old game but I know you guys are still out there, somewhere haha I appreciate the hell out of hardcore mode (populate those servers!) I like serious strategy and teamwork But I also like screwing around when the conquest has its boring moments So ya add me... ARISE SEPULTURA Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Name's Vixen

    Hello, My friends typically call me Vixen or Sol. Feel free to call me whatever you want for the most part. I'm currently in college but play games in my free time. I usually play WoW, LoL, Ark, and Rocket League as my main games.
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    I must be god!!!

    Well Hello everyone! Some of you may know who I am an some may not I have been gone for a bit but Slowly making more time to come back here an there. All I want to really say an I know mister @AOBLXIX will problem bust my balls but dude I love you so much I remember the old days where you use to touch me an I miss it LMFAO. @CaGregorio I will get my mic fix an get on to chat with you here in the next few days. I love you all hope to see you all soon!!!!!
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    I must be god!!!

    Who are you? jk jk <3
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    I must be god!!!

    Your petition for custody has been denied on the basis of absenteeism.
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    I must be god!!!

    I thought you were dead. If you aren't...then who did Naru and I bury?
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    I must be god!!!

    You get what you deserve stop leaving us, every time you leave and come back I die a little inside. Next time all you’re gonna get is “Meh” <3
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    I must be god!!!

    Glad to see your liver hasn't fallen out your ass yet
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    I must be god!!!

    Of coarse I do!!!!! Work is a bitch...... I build nuclear containment vessels an with me being a supervisor its a lot of work but now I get time to do more stuff again like gaming. Slowly return haha
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    I must be god!!!

    Holy shit he lives
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    I must be god!!!

    Hi <3 Welcome back!
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    Rules and Info

    The speed of your shoes is obviously required knowledge.
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    Jakob Intro

    Hey my name is jakob im 22 years old and im from Denmark. Im currently studying product design on my last year. In my free time i enjoy going to the gym which is a huge part of my life, and when i got free time i enjoy to play csgo. Im a very clam and relaxed person, i have been told that i use alot of sarcasm and self irony so you are all warned.
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    Durandal On ARK

    Hello, my introduction thread. I've played on the ADK ark servers for quite a while now, (at least 8 months) and primarily play on Rag. Please let me know if you need help as i'm quite well established on there now. Been fortunate enough to play with Coonley and Phedra, Grim etc, and done most of the bosses.
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    Well... Hello There

    My name is Hotswap and I'm an alcho... I mean addicted to World of Warcraft. I enjoy long walks on the beach and exotic pets of which I have many. Tarantulas anyone? Amirite?
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    Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    New update with the purple build: Now that everything was given a preliminary flush, I'm starting to actually put the components in, as well as sleeve the cable extensions. I'm still waiting on a few black ribbon-style fan cables (similar to the cables on Corsair fans) to match the small ribbon cables used for the internal header connectors (USB, Audio, RGB & RGBW channels, front panel, etc), which is part of the reason I haven't been on the ARK server quite as much for the past couple days. Real life has been a bit crap lately, so playing around with PC parts has become stress relief. The video card has not been added to the new system yet, because I am using the 1060 (with stock cooler) in the UV blue build pictured earlier, after giving my sister the 970. I'm watching GPU prices as they have actually been going down a bit recently, and I'm wondering if I should just take the plunge and trade up for a 1080, as my waterblock is compatible with both my current Gigabyte card, AND the 1080 G1 Gaming model, or just stick with the 1060 for the time being, which would still benefit from liquid cooling. No, the fans are not RGB. I'm saving that for the waterblocks, reservoir, and motherboard. I have a roll of generic RGBW light strip that I will cut and add to the roof (and maybe front) of the case. I'll be playing around with light settings later, once it is up and running. I also had to zip tie the two 5.25" bay brackets together, because the Icy Dock hot swap drive cage is a bit heavy, and I had a bit of a sag issue.
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    Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    I started playing around with some of the liquid cooling bits today. For some reason, all of the screws sent by Primochill for the radiator mounts are 6-32, even though the radiator uses M3. Luckily, I have a bunch of misc. screws and spacers handy to fix that problem. In retrospect, it's probably a good thing because it gives me a bit of an air gap between the radiator and the plates/pump for airflow once the fans are installed on the other side of the rad (pump/res -> radiator -> case frame -> fans -> case cover w/ built in dust filter). I may add an adjustable extension on the inlet at the bottom of the pump just so everything lines up perfectly straight with the bendy fitting on the outlet on the radiator. Not necessary with soft tubing, but it still triggers the OCD. I also have a clear plastic anti-vortex coil, LED stick plug, and the fitting on the pump outlet also has a temp sensor attached, as my motherboard has some extra temp sensor headers. I also have a drain port set up for maintenance reasons. I still have to sleeve the cable extensions, though. I just got some generic ones off of Amazon with the default wire colors. I just had to make sure that the plastic connectors on the visible sides of the extensions were black instead of white.
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