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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    Many thanks!

    It's probably not stated enough, it should be. To those of you that take the mantle and shackles of leadership, thank you for your time and effort to make and shape this community into what it is. @AOBLXIX, @VinasSol, @CaGregorio, @Dowin, @F34RL3SS, @LaithSJ, @LtNoobslayer, @Naru, @Seagull, @SLIMJIM, @NarwhalNightmare, @Chasaroonie, @ginag787, @Hellraiser, @Soap91, @Feisty, @Nightcore_Gamer, @Kody, @Markivo, @DeaDxPooL90, @Huskay, @BrassyIA, @Jaden, @SGCrazyman, @Cuddles the Bear, @Gunnar, @MisterGrimm, @Quran, @TitanCMD, @shadowst3p9 Thank you for your time and efforts! Talking, playing and working with you all is a pleasure, here's to many more games, laughs and whatever else comes with it.
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    Cuddles the Bear

    Member Picture Thread

    Smiling is for chumps. Bear smirk is where its at.
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    Hey, Friends!

    I want to introduce myself to everyone in the community since I am new here. Hey! My name is Mercedes but you guys can call me Nurse if you want! I'm 25, from Ohio. Yes, I am an actual nurse and I work in behavioral health. I am also in school to further my career so yeah. The games I profoundly play are Overwatch, Dark Souls, and Final Fantasy things. I also stream occasionally! Other than gaming, I enjoy watching WWE, listening to Kpop, and supporting other streamers. I haven't been in a gaming community in about 3 years, and I thought it was time to try to find one to join and ADK was the first thing that came up in my searching. I am hopeful to make new friends and find some new gaming buddies, and I also hope to see you all on discord as well.
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    I'm TayZo!

    My name is tayzo and im 19 i've been pc gamign for YEARS about 10 now....and i mainly play ark and league now but im down to try and play whatever. Hopefully i'm welcomed into this community i was once in a commounity like this one before and i enjoyed every second of it.
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    Twistedgerm's Introduction

    Hello everyone I'm Twistedgerm. I joined ADK about 11 months ago but never joined the discord so I'm just starting to get to know you guys. A little about me; I like long walks on Gibraltar, sipping hot chocolate on Volskaya, and hanging out in the markets of Lijiang. (Overwatch puns) Hope to see you guys in Discord and play some games soon. ^_^
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    Hey guys!

    Hey, my name's Danielle and I'm pretty easygoing, I hope we can be friends and whatnot ✧( ु•⌄• )
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    You read it right! <ADKGamers> Mal'ganis has cleared Uldir 8/8 Normal! We know that this is a very small achievement in terms of the WoW universe, but we are happy we did it! We have started this expansion and this tier with very little, and have grown to be a solid core group for our casual raids. This is the guilds first ever Group kill screen shot! Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the kill! We look forward to moving forward and announcing a Heroic kill not to far in the future! We are currently 5/8 Heroic and going to be pushing hard! Feisty Selfie!
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    Breeding for Stats!

    Breeding in Ark This is a guide for anyone that is thinking of starting to breed dinos for stat mutations – In this article we don’t care what colour the dino is as long as it’s a badass so if you want some pretty colours this isn’t the place for you. The main thing to know about breeding for stats is that you need to start out doing it right or you will quickly find that you’ve done some damage to your blood line and, once you are experienced enough to understand your mistake, you won’t be able to rectify it . When you know the basics, the rest is easy. If you are new to breeding, I would recommend reading the entire article before you start. I understand that some people will not care about the “why” you do certain things and just want to know the “how” which is fine and so all explanations for actions will be coloured blue so that if you don’t care, you can ignore them. Step 1: Finding base dinos This is often considered THE MOST important step of your breeding journey. I very much disagree and would recommend spending no more than a few days taming every dino of the species you wish to breed above lv 180 that you see and keep the ones with the best stats in each of health, stamina, oxygen, food, weight and melee. You can check what is considered a good stat for your dino by entering the information about it into http://www.dododex.com/stat-calculator/rex You can also make this even easier for yourself by purchasing a Donor Package to get a max level dino (+ ascendant saddle) and asking the admins for one that is good in a specific stat that you want (usually this would be health or melee). The reason that I don’t consider this step to be the most important is because once you’ve tamed a bunch of the dino you want to breed, it’s going to become harder and harder to find an even better one for a specific stat (which is where the donor package really comes in handy for those important stats) and you don’t want to waste weeks looking for something better because in that time you could have achieved multiple mutations and already had a far superior dino. Step 2: Creating your “Big Daddy” At this point I expect that you have been taming a lot of dinos and now have 6, each one with an exceptional number for one of the 6 stats. You’re going to want to breed these into one super strong dino before you even think about going for mutations and this may take a while because your biggest limiting factor is going to be the timers on the females. When you breed one dino with another, there is a 45% chance to inherit the lower stat from the parents and a 55% chance to inherit the highest stat from the parents, this means that if you breed 2 of your 6 dinos together, you have a fairly good chance of the offspring inheriting both good stats. Continue breeding them together and working around the timers until you have both a male and female with all 6 of the best stats that you found, by this point your dinos will probably be almost level 400 and we haven’t even started mutating! This pair must be called “Big Momma” and “Big Daddy” or else the ark Gods will taint your blood line whilst you sleep. Step 3: Starting your brothel So, we have our perfect mother and father, are we ready to start making mutated babies? No. What we first want to do is produce dozens of copies of the perfect female that we have created all without mutations. The reason for this is that in ark there is a mutation counter for each dino which at this point should be 0/20 both on the matrilineal (mothers) side and on the patrilineal (fathers) side of both "Big Momma" and "Big Daddy". This counter increases by 1 every time your dino mutates and once that counter hits 20 you can’t get any further mutations. However, there is a way around this predicament and you can actually force a dino with a mutation counter that is over 20 to mutate even further. If a male with a counter reading something over 20 e.g 44, mates with a female that has a counter under 20 (preferably 0 to make things easier) then the offspring's stats can still mutate. This means that the baby’s ancestral line will have 44/20 on the patrilineal side and 1/20 on the matrilineal side and still get a stat increase. There isn’t really an exact number that I would suggest to have in terms of base females. Just remember that the more of these base females you have, the faster you will produce mutations because you will spend less time waiting for timers. So to start this process you will breed big daddy and big momma together and slay any males that pop out (note – if at this stage you get a dino that has either a health or melee mutation, put the dino to one side and continue breeding your non-mutated dinos, the purpose of this step is to have a ton of females with 0/20 mutations), keeping the females and putting them on hitching posts, you can then use these females to breed with big daddy (You’re gonna have to get used to incest if you’re gonna breed like a pro) to create more of these perfect females which in turn get added to hitching posts etc. etc. So in the end you should have something resembling this where your females are all bundled up nicely for the males to slide in and join them. All of these females should have exactly the same stats and none of them should be mutated. OK, so we have all our females ready and waiting with 0/20 mutation counters each… what now? Well, that depends on whether or not you have unlocked the S + Mutator from defeating the alpha dragon. Step 4: Pre-Mutator Breeding So… You don’t have the mutator. I’m not going to lie to you it’s a tough and slow road ahead. But it’s worth it! What you should probably do at this point is focus your attention on breeding Rexes to try and beat the alpha dragon and unlock the mutator. Of course to do this we need some badass rexes and that’s where our pre-mutator breeding is going to come in. What you’re going to do is begin by slamming your big daddy into the piles of females until you pop out either a health or melee mutation –Important- ALL OTHER MUTATIONS ARE USELESS –important-. The reason that the other mutations are useless is because the more stats you are trying to mutate the harder it because to achieve a perfect mutated male. Think about it, all of your females will still have your base stats even when your OP male rex has 20k base health and 700% base melee. This means that if you are mutating every stat, to get a rex to pop out with all your mutated stats, you have to roll the 55% chance dice on every single one of those 6 stats. Trust me, working with only health and melee is not only more manageable but actually wayyyy better in the long run. You don’t want to have to ignore a melee mutation just because the rex didn’t inherit your mutated oxygen stat. Once you have either a health or melee mutation what you do depends on whether it is a male or a female. If it is a male, great! You breed that dino back into the pile of females and rinse and repeat. However, if it is a female, wait for it to grow up and breed it back into big daddy until you get a male that inherits all of the females’ stats, this male will become your new stud. This is why we NEVER kill Big Daddy. If you get a mutated female that you wish was a male so that it could become your new stud, you need to breed it with a base male. If you bred this new, mutated female (e.g. 40/20) with your old stud (e.g. 39/20) then their mutation counters would actually add together when it produces a baby (79/20). This makes things really hard to keep track of and just generally annoying, it’s much easier just to keep big daddy alive and watch your mutation counter go up in increments of 1. Remember, you only keep the dino if it inherits both your highest melee stat and your highest health stat because if it only keeps one and gets a mutation then you would have to cross breed your mutated dinos which sends your mutation counter out of control very quickly. Step 5: Post-Mutator Breeding Alrighty so we’re at the fun part now. With the mutator, not only are you far more likely to get mutations but your mutations are also twice as good. This is because you can stack a mutator buff up to 2 times on your dinos. The only difference between breeding post-mutator unlock is that your mutation process will increase in to an insane speed if done correctly. Of course, this will cost 10 element per mutation pulse (20 if you stack the buff which you should ALWAYS do) and so you will eat through element quite quickly and have to farm yourself some more An important thing to mention here is that you will probably get multiple dinos of different genders with different desired stats per breeding cycle. For example, you may get an otherwise perfect male with a new melee mutation, and also get an otherwise perfect female with a health mutation. What some players may be tempted to do is to breed these two dinos together and get a baby with both mutations. Do not do this! First of all, this uses at least one breeding cycle since even if you get the perfect male that inherits both mutations, you still have to wait for him to grow up. Secondly, the problem of cross breeding mutations arises once more where the mutation counter will essentially double for the offspring when compared to the individual parents. Thirdly, there is only a 55% chance of inheriting each of the individual mutated stats of the parents which means that there is only around a 27% chance that you will receive the perfect mutated male you are looking for. This means that you will be doing an average of 4 breeding cycles to get a new perfect male with a tainted mutation counter – put simply, it isn’t worth it! What you would do instead, is choose which stat you would prefer (either health or melee - I usually choose to keep melee) and use that dino as your new stud. However, keep in mind that if you choose to keep a female to use as your new stud, you are going to have to spend 10 extra element to turn it into a male and so I would recommend keeping a health mutated male over a melee mutated female. Step 6: Have fun Well done! Now you have your very own badass dino. You can now kill titanosaurs for fun, you can eat gigas for breakfast, even entire flocks of wyverns can do you no harm with your nifty ascendant saddle. But why stop there? There's no limit to how great your dino can get and we have absolutely no plans of wiping the server so yolo it and see how far you can go. In theory with this method you could create dodos and compys that are able to take down even the mightiest of wild dinos. Have fun with it guys! Now below are some additional notes that I may add to over time so keep an eye out. If you ever have any questions regarding breeding, feel free to ask me. Some of these ideas can get kind of confusing and difficult to put on paper but I would be happy to walk anyone through individual questions you might have. Helpful tips, explanations and facts: - When a dino mutates, it will increase a single stat by 2 “wild levels” or with the use of a mutator will increase by 4. I call this a “wild level” because the amount that the stat will increase by is fixed regardless of the level or stat of the dino. Contrastingly a “tamed level” (one which is gained through experience points and the player allocates where the points should go), will have greater effects depending on the base stats of a rex. For example, a rex with 1k base health may only increase its health by 100 per “tamed level” but 500 per “wild level”, however a rex at 20k health base will still increase by the same 500 per “wild level” but will increase by 1000 per “tamed level”. The result of this is that the higher you go with your mutations, the more stat yield you get for putting experience into your dinos. - Two common misconceptions I hear from people who are trying to breed is either 1) that when you mutate you always get either a colour mutation or a stat mutation or that 2) if your dino doesn’t change colour then it can’t have a stat change. Both of these are not true! In fact, a dino will ALWAYS receive BOTH a colour mutation and a stat mutation. The reason this may not be apparent is because there are 6 potential colour regions on a dino and you can actually get a mutation on one of the colour regions that your dino doesn’t even have meaning that it is a sort of hidden colour mutation. Similarly, you may get a colour mutation and see no stat change, this is because you can actually get a mutation on the movement speed stat which can never change from mutations meaning that technically the dino has more points in movement speed and will be a higher level, but its movement speed will remain the same. - Despite what you may hear about different methods of breeding, as of right now there is no limit to how strong your dinos can get from mutations. The only limit on our servers is that dinos can only increase in “tamed levels” by 200 once hatched from an egg which is almost impossible to reach. - If a mutated dino comes out with the exact stats that you want but is a female, don’t worry. With the mutator, you can perform a gender switch pulse which PERMANENTLY changes the gender of the dino as long as it isn’t put into a soul trapper for the first few hours of its transition. This saves an entire breeding cycle of trying to create a male to match those stats at the cost of only 10 element. - With the use of a mutator, a rex melee mutation will always increase base melee damage by exactly 23.5% while health will increase by between 800 and 900 (I’m not sure of an exact number right now) - For base rex stats to begin the process of mutating (way back in step 1), I would recommend 12-13k health and anything over 400% for melee with at least 2.5k stamina since you won’t be mutating that stat and what you start off with is what you have to live with for the entire future line of rexes. - It's a good idea to keep any and all dinos on S+ Hitching posts at all times, even if you aren't using them for breeding. This is because the S+ hitching post actually gives dinos passive tribe exp even when you are offline. It's free levels! - When it comes to levelling rexes with experience points, you're going to want to distribute your points between health and melee. The Health to Melee ratio will really depend on what it is you are going up against. The reason for this is because some dinos such as gigas and allosaurs apply bleed and some dinos such as the dragon and fire wyverns apply burn. Bleed will cause your dino to take 1% of its max health per second and burn will cause it to take 2.5% of its max health per second. This means that if you are fighting a dino that can apply such an effect, the higher your rexes health, the more damage it will be taking. By instinct, you wouldn't think of this as a problem right? I mean an 80k health rex losing 800 health/second will die just as fast as a 20k rex losing 200 health/second...right? Wrong. The reason for this is that when you're going into battle you should have a daeodon healing you and so it is much easier for the daeodon to keep up with healing when the rex is losing 200 health/second rather than 800 health/second. This actually means that in a fight like the alpha dragon, it is actually advantageous to have a rex with lower health! So, in conclusion, if you are fighting enemies which don't apply bleed or burn - pump health more than melee. Or, if you are fighting something which does apply bleed/burn then pump melee more than health.
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    Intro Post

    Yo, I'm Spencer, otherwise known as speezus in the Discord. I've become somewhat of a regular in the Overwatch Lobby and I enjoy playing with everyone in there including some of the "higher ups". It's long overdue but I would love to become an official member of ADK. =)
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    Thanks to everyone who voted this month! Totals in green get a saddle! @Chasaroonie @Feisty @Pendersen @Kody @Markivo @jayrestexas @Draco1 @SGCrazyman @ExionFatalis @Zeus13611 @blamemyparents Name: Ragnarok Island Aberration Scorched The Center Totals Gunnar 1 1 1 3 Chasaroonie 23 23 22 68 Feisty 13 13 14 40 john_ayres 27 27 27 81 Pendersen 25 23 25 73 Parzival 13 13 13 39 Markivo 28 28 20 4 80 Draco 21 21 21 63 CrazyMan 22 21 20 63 Exion 26 26 26 78 Brassy 4 4 4 12 Zeus13611 17 16 2 14 49 Faith 5 5 4 1 15 Chloe 1 1 2 Fooie 7 7 6 20 TSVeeVee 3 3 3 9 Owadabutt 1 1 1 3 Untuckedshirt 1 1 Mavroc 9 9 9 27 AOBLXIX 2 2 2 6 sourodeepdatta 1 1 1 3 AtomicHotdog 1 1 2 Blame My Parents 19 21 21 61
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    DJ McSlam

    Me :D

    I'm 16 and I love Overwatch! I'm a singer, and I take voice lessons, and I can't wait to meet as many of you as possible!
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    Hey folks!

    My name is Polo, I enjoy playing overwatch socially and competitively, as well as fortnite and LoL. I usually play tank/support but can dps if need be, total fortnite troll, and adc/sup main on league. I enjoy analyzing gameplay, only because that's how you improve at a game. My Bnet tag is ZeroEmpathy#11214, fornite is Zero Empathy, and LoL is I Keep It PG13. Feel free to add me to whatever, I'm usually on around evenings/later afternoon. Thank you for letting me part of the community!
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    Hello ADK

    Hi i am new to ADK, I mostly play PS4 games such as fortnite and call of duty. Have recently started twitching my games. To describe myself i love to joke and entertain while playing.
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    We're proud to announce the Member and Admin of the Month for the month of March Member: @Markivo Admin: @BrassyIA Thank you to Mark and Brassy for being an awesome part of the ADK community! We definitely appreciate the 2 of you and what you've done for the community! As previously mentioned member and admin of the month will be voted upon the first member meeting of each month. And to clarify the winners will be announced that same night at the meeting. If you are a member of ADK and would like to participate, you just need to attend the first member meeting of each month.
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    04/20/18 IN HOUSE EVENT

    Hey there, ADK! This time for this week's in-houses we have a very SPECIAL EVENT!!! As we are still in our retribution stage of the Overwatch Event, this week's event will be a tournament to see who can get ALL 5 STARS on LEGENDARY MODE IN UPRISING Who ever shows up will be RANDOMLY MATCHED TOGETHER using a Team generator How this will go is, after you have been placed together with your team, your main goal is to complete Uprising on Legendary with all 5 stars, as well as the highest score you can achieve!! If you complete the game WITHOUT 5 STARS YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN UNTIL YOU GET ALL 5 STARS IF YOU DO ACHIEVE IT YOU MUST SCREEN SHOT THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED IT FOR PROOF~! (screen shot feature in-game I believe) Have fun and see you all for the in-houses~!
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    PVE Hive: When DO YOU want a wipe?

    I'd like to echo most of the same thoughts already posted. Ideally, I'd prefer to never wipe, as all the time spent building is wasted. Like Faith said, if donations were reapplied (and I would extend this to everything, paint jobs, resource packs, etc.) and a selection of critters were respawned (I'd hate to spend a year breeding and see all of that effort wasted), that would perhaps ease some of the pain. I also think this should be a case-by-case basis; if a major DLC comes out that radically changes things to the point where we really need to wipe, then we wipe. I don't like the idea of planning regular wipes or anything like that, such a thing would have a chilling effect on everything. Why would I build something elaborate or even try breeding for stats if a wipe is coming, even if it's 9 months down the road?
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    About Me.

    I guess I'll start by saying that I really love playing games. The first time I ever played a game it was on a PS1 and it was a dirt bike racing game. I was like 9 when I got "addicted" you could say. I do card tricks at my school and my classmates love them, I made a kid shed tears and was was so confused till like 5:30 that night from what some of his friends told me. I felt bad but happy all at the same time because to me its telling myself that this is something I'm really good at. Just like games I'm also "addicted" to collecting cards, in total I own 70 decks of cards and some of them I had given to me but the rest I bought myself of was a Christmas gift from family. Brandon G.
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    Hey guys, Just a small note from your friendly neighborhood admins, as this has happened a few times now and the ability for us to solve these issues is becoming increasingly difficult. The way players choose to govern their tribes can basically block admins from easily being able to assist you in the ways that we do. An example of this is when someone got DC'd today while trying to create a tribe (They were a solo player with a base build already). Their game crashed and their dinosaurs and structures did not move into their tribe due to the crash. The tribe governance was set with dinosaurs and structures being "PLAYER OWNED" This isn't really an issue for dinosaurs as we can recover them for you all the same. For structures however I would STRONGLY advise AGAINST setting your structures to be player owned. If for some reason you ever have a problem similar to this (happens more often then players think when merging tribes) and some of your structures are lost, admins cant really claim them without making them personally ours, when we leave your tribe and the structures all come with us again. At this point the only real way for us to fix this is to pick up and replace the structures, and if you're more established at this point admins wont be able to help you. We wont tell you how to run your tribes, and you can do what you like to govern your tribe, just keep this in mind should you ever need our help! Hope this helps, Feisty and the ARK Team!
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    Hello everyone! Recently we had a poll asking you guys which of the Eco Decor mods you would like to have on the server. We are going to be testing out four at first, with the possibility of more to come, if things go well. It looks like these four mods won: Eco In Wonderland: Eco Stables and Decor: Eco RP Decor: Eco Garden Decor: If you want to familiarize yourself with these mods and subscribe to them ahead of time, here's the links, in order from above: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=702828089&searchtext=Eco http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741203089&searchtext=Eco http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1091147617&searchtext=Eco http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880871931&searchtext=Eco I hope you guys check them out and enjoy them on the server! Can't wait to see what kind of cool stuff you guys make!
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    Member Picture Thread

    me about a year ago.
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    Hello Guildies! I have compiled this basic guide to using SimulationCraft and RaidBots.com in order to optimize your DPS. These methods will give you mathematical evidence can be used to make critical decisions on gear, stat priority, gems/enchants, and talents. SimulationCraft Add-on In order to run simulations, we will need to upload data specific to your character (essentially a formatted string that defines your character). The SimulationCraft add-on will create this formatted string for you, allowing you to get a snapshot of your character's race, talent spec, talents, and gear (equipped and in bag, but not in bank). Step 1: Download and Install SimulationCraft https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/simulationcraft Step 2: Open WoW and Log into the character you would like to Simulate! Say Hello, Bauble! Step 3: in your chat frame, type /simc Step 4: Copy the generated string to your clipboard for use in the next section! RaidBots.com Raidbots is a website that will allow you to run simulations of your character Types of Simulations In this guide, I will provide a few of the most common ways to use this tool. Quick Sim: Use this Simulation mode when you are looking to determine your current "max" DPS in your current state (under ideal circumstances) Stat Weights: Use this Simulation mode when you are looking to determine what gems and enchants you should be using (given current stats) Talent Compare: Use this Simulation mode to compare different talent builds Gear Compare: Use this Simulation mode when you are looking to compare gear (Got a new piece of gear that you're unsure of? RUN THIS SIM) Top Gear: The most complicated simulation. Use this Simulation mode when you are looking to compare configurations of your best gear, talents, and enchants/gems Quick Sim Step 1: Paste your Character String into the provided form: Step 2: Select Sim Options: This interface allows you to specify the buffs you would like to simulate with, any consumables you might have active, and the length of the fight. I recommend that you do not bother with changing the config on the top, and only work with the Reorigination Array Stacks and Raid Buffs/Consumables for this Sim. Step 3: Run your Sim! Once the system processes your request and generates your simulation, you will be presented with your data. Stat Weights For Stat weights, follow the same process as above, and you will find the stats that you should prioritize based on your current gear and talents. In this simulation I recommend removing bloodlust from your simulated raid buffs, as this may skew the haste stat weight. Talent Compare For Talent comparison, simply create multiple talent builds in the interface using "duplicate talent set" and run your simulation. Gear Compare In gear compare, the tool allows you to compare your current gear with a constructed gear set. You can add in-game items, configure their ilvl, and specify azerite traits, if applicable. Top Gear Top Gear combines aspects of all the above sections, but is limited to gear equipped and in your inventory. You are able to simulate gear and talent changes together here, to allow you a lot of flexibility for simulation. Explore this if you would like to plan out specs and gear for different situations.
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    hello well i am a 42 yr old guy with 6 kids, im on my 3rd wife lol. we live in idaho im self employed, from a family business for the last 20 yrs. i have also done many other jobs ranging from 5 yrs mananger at McDonalds to concrete sealant work. i have 6 years as a M1 tanker in the army graduated high school and have a 2 yr study of game theory and design from a crappy internet collage. only left the country once so far on a honeymoon cruise to Catalina islands and mexico.. wasnt the best trip almost got left there lol.. ok well idk what else.. but you can ask me and ill tell you more thanks guys and hope to be apart of your community.
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    Our New dedicated Server box is ready to rock! We are excited to be able to upgrade our hardware to improve our players experience on our servers and continue to grow the section in a positive way. In this transition players should not lose anything! All of the save files have been ported over right at the last moment to make sure that progress is not lost. The only thing you guys need to do is delete the old servers from favorites and add our new IPs! The Center: (Query Port:7777) Scorched Earth: (Query Port:7775) The Island: (Query Port:7779) Ragnarok: (Query Port:7783) Aberration: (Query Port:7781) Add these new IPs to your favorites launch your game and away you go right where you left off! On top of this we will be implementing some cool new features! Right off the bat you will notice that the servers will be saving stoping updating and restarting all on their own, and in the next few days this should be transcriped right to the #ark-updates channel and will look something like this. Once everything is settled and we set an appropriate restart schedule we will look at adding a wild dino wipe to that schedule as well, but thats to come in a little while. Happy ARKing friends!
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    July Server Voting Tally!

    Unfortunately with me being away this month my staff were only able to gain access to the top 10 voters per server instead of the full list I have access too. If your name isn't on here thank you for voting this month! @Markivo @Chasaroonie @Kody @Mayres457 @jayrestexas @Sav @Kathiel Enjoy your free saddle BP for the month! (Or negotiate for another BP of your choosing with feisty) (No i wont do weapons =P ) Name Island Ragnarok Aberration Center Scorched Totals Markivo 29 29 29 87 Chasaroonie™ 26 26 26 78 Parzival 22 22 22 66 marci.ayres 18 18 4 14 54 Kathiel 26 13 6 6 51 john_ayres 17 17 17 51 Kiwi 13 16 2 15 46 TSVeeVee 5 5 5 15 Feisty 4 5 3 12 DaemonDragon 5 5 10 Lokaal 4 3 1 8 Zeus™ 1 2 2 5 MavRoc 1 1 2 Feisty 2 2 Whyte Tygress 1 1
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    Thank you ARK players!

    You guys are awesome! I just wanted to thank everyone who has purchased donor packs in the last little while! We have had plans to upgrade the ARK box for some time now, with our current player base and immense support from you guys we are almost ready to make that upgrade a reality. Thanks again! This is NOT an official information post on the upgrade but this will likely happen in early September, staff will be working very hard to make the transition to the new box as painless as possible. There is a small chance that our servers may be completely offline for a day or two, there's a very good chance our IP's will change and there's a 100% chance that the out come is going to be absolutely fantastic for the community. Make sure you guys are keeping tabs on discord and forums for dates and news and info when it becomes available! type "?rank ARK" in #ark chat to make sure you are receiving section notifications also. P.S. New box means new additional servers SQUEEEEE
  26. 3 points

    Dino Storage Update 7/25/2018

    Update: Jul 25 @ 11:55am ● INI config MaxDragWeight added which supports decimal placements. Must be greater than DinoSoulWeight, and is the maximum weight threshold to be applied when using DragWeightMultiplier. ● Improved Dino Soul description list visibility. ● Added points applied. The brackets after the stat is the points applied. First integer is wild, second is tamed. https://gyazo.com/c37ad26975618fbd23a5dcda426aa7bf ● Will now check if the dino saddle does not have structures before allowing trapping. This is to prevent accidentally trapping a mobile base and having it crumble. ● Saddles will be stored in the item and requipped on dinos when released. Quality and stats will be retained through the process. ● Added a debuff gun. When you shoot a dino, a UI appears with a list of buffs. Clicking the buff name will send a HUD notification of the file path to use for the ExcludeBuffs INI array. You can print screen the message and paste it in paint so you can use it as a reference when building the exclusion list. There will also be a remove button where you can remove the buff to help debug which buff is causing oddities when trapped and released. It will only fire if you are an Admin and can only be cheat spawned in: https://gyazo.com/c8ba3f5180491cdd58cf55c3f9ef4e83
  27. 3 points
    We're supposed to be active on the forums so I thought of some topics to post every now and again. this is obviously one of them. Now as for the title I am not going to say that you are a bad player or stupid or anything if you have a pen for like 60 raptors. I am saying that a raptor is objectively a poor dyno compared to it's counterparts. So what do we define as counterparts to a raptor? Well i'd say any dyno that can be used for moderately fast travel, scouting and some light combat but aren't too useful for much else such as tanking or doing damage, carry weight etc. I'd say a raptor's counterparts include but may not be limited to - Dire Wolves, Sabertooths, Thylas (debatable as they can be rougher to tame), Terror bird, Allosaurus and Ravagers as far as I'm aware. I could go into great detail and make like 6 subsections to compare each dino's stats with the raptor but I doubt I need to. I was just making a post because I had an opinion and felt inclined to share it on a slightly larger scale than discord. also I didn't really grammar check any of this and im not sorry.
  28. 3 points

    Welcome back PS2

    So, from what I am hearing, the PS2 R&D department is going to be back in business then? If so, I got a few ideas.... And yes, it involves rubber ducks....and a liberator
  29. 3 points


    Hi players! We didn't realize the impact that adding the soul mod to the server would have on aberration. With the ability to soul trap dinosaurs you have the ability to transfer to Aberration dinosaurs that wouldn't normally be allowed. I want to make this VERY clear... THIS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED Non aberration dinos will NOT be allowed on aberration in any capacity (This includes rexes, gigas and the like). We cannot prevent people from taking them over with this mod installed but we also feel that the mod adds WAY to much benefit to server performance and just cleans up peoples bases too much to consider removing it because of this, but we do want to maintain balance on the servers... to this end we will be implementing a 3 STRIKE policy for finding these dinosaurs on aberration, and this is PER TRIBE not per player. Strike 1: An admin will soul trap the dino and remove it for you. We will make note of your tribe, reach out to the players make sure they are aware of the rule and return their dino with a warning. Strike 2: The dino will be destroyed without notice Strike 3: Your tribes dinosaurs will be purged from Aberration without notice. Please do not ruin this mod for our players. This mod adds so much quality of life in terms of FPS and base loading, I would hate to have to remove it still due to players not regarding the admins on this. If you have any questions about why this is happening that aren't explained here, please direct them to Feisty, the ARK Manager. Thank you for your cooperation in this, ARK Staff
  30. 3 points
    Hey folks! There's a lot going on here in the ARK section and we want to make sure that all of our players are aware of whats going on around the section and aware of our current plans for the future and talk about how they might effect you. We would like to ask our players to join us Monday Evening at 8PM CST, 9 EST in the ARK Open chat 1 toom, for our first ever Open ARK section meeting. This meeting will take place AFTER whatever ADK meetings are happening (we have member/admin meetings every second monday). We hope that everyone who can make it will be there, because we are also going to be looking for player input on more than a few things! There will be cookies.
  31. 3 points

    ARK: Rock Drake Farming Night!

    Who wants to rock drake farm! Friday June 15th we will be doing a rock drake farming event! 7CST, 8EST We really only need 2-3 people on rock drakes to make this an easy feat, really the only other acceptable dinosaur to bring will be a Spino. ROCK DRAKES: Will be the ones in the most amount of danger, so please only bring a rock drake if it is high enough level to survive multiple wild rock drakes, and stuff happens so don't bring one you aren't willing to lose. SPINOS: If you bring a spino it must be at LEAST 170 wild caught, with a decent level of health and a decent saddle. Bring meat to heal, spino's will essentially be acting as our tanks. Preferably bread for an imprint damage reduction. Egg Distribution: We will be distributing eggs in as fair a way possible. We will use a random name picker to determine an order of picking out of the pool of eggs collected, and then the list will be reversed for the second round of picks. In order to be included in the egg picking you must be present at the time we finish farming. Approx 2 hours. Come join us for our First ever egg hunt, and get some rock drakes of your own!
  32. 3 points

    Im Lyla

    Hi! My Name ign Is Lyla but my real name is Tori. Im the daughter of John and Marci ayres who also play with adk and mostly play on the ark server. I try to be kind and make friends so please feel free to chat with me.
  33. 3 points

    HI All

    HI All, My name is Marci. I play on line games with my daughter and my husband. My daughter is Lyla, and Husband is JohnAyresTexas. We normally play ARK as a family. I have been playing MMORPGS for a long time. I was part of the initial WoW beta years ago. Drop me a line sometime. Mayres457
  34. 3 points

    I'm TayZo!

    Hope you enjoy the ark servers. Let me or another staff know if you have any questions
  35. 3 points

    I'm TayZo!

    Welcome to ADK!! Overwatch will be having a free weekend coming up shortly so if you dont have OW and wanna come play with us you are welcome to come and hang out!!
  36. 3 points


    I play Overwatch and hearthstone. i watch a lot of overwatch league and im a huge overwatch fan. im in north america and i can play a lot of heroes from dps to tank. I am best as main tank
  37. 3 points

    4/27/18 IN HOUSE EVENT

    Hey there, ADK! This time for this week's in-houses we have a very SPECIAL EVENT!!! As we are still in our Retribution stage of the Overwatch Event, this week's event will be a tournament to see who can get ALL 5 STARS on LEGENDARY MODE IN RETRIBUTION Who ever shows up will be RANDOMLY MATCHED TOGETHER using a Team generator How this will go is, after you have been placed together with your team, your main goal is to complete RETRIBUTION on Legendary with all 5 stars, as well as the highest score you can achieve!! If you complete the game WITHOUT 5 STARS YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN UNTIL YOU GET ALL 5 STARS IF YOU DO ACHIEVE IT YOU MUST SCREEN SHOT THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED IT FOR PROOF~! (screen shot feature in-game I believe) Have fun and see you all for the in-houses~!
  38. 3 points

    Many thanks!

    Damn I miss being around all of you. Work is so crazy that song brought back a lot of great memories. Hopefully soon I'll be around more to hang an chill again. Thanks for the appreciation an post. Love Dowin
  39. 3 points

    Hi!New here!

    Hey guys, as the tittle says im new here and would like to join ADK. Im from the US and right now im studying at CU Boulder. I play both on PC and on my PS4.
  40. 3 points

    Unicorn Spawns

    Hey there guys, Just wanted to let you guys in on some info regarding unicorn spawns and our servers. Previously our last developer had added the code to allow multiple tamed unicorns to all our servers. We figured that wildcard had maybe broken the command or something and never really looked at it again. I did a little more research on this recently and found out that the multiple tamed unicorn command is a Ragnarok only command so it would only work on ragnarok. It was also listed in the wrong place in our server files, so this will be corrected in the next restart of ragnarok, I set the spawn interval pretty high, a unicorn will have 1 chance to spawn every 3 to 6 hours, and then wont try again for another 3-6 should the spawn point it picks be overpopulated or the like. Basically what this means for the REST of the servers is that should you tame a unicorn on a non rag server, no other unicorns will be able to spawn. Should you transfer that unicorn off the server, another one will have a chance to spawn. To allow other players to also be able to get unicorns, IF you have a base on rag, you should take your unicorn there if possible, otherwise its no big deal, this is just something that we all can do to keep unicorns spawning on other maps.
  41. 3 points
    Wow, their admin was quick! I contacted their support, and they found that Steam had made a change to their authentication system, they've already corrected the issue, and I was able to vote. Thankfully no votes were lost, so problem solved.
  42. 3 points

    Hey guys!

    Welcome to ADK. See you in Overwatch
  43. 3 points

    Hey guys!

    I already do! :3
  44. 3 points

    Hey guys!

    I mostly just play overwatch cause I uninstalled everything else but I've played lots of stuff
  45. 3 points


    some friends invited me into this discord server, been here ever since, I mainly play overwatch most of the time and mains dps/healer. pleasure to meet ya'll
  46. 3 points

    Hey guys!

    hey waddup!
  47. 3 points

    Hey guys!

    Welcome to the forums.
  48. 3 points

    Hey guys!

    Welcome! Looks like you found the crazy peeps in our Overwatch section Hope you enjoy your time here!
  49. 3 points


    Well we're playing some LoL right now feel free to stop by anytime in the discord
  50. 3 points


    I do play H1Z1, some TF2, as well as The Division, and some others as well
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