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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    Hello Members and Friends of =ADK=, THIS IS POSTED AS AN ANNOUCEMENT AS WELL SO YOU DO NOT MISS IT AND WONDER WHAT'S GOING ON. :) As you can see not only is the look a plain look right now but the software is completely upgraded as well. We apologize that it took a little longer to at least get online for you. Some things that still need to be completed: Fix a 500 ISE When Trying To Edit Profile Update Android App to make it compatible with new forums | has been pushed to Google Play Store. You should see update soon All ads breaking site width on mobile devices (Not the android app) Update Menu With All Links There will probably be some placeholders for the time being that won't work. Please be patient as we get them updated. Custom Profile Fields and Other Profile Information Side Bar for Forums Index Side Bar for Main Homepage Get our Form Submission up and running Recruitment Is Currently Suspended For the Time Being All Admin Applications Are Suspended For The Time Being H1Z1 A Different Kind Just Survive Server Key Applications Are On Hold Due To High Server Pop All Ban - Requests/Disputes/Submissions are currently on hold until Forms are running again Donations are currently offline until we can upgrade the current donation software. If you want to donate please reach out to a Veteran Admin, Lead Veteran Admin or Community Manager to point you in the right direction. All store purchases are currently suspended until we get things running smoothly Steam Logins Might Be Broken - Currently Looking Into This If your steam login is broken please communicate with a Lead VA or Community Manager if you would like to be able to login without waiting for steam logins to be fixed. Visual update of website will be in the near future. This first update was merely a software update. We will keep you updated on future Visual Updates The Front Page of the website has a lot of missing elements, and is broken so we might have it offline for the time and just have the forums be the main page for us. I believe this is everything that needs to be mentioned right now, if there is anything else it will be added here so please make sure you check back often as we will cross everything off as it's completed. Thank you for your support and patience during this upgrade! AOB and All =ADK= Leadership
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    ALL JUST SURVIVE SERVERS ARE COMING OFFLINE FOR GOOD ON OCT 24TH, DAYBREAK IS SHUTTING DOWN THE GAME. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE THAT MADE THIS GAME GREAT. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL IN THE FUTURE. NO MORE KEYS WILL BE GIVEN OUT. BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ANY AND ALL COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE DONE ON THE APPLICATION. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MESSAGES ON OUR Discord OR ON THE WEBSITE ABOUT APPLICATIONS UNLESS ASKED TO DO SO DIRECTLY. DOING SUCH WILL ONLY DELAY YOUR APPLICATION FURTHER. PLEASE KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOUR APPLICATION AS WE WILL POST THERE WITH ANYTHING WE NEED. Any Whitelist Server Application with a Steam Ban less than 546 Days will be denied if you are not apart of a group that can vouch for you. Please follow us on Twitter for updated information. https://twitter.com/ADKGamers If you are apart of a clan currently on the server and still need a key, please join us in TS and speak with an H1Z1 Admin. SO YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR WHITELISTED SERVER All information regarding it can be found here. Hope to see you in game soon. If you have any questions please contact anyone in H1Z1 Leadership Our Sever is PvP Sandbox Rule Set First Step is to register on our site, once you have done that you can fill out this applications: Rules: (These rules can be changed at anytime by Leadership - if a change is made all Whitelisted Members will be notified by a Message on our Forums - Please make sure to follow THIS forum to keep up to date on all information regarding the server and rules, this section can only be seen by members that have been accepted onto the server) No Hacking No Glitching No Exploits This includes the Crowbar not taking damage exploit along with any other melee weapon No Stream Sniping No Buidling in areas that are not accessible by normal means (i.e. building on top of buildings) This is not working as intended therefor not allowed. No building Structures through other structures (Only Exception - Large Structure through a gate) This includes player and non player buildings NO FLOATING SHELTERS ALLOWED Any Rule that is enforced by Daybreak Gaming will be enforced here No Third Party Applications (Quote From DayBreak Regarding this): We have a 3 Strike Policy: Depends on the severity of the issues 1. Warning (Verbal Warning In Game) 2. Kick (Verbal Warning In Game) 3. Permanent Ban Understanding the Application process There is only a few of us that can give out keys to the server. While it would be nice to have 24 hour round the clock accepting applications or making it a automated response it takes away from the accountability of checking the players out. Applications will be responded to as quickly as possible, and should receive a response within 2 Days. If more information is needed on your application we will ask, if you do not response to us within 5 Days, your application will be denied and you will need to reapply. Making The Application Go Faster To be sure someone in your group gets in quickly really depends on them, and here are a few things that will delay an application in which will require more time. Answering NO to server rules or Hacking/Cheating Policy Someone with a New Steam account Not giving us your steam link Having your profile on Private Common Mistakes If you have a message saying that you have been Accepted and you have not received an email please verify your email address that you provided when you registered on =ADK= website. If the email address is incorrect please change it and response to your Application that you have done so. If it is correct and you still not receive it, please response to your application and we will resend it to you. Please be sure that you are logged into your proper daybreak account when activating your key. Other Things to Know Please Do NOT put in more then one application. If there is a error on your application, we will respond to it and you can correct it there. By adding more then one application you are slowing down the application process for everyone. You do not have to join ADK in order to be on this server, so please make sure you are applying to the proper applications. ADK Disclaimers and Policies ADK Leadership reserves the right to decline an application or remove a key at anytime for any reason. Playing on our server is a privilege not a right. **EMAILS REGARDING THE SERVER** By signing up for the ADK Whitelisted Server you understand that from time to time we will send you emails regarding the server. As everyone is not on our forums 24/7 or on our Team Speak we need a viable way to communicate with the server members. Please read the pinned topic for more information regarding this and actions that might be taken if you do not agree or mark our emails as spam. What happens if I select NO on the application? If you select NO on the application, you application will be on hold until you accept that portion of the application. As stated above we need to communicate with members of the server regarding important information What happens if I mark the email as SPAM at any time? As we can track every individual who marks an email as SPAM we will be notified when you do. We take SPAM emails just as serious as you, which is why we do not sell or send you anything that isn't related to the ADK Whitelisted Server Marking emails as SPAM will result in an automatic removal from the H1Z1 Whitelisted Server. If you truly do not want IMPORTANT notifications regarding the server you can always unsubscribe at the bottom of the email at any time. If we find that you are complaining about something that was notified via email and you unsubscribed, there will be a temporary suspension from the server if you continue to make complaints. So as we have mentioned, we take SPAM emails very seriously. Just like you, we hate them. But we do need to communicate with server members from time to time, and as you are a part of this server we would like to communicate with you. **ACTIVE WEBSITE ACCOUNT** By having a key for the ADK H1Z1 Whitelisted server, you are required to have an active account on our website. As stated above we often communicate via email and other methods like the forums asking for feedback. With that being said, it is required that you have an active forum account. If you request for a forum deactivation at anytime you will also be removed from the ADK H1Z1 Whitelisted server. Application for the server can be found here: CLICK HERE TO APPLY
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    Since we've had some issues with members giving generic responses to your introduction posts. We're going to need your help to liven things up.      So. To give you guys a more productive introduction thread and to get ADK members to acknowledge you more and respond in a more engaging manner. I'd like to ask you to give us more then. "hi my name is xxxx and I play this game"    Tell us about you. Maybe some of your game interests. Let us know how you found us. Maybe some hobbies. An age and a first name? Maybe some interesting tidbits about you.    This is an interview process. We want to get to know you and about you before we welcome you into our community. So make your introduction something worth responding to. Do some of these things. I promise you we'll respond and engage in dialog with you.      Added benefits is simple. Your post count goes up as you respond to us. Which gets closer to your post requirements. You make new friends and you're more welcomed within the community.      Make sure to be in teamspeak as much as possible. Make an awesome introduction thread. Get your 20 posts and on Wednesday I'll welcome you into ADK as one of our newest recruits.      Welcome to ADK. Can't wait to slap some ADK tags on you. 
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    If you have been accumulating Punish points from Admins and/or Auto Admin and would like to have some of them removed (Forgive points) please ensure you follow all server rules that are posted in our Battlefield 4 forum section. By using @report or @admin in the server chat to report issues By placing ban requests with information and links to support your claim (video is great too) Remember glitchers require at least a screenshot Another way is to help admins keep the server sane Helping to populate low player count and empty ADK server. If you have been banned because of Auto Admin: After you dispute your ban, please continue to check back incase we have questions or requirements of you. Otherwise we will not un-ban you and lock the thread after a few days. For Auto Admin Bans we will look to see when and how you received your Punish points. Generally we will give one forgive point for your first dispute as long as you didn't accumulate all your Punish points quickly. Hierarchy for punish points in No Explosives servers: 1st point = kill 2nd point = kick 3rd point = 2 hr ban 4th point =kill 5th point = kick 6th point = 1 day ban 7th point = kick 8th point = 1 week ban 9th point = kick 10th point = 2 weeks ban 11th point = kick 12th point = 1 month ban 13th point = kick 14th point = PERMAMENT BAN Warning: Deciding this is on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of ADK without any promises of un-banning or giving Forgive points to anyone. ADK reserves the right to ban by GUID for any reason we see fit to continue our commitment to a fun, laid back and cheat free server.
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    Community Updates - 11/16/2015

    Hello Members and Friends of the =ADK= Gaming Community       Due to information coming out recently about some of Initial Leadership we have decided to revoke our agreement that we had with them. With revoking that agreement it still doesn't change some things.      - We should still be reasonable towards them - There should be no malicious intent towards them - Any ADK Member is allowed to visit them just as their members are still welcome in our TeamSpeak provided they do not poach or offer invites to their resources. (If you are an Admin, please speak with your VA sponsor as terms may differ). - No members will be banned unless said issues happen above       So the reason for this is that one of their leadership as well as some former ADK leadership are still continuing to spread lies that I mentioned in the previous update that I had made. All we asked for is the poaching, the lies about us not allowing VA's to do what they needed, and the rumors about myself to stop which they haven't.        There will be another response to this post laying out those said lies and rumors again for people to see. 
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    I will keep this short and sweet. The new theme is now live for everyone to use and enjoy. It has been a struggle to finish this for you guys in light of the recent attacks to ADK but you have to push through it and dont let it effect your goal. Hopefully we can all take a page from this and just not let everything bother our daily routine of gaming with one another, making friends, having some laughs and still being the kick-ass community of brothers and sisters that we are.   The theme has been trimmed down, modernized and made more global with no game at the forefront but still having those little touches to remind you that we are indeed a gaming community. I will touch over a few key things that was done and the rest you can stumble upon on your own.   Social Media: This is now set to float on the left hand side for ease of use for people to find our social networking quickly without having the normal buttons you see on most pages. Simply hover your mouse over and click. It really is simple as that.   Roster: In the main menu click on the roster and a drop down will appear. You then can see all the active departments that make up ADK. You click on a department and you will instantly see who is leading or part of what department. This goes by your main group. If you are someone that is part of many departments then you need to decide what one is your primary focus and ask Vinas or Nova to change that group to your primary. If you feel you need to be listed on all your groups then simply put, quit being a asshat trying to show off. Your work in the site and the game will get that known, not some labeling system. The roster was set up this way for new members and visitors to find who they need to contact fast. It doesn't get any fast then that honesty.   Visual Appeal: We are still using the same theme we were using before except it has been highly customized. I did not want to go to another theme totally because you all are used to how things have been working and laid out for the last year. Instead I completely rewrote a lot of the back end html and php calls and redoing almost all the theme graphics to make it more modern, clean and sleek. Hope this outcome worked and feedback has been awesome for those who helped beta test it this week.   Upgrades: I will be doing various tweaks here and there and adding a few more things that I am still working on but it wont be anything that breaks the site in its function or daily operations. When I do add something I will simply reply to this post saying so if its a big addition or simply let you find it on your own.    That should be it. Enjoy the new theme guys into 2014 and hope you all approve of the new look and layout.   Hope this sets us apart from what normal clans and community trends are and breaks us from the pack. Any issues with it please leave a reply here.   Enjoy!    
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    Server reputation is a numeric for how helpful you are to the server. The more you help admins by reporting rule breakers, jumping on explosives in the no-ex servers, playing from spectator, assisting the weak team, etc, the more your reputation increases. Committing infractions, breaking server rules, getting banned, etc, reduce your server reputation.   Reputation is capped between -1000 and 1000, so it's easy to get/lose rep early on, but harder near the top/bottom. Each command you issue, and every command issued against you, has a reputation amount; Some good, some bad. Every time your reputation changes, you are notified of the change in chat. Here are the different ways you can earn reputation on the no explosives servers: Jumping on grenades/explosives. You are helping get problem players out of the server, so if you die by an explosive, you get reputation. Issuing good reports on players. Just reporting someone gives rep, but when an admin accepts the report and acts on it it's triple the rep bonus. Reporting from spectator. Reporting from spectator is worth much more than reporting in-game. You are sacrificing your game time to help the server and should be rewarded.  Using @assist. Sometimes teams really need help, and sometimes your friends are stuck on the weak team. Helping them and the server out by using this command to switch increases rep greatly. Populating servers. Population mode starts when the server drops below 15 players. Any player who joins while the server is less than 15 players is placed on a populator list, and will be given 10 reputation if they stay in the server until it reaches at least 45 players. They are notified/thanked when the reputation increase happens because of this action. [NEW!!] If you have infractions on your record, the negative rep they cause reduces over time, so you get some rep back for infractions on your record simply by not committing them. It does not reduce completely however, you will need to report some rule breakers to get it positive again.   High reputation has its benefits.  > 15 Any punishment is reduced to a verbal warning. You still get an infraction point, and your rep is lowered afterward, but you will not be killed, kicked, or banned. This is to handle the case of shooting nade cookers, or accidental usage of banned weapons such as grenades. You should inform an admin of what happened immediately so the issue can be resolved, and your record returned to normal. > 75 You receive report auto-contest. By now you are a trusted player, so any report against you should be investigated instead of simply acted on. This removes the possibility of you being falsely reported. Admins still see the report and can look into it, but can't directly act on it without investigation first. You receive a whitelist from the server SpamBot. Once you've reached this level of helpfulness you've seen these messages hundreds if not thousands of times, so seeing them more is just clogging your chat window. Enjoy! [NEW!!]     If you have any questions, please comment here.
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    =ADK= Takes The Top Spot!

    [attachment=6679:trophy.png]       That's right! After what seemed to be forever, we've now taken over the top spot in the search results for 'Gaming Community' on Google.    I'm not sure exactly when we took over that spot, but we were sitting at second for far too long and it's great to see us in the top spot! So thank you to everyone who has ever found us on the interwebs as well as everyone for promoting =ADK= as a Gaming Community!     Thanks again everyone!
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    With one of our biggest giveaways yet, you don't want to miss out! We've got all of our giveaways linked in the article. Check them out and don't miss out. =ADK= December Giveaways!      We know how much everyone loves getting free stuff, so what better month to give away free stuff than the month of December? We've started posting a few of our giveaways, and there will be even more posted in the coming days. All giveaways will END on December 24th and that's when the winners will be chosen. These giveaways will be taking place on all of our Social Media Accounts as well as here on the website.    Listed below is what we are giving away. Please be aware that this list will probably grow, so keep checking back for even more things being added. There will be a link next to the giveaway if it is already underway.      -  $70 worth of Riot Points - Link to Giveaway - $50 worth of Riot Points - Link to Giveaway #2 - $120 worth of Steam Cash - Link to Giveaway #1 -  Two $15 Taco Bell Gift Card -  - Assassin's Creed Syndicate Game - Elite Dangerous Game - Storm United Game - Counter Strike Game - Two Storm United Mouse Pads - ADK Mouse Pad + Lanyard + Stickers + Dog Tags - Three ADK T-Shirts + Lanyards + Dog tags - Three ADK Stickers + Lanyards + Dog Tags - Five Locked Team Speak Channels for 1 Year - One Star Citizen Starter Package (Includes Star Citizen, Squadron 42 w/Aurora MR Starer Ship) Link to Giveaway - Two Copies of ARK: Survival Evolved - One $20 Visa Gift Card (US Only)       Stay Tuned for More Information on the Giveaways and REMEMBER you can't win if you don't participate!      **Added Friday 12/11 at 2PM Pacific: One $15 Taco Bell Gift Card, $50 worth of Riot Points, $40 worth of Steam Cash** **Added Tuesday 12/15 at 10AM Pacific: One Star Citizen Starter Package, Two Copies of ARK: Survival Evolved, One $20 Visa Gift Card** [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/_/adknews/communityupdates/adk-december-giveaway-riot-points-steam-r675]Click here to view the article[/url]
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    For other languages please see this post: http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/82623-bf4-rules-multiple-languages/ General Server Rules: No hacking/cheating/glitching/exploiting No Griefing Friendlies** Use common sense - spamming chat is one of those common sense things. Spamming chat constantly with nonsense will get you warned and then kicked. If you come back with a hot head further action will be taken Respect =ADK=, it's members, admins, and players on the server*** If you're not an admin, please refrain from admining the servers in chat, this can get you punished and many are giving out bad information. Metro 2014 NO EXPLOSIVES Server: NO EXPLOSIVES including using explosives to make holes or damage the map. If a weapon is not allowed any use can get you "Punished"* You are not allowed to throw away your grenades, unbind that G-key instead If found using Mortars you will be punished as it's not currently detected Same rules as general server rules apply Bi-pods on LMG's are now banned Depopulating and raping the server is on a case by case basis. This requires a video from the players first person view and third person view showing a crazy score and almost never moving from one spot. All ban requests for BF 4 Bi-pod glitches will be locked without video proof. * Weapons not allowed on the server: Shotguns: Frag rounds on all Shotguns USAS-12 (pickup weapon) Grenades: M67 Frag V40 Mini RGO Impact M34 Incendiary M84 Flashbang M32 MGL (pickup grenade launcher) Assault Gadgets: M320 with explosive & smoke, flashbang rounds Engineer Gadgets: M15 AT MINE M2 SLAM MINE FIM-92 STINGER RPG-7V2 SA-18 IGLA MK153 SMAW FGM-148 JAVELIN FGM-172 SRAW No EOD bots Support Gadgets: M18 CLAYMORE XM25 AIRBURST AMMO & XM25 SMOKE M224 MORTAR C4 UCAV Recon Gadgets: M18 CLAYMORE C4 SUAV Arrows: Explosive tip Poison tip Attachment: Bi-pod on LMG's A separate topic has been created to give feedback or suggestions about these rules: BF4 rules - Feedback & Suggestions Generally Admins and the Auto Admin will give Punish Points for each infraction. ADK keeps records of these points given, Forgiven and by whom. After 15 points you will be permanently banned from all BF4 ADK servers. You can dispute this ban by filling out the required Ban Dispute form. Disclosure: ADK bans by your game GUID on all servers, including Temporary Bans. ADK reserves the right to ban whomever for whatever reason from any or all ADK services. ADK strives to provide a fun and laid back tightly knit community for everyone, but some people don't always want to have "fun" in a constructive manner. Following the basic rules and common sense and you will be able to enjoy everything ADK has to offer for years to come. ADK Admins please refer to the Admin Wiki for your rules and instructions. This is for Members and Players reference only. **Griefing friendlies can be taken multiple ways. But we will be applying it to blowing up friendly assets, vehicles included. Something that will not be considered will be closing things like doors, gates, etc...behind you unless one individual is in your squad following you doing it constantly to effect you. *** If someone decides to use words that are offensive we will not punish right away for such. Admins know and have the limits of what they are supposed to do. If they see something getting out of hand they will take care of it. But for someone using curse words or racist terms, they will not be kicked/banned unless they are asked to calm down and don't do such. Everyone has different values on what is offensive and what isn't. So rather than being the =ADK= police we let things like that slide until they get out of hand. If you aren't certain if what someone says is too much, simply make a request to an admin to get their opinion or post a ban request with a mature explanation. Not one of you being pissed off, cursing, etc, etc. . Updated: 5/13/2016 (These rules can change at any time, please make sure to visit this topic frequently to see if anything has changed)
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    Admin Promotions - 1/31/2014

    So I'm certain many of you have been wondering when the next set of promotions will be taking place.     That time is now!    I'm always looking for people to have move up the ranks within ADK for one reason or another, and this next set of individuals have given what it takes especially in times of need.       Game Manager -   Protoss - DayZ Manager - This promotion comes as protoss has been doing quite a lot for the DayZ section currently as well as in the past.   While we might not always see eye to eye on certain things(which isn't a bad thing), he does understand what ADK is about and what I look for and has done a great job within getting DayZ SA going for ADK, and bringing people in to help with that.  This is a promotion that will allow him more room to get things done and to promote individuals when the time comes as DayZ continues to grow for ADK.           Veteran Admin Promotions -    Metal - PS2 Veteran Admin - Many of you have known Metal to be Homeboys right hand man recent as Homeboy has been busy with the high school life which is something that we are glad to see.   The bad part is, he's always exhausted when he gets home and normally just passes out.   But it's great to see that he's having a great time during his life that many of us had at his age.    During this time Metal has done a lot of things for the outfit and has put a lot of time and effort into creating a structure that will help the outfit out in a variety of ways.    Along with that, Metal has a level head and has always handled situations in ways that those above him appreciate.   It was only right that he be moved up to Veteran Admin for PS2 and I think a lot of people can agree with that.    Caveman - Veteran Admin - While you might be wondering well why isn't there a game that he's being promoted too, and that's because he won't just be helping out ADK with one particular game.    While he will be helping out with Battlefield still much like Nova, Vinas and Myself still do in making sure that everything is still running smoothly and helping out where is needed.  He will also be helping out with other things like making sure people get their in game perks, team speak perks as well as some of the forum perks.   Most of you might not know the story behind Cave and how he came about here at ADK, but I can say I'm definitely glad he decided to join us.   And it's great being able to have someone like himself; who has helped ADK expand even further to the world, in this community.         Lead Veteran Admin Promotions -    Bromance - So many of you might not know, but Bromance is one of the few ADK Members who has been around the longest.  This guy has pretty much seen it all with the growth of ADK.    And you can also thank him for bringing Warspite and WarspiteJr over because that is a great father son duo that I'm glad to say is a part of ADK.    This promotion comes as it's time to put the Veteran in Lead Veteran admin to use with Bromance.  While he has to smack me into shape sometimes, he knows what I like and don't like within the community and he has always stuck by that.   It's definitely been a long time coming for this promotion for him, and if you have any questions or issues he'll always have something to help you out with.      Community Managers -    Novaura/VinasSol - These two are getting the same paragraph and they'll live with it.  :)   Both of these individuals came into ADK and were always eager to help and do whatever they could to promote ADK and literally did anything I asked pretty much.   Nova first came to ADK when I would see him on the BF3 server at about 3 or 4 in the morning and then I'd wake up a few hours later to find Nova still on the same server.  So after him seeing the nuke used a few times and me telling him to stop by the website he did.   And that's where it all started.    Now Vinas on the other hand. . that's a different story and man he sure knows how to push buttons but he's done a lot for myself and ADK.  He's always helped with stuff that most people don't notice on a day to day basis but has always been there to help when it's needed most.      These 2 individuals have put up with by far the most crap from me than anyone else.   They are and probably will always be the 2 individuals that I tell things that they could probably care less about, but they listen and respond and help fix the problems.    If you think I've gotten upset at any of you for something, you probably haven't experienced what these 2 guys have.   They're my right hand men and I greatly appreciate that from them.   The time and effort that they have put into ADK is a huge reason of why we are where we are today.  And words can't express how much they mean to myself and ADK.  
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    Veteran Admin Promotions - 1/17/2016

    Well it's a new year and with a new year comes some wonderful additions to leadership here at =ADK=. I don't want to spend too much time talking about all that these fine individuals have done leading up to these promotions. It's definitely been a wild ride for most of them through the crazy times that =ADK= has had over the years but the fact that they've stuck with it through the ups and downs just goes to show what type of people they are.    Without further ado, listed below will be those individuals being promoted and their positions.        Viper - Recruitment VA   Many of you might or might not know Viper and history within ADK. He spent multiple years of his time and dedication within ADK going all the way back to his Battlefield 3  Adminship. He has also served as an admin for various gaming departments ranging from CS:GO to H1Z1. While starting off at a young age, he has matured and grown in ADK becoming a leader that has assisted many members and the community. We are proud to call Viper a member of this community and more importantly; a leader, with how he has grown and matured over the years.      Jokerz - H1Z1 VA   Jokerz has experience as both a Battlefield Manager and H1Z1 Leader which brings with him a wealth of information, experience, and dedication. His hard work in H1Z1 has helped the section for stability and growth these past few months and we hope it continues down this path as its a section we have high hopes for.     Book - Elite:Dangerous VA   Book's dedication and time to the Elite:Dangerous community has be very transparent and important to a section that was underestimated in its growth potential. He has shown care for his fellow playerbase and gaming section as well as his dedication for the ADK Community makes this an easy promotion.     Nikolai - Battlefield VA   Many of you might remember Nikolai as being a former VA. During his time as a VA he put in a lot of work, not only for the Battlefield section but also the Let's Get This Game Going section, working to bring new games into the community and communicating with people while doing such. Nikolai is definitely a person who many people have looked up to and go to for answers and problem solving.      Mr.Pig - ARMA VA   Mr.Pig started as a dev for DayZ and when we brought him on he was good at the development side of things and he also became the manager of the section. He has helped it grow from when it was down and what seemed to be in the hole to an outstanding section. He does what is best for the server and not for personal gain which is something that we all look for. We are glad to have him join the VA ranks as he is always willing to work things out and make the right choice on all sorts of matters.          As you can see, we've got a great group of gentlemen joining the ranks of Veteran Admin. Be on the look out for even better things from all of these guys in the near future to help continue to move the community forward. They all have great heads on their shoulders and will do whatever they can for the members of this community. So please take a moment to welcome and congratulate them to the Veteran Admin ranks. 
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    Veteran Admin Promotion - 12/18/2014

    Today I want to announce a new Veteran Admin that will be joining the ranks of the other VAs.  This person has been working very hard in the Recruitment Section, Events area, TeamSpeak Admin, and also as a role model for ADK members.  With his devotion to ADK, it was an easy decision to promote this person.   Fuz - Recruitment VA - Fuz has been with us for over a year in ADK and has been progressing through the ranks in ADK.  He started out as a Recruitment Admin like I did and has really stuck with dealing with me overseeing that department for the last couple of months.  he has done a really good job for Nova as a TeamSpeak Admin and has always acted professional in all situations.  Through all of the hard work that Fuz did for the ADK community, he is even looking at going further and helping out ADK the best he can.  He continues to place ADK at the top of his list and will continue to do so for a long time.   So please congratulate Fuz on his new promotion. 
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    It is that time again where we get to congratulate people on some new promotions.  As always while these will be a few promotions, there are other things that will be happening in the near future as well to continue moving the community forward.     I will post a little bit about the sections that brought up these promotions and will post at the end who is being promoted.        Let's Get This Game Going -    One of the hardest things for this community and any other group out there is being successful in bringing in a new game. We have created a section just for that and you can work to bring a new game to =ADK=. Something that is lacking in this process is having someone stay up on these requests to make sure that the member who requested the game truly has an interest of bringing this game to =ADK=.     Whoever is promoted to deal with this section will be making sure that they follow through constantly with those who have requested the game as well as with the rest of the community to make sure that we can have the best possible chance of bringing more games into this community.    You will see more communication about this within the Let's Get This Game Going section.    [hr]   Articles -    Those promoted will be working with each section of the community to get articles written for their said game as well as making sure that they get promoted.     As I mentioned above there will also be some others who have started writing some articles who will be working directly with those who are promoted to bring even more to this section of the community.    [hr]   New Games -    I won't really say which games you will see more of at the time as we are still in talks about how that's going to be done, but be expecting some more in the near future about their perspective games.    [hr]   Leadership Help -    The individuals promoted are being promoted for many reasons. I'm certain you can all agree that they bring a lot of things to the table for this community.  They will be here to not only help other games that might have some issues in leadership, but be there to answer questions that you might have regarding any sort of leadership structure.      I could continue on with some other things that the individuals listed below will be helping out with, but I'm certain you all just want to know who's being promoted. So without further ado, let's welcome the individuals being promoted!       Marcinkoman Virtue1776 NikolaiRimskyK
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    Pepsi Got Bored This Morning

    Here is what I learned to make:   Here is a live version for signatures:   Here is a link to the page directly below or you can simply search "ADK". http://bf4stats.com/graphics/player?q=ADK&category=&sort=hitsToday&limit=10   @[member='AOBLXIX'] Make a more pronounced post if you wish. All good bro.
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    Final Goodbye.

    So here we go. Many if not most of you will not know who I am, (I've been on leave for almost a year) but to those who do I want them to know that as of this post I am handing in my tags as an ADK member. Here are my reasons, they are not meant to throw shade or sound aggressive, but ADK has generated enough respect from me that I need to give them an explanation as to why I'm leaving. This community is not the ADK I joined three and a half years ago. There was once a time where we were a mature adult gaming community, a time when you had to prove that you were a competent person who wasn't going to get hurt the first time someone teased them. That time is long gone. Values were shadowed in the mad rush from recruitment and leaders were pressured to accept new members not because of how they meshed with the community but how many posts they had. If you didn't recruit enough members to your section, obviously you weren't a good leader. We became so focused on growing our numbers and trying to please everyone that we forgot what attracted ADK's veteran members in the first place. Make no mistake, I've had a fantastic time with ADK over the past few years, I would never deny that and I don't wish for this post to take away from those years. Being able to lead Planetside 2, Minecraft, and News was a great experience. It's been a pleasure to call ADK my hope for this long. At this point I'm not leaving for anywhere, maybe just back to focusing on my life. Not going to mention anyone because one thing has never changed in ADK, news travels faster than an auto-admin ban. If you want to comment on this at all, please PM me instead of making a big deal about it in the comments. -Phire PS2 Outfit shit Public Relations Nonsense Writing and Stuff Minecraft omfg so excited Omg did I just hear a girl talk? Official Sarcasm HQ
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    The end of my time here

    Hello all, and also farewell. As others before me have said recently, I never thought I would be writing a post like this any time soon, but the time has come. I'm not much for words but I'll say what I can. A lot has transpired in the 4 years since I joined out of the BF3 conquest server we ran. In fact almost every person that replied to my initial member thread has since rotated out, for better or worse. There are too many people to remember, the success stories, the crazy falling outs, the bans, the disputes, the joy, the drama, the bureaucracy. Lately I've been reminiscing about all the terrible things that have happened at the hands of management here as others have, of which some I still see from time to time. I don't want to be involved with the bureaucracy anymore, the secrets, the censorship, the bullshit, the illusions of grandeur. Exchanging horror stories was actually quite the bonding experience with Phire recently, which was about the time I think we both realized deep down something had to go. It doesn't feel like home anymore. It feels like a cold shell of a place that used to bring me a lot of joy to come into every night. This isn't to say there haven't been great accomplishments; seeing the good things happening over the past months in the battlefield section, management-wise, has been one of if not the best turnaround I've seen in this community. Although these things happened far too late to matter in the long run we saw actual caring for the people who regularly play our servers from management, and approval of things that were denied fervently for a long time. We attempted for so long to hold a meaningless stance of indifference toward player's opinions, but that finally started to crumble once a new VA was appointed for us. Thank you Marcinkoman for doing your best to make the BF section a place players actually could want to be, you've done what others could not, getting through the layers and walls against change held by some here. Back a couple years ago my naive attempts to do the same via brute force, while being what we found eventually to be correct, were unsuccessful to say the least. Over the years the servers we ran in my section became something I held very dear, #7 being my pride and joy, every night coming in trying to make things better either through admin work in-game or by furthering the development of our admin tools. On occasion actually putting off college projects because things needed to be finished. Back in the dark times that sometimes meant going to other communities for testing help because things were so locked down here. The servers became to me like little children requiring care, listening to regulars, and many many hours of effort. Looking back I've managed to put over 5,000 hours into tool development here, and thousands more admining the servers. When something that has become that pinnacle in your daily existence is being hindered, growth stunted, and attempts to break it free are only met with stonewalls and indifference, it erodes your passion over time. Even now though I still enjoy jumping into servers and taking care of people. The most fun I've had with this place recently is bonding with new people in #5 when I'm in there by myself as the only ADK and get to play lovable admin during low pop like old times with nobody around to ruin it with hate mail, belittling players, being a general asshole in public while flying our flag, etc. I'm done, I've had it, I'm tired, I'm spent. I just want to have fun and play with people I know. I wanna be able to be casual again. It's not what I find here anymore. I'm likely to roam for a while with Phire and find a place with some others we used to be active with here, or find something of our own, I'm not sure. AOB, I know we still do not mesh or get along. However, we've both managed to at least be civil with each other over the past few months, which is refreshing. It still isn't for you that I put in work here though, too much has transpired for that, it's for those who survived, the servers and people in them that daily would bring joy to our hearts, and renewed our passion to take another day. However, it means a lot being able to take care of those I love, both the people in servers I cared for, and the little lady I met through this community. Thank you for providing the place I indirectly learned a great deal of adult life from, patience, and maturity, despite the issues. It's honestly something I contribute greatly to my ability to be social, having a place where I was comfortable to be and interact with friends. It's bittersweet, but I am thankful for having this place. The biggest pieces of criticism I could provide here are the following; shooting for the moon at the expense of your people gets you nowhere in the end, and removing illusions of grandeur in favor of listening to the people who grease your gears every day can mean the world. I've loved and hated my stay here, but It's time to leave this behind. There are literally too many people to mention, I would need basically the entire membership roster. Many of you I care about greatly, some can spoon a lathe. Cheers all.
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    Discord - Rules & Guidelines

    =ADK= is a gaming community focused on being a FUN place for it's members to make friends, meet, hang out, discuss and play video games. We proudly uphold the right to free speech. Please remember however that it is -a right- This does not excuse you from respecting legal restrictions including hate speech and illegal content This does not give you the permission to disrupt or violate others' right to freedom of speech Harassment, abuse or instigation of others is not tolerated We are still a community and strongly advise you to respect others, and minimize conflict in order to maintain our principles - people come here to relax and game, not typically to pick fights or start heated debate. Deescalate situations when and where possible, remove yourself from the situation, and contact a Discord Admin should you have any concerns. Failing to follow these prime rules will result in consequences: those breaking the rules will be dealt with appropriately with a just but firm hand, which may include a warning, kick, or ban. Relevant Resources: =ADK= Website =ADK= Discord Ban and Abuse Forums Leadership Roster General Community Rules The following rules are in respect to the rights, privileges and responsibilities of all users of our forum, voice and text chat services. Respect: - Respect all admin requests. If you believe a request is not made justly, feel free to contact a Discord Admin, relevant game-section admin, or submit an admin abuse report on the forums - Respect others and use Push-To-Talk (PTT) when able. If you are using voice activation please ensure it is not disruptive to others, and adjust your sensitivity or switch back to PTT if asked. Voice activation is a privilege not a right - Respect channel names/topics. If an admin of the section feels that your are derailing or branching into a topic that is better off in another channel they are permitted to request for you to move. Please promptly transition to the relevant section. This rule also applies to keeping our 'fun-for-all' and lobby channels free of political chat and dark humour, as well as excessive picture or link spamming -- we have an NFSW spam channel for this so please use it - First come, first serve. With the exception of Lobby channels, any other channel and the topics and conversations therein are the right of whichever user was there first (within reason and while still complying with the above rules). If you arrive to a channel and are asked by users within to leave you are encouraged to comply - if this becomes a recurring problem or you feel that users are abusing this rule please feel free to contact a Discord Admin or admins of the relevant game section - Do not advertise other communities or post commercial links without the permission of a Veteran Admin or higher. Do not advertise your own content (including Youtube and stream links) unless you are an ADK member. Posts of this nature may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff Conduct: - All use of bots and bot-related games should stay within the relevant bot channels. Users of bot functions outside the bot channel may be given a warning and relevant posts may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff - No channel hopping, trolling, mic spam, music spam or otherwise disruptive behaviour. Failure to comply will result first in a warning and/or immediate kick depending on the severity - Do not record audio or stream unless all users in the channel have given their consent. This rule is in place to uphold relevant recording laws for your own protection. We are not responsible for any legal action against you that results from your failure to comply - Malicious links and files are not permitted (This includes but is not limited to: graphic images, pornography, or any images depicting illegal activity). We have an NFSW chat for more risque conversation topics - however the above are still not permitted community-wide in order to uphold relevant state laws. Posts of this nature may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff. - Do not post links to others' steam profiles or otherwise request 'to report' a user for alleged hacking or misconduct. Steam and other services have a report function for this. If it is in regards to an ADK member and/or ADK server please visit our website's Ban and Abuse Forum HERE and submit the appropriate report, or contact an admin of the specific gaming section. Posts that do not follow this rule may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff. - Share personal information at your own risk. We are not responsible for any consequences that follow. Posts of this nature may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff. Violations of any of the rules above, as subjective as they may be, will still follow a 'Warning before Kick/Ban' system. Where, in the instance of channel hopping or otherwise disruptive behaviour a warning cannot be issued due to the actions of the user, a direct-message and/or immediate kick may be used. Rejoining after a kick is allowed, however if problems continue or escalate you may be warned again before given a 24hr ban. Bans will escalate further in duration based on severity and frequency of issues. Attempting to circumvent a ban using alternate accounts or IP's is not permitted, and will be dealt with harshly. As mentioned above - if you feel that your rights have been violated, rules improperly enforced, or that an admin has abused their powers therein you are free to message a Discord Admin, VA, or file an Admin Abuse report [here]. Disclaimer: =ADK= Reserves the Rights to change these rules with or without knowledge before/during/after change. It is your responsibility to make sure you keep up to date on rules for =ADK= Gaming Community and its relevant gaming sections. We also reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime if we feel that their behavior is not acceptable in our servers EI: Forums/chat/Text/Game Servers with/without informing them per a Community Admin, Community Manager, or Founder request.
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    10,000 Member PC Giveaway!

    It's been a long time coming, but the =ADK= Multi Gaming Community has reached another milestone in it's history! We've reached 10,000 members in our community and have reached over 2 MILLION gamers world wide. With that we continue to grow day after day because of all of you, which we can't thank enough! We said something big would be coming for 10,000 Members and here it is!     As you can tell from the image above, we're not giving you something that you could pick up at Wal-Mart for $300.  We want to make sure that it's a rig that you can enjoy all of your games on while being able to upgrade it in the future if need be.  But we think you'll be set for some time with this.     This will be our biggest Giveaway to date and with the help from all of you we can make it even bigger.  Our first ever Giveaway with a graphics card ended up having 2 graphics cards and 2 BenQ Monitors by the end of the Giveaway.    Details:   Date: 8/28/2014 - 9/21/2014 Price: $40 Per Entry/Unlimited Entries Entries for Giveaway:  There must be at least 40 Entries for the Giveaway to take place.  If 40 entries isn't met the Giveaway won't happen and all money will be returned.    Additional Details:    Purchase 5 or More Tickets:  Free Shirt + Donor Perks in Any Game Purchase 7 or More Tickets:  Free Shirt + Mouse Pad + Donor Perks In Any Game   Computer Specs:   Case: Phantom 410 CPU: i7 4790K 4.0GHS GPU: GTX 770 2GB MSI OC Cooling: Asetek Liquid RAM: 16GB 1600 DDR3 MoBO: ASROCK Z97 Extreme 3 PSU:  750W Thermaltake PHDD:  128GB SSD DHDD: 1TB Hard Drive Optical: LG 24X DVD   **These specs are the MINIMUM that will be given away with this computer, as prices do change there is a possibility that by the end of entries that certain parts can be upgrade.  We will NOT downgrade any parts from this list and will only update**     ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE   As with all of our giveaways, if we pass the required entries for the giveaway to take place we will add on more to the prizes.  We want to give back as much as possible so the more people put in the more we're going to give in return.  We appreciate your support of this community and want to be able to give you an awesome prize! So if you see 40 Entries, be looking to see what the next prize will be that we are looking for!       Thank you again for your support of the =ADK= Multi Gaming Community! From the amazing admins who run the servers, the members who have stand behind this community, and all of the great people who join us in our game servers and team speak.....the =ADK= Leadership truly appreciates all of you!  Here's to 10,000 more members! [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/_/adknews/communityupdates/10000-member-pc-giveaway-r611]Click here to view the article[/url]
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    Now, these server names are no exactly what the servers will end up being.   I wanted to get these online so we didn't have to do AS Much tomorrow BUT the majority of the work will be tomorrow.       [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]   [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]         So some of you are probably saying things like "WTF?!" or "HOLY SH**!!"  as this is a big leap for ADK from prior releases, but this is where we need the community to come together and make the most of it.   I dropped some money for this to be able to see what we can do in the first month.  I would love to be able to keep all these servers up and help get more people interested in and supporting this wonderful community.       As you can see though you will be able to search for =ADK= in Battlelog to find all of our servers.    Help us out during release and populate all of our servers! :)
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    Member Picture Thread

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    Sorry if text, grammar or anything like that is wrong but I do not want to reread this as it was hard enough to type it all. If you can not understand that then just go back to something else. I am posting this in the general section because most of the people I would want seeing this are not ADK members anymore to see it in the members only section and I guess if you will consider this my post not only stepping down from the graphics department but my leaving as well. I have been thinking this over for about a week now and going through all the pro's and con's of doing so and with the light of recent events, recent comments and attitudes from ADK leadership along with inactivity I came to this decision. Yesterdat I went to my profile here and checks my topics I have made since I joined ADK beginning with the introduction post and continued through my designing days, BF3 days, Minecraft days and BF4 days and could only wonder where it all went. All the activity, the fun times, missing friends, memories and just a lot actually. Below I am going to list some reasons why I am doing what I am doing and you can take it for what it is. My friends have left, inactive or simply don't hang out anymore. These are people I used to game with on a daily basis. They are either not in ADK anymore, went MIA or simply doing other things. A community is not about a name or a logo. It is about your friends you game with, the memories you make and the time you spend with those people. They simply are not here and have moved on. Considering that I would say I have quite a few friends that I game with that speaks volumes to me. BF1 beta was horrid in ADK. I was actually excited to do this beta and rekindle that old spark from the BF4 beta launch years ago. We had events, full channels of people playing together and great times. This time was completely different. I could not find any kind of event for it mentioned in ADK. Only like 6-10 people in Discord playing it and no admins playing along side you. Coupled with the fact I spent more time muting people then playing made me leave the ADK Discord to even play it. That old energy was not there, the missing hype, all of it really. I need to be somewhere where Battlefield is being hyped and going into full production. ADK is not doing this like it once was before. The forums and activity are pretty much dead. I am speaking from a general population activity level of things. As I have said elsewhere now Discord is handling most of the convos taking place between people so website/forum activity is dropping fast. I was then told that times are changing and we need to evolve with them and if this is that evolution then being someone who works on the website and their drive for doing so it because the forums are active this is not the case anymore. I simply can not find the reason to sink time and effort into working on a site that just is not getting used like it once was. Designers work and code cause they want to make a better experience for the user, make them feel like they have something awesome to come to but now that thing is Discord so I can not see the reason for spending hours on hours making a site that admins are being forced to use by upper mgmt and only being filled by bot topics and forum games. Its simply defeating. No graphic requests in over a month. There was a time when the graphic requests were like every other day with things needing to be made for all the different gaming sections, events, raffles, meetings, endorsements, comp teams and sponsors. This does not happen anymore and has not really since I came back from AFK in April-May. The closest thing would be that jersey Syl made for the CS:GO thing for hoodies and even that didn't happen and the design she worked on for 3 days staying up late to rush and finish never even got used for ADK even if the sponsors backed out. Seems like all I have been doing is making random t-shirts and wallpapers on my own accord with Syl. There used to be a undying need for these things all the time for graphic requests and it simply is not that way anymore. Current staffing issues. While I do still have a many good friends on ADK staff there are some staff members I simply do not agree with nor do I have faith in their judgement, leadership and decision making. If they asked me to design something or code something up I would not have the drive to do it simply cause fuck them. Sad to say it that way but it is the truth. You have all these non-active admins on the site not doing anything except throwing around their position title and trying to step on people. They come in topics boasting their voice like I am supposed to cower to them or something along those lines and I wont. I go by respect, not your title and simple fact is that there are way to many admins in place I simply do not trust, respect or give a shit about. I have been waiting for almost a week for a reply back from AOB in a PM. Nothing. I have most of upper management in that PM and no one has chimed in or said anything but Dowin and even that was not about what I said in the PM. This would be another reason is that for anyone to speak or feel like speaking it has to filter through AOB. No one is speaking up on their thoughts or views on the situation I have in that PM. AOB has been active in Discord tho but on Wednesday it will be a week waiting for a reply. I am tired of waiting. With the skills set I have, passion I have and raw leadership abilities I could pretty much go to any community and do what I am doing here. The thing that held me to ADK was the activity, friendships, gaming together and the constant flow of new ideas, concepts and pushing forward. As a graphic designer this is not happening anymore. As a web designer this is not happening anymore either. Nothing new is being suggested from admins or department admin requests for quite awhile now. There is no point in trying to keep thinking up things on your own to keep the gears turning when no one is giving you a hand in the process especially from the gaming sections, you know, the areas that make up what ADK is. Nova left so my chances of moving up working beside him are nuked now. I have been a VA/Director 5 times in ADK across 3 different departments. I have been coding and pushing out designs and such to the point my hidden graphics section has more topics and projects completed in it then most gaming sections here in ADK. I figured that without ever leaving ADK being swayed to go elsewhere, doing requests and projects without question and getting them done asap along with leading two gaming departments that are still active today that would warrant working beside Nova. No. It wasnt. And now Nova is gone. So for me first I was shot in the chest when I was asked to go back into a VA/Director role then shot again in the head when Nova left. First my spirit was killed when I seen that I was just viewed as the same thing I have done before then my mind was blown when I seen the reason for even wanting a title to begin with was not even here anymore. Those are a few of them. I will not go into anymore because those are simply enough to warrant my exit honestly. Below I will be giving a few shouts to some people along with some thoughts and comments. Take from them what you will and if you wish to reply back to them I will reply to them when I have time. These people are in no order. @AOBLXIX When I came to ADK the inner circle was me, you, Nova and Vinas. Nova is now married, graduated college and beginning his life with his new wife. Vinas is now with a child and married moving on into better stages in life and new outlooks on things he does. I myself have moved from Maryland to Kansas, living with Syl for almost a year now with a new job and began house hunting so we can start our lives together. I am not trying to shit on you but simply saying that you really need to move on from ADK and do what needs to be done for you, not AOB. Any girl you find online is going to gold dig the shit out of you with past events proving so. The ADK domain is worth $10K now and that would be a nice piece of change to actually do something for youself before it drops even further then where it was a year ago. Just being honest. @Nova When I went AFK from ADK back in Aug of last year you were the only ADK person to keep contact with me on my cell asking what was going on, general concerns and so forth. Even tho people had access to get my number through you or other people still you were the only one to reach and to me that makes you blood like Nox is to me. I consider you a brother more then a friend and those texts mean more to me then the context of them. Sicilian pride. @NoxNoctus You will always be my first brother online in anything. We have been through too much drama and too much fun to ever go back. At times I find your personality even better then my own and I love that. You are the only one I have never minded being my squad leader cause I know if its in defeat or victory there will be fun and laughs during the process. I will always be happy to call my friend but even more proud to call you a brother. @Viper I have always called you my little bro. I have tried to be there for you and at times I have let you fall just to see how you pick yourself up. You have grown so much since we first met and I think you are on the right track to become a great leader one day when you decide to say fuck it and speak from your heart with passion knowing your friends are there to catch you even if you fall. @Snipe Just like Viper I could offer the same words to you. Even tho I have never called you a little bro you have been to me even tho I dont say those words directly to you. I first met you as a lonely BF3 adviser doing grunt work and rough around the edges but now you have grown into a person people trust and listen to now and that should speak volumes to how people view you among your friends and such. @ColColonCleaner Thank you for buying me expansions for Hearthstone. Your money was nice. I would say more but the fact of the conditions of your getting your job, the side talks we had on personal things make me simply want to nod to you so you nod back and we just know whats up. *tips hat* @Homeboy Going from a young little kid to leading a group of over 6000+ members and now running your own little business is just awesome. I loved our little hits at each other during the PS2 vs BF4 days and sadly those days wont happen anymore. Fun times, fun memories and the only time you have ever let me down is not getting to second base at homecoming when I told you what to do to seal the deal. Meh, you decided to wrestle men instead. Nova is your brother figure so I shouldn't be so upset. @Element We began as enemy's, turned into a alliance and now are friends. Kinda like a X-Men movie plot. Good guy, great working along side you. Wish we could have continued more since just within this year we began to talk to one another more and so forth. @Phire My little recruit into ADK. So shy, bashful and hiding around the tree so people would not see you looking at them. Nice to see your grown now and finally turned into a bitch. Good stuff. Way to break out and take life by the balls. Just don't squeeze those balls too hard, I like seeing Colon around from time to time. @Dynasty The faggot who grew into a man. Nothing else to say about it. You used to worry so much about trying to make people laugh, be the troll, stir up shit and now its finally good to see that you can do all those things with tact and style while working your job, taking care of real life and leading y example vs trying to follow along. You have grown leaps and bounds bro and for that you will always have my respect even if you can not build for shit in Minecraft. @Silent166 Our times in BF3/4 were amazing and killing camping noobs was always a blast. Early morning mayhem was always the best and great convos on TS as well. Can't wait to play along side you in BF1 sometime. You have me on Origin so hit me up time to time. @War_Adm1ral Same thing I said to Silent. Another great friend I loved playing along side. Always there to make me laugh and being respected and informative at the same time. Much love bro. Always. @Prophet You are a faggot. Simple as that. I hate working along side you. Our method are totally different. In gaming, in squads, off the clock, you are one the people I do actually enjoy playing with all the way back to BF3 Norshar days. The smoking in metro and you team swapping me was always hilarious. Good times bro, good times.... as long as we were not coding together. @WhickerBasket Strange you and me. We have this "I hate you, I love you, no I fucking hate you, naw your alright" relationship. Fun stuff man, the good and the bad. @ProtossMaster Fun seeing each other time to time in the TS and across the forums. Even those we never aligned in the same games really playing together working for you on graphics and talks in admin channels were always fun. Hope the best for you man in whatever you do. @Rabbit Fun times bro in BF4. Wish we got to game more but you still have me on messengers. Dont be a stranger in the future if you decide to get BF1. Cheers! @EFr_000 Part of the Darkness Squad OG member. Always fun making you stay up until 4am when you have work in the morning. @daisy0706 and @Zed1229 You both are so much fun, so many memories that I simply can not put it all here. Have to catch up with you two sometime and just hangout again and game. Going to miss you both. Get a hold of Nox, he knows how to find me. @Dowin We spoke the other night on the phone. Sorry it came to this but the writing was on the wall. Don't get hurt trying to hold up the falling if it comes to that like we spoke of. @CaGregorio Even tho we never spoke to much I still wish you the best. You seem like you are a great father IRL and for that alone I can respect. @Bromance Another one like Nova who would reach out IRL and talk. Want to game with you one day again in BF1. Hope we can make that happen Bro. Hope life is treating you good in all you are doing. @Spyderbyte88 Even tho we have never gamed together you are still one of the people I actually truly respect here in honesty and friendship just like @Marcinkoman except I have gamed with Marc. I hope you guys have fun in gaming and can avoid the drama and bs and just do what you need to do to enjoy your online time with friends. Thats what I will bbe doing now. @Dwight K Shrute You are one of the admins I am leaving over. You gave me this long ass reply about IED's and your brothers and such and for you to pull that as a crutch on a online gaming forum speaks volumes of not only you but how you choose to respect those that have fallen besides you. You act as if you are the only one that has served, lost brothers and been in the shit. Semper Fi muthafucker and eat a bowl of dicks. @Mikey Another admin of why I am leaving. When god made childish faggots he broke the mold with you. The fact you still have CS:GO admin on your profile as I type this makes me even more sure I am doing the right thing typing this out tonight. @VinasSol I will always hate you for what you did with your opportunity as Comm Manager working along side Nova. I have moved past it being vocal but yeah, it's still there. Just keeping it real. @BookD20 Another reason I am leaving. Hope you can replace what I was doing cause you are essentially the reason I even began this whole line of thinking. Later Gator. Fuck it. Tired of typing now. If I missed anyone I am sorry. I mainly wanted to hit up the people I have spoken with since I came back to ADK from my break until the present time. Sorry I did not flame people and nuke the place to shit but in all honesty I am just bored now. No activity, no gaming, no friends hardly, just stale to me anymore. Im going to find a new community to game with or maybe just game with friends and such on the side. Who knows. But my time has come to a end. Side Note: I will need my access removed from the following... ADK Admin Panel My GFX FTP My ADK.GRAPHICS FTP Dowin change your Minecraft FTP password Any ADK side project sites like H1Z1 clans and so forth Server Spy Admin Panel access changed I will remove the ADKGraphics Twitter and DeviantART page since they belong to me. Its been a crazy time here in ADK and sadly it simply is not the way it was before. I wish you all the best but my time here is now done. I will be replying to this topic if need be but nothing more then that. I will be cleaning out my inbox so this is your warning on that one if you dont get a reply back to something. So as the the song says... How do I say goodbye to what we had? The good times that made us laugh Outweigh the bad. I thought we'd get to see forever But forever's gone away It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3eazHcbeQ0 Farewell. P.S. Zsadist is a muppet <3
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    leaving ADK

    this wasn't an easy decision for me to make but the time has come that i resign from ADK completely, I've had many good memories here.. met lots of amazing people who i consider really close friends, for almost three years i spent most of my time policing the teamspeak and ensuring everyone's experience was the greatest possible and kept the peace when needed, I surely will miss logging into ts everyday working under Nova and being there for those who need help and getting what they need help with done so they can continue on gaming.. I really enjoyed working with those who are currently present and those who are gone. I'll still come around here and there to say hello to my friends but as of now, I will be removing my ADK tags. Take care and good luck all. -Silent
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    Public apology

    This is a very public apology to all that were in #6 on Saturday. At one point there was a guy that was pretty obviously hacking, but it took a while for someone to go and spectate and kick him.   During that time many things were said, both in chat as well as in TeamSpeak, that, in hindsight shouldn't have been.   I, for one, took the angry and frustrated comments aimed at ADK, the admins, etc. personally, and instead of letting them go, felt the need to add my BS to the mix.   This was a mistake and didn't help ANYTHING, least of all the professionalism and shown by others in the ADK community.   I was a very poor representative of the tags I wear and for that I sincerely apologize for my poor judgement.   Additionally, I owe CRASH a specific and public apology for being a total jerk to him.  No excuses; I totally screwed up and hope that you will accept my apology, sir.   Sincerely,           Zalezoom
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    Community Promotions - 10/18/2015

    It's that time again for some VA promotions! We've had a good handful of people interested and are filling some areas that are really in need of some VA's. As I say with every promotion, we're always looking for VA's and normally have a few people in mind all the time, but definitely look for those who are constantly doing what they can to help in their respective sections by going above and beyond their normal call of duty in a particular section. Now onto the promotions. This first individual has been with the community for over a year now and has had multiple positions within the community. Through the different positions they've had plus what they are currently doing for their respective section they have proven to have what it takes to move their section forward. They've put in tons of effort even when the section appeared to be struggling to get people in team speak, on the forums and enough people to put events together. If you've been flying the airways recently you might have flown by this person a time or two. The section that this person will be leading is War Thunder, and the individual getting promoted is: @@RuinyourDay The next person getting promoted has probably been with us the least amount of time out of any VA that's ever been promoted, but don't let that fool you. They've done so much for their respective game even through the ups and downs that have happened recently. They always try to do whatever they can to keep the game moving forward and keep it interesting for the members and guests that visit the server. And if you have ever been around this person you know that they do whatever they can to help you out and make you feel welcome in game. So if you like Jurassic Park then you've probably talked to this individual a time or two. The section that this person will be leading is ARK: Survival Evolved and the individual getting promoted is: @ The final VA promotion is an individual who currently holds management roles and has completed a lot within their respective section even when they were starting off at the bottom. They would take the time to welcome new members and make sure to communicate with them to make sure there were no questions that could be answered. The biggest help from this person was probably their final promotion in that section which happened after there were multiple people who needed to step down for their own reasons. They jumped in as one of two managers and helped rejuvenate the section; creating detailed guides, training admins, as well as working on a structure that would help the rest of the admins. So if you've ever visited the Introduction forums, you might have seen tons of posts from this individual. The section that this person is being promoted to is Media/Graphics/Developers and the individual getting promoted is: @@QQtiePie While we are at it, we will also be promoting two current VA's into new positions as well. I won't go into tons of detail about these promotions as both positions they are current in speak for themselves but the two promotions are. @@CaGregorio - Community Manager In his time as a VA and Lead VA Greg has worked with numerous game sections, worked with outside groups to form alliances that work with ADK, worked with Game Developers to help not only that game but also our community. He's always helping and working with current VA's to get new games going as well as building a structure that can help move each section forward. @@Spyderbyte88 - Lead Veteran Admin Spyder has been the leader of the Planetside 2 section for a long time, worked on the Lets Get This Game Going section to help bring new games to the community, and also has worked with the current VA's whenever needed in their respective sections even though it's not something that is normally asked of from VA's. So congrats to all of those above. Thank you for all that you've done for the community and your willingness to step up and take the lead over your selected sections. As we have said and will continue to say, we're always looking for people to step up and take on a bigger role within the community, let us know. We do look at the activity and what each person in doing in their respective sections or even new sections that they might be trying to help grow so if you have any questions about what you could do differently don't hesitate to reach out to the Community Managers, Lead VA's or VA's for some more ideas on what you could do. Thanks for being a part of this amazing gaming community! It wouldn't be here without all of you.
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    Hello Everyone,   It's that time again for a Veteran Admin Promotion. As we've said in the past we're always looking for VA's and always have our eye on people who we feel are Veteran Admin. More to come about that at the end of this post.    This individual has been working hard for months striving for a promotion by doing whatever he could; being passionate about what he's done, and has worked with multiple sections within ADK to make sure they are running as efficient as possible. But don't think that everything was all that and a bag of chips. There was a time when he would butt heads with the leadership as I'm certain he'll tell plenty of you, and maybe a little too much at times. But as we say to everyone, just because we don't agree on everything doesn't mean that we can't find common ground or get to understand certain things.    So the newest Veteran Admin to join the ranks is:   Loopup2u   Loop will be overseeing the Counter Strike section, working to continue to improve on what they already have going while stream lining some parts of the section. This doesn't change anything he is currently doing as he will continue with those duties, while adding CS to his list.    We are glad to add Loop to the ranks and make sure you poke him at least 5 times tell him congrats in Team Speak. I mean, make sure you say congrats to him on the forums and give him a warm welcome to his next adventure within the community.      [hr]     Now as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we are always looking for VA's and have a couple more promotions coming down the road. BUT we are looking to do something a little different from here on out for people who are looking to move up the ranks.    For those people that talk to myself or other leaders we will look at those who we feel could be a good fit at the current time and give them a tag in team speak which show that we've got our eye on them and are watching what they do throughout the community. Now some of you might be thinking "Well what happens if I'm interested in being a VA but I don't get the tag in team speak, does that mean I'll never get it?" The answer to that is no. Just because you don't get the tag, doesn't mean that we think you aren't suited for the job. It's just that at the current time we feel others would fit the bill better.  "But does that mean that I can't do something to be promoted at the same time as the others?" Of course not. If you step up to the plate and continue doing more and more to help the leadership above you then it will always be noticed.   So not to go into this a crazy amount, but I think everyone understands what the purpose of it is and what it is designed to do for those who are interested in joining a higher rank within the community.      Thank you again for your support of the =ADK= Gaming Community! You are all the ones that make it a great place to be. 
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    There are high and low skilled players here and often times ADK members get accused of hacking. I think that is more or less because we have a great community of players willing to help each other become better. I'm writing this article to distill the things that helped me become a better player.               First off, I want to be upfront and honest. The title is a little misleading but my desire is to convey to you the reader that ADK has provided a conduit for me to become a better player. There are high and low skilled players here and often times ADK members get accused of hacking. I think that is more or less because we have a great community of players willing to help each other become better. I'm writing this article to distill the things that helped me become a better player.                There are many contributing factors to K/D. Some of our members can combine these factors consistently and that is due to many hours of creating muscle memory and good habits during game play. Having a good PC can help, however it can only help you so much. Dropping tons of money on new PC parts can only get you so far. However, balancing the points I raise in this article consistently I believe lead to the best K/D's.                When I first came around ADK I was in the #6 lockers No Explosives server getting my butt kicked by really good players. Like many others I felt I needed a good squad and I was pestered by the auto-admin messages and ColColonCleaner into joining. So I joined ADK, I had the same K/D or skill level as I had always had with FPS type games which was about a 1.0 K/D. Like anything that you want to get better at you must first make a commitment to getting better...... My first step was joining ADK.                Next is when you should set yourself up with a solid PC and Optimize it for the best gameplay experience you can get. This will help with establishing a foundation for the skills you will build. I view it much like learning to play Guitar. If it's not easy to play or enjoyable the player will most likely not play it for very long, If the guitar is properly set up with a good action and strings, is optimize with a bone or ivory saddle and a good builder who knows their woods and how to brace the sound board, it is smooth, easy and pleasant to the ear. A good foundation for the player to build their skills. Here is a LINK to Dynasty's BF4 Optimization guide for smooth gameplay.                Having a decent internet connection without packet loss will also help. You can check your connection by using Bromance's guide for traceroute >>HERE
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    Admin Promotions - 5/17/2014

    As you all have read in the other topic there were admin promotions coming, and now is the time. Like I mentioned in the other topic this won't be "everybody" who some people might think should be promoted but it still needs to be said that there are a lot of people who are doing great things for this community at this time. And just because someone doesn't get the "promotion" now doesn't mean that it won't come in the near future.     So without further ado here's those who are being promoted:       Veteran Admins   ProtossMaster - DayZ VA - Protoss has been with us for quite a long time.  As some of you know he did take a break from ADK for a short period and returned with a strong desire to bring DayZ back to ADK, and to get it to where it once was.  Through the hard work and dedication he has successfully accomplished that task, and actually going even further with it.  He always continues to place ADK at the top and I think it's something that everyone can see.   Cagregorio - ESO VA - Greg is someone who has been with us for a long time and was also in the Battlefield section of our community.  During his time there, he put it a lot of time and hard work into helping keep the Battlefield Community up and running.  Meanwhile during all of the hours he spends with us, he also has a family.  And anyone who knows him knows that he's a great father and family man.  Before ESO was released Greg stepped up and offered to help.  The guild is now reaching 250 players and is continuing to grow, and the leadership that Greg has shown is one of the reasons why.   Human Resource Officer   Pepsi - Many of you know that Pepsi has done a lot of work for ADK in many different aspects.  From promoting games, to leading games, rallying the troops for other games, to the awesome graphics work on the site.  But one thing he's always strives to do is make sure that people who come to ADK, respect ADK and actually want to be a part of it.  ADK is more than just a place for people to come and game, it is a home for many people and that is something which he takes pride in.  He's often found listening to people and talking to them about an issue which normally helps create a better understanding between all parties.  There could be more details of what this position offers but I think everyone out there understands what HR does.           So please congratulate these 3 individuals on their new promotions.  You will be seeing the final steps take place over the next few days.  And like I've mentioned if you're not here or you don't see someone who is but you think should be, please don't let that be a downer on you.  Myself and other leaders appreciate all the work that many of you are putting in and it doesn't go unnoticed, but promotions are normally something that is talked about over an extended period of time.  So keep up the great work and it will pay off!  :)      
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    What a Community

    What's intersting is that Mr. OP here has spent almost 96 hours within our servers and from April 9th until now you have not made a single post.   Quite interesting if you ask me, especially as if Mr. OP actually had an issue or wanted an explination he could have come within that time (that was over a month) to bring up any issue that he might have had.     It seems as though Mr. OP feels entitled to play on our servers so much without paying that we can't ask for donations.  You and everyone else come and play on our servers and you've played 96 hours on our servers, most recently for over hours at a time.     Please tell me a movie theater where you can go and watch moves for 5 or 7 hours at a time and not pay for the entertainment you get.   I'm certain that you'll find that you won't be able to do that anywhere.    So let's just take the average movie might be 2 hours and average price for a ticket is $8.40.   So for 2 hours of entertainment you're paying $8.40.  Now let's just assume that you have 48 hours of gaming time since we're cutting your actual time in half.   Now let's multiply that by $8.40 and you'll come up with over $400.    Now please tell me how it's wrong to ask for donations when for the hours of entertainment you get you haven't even given anything reasonable for those 96 hours that you've been on our servers.    Things aren't free these days if you don't know that, but hopefully you'll realize that after this little session.       Now on to free speech, I'm sorry that you find certain words offensive but we're not going to tell someone that they can't say a certain word because someone finds it offensive.  I could find your name offensive but that doesn't mean that we're going to not allow it.   Or better yet you could say other words that I find offensive. The internet is a public place and someone even saying the "N" word twice is not something that we're going to stop.  If a member or admin says such a thing then I will look at talking to them as they are representing the community, but I'm not going to tell someone who isn't in our community that they can't say a certain word.   If they take it to the extreme and are asked multiple times to stop then we will deal with it, but you're going to have to let your ego go for a little bit and realize that just because you find something offensive doesn't mean that everyone else finds the same words offensive.   Get over it. . that's the wonderful part of living in the United States of America.   People fight for our freedom of speech, just like you sit here and try to belittle the ADK gaming community.  It's the same damn thing Mr. OP.   So please tell me how this wonderful rant that you just posted is any better than what someone might be saying in the server?  It's not, because it's the same damn thing.      So I suggest you take a step back and realize that we allow the use free speech, but I guess we could go forth and moderate you and see how well that turns out. .since you don't like free speech and all right?  :)   Anyways back to work now. . someone will be with you shortly to make sure you never have to play in our servers again since I'm at work right now. (*hint*BF Admins/Managers*hint*)  And later today we'll make sure that you never have to be a part of this gaming community ever again since you don't like the fact that we support freedom of speech even if it's something that we don't personally agree with. 
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    I broke the rules

    Hey.  I was playing Metro no explosive today, or yesterday its 00:00 currently, and I was killed for flying the UAV over the road over enemy spawn - something I do when the match gets a little boring and I feel bad for killing people trying to cross the road. I didn't know it was a rule at the time and it wont happen again.   I felt, as an ADK member, that I need to apologize for my behavior and it wont happen again. 
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    Letter of Resignation

    Hello all, It comes with sad heart that I am officially renouncing my status as a community member. I've considered this community home for approximately 4 years and I never thought a day would come that I would have seen myself a part of a community that last longer than 1 year. Although I wasn't here for the first 2-3 years of ADK's birth I still feel I have seen us accomplish many milestones. With that said, it is great to consider the accomplishments that have been achieved over the years, but where there are happy moments - there are nor so memorable moments. It is my belief that communities of this type have every possibility to exist and function for very lengthy periods of time, but it takes dedicated and special people to make that happen. Regardless if they have the highest of authority or just an average member..its the people that make of the community. I feel over time many ideas that have been offered up or brought forth by admins and members alike were so quickly disfavored. It is no surprise that over time things change. Those can be changes that are both good and unfavorable. Nonetheless I feel a large combination of small factors have forced me to make my decision. These include things both controllable and things that ADK as a community cannot defend against. Some of things: Failure to split responsibilities evenly amongst management and adminship alike. Even if the highest ranked members have things to do they shouldn't be burdened with tasks that remove them from being a part of the community rather than working for it. Some sacrifice is obviously worthwhile and needed. We should have allowed members of all levels to actually have time to enjoy playing games with one another. Rather than constantly shutting themselves out to hang out with on their "best friends/buddies". The types of people requesting to join. The mindset of the world player base appears to have shift some and it seems most people are abandoning or not holding to heart the ideals of a community or group. The type of leadership in effect. I feel the current chain of command is so unstable and now officially at this point there are virtually 4-5 vacant positions of Community Managers/Admins. These people are supposed to be some of the most trusted and loyal members of the community who help share and suspend the load of the community all together. Now we only have legacy and honorary positions essentially and it is just bad business. Considering the above point..It has come to my understanding that things have just about always been structured like a totalitarian dictatorship. I'm not saying the system can't work because look where its gotten us. But it can't work forever and when people feel unappreciated and overburdened with work it actually becomes depressing to see the amount of work and dedication one has put in only to see it eventually burn, wasted, and forgotten. I'm not saying that the experience has not been worthwhile as I have learned a lot and have had a lot of great experiences and appreciation with how the community was operating for the first 2 years of my membership. Considering what events have transpired in the last 8 months I remain convinced that ADK was in fact heading in a direction that may not be recoverable. I chose not to believe it and attempted to have some faith in the system but I feel ultimately that on average members nowadays don't feel motivated and happy as those who were around for the first 5 years. It used to feel like a large family but after additional drama and ineffective management of such started springing up, people started forming little cliques and private/exclusive groups within ADK. Game sections no longer operate in unison and instead some sections are just outright acting as their own little community. I refuse to go into other specifics as there have been just too many occurrences with situations over time that constantly kept digging a bigger hole for the community to get out of. You would have a hard time finding tons of other members more loyal than I and I want that to be clear that ADK has had my loyalty for the past 4 years. But I can't keep trying to remain loyal when the community does not do the same for me in return. The thing I remained dedicated and loyal to has fundamentally changed. It has become a waste of energy and to a degree has become emotionally taxing to feel slave to a system that no longer inspires people to be a larger part of. ADK has dark times ahead and this looks to me like the damage has to far spread. The phoenix was fitting for ADK but if it has been corrupted at all levels it will eventually one day not rise from the ashes. I feel a massive disease if on the loose and I'm sad to say that I feel it will eventually consume whatever is left of the community. I wish it well though and hope that the ideals that represents ADK once again stands out and outshines all odds but from this point forward, I will not be a part of it. I have big ambitions for my own goals and life changes and wish good luck for all. I have served and enjoyed working with many members of the community both active and long gone.
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    We've upgraded the site recently with some new stuff, so I think it's time for some Veteran Admin promotions! This first person joined ADK Wildstar in its infancy and quickly rose in the ranks. They are one of the contributing reasons for the section's activity to date and has always done what was best for Wildstar and the ADK Community. They have also served in the Recruitment department for over half a year contributing to its help and growth in the area they ran. This person has also done one of the hardest things to do in the ADK Community, maintain an MMORPG which has been one of the most difficult tasks that ADK has had in the past. We look forward to working with this individual as a Community Leader and hope that their expertise in his field can help bring more experience to ADK Leadership as well as help Wildstar and future MMORPGs gain the correct guidance that is needed. This well deserved promotion is for: @ReapYou This last person getting promoted done so much for their respective game and were once a candidate previously. They always try to do whatever they can to keep the game moving forward and keep it interesting for the members and guests that visit the server. And if you have ever been around this person you know that they do whatever they can to help you out and make you feel welcome in game. So if you like Jurassic Park then you've probably talked to this individual a time or two. The section that this person will be leading is ARK: Survival Evolved and the individual getting promoted is: @Stealthy So join me in congratulating these two wonderful individuals with their promotions to the Veteran Admin ranks!
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    Short and simple...   So each year the ADK site gets a graphical update, code overhaul and new features added. Well, its that time again. The ADK refined theme is focused around new trends in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The goal was to clean the site up, make it more clean and crisp looking without taking away from what people are used too with colors and layouts. Keeping with new trends with major sites going for a "metro" or "modern" look the same idea was used here at ADK without loosing who we are in the process. There are new features here and there you will stumble upon no doubt along with other things still in development. There is also a lite theme as well for those who want or need a more stripped down version of the site for low end PC's, laptops, tablets or those who just prefer a minimalist look. This can be found by clicking "change theme" at the bottom left of the website and selecting "ADK Refined Lite". If you notice any bugs please report them to this topic so they can be solved.
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    MrsVirtue - October MOTM

    This month we have chosen MrsVirtue to be the Member Of The Month.  I don't believe I need to say much about her as her actions within the community tell us more than enough.    MrsVirtue is a Battlefield Admin and a Battlefield Recruiter who takes pride in what she does and always makes sure that she completes her tasks on time as well as going over the top. You can always expect her to be there when there's an issue that needs to be resolved or a Battlefield Recruit who has a question about the recruitment process.    I think it's easy to say that =ADK= is quite lucky to have the duo of Virtue and MrsVirtue.  They take pride in what they do and how they do it, all while making sure that they do what's best for this gaming community that we all call home.       Thank you MrsVirtue! 
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    =ADK= Official Recruitment Video

    Below is the now Official Recruitment video.  So please spread the word, share the video, post it on other websites that you might post on for games that =ADK= participates in.   Whatever it is, let's see how many views we can get!    http://youtu.be/SNKi2N2tPVI
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    I wandered into your servers a while ago to ask for forgiveness for frag-rounding the crap out of some people in Metro accidently.   You guys and gals were nice so I came back and now here we are.   Some things about me *:   1. I like shooting people in video games, bonus points if their name starts with 'Jacknife'.  2. I'm a very good cook.   3. I've jumped out of perfectly good airplanes.  4. I know the truth about Avocados - they're compressed, green pond scum.  5. I once got Jack's tags.  They were delicious.  7. I prevented a murder.  8. My lottery system works - I will share the secret with you for a mere $29.99 plus tax**  9. I work for an intelligence agency.  10. I have the following pets:  a lizard, named Fred, one small dog: Sasha, and at least once during the summer, lots of ants.  11. I want to be MrsVirtue when I grow up.   Thanks and hope to shoot you all in game -   Shilea   * not all statements are true ** your results may vary    
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    Letter of Resignation

    @War_Adm1ral Hey man, you have really given this community your all despite your initial hesistation. I was shocked and surprised to see someone so willing to help organize LAN events and promote ADK in their lives. You were always there wanting to push ADK into the next venue, the next event, the next life. We all can appreciate your efforts. Anywhere you go, people would be lucky to have you along. Wishing you nothing but the best man! Nova
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    Interview With the Founder!

      Below you will find the long-awaited interview with our beloved founder of ADK, @[member='AOBLXIX'] !       ADK Community Type Questions     How did ADK get started?   It started back in 2009 when I was part of another group. We just didn't see eye to eye for moving the group forward, so I  decided that I didn't want to be there anymore because they didn't see that moving the group forward was a good thing. So  that's when ADK came about. There were a couple of us from TF2, which is what I was trying to bring to the other group, and needed somewhere to have  those individuals and so I formed ADK.     Where did the name “A Different Kind” come from, were there any other possible names that ADK could have been?   I was just thinking of names and different letters and different combinations of letters. I just saw those three letters and thought of the name A Different Kind, and that's where it came from. As for a different name,  I never really thought of anything else.     Did you ever think ADK would get as big as it has?   Yes and no. I always wanted it to become a large community, but with all the haters out there, sometimes you doubt yourself.  So when people say its not going to go anywhere in the first year, you always question yourself.      a.) What do you think draws people to the ADK community? b.) What sets it apart from other communities? c.) What motivated you to make ADK so unique in it's approach to membership?        a.) The members draw new people to the community. It's about the membership. If you have a great group of members its going  to draw people in and everyone is going to want to game together and they'll have fun while doing it.         b.) The members and how we handle the members. So, just trying to have fun and trying to not make it so strict in terms of membership. We understand people have lives, we're not going to make crazy requirements. Yes we want you to be an active part of the community, but at the same time it's not going to be some crazy requirement like you have to be here every second of the day and if you're not, you're not a member.        c.) Just the groups I've been a part of and other groups that I've seen. Like the crazy stuff, like "you have to do this, you have to do that", all the time and if you don't, you're no longer a member. The crazy rank structures, where you start off as this member, then you move up to this member, and then you're that member and so on. How many different types of members can you have??      What direction is ADK heading in? (Describe the future of ADK)   The future of ADK just depends on the members, there's always a certain direction that leadership can try to take it but what it comes down to is the members and how many people want to get involved to move the community forward. So, the community is always moving forward in terms of becoming bigger, better, branching out to more games and different adventures, but I have to say it comes down to the members.  I want it to become the biggest gaming community in the world. The best gaming community in the world. And I think we're  already the best but that's me being biased. I just want it to be as big as possible and reach as many people as possible around  the world.      Where did you learn to run a community? Did you have previous experience or did you learn as you went?   Well it was kind of learn as you go, but also from previous experience. In the other group that I was in I was also a leader there. That with real life experience, there's been musical groups that I've been a part of that have hundreds of people, and then work. Then you take all of that and you put it together and you learn from it. So there's just a lot of stuff that has brought it all together and you just learn as you go. Not going to be be perfect so learn from your mistakes and grow from them.     How do you manage your time running and building ADK with real life commitments? Any advice for those considering leadership roles in ADK while balancing their own real life commitments?   It's basically, ADK and then work. So, I don't really do too much outside of work and then I come home, get on the computer and deal with ADK stuff. So, its not always easy.. like you do have to take breaks here and there, but I have to say I'm not one that does that all the time. And then just making sure that you don't get burnt out. I'd say its harder for me to be able to say that just because I'm doing things all the time but as leadership you have to take breaks sometimes. So you take breaks when you need and just communicate. Communication is a big part of the community, so you just let your fellow leadership know that things are getting rough and we'll try to help you out and go from there.     What sum of money would you sell ADK for? (if any)   Thats a good question... nothing that has ever been offered thus far.  Just because, I care so much about it and money doesn't always make happiness.  So, I don't know what I would sell it for but nothing I've been offered thus far.     What is the best thing to happen to you here in ADK? (Best moment in ADK?)   Waking up every morning knowing that ADK is still around. So that and just being recognized by developers for what we do. We definitely do things differently than a lot of groups out there so its always harder to get recognition but when we do, that's always a good time.        Personal and Random Type Questions     What does your name mean and where did it come from?   My name means AOB. It means whatever you want it to mean. Although everyone knows the last part. (LXIX)  **Message from QQ: Sorry guys, I tried!**     Where do you work?   I work at a large company and before that I used to work in the restaurant industry and also teach music part time.     Did you game as a child/teen? If so, what games did you play?   I did not really game as a child, that is what is kind of unique about everything. I played regular old Nintendo and Atari.. like that stuff every now and then but that was like a treat. I was always outside, running around, playing hide and seek, and digging holes in the backyard. When I did play I played Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt.. anything for those two platforms. And then during Junior high/high school.. not much, until I started getting into computer gaming. So, like I'd play Counter Strike once in a blue moon but then I started getting into Day of Defeat, and that's where it all started.    Who is your celebrity crush?   I'm not a big celebrity crush person... but my first ever celebrity crush was Taylor Swift. Right now.. I wouldn't say I have a crush, but I do like listening to Carry Underwood.. so no real celebrity crush... I guess my first and truly only celebrity crush was Taylor Swift.   What are somethings that you can't leave the house without?   My wallet, my phone and my hat.     What are you really bad at?   Gaming. No denying that. I'm no pro by any means, so I leave that up to other people. So, sure I have fun with some things and will say that I'm good at it, but overall I suck as a gamer. Which is ironic for what I'm doing.     When was the last time you cried?   Yesterday.     Who are 3 people you admire?   1. The Community Managers – for sticking around and putting up with me. 2. The Admins – for all that they do for the community to keep it growing.. and also putting up with me. 3. QQtiePie – for helping me with things in the community and making me be more social.     What is your favorite childhood memory?   Digging a huge hole in my neighbors backyard. Going on fieldtrips in school.. Going to San Diego on vacation and getting in trouble from my parents. I spent 10 hours fishing and I never checked in with them and I got in big trouble. They were searching all over the park for me and were calling for me over the loud speaker, and I was out fishing and didn't hear them. They didn't find me out on the pier until late in the evening.. they weren't too happy with me.     What is something that you are OCD about/pet peeve?   Pet Peeve..    stupid people. OCD...  Where Admin sections are placed on the forums... or at least that's the only thing I can truly think of right now. But I wouldn't really call it OCD because I've never moved them after they've been created.      Do you have any allergies?   Stupid people. ..Yes I do have allergies, seasonal allergies.. just depends on the year.     What is your most embarrassing moment?   Anything from my childhood, because I was shy.. I'm still shy.. so I got embarassed all the time. But now? Anything where I do something wrong in the community... ..or like kicking Qtie from the server...     Which three people (famous or otherwise) would you most like to invite to a dinner party?   1. Nova - because I've never met him in person yet. 2. Jiz and Leroy - these count as one... 3. QQtiePie     What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?   ADK was the biggest risk I've ever taken, because i was young and had a bunch of people who said it was going to go nowhere. I put a lot of time, money and effort into it and I'd have to say it is paying off.     If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?   Pizza that Qtie ordered me, salad, baby corn, turkey... and more salad.     Can you drive stick?   I can. That was my daily driver from high school until a few years ago when I got another vehicle.      Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?    I do not.      Are you a morning person?   Depends on who you talk to. Or who I'm talking to in the morning.     How do you like your steak?   Depends on where its from and who is cooking it... so medium-rare to medium...      Would you be willing to put your Taco Bell Messiah title/forum award on the line in Vegas during an eating contest of some sort?    An eating contest doesn't determine if you're a Messiah or not... I'm the Messiah because I love taco bell and eat it all the time... not because I can shove 50 taco down my throat... so no.     Favorite superhero or comic book character?    I don't have one.     @[member='Pepsi'] or coke?    Between those... @[member='Pepsi'] but really Dr.Pepper.     Based on your life so far, what would you want your famous last words to be?    *Insert inappropriate responses here*  **Message from QQ: Sorry folks... none of his answers were appropriate for the forums... maybe you can ask him next time you see him visiting around TS.. xD**     How old were you when you had your first kiss?   I was in kindergarten. It was under a beanbag in the loft of the kindergarten room. Her name was Ally.     Were you a good student in school?   I was and I wasn't... I always tried to do good things.. but at the same time when I'd get around close friends we'd always have fun and cause problems.     Do you play cards? (If so, which?)   Solitaire, Crazy Eights, Gin Rummy... sure but not in a while... but like Blackjack or any of that stuff, no I suck at it.     Do you believe in ghosts?    Yes and no.. I'm not one of those people that will freak out thinking there are ghosts everywhere.. but sometimes I think I see someone at the top of the stairs in my house.. but its like whatever if they don't bother me I don't care.     If you have one, what is your favorite kind of beer and/or hard liqueur?    I don't have a favorite hard liquor anymore, I try to stay away from that. My normal I-can-buy-it-anywhere beer is Blue Moon, but I like Kilt Lifter, Full Moon, Mississippi Mud.. which you can't really find everywhere. So Blue Moon is kind of my go-to.     What was the best thing before sliced bread?   Idk.. but the best think SINCE sliced bread is ADK and Taco Bell.     Can you teach me how to duggy?    Nope.     Do you even lift, brah?    Totally.     Do you know how to bake cookies?   *User in your channel was kicked from the server.*
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    In a community as big as =ADK= it's easy to get lost. In the Meet Our Members series we'll get to meet leadership, admins, developers, and members on a get-to-know-you basis.     Meet Silent!     What is your Gamer tag and how did you come up with it?  My full tag is Silentkiller166, but my current Teamspeak name is Silent because a lot of people didn’t think the full name made sense, like I killed people silently in games or something. I actually got it because I don’t talk much but I kill people quietly in games with knives or something. I wasn’t very sociable, but when I joined ADK that changed a lot.  How long have you been in ADK? Two years What are your jobs?  I’m a Teamspeak Admin.  What is being a TS admin like? It's a really active job. You meet lots of new people, and spend a lot of time giving tags out or assisting someone who’s new. It’s a nice experience to meet a lot of new people and help them.  In real life, what are some of your favorite hobbies?  Gaming, playing sports, and building computers.  Where do you live?  Jacksonville, Florida.  What kind of games do you play and which one is your favorite?  Battlefield 4, Arma II Dayz Mod, GTA 5. Battlefield 4 would be my favorite, seeing as I have probably over a thousand hours in it.  Do you consider yourself a competitive gamer or more laid back?  Competitive. I enjoy helping my team win.What was your first game? GTA San Andreas on Playstation 2. That’s the game that started me.  What drives you to be one of the leaders in ADK?  I really enjoy helping people and improving their experience with us.  What do you think makes =ADK= different than other Gaming Communities?  Everyone is friendly, when I first joined Teamspeak everyone was always encouraging me to join up. People would talk to me and want to hang out and play games with me. There’s a lot of people here that I respect and I’m glad to be a part of this community.            Meet LaithSJ!   What is your gamer tag and how did you come up with it?  Laith is my first name, S is my father’s name, and J is my family name.  How long have you been in ADK?  A year and 4 months which has been the best year and a half in my entire life. I’m not saying this just because people are reading this, but because it’s really true. You’ll never find another place like this.  What are your jobs?  I’m an admin and recruiter in the Battlefield Section.  In real life, what are some of your favorite hobbies?  I love to play soccer and listen to music while out in nature. I play a little bit of piano, and also spend time reading books and learning to program.  Where do you live?  Jordan What games do you play and which is your favorite? Battlefield 3 and 4, FIFA, Provolution, Super Mario, and Assasins Creed. Battlefield 3 is my favorite.  Do you consider yourself a competitive gamer or more laid back?  I’m not very competitive, I don’t really look to improve my KD or anything very much, I just am looking to have fun, which is what it's all about for me.  What was your first game?  In 2007 I played GTA San Andreas.  What drives you to be one of the leaders in ADK? I’ve always loved helping people, I’m not completely sure why, but I like making people happy. I like helping people solve their problems no matter how long it takes. There is no best admin, we’re all the same, but our job is being here to help people. What do you think makes =ADK= different than other Gaming Communities? Pretty much everything. You can’t find any other community like us. Teamspeak is extremely important, and in other communities you don’t really find many females taking leadership positions. In ADK we’re a team, if we have an issue we work together to solve it. We all stand behind each other because generally problems will affect all of us. It makes me proud to raise my hand and say that I am in ADK.  [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/_/adknews/othernews/meet-our-members-1-laithsj-silentkiller-r655]Click here to view the article[/url]
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    This month was by far one of the toughest months in terms of who to choose.  We knew that we wanted to showcase a member as you definitely don't need to be an admin to be the MOTM.     The reason why this was a tough decision was because there are a lot of admins who are sticking out in doing a great job in their positions but then there were multiple members as well.  The past few months it was a pretty easy choice, but it seems like there's more and more people stepping up to the plate.  That's awesome but sheesh, you are all making it difficult on us.         KnightsX has been with =ADK= for some time now.  There's been ups and downs but overall Knights has always had the best interest of the community in mind even during the ups and downs.  Knights has been a person who has helped with the community in multiple ways and still tries to help to this day.  So while there are many =ADK= Members that deserve MOTM, Knights came out on top this month by a hair.     Thank you Knights for what you have done within the community.  Yes there have been ups and downs along the way but I think it's only made the relationship within the community that much stronger in the long run.  
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    @[member='Frost7Bite'] Community disrespect is not tolerated. You've disrespected our admins, advisers, server rules and our community. This immaturity is what led to your temporary ban and me revoking your application. Obviously you did not learn your lesson. Here is your profile on our servers: http://gcp.adkgamers.com/bf4/playerinfo/1404377 Please notice I've extended the original temporary ban. You are welcome to return to our servers in 19 years, 11 months and 30 days. Breaking the rules could have been handled, but your attitude is what has cost you involvement in thus community. I'm sorry that it has come to this, but you need to work on your maturity if you want to get anywhere in life. Locking topic.
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    Presidential Race 2016

    Why the heck would you want Hillary as a president?   And I hope we don't go down the SAME exact road that we went down in 2008.    "Because I want to see history"      Sometimes history doesn't need to be made and 2008 proved that it didn't need to be made at that time.    The country is more separated now than it was prior to the elections in 2008.  
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    Common Courtesy

    As ARK has become much more popular lately if like to post some common courtesy things that may be new to some of our player base. This isn't directed at anyone, I just wanted to make sure we have some expectations set forth that everyone can reference. As we run a PvE server, the tribes can become quite large. As part of working with others communication is key. Letting other people know what is going on, through voice, notes, or chat can help people coordinate much better. Most people don't mind if others use their Dinos, or even their body as a mule, but check with the owner. If you do borrow something, put it back in the same condition as you found it. Unless someone has told you it's ok to level their Dino, please don't do it. You should also not put other people's dinosaurs into dangerous situations. If something happens to someone else's Dino/body/gear, let them know. If nothing else put a note on their body. If you see someone who disconnected outside or maybe glitches through a wall, put them in a safe spot. If you use a large amount of resources, check to make sure someone isn't stockpiling something for a reason, and the make arrangements to replace it. If someone can't log in for a while, do them a favor and check in their Dinos or base. If the farmer gets busy with real life things, someone should make sure the crops are fertilized, etc. If you can't log on, communicate to the tribe or group and ASK them to help out. Don't make assumptions. If you press J in a town, put all the Dinosaurs back as best you can. Don't park in walkways or where the Dino is glitching into someone else's building. Park your Dinos, and put gear away. Organized bases are easier to work in.
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    BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    As things get under way we will be posting rules to our servers.    As we will have anywhere from 2 - 4 Official Servers of course we have no control over them.   If you find someone who is indeed hacking and they are in any of those servers please submit a ban request so we can look at their info and possibly ban them from our other servers before they even make it there.         General Server Rules:   No hacking/cheating/glitching/exploiting No Griefing Friendlies** Use common sense - spamming chat is one of those common sense things.  Spamming chat constantly with nonsense will get you warned and then kicked.   If you come back with a hot head further action will be taken Respect =ADK=, it's members, admins, and players on the server*** If you're not an admin, please refrain from admining the servers in chat, this can get you punished and many are giving out bad information.   Operation Lockers NO EXPLOSIVES Servers: NO EXPLOSIVES including using explosives to make holes or damage the map. If a weapon is  not allowed any use can get you "Punished"* If found using Mortars you will be punished as it's not currently detected Same rules as general server rules apply No 3rd or 2nd Floor Glitching at C Flag  Rules are strict to keep things simple for the server and admins instead of allowing the 320 for this load and not that load, it just isn't allowed period (few weapons that way so be sure to read below ) Bi-poding is not considered a glitch in BF 4 as there are flanking routes etc..  with the exception of 1 place underneath C tower. Only that place will be punishable and only with video proof if no admin is in game. Depopulating and raping the server is on a case by case basis. This requires a video from the players first person view and third person view showing a crazy score and almost never moving from one spot. All ban requests for BF 4 Bi-pod glitches will be locked without video proof.     * Weapons not allowed on the server:    Shotguns: Frag rounds on all Shotguns   Grenades: Frag Mini Impact Incendiary Smoke Flashbang Flare   Assault Gadgets: M320 with explosive & smoke rounds   Engineer Gadgets: M15 AT MINE M2 SLAM MINE FIM-92 STINGER RPG-7V2 SA-18 IGLA MK153 SMAW FGM-148 JAVELIN FGM-172 SRAW     Support Gadgets: M18 CLAYMORE XM25 AIRBURST AMMO & XM25 SMOKE M224 MORTAR C4 EXPLOSIVE   Recon Gadgets: M18 CLAYMORE C4   **Griefing friendlies can be taken multiple ways.   But we will be applying it to blowing up friendly assets, vehicles included.    Something that will not be considered will be closing things like doors, gates, etc...behind you unless one individual is in your squad following you doing it constantly to effect you.        *** If someone decides to use words that are offensive we will not punish right away for such.   Admins know and have the limits of what they are supposed to do.   If they see something getting out of hand they will take care of it.    But for someone using curse words or racist terms, they will not be kicked/banned unless they are asked to calm down and don't do such.     Everyone has different values on what is offensive and what isn't.   So rather than being the =ADK= police we let things like that slide until they get out of hand.     If you aren't certain if what someone says is too much, simply make a request to an admin to get their opinion or post a ban request with a mature explanation.   Not one of you being pissed off, cursing, etc, etc. .      Updated: 12/24/2013 (These rules can change at any time, please make sure to visit this topic frequently to see if anything has changed) 
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    The ADK Fleet wants YOU! We are currently recruiting pilots for both the ADK Minor Faction Fleets, as well as accepting support reserves on behalf of President Hudson! Support the Federation, Hudson and ADK!     (All Federal powerplay or non-powerplay support is welcome, Hudson is our PP primary)
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    @[member='kingal72']   Everybody is out to get you. You won't read this, because you believe there is a conspiracy where everybody is against you. You won't follow the rules, on the forums, or in your home town.   I tried to work with you (in fact, we are looking at AEK and have been for some time). I asked you to respond to my PM. You didn't even read it.   You just come here, write these odd posts and expect that even after you berate us, we will do your bidding.   Hell, you won't even read this post.     The very nature of somebody like you who constantly feels persecuted by everyone is the same psychology behind schizophrenics, conspiracy theorists, religious fundamentalists and a myriad of other types of people with problems.   Well, I have problems of my own, but I am still responsible for my actions. And so are you.   Want to see why you got a warning:      You will get nowhere in life if you continue to play the victim. With your vast intelligence, and superior logic and gaming skills, you should be able to conduct yourself like an adult, yet you don't.   You are easily found on the internet. (Might want to use your intelligence to fix that). You employ the same victim mentality here, in OUR servers, as you do in real life.   Yet you won't read this, so why am I wasting my time?
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    Its That Time Of Year Again...

    Just click the link below and I think you will understand what I mean.    http://gfx.adkgamers.com/webeggs/aobbday/index.html   Feel free to spam his inbox up today. Its the only day he really wont mind it so much.   @[member='Nova'] @[member='VinasSol'] @[member='Bromance'] @[member='caveman70']  
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    Many of you know that Titanfall was just released recently and it's had a pretty good launch compared to many games out there. Well now we've got some even better news. We have a few copies of Titanfall to giveaway courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts.          Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have recently released Titanfall and many of you might not know but one of our very own members had a huge part in the release of the game.    Timberock has been a part of this community for almost 2 years thanks to Cruz_5326 who introduced him to us.   But as some of you might have known he also works at Microsoft dealing with the gaming side of Microsoft.   While some people might not think it's a huge deal, =ADK= has had a pretty large impact on how Titanfall was created and released as a game.  You can read THIS ARTICLE which relates to how the Titanfall servers are set up.    And this type of release just goes to show what kind of members this community attracts and why it will continue to grow for years to come.     In the coming days there will be some Giveaways for FREE Titanfall Codes to over 10 people.   I won't give the exact number yet, but when the game currently costs $60 even 10 copies of the game is a huge treat for the members of this community.    So thank you to Timber for your continued support of the community, and thank you to Respawn and EA for graciously giving us free copies of Titanfall to hand out to our Community! [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/index.html/_/adknews/communityupdates/titanfall-giveaway-courtsey-of-respawn-enterain-r593]Click here to view the article[/url]
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    After the Battlefield Meeting that we had this evening we have decided that we will no longer allow the EOD bot in all No Explosive servers.       This will be changing in about a day when we make the changes within the servers.    We will post in the servers that the change will be coming in the next day or so, which will allow people to be ready for it.            
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