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    Welcome to all the new folks here at =ADK=, and thanks to everyone for their support! It's definitely great seeing new faces as well as support from new and old folks in the community.
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    Get your Pre-Order in for the =ADK= Hat!
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    Work has been hectic but you should all check out http://bf1countdown.com - An awesome countdown site by Pepsi!
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    You might run across some broken images on the site that weren't broken recently. Should be resolved tomorrow.
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    Thank you Seagull and Feisty for giving out awards here on the website
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    Roadhog 6v6 tonight in Overwatch, hope we get a big turn out in honor of my beloved @Ricky10games !
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    Great website , Great New style and so great Start for a day =) #Always Smile
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    Site has been migrated!

    Site has been migrated!
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    Met up with @Blaze today here in Houston! Now where's @Erick and @LtNoobslayer
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    Here's a great opportunity to hop on the forums But yes we are aware of Discord issues and will keep everyone updated.
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    Doing some work on the site for the next couple of hours, expect it to be a little wonky during that time. Thanks!
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    ADK is happiness, ADK is life .
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    This is a test status update for Dowin. :3
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    There will be another update to the =ADK= Android App coming in a few hours that will now allow you to see notifications like we've all been waiting for! There was an update pushed last night, but there will be another one soon. Download it when you see it updated!
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    Thank you to those who donated to Battlefield community this month. Seven total people including myself. Seven, and three gave over a hundred - carried an entire community.
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    Thank you to all the wonderful donators! It's greatly appreciated and I will try to respond to the rest of the donation topics tomorrow!
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    Pokemon GO Folks - your section is now created! - http://www.adkgamers.com/forums/forum/688-pokemon-go/
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    @Nova only offline for 3 years. No big deal.
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    I might or might not have Overwatch
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    It's so amazing and great to go to sleep and the last people you were talking to are ADK and when you wake up in the morning the first people you talk to are ADK .
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    Hi i'm Phouqe, do you like PHO? i like Pho
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    Awards are now active. All old awards should still be in place.
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    Wish you guys a happy day and a happy evening =) #Always Smile
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    As a reminder, I am out of town until next week - please contact @CaGregorio or @VinasSol if you need anything. Thanks!
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    Getting up at 6 with a messed up sleep schedule is not very fun
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    There's a free game code somewhere in Discord. Don't think it's been redeemed yet.
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    Members and Admins who live in Arizona. Next meeting is at 7 PM for us!
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    Cleaning up some forums sections and moving a few things around, in case you're wondering why things might look a little different.
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    There`s a snake in my boot!

    There`s a snake in my boot!
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    Home sweet home

    Home sweet home
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    Hey, I added you on to steam to see if you guys would be interested in a battle of the communities 6v6 Overwatch event.
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    Oh hiii

    Oh hiii
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    Welp. . . Alabama is probably wishing they didn't leave 2 minutes left on the clock.
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    My jimmies are on maximum over-rustle right now.
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    We still have a website? LOL
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  39. 2 points
    I'm going to start using this as facebook mkay. I'm hyped AF.
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    Fact: It's necessary for college students to get drunk. fml.
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    If a woman is screaming her argument, but nobody hears her... is she still unconditionally right?
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    school zone time again...

    school zone time again...
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    Who loves you never forget you . Thanks for everyone who asks about me , happy with you my friends Hope you always be happy to cause you being happy make me happy . Knowing that there is a lot of people caring for me is something making me proud that i know all of those people . Thank you guys so much . Always wants to see your smile , it means the world to me .
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    @CoolLucK Is coming to my country ( Jordan ) . YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , See you in Jordan buddy
  45. 2 points
    One day i will be there , its my dream .
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    Upgrading the site right now, some posts might not show up in the "unread content" area yet. Please be patient while upgrade is taking place. Thanks!
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    Missing everyone on H1z1!!! :(
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    Back from vacation and guess who's engaged :)
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    Just cleared some emails that were stuck in queue on the site, I apologize if any of you get a few in a row. :)
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