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    Battlefield 2042

    The anticipated release of Battlefield 2042 is finally upon us. The early portion of the Beta opened up yesterday, Oct. 6th, and will be open to players who pre-ordered till the morning of the 8th. Although EA hasn't actually announced the times at which the early access will be wrapping up, an educated guess puts it at the same time at which it began: 7am UTC. As for the true Open Beta portion of Battlefield 2042, this comes online on October 8th. The Battlefield 2042 Beta will once again be blasting to life, at the same 7am UTC as before, but for all players everywhere to play, regardless of whether or not they have actually pre-ordered the game or not. This is seen to be a large scale stress test, like most Betas, to gage the overall game's online capabilities, of which this game is based fully on. Yes, there will be no single player campaign. So the Beta will wrap up on October 9th, most likely at 7am UTC. Best get yourself some test time to gage your how your PC handles the new engine. Battlefield 2042 releases October 19th if all goes well.
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