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    I get your point, but I strongly disagree with your final statement, "if we'd stop petitioning for equality so much then equality could actually exist." I couldn't disagree more. If that were true we'd all know about Bayard Rustin, Alan Turing, and Baron Fredrick Von Stuben. Not to mention the countless women that have made broad achievements and have been overlook and/or pushed to the side just because of their gender. History would prove you wrong on that matter. Gender bias and homophobia stem from the same cause, misogamy. As a gay gamer (gaymer) in ADK I make it part of my duty to be out and proud, so that any player, who for any reason feels marginalized, knows they have an accepting home in ADK. I think that once you find your voice, you have a duty to speak out. Our country is at its best when we ALL engage in the marketplace of open dialog. As was the slogan during the AIDS crisis: SILENCE = DEATH.
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    ADK and gaming with a disability(handicapped)

    Hey Pockley, Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote.
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    An Interesting Observation

    i know @mistergrimm plays with rolld20 im not sure who else would be down but if it gains traction and you have a few interested parties you all should submit a lets get this game going and i will see what i can do to help all of you organize in the community.
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    I am a Terrible American Citizen

    well as said best by our second president, "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."
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    ADK and gaming with a disability(handicapped)

    Thanks for sharing. If anything, I think you should keep writing about your experiences in game if you find it relaxing or fun. It's not just a decent stress reliever for some, but for an individual as yourself, it's an opportunity to share your story, and stories need to be heard in my opinion. The more we know, the better we will be able to function as a team and a society.
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    ADK and gaming with a disability(handicapped)

    thanks very much
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    Yea gender shouldn't matter. I think it's quite nice to have different people playing it just makes things more diverse and evens the demographic out.
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    I agree completely with the above reply. As any social movement has shown, there cannot be progress without conflict. Look at the history and progress that thatoppressed classes have made in the US including women, racial minorities, and increasingly the LGBT community. Then again, I probably fall into the category of people that Gamergate would call a SJW. But I'm proud of that as it puts me in great company with men and women like Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, and Susan B. Anthony--people that caused major waves but brought about great and lasting change.
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    Letter 6

    I love what your writing, cant wait for the next installment. It's quite introspective, as in your actually writing a psychology paper instead of a story and I love it!
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    How to cook a steak.

    NON STICK TIP: just before you put the meat on, use a paper towel dipped in cooking oil and rub it across the grill with your tongs. Idiots use their hands and quickly learn why tongs were suggested. NONSTICK TIP2: slice an onion in half and use, tongs/fork/grill glove to rub it all over the hot grate before the meat goes on. Both of these are quick easy ways to make that first meat flip a bit easier.
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    How to cook a steak.

    Here's a tip, if you don't know when you steak is ready you can just make a light cut with a knife in the most thick part of the steak, if the color is the one you want, done and ready to eat xD
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    How to cook a steak.

    Man! Thanks for the tutorial @Celfyn and thanks for the sense of humor you used. Made my day :)
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    Everyone's Crazy!

    I couldn't agree more! I HATE when people use illness as an excuse. A doc said i have ADD, anxiety, Bipolar, and you know what? I don't use that as an excuse. If i f*** up, i don't blame it on my "illnesses", I say "i f***ed up, I'll learn from my mistake instead of cheating my way out."....Woah, sorry, kinda ranted there. Must be the ADD, or something! XD
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    Why Keeping An Open Mind To Music Is Important

    Well said...i can't stand the naive people like you explained in this blog. It was like when I was in sschool for studio recording and we dealt with a lot of recordings and had to mix and master and all that good stuff. At the end we played it for everyone. Finally our last project that we played they all asked why my mixes sounded so much better than theirs. I kind of floored them when I told them they are all naive and need to expand their horizons if they want to become successful in what they are doing rather than listening to the same stuff all the time. The professor had a good laugh.
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    The Pet Peeves of Girl Gamers.

    Wait if Mario Kart and Animal Crossing never counted as games, then I have never played games before... >.> *Huge Face Palm with Huge Hand* This should really be brought up to the Battlefield group, though I think that is what this is referencing... Please PM me or Pepsi or one of the VAs/Lead VAs or even AOB, about the people doing... I have a few already in my head... I can admit that I have done certain things once, and I got told by a girl name LiLTenzo... Humiliating since I am a Recruiter and she was a possible applicant (I didn't start it, but I fueled it). I also apologize for those times that I decided to go with the flow and laugh being afraid of being called a faggot by said people... I know they are "trolling", but it doesn't seem that way when they say and people start to make it worse... Kind of like people calling Viper Brett's cousin, I didn't but I did say someone else was Viper's cousin and I apologize (however I haven't said it in a long time, especially since I only said it once). If you do not hearing those sounds that some of the guys like to make, then avoid Dynasty... I don't know if he stopped the turtle eh sound or not, but he seemed to still do it when I always encountered him. Again I apologize for all that you have encountered, if you have encountered it still then please let some of the higher ups know... Ones that will actually do something... (I will be linking this in my status so that more people can see this... Note to those who read, please do not troll/flame/rage/etc... I will personally get a moderator do deal with you.
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    It's the Final Countdown

    Am I the only one who's laughing my head off at this?
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    I just use a KVM switch, eliminates the possibility of a hole in network security. I switch between 4 pcs in the "office" I have a network server, My gaming and social rig, a recording studio and a laptop. Though this would be interesting to try on a media PC with win 8 which makes me want to pull out my hair (Just Say No to win 8) For those wondering why so many, lol, I try to re-use my old gaming rigs though the media PC was a fresh build with the MAJOR mistake of windows 8. My studio is my old Star Wars Galaxy rig, the Server is my old Age of Conan rig. A buddy of mine is happily using my old SWTOR rig on the other side of the country.
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    It's the Final Countdown

    did you find this on 4chan/b/? because someone posts something very similar to this on there.are you that guy?either way, i like your style. what color seems to be the overall winner for you?
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    That's Rockawesome. Good share.
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    It's the Final Countdown

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    It's the Final Countdown

    aahaha wow this is amazing im doing it with the mini's and the blues are losing left and right !!!!!
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    It's the Final Countdown

    this^^ can only be explained as true dedication. as i was reading this i was thinking to myself i have done the same thing, but not on the same level as you sir. you are a true hero and i tip my hat off to you.
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    Indie Games

    I look forward to reading more of your posts! :)And I think it'd be cool to see some decent indie games make a hit.
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    Out of Town

    This internet here is so freaking slow too! It's only 1 mbps. . i want my faster internet back! :P
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    Testing Blogs

    I have done so AOB XD. Awesome work!
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