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    It's Alive! Tarkov Channel is back on the Discord Map at ADK! Thanks to Bobby, Mongoose and Gary, we can go hang out in our channel whenever you feel like listening-in or participating-in a Raid. If you are used to looking for the ADK EFT voice and text channels in 'Other Games', yeah, we're not there any more because we have are own new bright and shiny channel again! Look for us on the ADK Discord server about 4 channels above 'Other Games' (between Fortnite and Planetside 2). We are currently experimenting with only one channel, but as demand warrants we may add additional Voice channels if players request them. At least one of us is usually on in the evenings most weekdays, and more hours of coverage on Saturday if you are just wanting to learn the game, run with someone, or organize some raids. Feel free to PM EFT staff members if you see us online but not in a channel for questions. (Find us on the right hand side bar, second Game staff section from the top!). See you soon! ~Dim
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    I am finally back, my pc was broken

    I am finally back, my pc was broken
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