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    Hello I am Twitch

    I like to play Ark but i will try most any game.
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    Introducing iCrYpT

    Im in love with video games! I think personally im very good at the games i play. I would love to join a team to play the games i love with people i can love!
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    Introducing iCrYpT

    Welcome to ADK! Have fun!
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    Hello ADK members,friends and guests. On the 23th of May EA/DICE will be reveling the new Battlefield game which is already called "Battlefield V" , It's been 2 years since they have released Battlefield 1, And it's been the same exact time that we "The battlefield fans" in ADK have been in discord watching the BF1 revels. So this year and in 2 days from now we want to do the same thing. So on the 23th and before the revels with an hour we will be in discord talking about the new game and what it could be, also we will be playing some Battlefield's ( 1,3,4 ) , till we reach to the moment of truth and when EA/DICE revels on the new game and while that all we in discord will watch the revel at the same time, and after that we will play for some time and talk about what we saw and what we think of the new game of Battlefield . I really hope that we have big attendance this year like 2 years ago. Down bellow i will mention some information about the revel timing along with our discord link in case you are not in our discord, add to that i will add the time that the game will reveled on. Game Revels : May 23 at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/10 PM CEST Where to watch the revels ? Battlefield Youtube Channel Battlefield Twitch Channel Battlefield Mixer Channel Is ADK going to host the reveling stream on its twitch channel?? We will see, will be speaking with @CaGregorio and see if we can host it on our channel as well. ADK discord link and twitch channel : Twitch Channel Join our discord HERE , you also can invite your friends to play some games with us anytime using this link : http://adk.wtf/discord Looking forward to meet up with you guys in 2 days from now. See you there gamer's . Laith SJ
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    @LaithSJ We should be able to do that. Just hit me up and remind me and i can turn it on. Cant wait to see what they show.
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    Introducing iCrYpT

    Hey! Welcome to the community!
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    Introducing iCrYpT

    Welcome to ADK
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    Introducing iCrYpT

    Welcome to the community friend! What games are you playing? We have ARK servers and recently started playing fortnite! We also have league and overwatch if youre down to play they both have in houses on sundays and fridays respectively. We also have a new minecraft continueum server up if youre interested. Hope to see you around the community!
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    Introducing iCrYpT

    Welcome to ADK!
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    How do you feel about the new Irelia

    dodge the stun kite the W
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