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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    Cuddles the Bear

    Member Picture Thread

    Smiling is for chumps. Bear smirk is where its at.
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    Thanks to everyone who voted this month! Totals in green get a saddle! @Chasaroonie @Feisty @Pendersen @Kody @Markivo @jayrestexas @Draco1 @SGCrazyman @ExionFatalis @Zeus13611 @blamemyparents Name: Ragnarok Island Aberration Scorched The Center Totals Gunnar 1 1 1 3 Chasaroonie 23 23 22 68 Feisty 13 13 14 40 john_ayres 27 27 27 81 Pendersen 25 23 25 73 Parzival 13 13 13 39 Markivo 28 28 20 4 80 Draco 21 21 21 63 CrazyMan 22 21 20 63 Exion 26 26 26 78 Brassy 4 4 4 12 Zeus13611 17 16 2 14 49 Faith 5 5 4 1 15 Chloe 1 1 2 Fooie 7 7 6 20 TSVeeVee 3 3 3 9 Owadabutt 1 1 1 3 Untuckedshirt 1 1 Mavroc 9 9 9 27 AOBLXIX 2 2 2 6 sourodeepdatta 1 1 1 3 AtomicHotdog 1 1 2 Blame My Parents 19 21 21 61
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    Member Picture Thread

    me about a year ago.
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    Introduction Post

    Thanks for all of the support, guys!
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    Me :D

    Welcome to ADK
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    Member Meeting

    This is a meeting for every =ADK= Member in the community. We'll talk about current events within the community and also look for feedback from all of you for any feedback and suggestions for the community. You can join us in Discord at https://adk.gg/discord We look forward to seeing you there!
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    05/04/18 IN HOUSE EVENT!

    Welcome to this week's in-houses! This week we will be choosing one game mode to play this week. The game modes to choose from are: 1. Overwatch Badminton The classic after-school sport makes it into Overwatch thanks to this elaborate badminton custom game, as popularised on YouTube by Korea’s Quix Team. Two Genjis (or four, should you wish to play doubles) use their deflect ability to bat a grenade back and forth over a ‘net’ created by Mercy’s heal beam. By reducing the cooldown on deflect to zero, Genji can constantly hit the grenade. 2. Lucio Racing Everyone’s favourite rollerblading musician turns into an Olympic athlete in this fun mode devised by Reddit user MCX14. By increasing movement speed to max, zeroing cooldowns, and reducing damage taken to 0.10, you can create a pretty incredible race between Lucios. 3. Predator The classic Arnie film recreated in Overwatch. Creator Dartjuk’s rules are simple: a team of three Soldier 76s needs to find and kill one beefed-up Sombra. Yup, it’s a trio of army dudes trying to murder an invisible beast. 4. Flight Fights There are several characters in Overwatch with the power to fly, or with flight-like abilities. Genji can dash forward through thin air, as can Tracer, and the likes of D.Va and Pharah have rocket boosters to keep their feet off the ground. And as anyone who’s played the all-Mercys-and-Pharahs brawl will know, fighting in mid-air is one of Overwatch’s greatest pleasures. So why not make a game where everyone is in the air all of the time? Vote by midday Friday for your vote to count, GLHF!
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    Introduction Post

    Welcome to ADK @LOL_Luke_LIVE Discord link is here: https://www.adkgamers.com/discord/
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    Fixes 288 issues fixed LWJGL 2-related issues MC-1519 – Key gets stuck when toggling fullscreen MC-3643 – CTRL / CMD key get stuck on OS X / Text Box Backspace deletes whole word or whole line on Mac and Linux MC-5520 – Crash when toggling fullscreen mode: Keyboard must be created before you can read events MC-6436 – Incomplete support of dead keys on non U.S. QWERTY Keyboard on OS X MC-9974 – Initialization of OpenAL fails sometimes MC-29501 – Unable to rebind to F# Keys on devices that require pressing FN MC-32327 – Half-resolution on MBP Retina MC-40227 – Mouse Button 4 in combination with a modifier key is detected as Mouse Button 5 MC-49755 – OS X: Pressing arrow or Fn keys in sign/command block/book and quill inserts invisible characters MC-53549 – Minecraft can't be put in fullscreen mode in Linux MC-55506 – Minecraft unloads monitor calibrations when closed MC-68754 – Exiting fullscreen disables window resize MC-71279 – Accentued character act like sticky keys for moving MC-72856 – Control settings uses partwise US keyboard layout (on German keyboard layout) MC-77279 – Game sets monitor to half resolution on exit on Linux MC-78394 – "Use Item" not working while sneaking and "Use Item" bound to NUMPAD0 MC-80282 – On Linux in fullscreen, character sometimes cannot fully turn around MC-81818 – When resizing the window, you may end up spinning around MC-89288 – Can't sneak and jump if the jump key is on the numpad MC-100556 – "Alt Gr" on keyboard becomes "LCONTROL" in controls menu (interfering with "Ctrl") MC-106650 – Minecraft does not release mouse focus MC-109376 – Unsupported keys in inventory with foreign keyboard on Linux MC-120989 – Screen goes blank on exit From released versions before 1.13 MC-14 – Stacked minecarts continue momentum when not on a rail MC-96 – [1-9] clicking an item out of a furnace does not give XP MC-1168 – Lily pad sometimes destroys water block MC-1218 – Arrows shot at the top half of a door will float once the door is opened MC-1511 – Anvil can be placed in certain blocks MC-1685 – Unable to write in a new blank Book and Quill after renaming it in an anvil MC-1875 – Snow layers don't drop themselves when harvested with a silk touch tool MC-1947 – Pumpkins and Jack 'o' Lanterns can only be placed on solid blocks MC-2208 – Blocks with special placement can be placed inside player / entity MC-2340 – Redstone torches schedule updates when they should not, causing unreliable timings. MC-2399 – Transparent blocks visually use the brighter light level that they are next to MC-2666 – Corner Cobblestone Wall Has Incorrect Collision Box MC-3115 – Baby Zombies do not burn MC-3794 – Chest direction placing glitch MC-4438 – Items dropped on unburnable blocks turn invisible when trying to ignite the block MC-4504 – the hitbox of brewing stands is missing the blaze rod MC-4581 – Fishing rod bobbers can go through Nether/End Portals, but disappear MC-4923 – Flint and steel and fire charges can place fire at invalid positions MC-5024 – Reticle/Crosshair not centered on the screen MC-5037 – Riding a pig / horse with a cape causes it to not behave as expected MC-5305 – Burning arrows in ground are not extinguished by rain MC-5461 – Block stats doesn't count red mushrooms, sugar canes, etc. MC-5694 – High efficiency tools / fast mining destroys some blocks client-side only MC-7882 – Cloud corners not connected MC-8220 – Water/lava bucket can be used to destroy ladders MC-8471 – Blocks cannot be placed on a block you are next to MC-9194 – A Comparator can lock a Repeater, but the Repeater doesn't look like it is locked MC-9669 – Player renders black in a 1x1 shaft with torch in upper block MC-10880 – Comma or other symbol after @ selector does not work with command blocks MC-11138 – Creative inventory GUI border are considered as exterior to the inventory MC-11142 – Placing a Redstone Torch/Block next to a rail junction does not change the rail direction MC-11208 – The big tree generator handles tree height variable incorrectly MC-11242 – When you jump and place a fence post under you you will get inside the fence post MC-12000 – The hit-box of corner fences isn't the same as the collision-box! MC-12699 – Some PNGs using greyscale or tRNS are processed incorrectly MC-18903 – Villagers'/ Witchs' right arm doesn't have the texture flipped. MC-19966 – Fully grown pumpkin stems attach to pumpkin, even if another stem is already attached MC-25866 – Splash Potion of Saturation has no effect MC-26739 – Doors won't update with redstone MC-29490 – 1.7+ lighting bug / black spots MC-31222 – Crash on pressing the inventory close key and an item manipulation key at the same time in large chests MC-31346 – When you light a cobblestone wall, it turns into a corner piece for a second MC-32522 – Confusing error message when targeting a location in an unloaded chunk MC-32539 – You can write on both the server name and the server address input field at the same time MC-32972 – /summon accepts arguments that it will ignore MC-33710 – Snow & Iron Golem, Ender Dragon, Illusioner, Giant, and Wither not in Mob statistics MC-34365 – Triple Chest - Triple Bug MC-35119 – Buttons for video settings to not make a sound MC-36191 – Missing stat.mineBlock for various blocks (mob spawners, cauldrons, beds, etc.) MC-39948 – Blocks / Items only different by data value are not listed separately in statistics MC-48522 – Ctrl + Pickblock on Flowerpot gives you the flower (+NBT) instead of the flower pot MC-50795 – CanDestroy and CanPlaceOn can be used with item ID's instead of the names MC-52036 – using testfor in execute command failure MC-53439 – The top block of a two-block plant temporarily becomes a peony/sunflower upon placing a block in the bottom MC-53448 – Sliders cannot be adjusted accurately (tested in customized world settings) MC-55592 – The wildcard * fits into wrong commands without error. MC-55710 – Relative tp from a vehicle applies dismount offset MC-55751 – Gamemode descriptions are off center MC-57332 – Number arguments in command have all int limitation MC-58556 – Breaking a block being moved by a piston creates missing texture particles MC-58809 – Scoreboard teams add "@e" doesn't work correctly MC-59511 – Tellraw has incomplete error message when key determining text to display is missing MC-59517 – TNT explode=true blockstate drops TNT item when fused by hit in survival mode MC-59610 – Cactus has full block hitbox MC-60117 – Upper slabs can't be placed when standing on a lower slab 2 blocks below MC-61821 – Digging Snow Layer yields one snow ball too much MC-62093 – Double plants get generated without bottom part MC-63714 – Zombie Pigmen get angry when hit in creative MC-63748 – Commands with incorrect syntax executed for multiple entities prints error message multiple times MC-63820 – Empty Flower Pot in Witch Hut MC-64455 – Translation missing for some blocks MC-64539 – Spreadplayers respectTeams and player arguments have no tab completion MC-64836 – Mobs "control" the minecart they are riding MC-64919 – You can place a block through T-intersection glass panes, iron bars and fences when standing inside of hitbox MC-65774 – Landing particles not showing when land on skulls MC-65983 – Mouse cursor moves off-window when accessing inventory (or item contents) MC-68446 – Some entities have missing translations string in the lang files MC-68809 – Held Item renders black when in a 1 x 1 shaft with torch in upper block MC-69042 – /summon coordinate syntax should be different MC-69822 – Command help strings and feedback say "player" when entities are applicable as well MC-69880 – /effect returns "cannot be found" for invalid entities MC-70010 – Double plants can be placed at and grow at y = 255 resulting in incomplete double plant MC-70188 – Some blocks cannot be placed facing a wall with /setblock or /fill + datavalues or block states MC-71401 – Tab list ignores initial display name of players MC-72634 – Lily Pad placement noise inconsistent MC-72943 – Game freeze after closing an "Open to LAN" single player world MC-73207 – Minecraft server list displays "Can't connect to server" on startup MC-73344 – "Moss Stone" is name incorrectly, it should be called "Mossy Cobblestone" MC-73495 – Commands saying item names use incorrect / wrong item names MC-73637 – Nether World Border Crash: Exception Ticking World MC-74231 – Flower pot's blockdata won't visually update MC-74703 – Redstone Ore does not produce particles on bottom side if not at height 0 MC-75193 – Target selectors don't work in server only commands MC-75279 – Cape physics while sprint-flying MC-75430 – Enderman held block not fully updated from old block id system MC-75940 – block log2 and leaves2 crash the game when set to certain data values MC-76044 – randomTickSpeed, spawnRadius, maxEntityCramming and maxCommandChainLength accept non-integer value MC-76312 – Testfor output doesn't show UUID or team colour MC-77488 – TAB player list sorts player names based on ASCII values instead of alphabetically MC-77570 – "and" doesn't get translated when listing entities MC-77600 – Command block pick block with NBT and sendCommandFeedback is bugged MC-78780 – /fill hollow and destroy calculates number of blocks incorrectly MC-78920 – Incorrect /gamerule syntax (typing only /gamerule doesn't return any error) MC-79255 – Using /trigger first time on player gives score of 0 but not displayed on scoreboard MC-80096 – Insufficient handling of Damage tag MC-80400 – Sizelimited entity selectors (@e with c=1,@r with type=!entity) in commands prefer players MC-80856 – Command syntax inconsistencies MC-80893 – Sender bias (c=1) applies when sender is not the closest entity to specified x/y/z origin MC-80928 – Player sits too ahead when riding a (skeleton/zombie) horse/donkey/mule MC-81746 – Falling block entities don't check for data values: converting sand to red sand MC-81806 – worldborder add allows size >= 0 while worldborder set only allows size >= 1 MC-83064 – Accumulated fall damage is not reset when levitation starts MC-84173 – Trapdoors get a redstone update when being pushed/pulled next to a power source, but not when being pushed/pulled away from it MC-86321 – Scoreboard players tag won't autofill/tab complete tag argument MC-86980 – Placing some blocks at position and side of any replaceable block isn't possible MC-87365 – Incorrect syntax for scoreboard players tag MC-87559 – Gamerule missing indicator for affected gamerule MC-87799 – /execute detect functions inconsistently with semi- (snow layer, grass path, soul sand, farmland) blocks MC-88230 – When feeding a tamed horse or llama with a golden apple/carrot or hay bale, the cursor moves to the right MC-88481 – '/worldborder set' allows small decimal numbers but does not display them correctly in chat MC-88674 – Growing cactus placed on blocks other than (red) sand drops two cacti instead of breaking MC-89428 – Rails update other rails before checking if they are in a valid location when moved by pistons MC-89634 – Spreadplayers favours the negative coordinates MC-90072 – Witch in boat can't throw splash potion MC-90174 – Carpet ghostblocks MC-90265 – UI Accounts For Significant FPS Reduction MC-90591 – Camera instantaneously changes position when elytra is deployed, rather than smoothly MC-92255 – Singleplayer freezes instead of kicking a player MC-92901 – End Crystals placed at high coordinates are placed with offset MC-93129 – Falling sand behaves incorrectly in lazy chunks MC-93468 – Water and lava flow affected by random ticks MC-93908 – Fireball only flies in 1 direction when hitting it by bow/snowball while running a /tp command MC-94027 – "carried" tag of Enderman reads value as string and short MC-94186 – BlockDragonEgg does not extend BlockFalling MC-94487 – Ravines don't naturally cut through sand, sandstone, or terracotta upon generation, but other cave types do. MC-96929 – /enchant command missing indicator for affected entity and enchanting MC-97355 – Lily pads placed on ice plays wrong sound MC-97952 – Enderdragon does not have a radii option MC-98123 – Saturation with an AreaEffectCloud MC-98244 – Same UUID infinite times possible + changing UUID possible via entitydata MC-98823 – tipped arrows do not have a stat.craftItem statistic MC-98928 – Snowballs launched from a boat destroyed instantly MC-99057 – Cannot place corner vines MC-99321 – Hoppers cannot pull items from double chests if second chest is blocked MC-99342 – Private bytes (RAM usage) rising drastically when game window is minimized MC-99434 – /worldborder damage command not giving any feedback with invalid argument MC-99748 – scoreboard teams join and leave not showing error message for missing player argument in command blocks MC-101113 – /playsound command is not validating arguments correctly MC-101135 – Confusing error message for relative coordinates with too high numbers MC-101232 – Big tree generator causes memory leak MC-101332 – Can use the FallingSand to go through the cobblestone wall(mossy) MC-102440 – Large oak trees not spawning or spawning abnormally in forest MC-102545 – There are 352 different flowerpots in the debug world. MC-102682 – Horseshoes and horse leg separated MC-103023 – Village house overlap MC-103035 – Dragon Egg doesn't create fallingdust particles MC-103744 – Misaligned text in world creation page for Unicode fonts MC-105050 – Some blocks are tracked in statistics/objectives for similar blocks despite having their own space to be tracked. MC-105591 – Flint and Steel loses durability and fire charge is used up even if no fire was placed MC-105820 – Relative decimal coordinates with block related commands are inconsistent MC-105832 – Torch doesn't work in one block space MC-105918 – Lose of item on kick while in anvil. MC-106024 – Fence Gate Does Not Update in_wall Block state When Placed By Command MC-106127 – Some blocks cannot be given certain block states MC-106387 – Lava doesn't decrease SKY light MC-106681 – Scoreboard teams leave doesn't work if first player fails MC-107145 – Entity kill stat objectives using old/incorrect entity names MC-107359 – You can replace loot tables and advancements, but not structure files MC-108749 – Mushrooms and Crops cause double plants to drop; leaves "head" of plant behind MC-108756 – Dungeons generating triple chests MC-108967 – "Selector '<selector>' found nothing" message is missing for /scoreboard teams join/leave MC-109591 – Detecting the block states not saved in meta data does not work MC-109659 – The observer only detected upgrade top of the door if opened/closed with energy (button, lever, etc.), but not with your hand. MC-109799 – Observer don't power when update and push by piston at the same time MC-110566 – Failed /scoreboard players operation can still give a score of 0 MC-110863 – Custom name of double chest is not set for both chests and is based on direction MC-111288 – Opening a singleplayer world shows 0% for a short moment MC-111341 – Plains village generating in desert MC-111472 – Game doesn't save anywhere that a chest is a double chest MC-111704 – You can input any value in [old block handling] of setblock and fill MC-112389 – Saturation Potions no longer work in 1.11 MC-112394 – Numeral ids can still be used in some commands MC-112693 – Scoreboard team colors use raw § formatting instead of text components MC-112742 – Name of unnamed villager is rendered with TeamColor instead of prefix and suffix of scoreboard team MC-112743 – Glowing outline and spectator GUI use prefix color instead of TeamColor MC-112891 – Falling block entity drops block with metadata of item dropped when block would be mined causing malformed drops MC-112929 – Beacon coloring issue MC-112974 – Hostile mob doesn't teleport correctly when overworld/nether is already loaded MC-112992 – Right clicking a command block minecart opens GUI and uses held item MC-113347 – Rails rotate when moved MC-113420 – Boats can be placed outside the worldborder MC-113577 – Mesa (Bryce) biome generates with seed of last world which generated the same biome before MC-113809 – Chorus Flower plant grows instantly when block below it is replaced with Endstone MC-113880 – Items of replaceable blocks appear to successfully replace the same block in the world even though they do not MC-113962 – Error message "Entity ... cannot be found" is shown when multiple entities match selector but only a single entity is expected MC-114243 – clone command syntax help is missing filtered case MC-114454 – Placing flowers in flower pots do not update the flower pot for nearby players MC-114553 – Alt-tab while in fullscreen = crash MC-114721 – title command treats invalid second argument as "title" MC-114722 – Projectiles collide with hitbox of block instead of with collision box MC-114953 – Setting title times to negative values acts like /time ... clear MC-114965 – Placed tripwire hook updates blocks around opposite facing tripwire hook on same axis MC-115059 – Narrator reads scoreboard team color codes in player names MC-115123 – Parrots keep moving their legs even if they are on shoulders MC-115270 – Can use /publish to host multiple LAN worlds MC-115322 – Updating string line in front of unattached tripwire hook that faces north or east updates blocks around the hook MC-115799 – Colored bed flickers red when placing/destroying MC-115913 – Attempting to fill an area with blocks consisting of multiple parts causes an unknown error MC-115957 – Advancements, loot tables, resource packs and world folders don't require lower case MC-116045 – banlist command treats any non "ips" argument as "players" MC-116254 – Players in Adventure mode can use some items even without CanPlaceOn tag MC-116580 – Iron trapdoors stay on after breaking power source, until updated MC-116758 – Enter/exit nether, server reports: <player> moved too quickly MC-117032 – "Done" button in statistics screen is offset MC-117166 – Corner stairs with torch/lever/button etc. doesn't cause block update when near destroyed support stair MC-117191 – Tab-completion list doesn't change when moving cursor with mouse MC-117705 – Cannot click in Creative search bar to change cursor position MC-117767 – gamerule command query feedback ignores gamerule sendCommandFeedback MC-117837 – Player placed leaves update when log block breaks MC-117932 – Bed particles cause Z-fighting MC-117933 – /clone command treats invalid optional arguments as if they were default MC-118019 – /execute does not center absolute horizontal integer coordinates on block MC-118037 – commandBlockOutput = false does not show command feedback of commands executed for player MC-118153 – Lava can only turn concrete powder into concrete when it falls into source block MC-118194 – Ladders can be placed on any block when used with stairs MC-118202 – iron bars,glass pane etc have incorrect selection hit box on corners MC-118221 – Vines cannot be placed below non-solid blocks MC-118308 – Narrator is toggled when typing in some text fields MC-118324 – One of magenta dye recipes is unlocked via getting Ink Sac MC-118346 – Blocks that will be replaced when another block will be placed on them do not work with CanPlaceOn tag MC-118408 – Torches and redstone torches cannot be placed on top of a Jack o'Lantern but can be placed on pumpkin MC-118416 – Recipe for bowl not unlocked until bowl or mushrooms are obtained MC-118565 – Four negative signs in a selector which only has the potential to select one entity will attempt to parse as a UUID and fail MC-118850 – Vines use opposite facing value when trying to spread in corners MC-119142 – You can't use multiple tags in a selector. MC-119741 – Relative directions in teleport are relative to player targets rather than executer. MC-120056 – Saving a structure to a sub folder fails if the folder does not exist yet MC-120296 – F3 + T doesn't reload the data in pack.mcmeta MC-120524 – Signs controled by command blocks with scoreboards will make other block entities in the same chunk disappear after respawning MC-120622 – Item loss with shift + click to fill up with picked up items MC-120709 – Lava and water updates do not resolve completely when random ticking is disabled MC-120747 – Stairs Change Hitbox While Moving (Piston) MC-120790 – Redstone lamps and wire update whether they are lit or not when setblocked, but no other blocks do MC-120911 – Can't place snow_layer in adventure mode MC-121233 – Tab-completing a function name (with a ton of available functions) kicks the player MC-121271 – Activator rails not updating MC-121719 – Enchantment GUI's book opening and closing animation is rendered at approximatly 20fps, even if actual framerate is higher MC-121742 – block states can't be used in /give, /clear and /replaceitem, but can be used in /setblock, /fill, /execute detect and /testforblock MC-121884 – Server->Client custom payload packets can leak resources MC-121889 – Animated Texture Interpolate causing crashes MC-121891 – Animated texture ignoring frames acting non-iteratively MC-122000 – Items get deleted when the inventory is overflowed by using the recipe b
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    1.13, also known as Update Aquatic, is an upcoming major update to Minecraft: Java Edition set to be released in Q2 2018. It will focus mainly on ocean content and technical features. This update was originally going to be released as two separate updates with 1.13, originally named Technically Updated, having the technical changes and 1.14, originally named Update Aquatic, having all the ocean features. The update was originally revealed during the MineCon Earth livestream on November 18, 2017. Additions Blocks Air variants cave_air and void_air. Both have the exact same properties as air. cave_air is generated in caves. void_air is used internally for blocks above (>255) and below (<0) the world, and in unloaded chunks. Blue ice Generates in icebergs. More slippery than ice and packed ice. Crafted using 9 packed ice. Bubble columns Created by magma blocks or soul sand in water at least 2 blocks deep. Magma blocks columns pull entities down: they will stop items from floating up in water and sink boats. Soul sand columns push entities up. Buttons, pressure plates and trapdoors Now have separate textures for all 6 types of wood. Carved pumpkin A new block that has the old pumpkin texture. Normal pumpkin blocks no longer have a face. Right-clicking a pumpkin block with shears will turn it into a carved pumpkin and make it spit out 4 pumpkin seeds. Conduit Crafted using 1 Heart of the Sea and 8 Nautilus Shells. Can be activated by placing prismarine, prismarine bricks and/or sea lanterns in 5x5 open squares around it. When active, will affect nearby players in water with the Conduit Power status effect. Conduit power stops the breath meter from running out, gives underwater night vision and increases mining speed. A complete structure will fully power the conduit. When active at full power, the range will increase and hostile mobs within 8 blocks will take damage. Emits a strong glow, at light level 15. Coral Comes in 5 different variants, each with a different color: tube (blue), brain (pink), bubble (purple), fire (red), horn (yellow). Can only be placed underwater. Naturally generates in coral reefs. Coral block Comes in the same 5 variants as coral: tube (blue), brain (pink), bubble (purple), fire (red), horn (yellow) Must be mined with a Silk Touch tool in order to drop itself, otherwise they drop dead coral. Each variant has a dead (gray) counterpart. Turns into a dead coral block if none of its six sides are touching water, although not instantly. Dead coral blocks cannot be revived. Like coral, it naturally generates in coral reefs. Coral fans Can be placed underwater on the side of blocks. Naturally generates on the sides of coral blocks in coral reefs. Dried kelp block Smelts 20 items when used as fuel in a furnace. Crafted from dried kelp, and can also be crafted back into dried kelp. Kelp Can only be placed underwater, requiring at least one water block above it. Can be placed on dry land by using the /setblock command. Generate in ocean biomes, except warm oceans. Can grow multiple blocks high. Have animated textures. Can be smelted into dry kelp. Prismarine stairs and slabs Both come in 3 variants: prismarine, dark prismarine, and prismarine bricks. Stairs can be crafted with 6 of their respective material. Slabs can be crafted with 3 of their respective material. Sea grass Like kelp, sea grass also comes in a tall variant. Sea grass also has animated textures. Sea grass generates in oceans, rivers, and swamplands. Can additionally be generated when using bone meal on any block underwater. Drops from turtles when killed. Sea pickles They generate in warm oceans, especially around coral reefs. Up to 4 of them can be placed on a block. Each one adds 3 to the light level, but only when placed underwater. Can be smelted into lime dye. Shulker Boxes Added a non-dyed shulker box. Stripped logs A smoother variant of logs. Created by right-clicking with an axe on a log. Act as regular logs, and can still be used to craft planks. Turtle eggs Created by breeding turtles. Stepping on turtle eggs will break them. Zombies and zombie pigmen will intentionally step on turtle eggs. After a while, they will be slightly cracked and later very cracked. Very cracked turtle eggs will eventually hatch into baby turtles. Items Arrow of Slow Falling Gives the player the Slow Falling status effect. Arrow of the Turtle Master Functions the same as the potion of the Turtle Master. Bark blocks Now have an item form and appear in the creative inventory This is true for all 6 types They can now be crafted. 4 logs in a square yield 3 bark. Buried treasure exploration maps Found in underwater ruins chests. Leads the player to buried treasure. Debug stick A technical item used to cycle between different block states. Left clicking cycles through states; right clicking cycles through values. Shift clicking will cycle through the states or values in reverse order. Dried kelp Obtained from smelting kelp Can be eaten, restoring 1 () hunger point. Can also be crafted into dried kelp blocks Fish buckets Come in 4 variants: cod, salmon, puffer fish, and tropical fish buckets Obtained by using a water bucket on a fish mob When used, it will place a water source block and spawn the corresponding fish inside it. Heart of the Sea Used to craft conduits. Not available currently in Survival. Kelp Kelp can be used to place a kelp plant underwater. Kelp can be dried in a furnace to create dried kelp. Mushroom blocks Now appear in the creative inventory Mushroom stems Have an item form and appear in the creative inventory Nautilus Shell Used to craft conduits. Can be obtained by fishing. Drowned can spawn holding a nautilus shell. Petrified oak slab Now has a model Is the old wood slab that acts like a stone slab. Phantom membrane Dropped by phantoms Used to repair elytra Can be brewed into potions of Slow Falling Potion of Slow Falling Brewed with phantom membrane Gives the player the Slow Falling status effect for 1:30 Prevents all fall damage. Makes the player fall slower. Prevents the player from trampling crops (even when jumping on top of them). Brewing it with redstone dust will extend the effect duration to 4 minutes. Like all potions, can be turned into splash potion and lingering potion, using gunpowder and dragon's breath. Potion of the Turtle Master Will give Slowness IV and Resistance III for 1 minute. Brewing it with redstone dust will extend the effect duration to 3 minutes. Brewing it with glowstone dust will enhance the effects to Slowness VI and Resistance IV. Like all potions, can be turned into splash potion and lingering potion, using gunpowder and dragon's breath. Scutes Dropped when baby turtles grow up. Can be used to craft turtle shells. Smooth quartz, smooth red sandstone, smooth sandstone, and smooth stone Like bark, they now have an item form, which appears in the creative inventory Spawn eggs Drowned spawn egg Spawns the drowned mob Blue with olive dots Phantom spawn egg Spawns the phantom mob Black with green dots. Dolphin spawn egg Spawns the dolphin mob Navy blue with light gray dots. Turtle spawn egg Spawns the turtle mob White with cyan dots. Cod spawn egg Spawns the cod fish mob Brown with darker brown dots Salmon spawn egg Spawns the salmon fish mob Red with dark blue dots Puffer fish spawn egg Spawns the puffer fish mob Orange with blue dots Tropical fish spawn egg Spawns the tropical fish mob Orange with silver dots Trident A weapon Can be thrown by using it, or be used as a melee weapon by attacking, dealing 9 () damage. Obtainable by killing drowned Turtle shells Crafted from scutes Can be used as a helmet, adding 2 armor points. While equipped and out of water, it will give the player the Water Breathing effect for 10 seconds, essentially giving the player 10 extra second of breath underwater. Can be used to brew the potion of the Turtle Master from an awkward potion. Mobs Dolphins Spawn in any ocean that isn't frozen. Neutral mobs. Like wolves and zombie pigmen, dolphins will attack in groups if one is angered. Can be fed using raw cod, but they don't breed. Drop cod on death. Play with nearby items by picking them up and dropping them after a very short moment. Occasionally jumps out of water like real-life dolphins. Can also jump between disconnected bodies of water. Chase after boats and jump over water surfaces. They suffocate after spending too much time on land, despite having lungs Drowned Spawn in all oceans and rivers, as well as in underwater ruins Zombies will morph into drowned after a while if they are in water. Drowned can spawn with tridents and nautilus shells, allowing you to get them in survival. Do not float, but can swim (although they prefer to walk). All drowned have a melee attack, and ones with tridents have a ranged attack Like zombies, drowned will attack baby turtles and stomp on and destroy turtle eggs Fish mobs Cod Spawn in cold, normal, and lukewarm ocean biomes. Form groups of up to 9. Salmon Spawn in frozen ocean, cold ocean and river biomes. Form groups of up to 6. Puffer Fish Spawn in lukewarm and warm ocean biomes. Inflate themselves when a player gets near. Will cause 7 seconds of Poison to nearby players. Tropical Fish Spawn in lukewarm and warm ocean biomes Come in 14 different colors and patterns They drop themselves when killed, except for tropical fish, which drop clownfish. Outside of water, they flop around before suffocating. They will slowly flop towards a water source. They can be caught with a water bucket. Phantom (Mob B) Was voted in by viewers of MineCon Earth[2] Spawns at high altitudes, and swoops down in groups of around 3 or 4 to attack players that have not slept in a long time.[2] The player must be above sea level Spawn in the Overworld, sometimes in groups of up to four. Attack players who haven't slept in a while. Are considered to be undead mobs This means that they are harmed by Healing potions, healed by Harming potions, ignored by the Wither, and affected by Smite enchantment Will burn when exposed to sunlight Drops 0-1 phantom membrane. Turtle Water mobs which will make nests comprised of eggs on shorelines throughout various biomes. They will have a baby variant, which will hatch from the eggs, and move into the water when born. Can be bred using sea grass. Spawns on warm beaches (in plains, jungles, swamps, deserts, mesas and savannahs), in groups of 1-5. This is temporary. Will lay eggs in their home beach. Drops 0-2 sea grass upon death. Drops 0-1 bowl when killed with a trident enchanted with Channeling. You can craft scutes into a bigger turtle shell. World generation Biomes Added minecraft:sky_island_low (The End - Floating Islands), minecraft:sky_island_medium (The End - Medium island), minecraft:sky_island_high (The End - High island), and minecraft:sky_island_barren (The End - Barren island). All 4 generate in different parts of the outer islands of the End, which previously just used the "The End" biome. Added minecraft:warm_ocean (Warm Ocean), minecraft:lukewarm_ocean (Lukewarm Ocean), minecraft:cold_ocean (Cold Ocean), minecraft:warm_deep_ocean (Warm Deep Ocean), minecraft:lukewarm_deep_ocean (Deep Lukewarm Ocean), minecraft:cold_deep_ocean (Deep Cold Ocean), and minecraft:frozen_deep_ocean (Deep Frozen Ocean), although warm deep oceans don't naturally generate. minecraft:frozen_ocean (Frozen Ocean) now generates again. Buffet New world type: can be created by selecting Buffet World as a world type. Creates single-biome worlds. Another way to generate chunks is available. Allows choosing between Overworld and End terrain generation. Buried treasure Has its own buried_treasure loot table. Maps found in underwater ruins can lead you to them. Coral reefs Generate in warm ocean biomes. Are composed of coral and coral plants This allows coral to generate naturally Icebergs Generate on frozen oceans. Shipwrecks Can be found in oceans and beaches. Contain 1–3 loot chests containing different types of loot depending on the ship. Can generate upright, sideways or upside down. Underwater caves Can come in many variants, including ravines Underwater ravines will often contain magma blocks at the bottom, which will create bubble columns Underwater ruins Come in many different shapes and sizes. Cold ruins can be found in cold and frozen ocean biomes - regardless of depth. Warm ruins can be found in warm, lukewarm, and deep lukewarm ocean biomes. Can generate alone or as part of a big ruined village. Can also generate out of the water. Slightly underground or slightly above sea level. Gameplay Enchantments Channeling Only has one level. Used on tridents to summon a lightning bolt on impact with a mob during storms. Requires the target mob to be directly under an open sky and in a biome where it is raining. Impaling Goes up to level V. Used on tridents to deal more damage to sea creatures. Loyalty Goes up to level III. Used on tridents to make it return when thrown. Riptide Goes up to level III. Not compatible with Loyalty or Channeling Used on tridents to launch the player when thrown while in water or rain. Riptide will not throw the trident, but instead launch you forwards If the player is not in water and it is not raining, the player is no longer able to throw tridents enchanted with Riptide, but they still deal melee damage Players display a spinning animation when dashing Map markers Added the ability to put markers on maps. Right click on a banner with a map to add it to the map. Right click on the same banner again to remove it. That map will show the base color of the banner at that spot. Named banners will show their name on the map. If a banner is destroyed, it will disappear when you get close while holding the map. Uses the new banners nbt for maps. Movement When sprinting while in water, the player will now swim on the surface. Much faster than walking/running in water before. Pressing shift causes the player to rapidly dive down. Sprinting at the surface of water doesn't make you swim, instead you stay at the same altitude constantly. The players hitbox is only as large as 0.6×0.6 blocks (same as while flying with an elytra) while swimming. Vertically and horizontally, the player can fit through a one block gap like this. Command format General A command UI when typing commands in the chat. Different components of commands will be displayed in different colors. Errors will be displayed in red without having to run the command. Added command suggestions for entity selectors. An nbt argument in target selectors. A new command parsing library known as brigadier. Coordinates Added a new local coordinate type in commands using ^. When specifying coordinates in a command, you can now use ^ to specify local coordinates instead of world coordinates. The axes used for local coordinates are relative to the execution rotation, defaulting to 0,0 (south). Like world coordinates, they are by default measured from the base of an entity. The syntax is: ^left ^up ^forwards left/up/forwards is the amount of blocks in the specified direction. Specific commands /data A command that allows the player to get, merge, and remove entity and block nbt data /data get block <pos> [<path>] [<scale>] Will return the NBT data from the block at pos. A path can be specified to only retrieve that nbt data. Numeric values will be set as the result of the command, strings will set set the length of the string as the result, lists will set the number of elements in the list as the result, and compounds will set the number of tags that are directly in that compound as the result. An optional scale can be provided to scale the number retrieved. /data get entity <target> [<path>] [<scale>] Will return the NBT data from one target entity. A path can be specified to only retrieve that nbt data. Numeric values will be set as the result of the command, strings will set set the length of the string as the result, lists will set the number of elements in the list as the result, and compounds will set the number of tags that are directly in that compound as the result. An optional scale can be provided to scale the number retrieved. /data merge block <pos> <nbt> Will merge the block nbt data at pos with the specified nbt data. /data merge entity <target> <nbt> Will merge the entity nbt data from target with the specified nbt data. Merging player nbt data is not allowed. /data remove block <pos> <path> Will remove nbt data at path from the block at pos. /data remove entity <target> <path> Will remove nbt data at path from one target entity. Removing player nbt data is not allowed. Data paths look like this: foo.bar[0]."A [crazy name]".baz. foo.bar means foo's child called bar. foo[0] means element 0 of foo. "quoted strings" may be used if a name of a key needs to be escaped. Examples of old commands: /entitydata <target> {} is now /data get entity <target> /blockdata <pos> <nbt> is now /data merge block <pos> <nbt> Examples of new functionalities: /data get entity @e[type=pig,limit=1] Saddle 2 /data remove block 17 45 34 Items /datapack A command to control loaded data packs. Has the following subcommands: enable <name> - will enable the specific pack. disable <name> - will disable the specific pack. list [available|enabled] - will list all data packs, or only the available/enabled ones. Data packs are enabled by default, but if you disable it you can re-enable it with these commands: enable <name> - will enable the specific pack, putting it in its default position. enable <name> first - will enable the specific pack, putting it before any other pack (lowest priority) enable <name> last - will enable the specific pack, putting it after any other pack (highest priority) enable <name> before <existing> - will enable the specific pack, putting it before (lower priority) <existing> pack enable <name> after <existing> - will enable the specific pack, putting it after (higher priority) <existing> pack /bossbar /bossbar create <id> <name> will create a boss bar. id is used to target the boss bar and is in the form namespace:name, for example: foo:bar. If no namespace is specified it defaults to minecraft. name is the display name of the boss bar and only accepts a JSON text component. /bossbar set <id> name <name> will change the name of the boss bar. /bossbar set <id> color <color> will change the color of the text (if no color was specified as part of a text component) and the boss bar, defaults to white. /bossbar set <id> style <style> will change the style of the boss bar, defaults to progress. Available options are: notched_6, notched_10, notched_12, notched_20, and progress. notched will set the amount of segments. progress will set the amount of segments to 1. /bossbar set <id> value <value> will change the current value of the boss bar, defaults to 0. /bossbar set <id> max <max> will change the maximum value of the boss bar, defaults to 100. /bossbar set <id> visible <visible> will change the visibility of the boss bar, defaults to true /bossbar set <id> players <players> will change which players can see the boss bar, defaults to none. /bossbar remove <id> will remove the boss bar. /bossbar list will display a list of created boss bars. /bossbar get <id> (max|players|value|visible) will return the requested setting as a result of the command. /locate Added a clickable teleport link to the command output. /teleport Added facing. /teleport [<targets>] (<location>|<destination>) facing (<facingEntity>|<facingLocation>) Will rotate an entity to face either an entity or a location. /time Added noon and midnight to /time set. General Advancements Added 4 new advancements Fishy Business: Catch a fish Tactical fishing: Catch a fish... without a fishing rod! A Throwaway Joke: Throw a trident at something. Very Very Frightening: Strike a Villager with lightning Added three new advancement triggers minecraft:fishing_rod_hooked triggers when a player reels in an item or entity. minecraft:channeled_lightning triggers when a player uses the channeling enchantment to strike a mob. minecraft:filled_bucket triggers when a player fills a bucket. Data packs Like resource packs, but for loot tables, advancements, functions, structures, recipes and tags. Used by placing them into the datapacks folder of a world. Data packs are .zip files or folders, with a pack.mcmeta in the root. See: Tutorials/Creating a resource pack#pack.mcmeta. The packs are located in (world)/datapacks/. Structures will load from (world)/generated/structures/(namespace)/(file).nbt before checking data packs. However, this directory should not be used to distribute structures. Instead, move these files into data packs. Reloadable using /reload. Structure: pack.mcmeta, data folder containing a namespace folder determining the namespace of its contents A namespace should only contain the following symbols: 0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-_ Inside the namespace folder, there can be folders for functions, loot_tables, advancements, structures, recipes and tags. Death Messages Added a death message for when the player is blown up by a bed in the nether or end. <player> was killed by [Intentional Game Design] Clicking on "[Intentional Game Design]" opens a link to MCPE-28723. Added a death message for when a mob/player pushes someone into the void or when someone uses /kill after being attacked by a mob/player. <player> didn't want to live in the same world as <killer> Added a death message for when the player is killed by somebody using a trident <player> was impaled by <killer> Debug screen F3+C will now copy your current location to clipboard Now gives a warning before forcing a debug crash. Loot tables Added the set_name function to loot tables.
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