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    Ask The Challenger

    So firstly why am I making this post? I get messaged on discord a lot with all kinds of questions related to league or people will join my room on discord to ask questions. I don't have an issue with this at all, however the one thing that does become annoying are the same questions that get asked more than once. Now the reason why I am making this post. This is a post for the ADK community's league players that are keen to improve and climb higher in ranks, A place to ask all kinds of league questions whether it's champion specific, how to change mentality, item builds, scenarios from your solo Q games, improving on a role, ETC. I will be paying close attention to this post over the preseason as I have no scrims or tournaments until next year, checking it daily. After awhile ill look back at the types of questions I get and look into making guides or post on popular topics. For example if I get a lot of jungler style questions i will look on making a jungler guide made and tailored to the ADK community. A little bit about myself so you know you can trust my answers. I first hit challenger back in season 3 when only 50 people could be placed challenger. The following season i managed to maintain 3 accounts top 100 of challenger which is what helped me join my first pro team n!faculty. After a few teams I received an offer from Copenhagen wolves where we made it playoffs, right at this time I received a competitive suspension from riot and had to step down to a sub role. (You can find info on all my past teams and team mates off a wiki in case anyone is interested) Thanks, Huskay
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    Official ADK League Club (NA)

    Hi everyone, I would like to make a fresh post for the ADK Club for league of legends. For reference the "club" is a group you can join in the client, that comes with a chat, and in-game tag. More information can be found here: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/league-less-lonely-launching-clubs We use the club to get games together, and call attention to weekly inhouses. ♦ Must be an ADK member ♦ ♦ Needs to be your main account ♦ ♦ One account per member ♦ ♦ No advertising other communities in the club chat ♦ ♦ General ADK rules do apply to the chat as well ♦ ♦ Post a reply on this post with your IGN ♦ ♦ A staff member will reply to you as soon as possible ♦ 1. ADK VinasSol 2. ADK AOBLXIX 3. Seegull 4. CherryCrush65 5. Kaylon 6. NarwhalNightmare 7. Pinkdood 8. settleflame 9. Shadowst3p9 10. TheReals 11. 7highstraight 12. ADK Serenity 13. ADK Tommycats 14. B3mo 15. Bobby1032 16. BookD20 17. Ceroloth 18. EG Shy 19. ErichanJewel 20. EUW Husky 21. GERNERALSTEEL 22. KeezyEnraged 23. LeeSinful 24. Mercer Hav3n 25. Omegakemoe 26. Omg Its Kemp 27 Rtz (feisty) 28. SecretLifeofG23 29. Shadraex 30. Starfirezz 31. Tagond 32. thereaperwolf 33. Tuhndra 34. Verdictor 35. Pelky This will be updated when needed
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    League of Legends requirements ?

    Hey everyone, so after searching for an active and friendly gaming community to join I finally came across you guys which I'm really interested in joining, however I just have two concerns: 1: I want to apply for League of legends, is there any mandatory practices or events I would need to join ? 2: Are there any other requirements besides being active in discord and forums ? I only ask because while being active on Discord/forums isn't an issue for me I do work weekends so its been an issue trying to join other communities because I cant attend their mandatory events.
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