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    Overwatch 50% off until 11/27!

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    Overwatch 50% off until 11/27!

    Desperately trying to not purchase a second account =X
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    Y3K Daniel

    =ADK= TF2 Community Event!

    Ill likely be there if I havent fallen asleep, 2am and all... All 3 of our servers are available, add them to your favourites: creeper.ca.adkgamers.com:27025 creeper.ca.adkgamers.com:27035 creeper.ca.adkgamers.com:27045 Damn it, now I have gone and broke my streak of not posting!
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    =ADK= TF2 Community Event!

    I vote for at least one round of Heavy Boxing League
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    =ADK= TF2 Community Event!

    should be there as well, maybe. Depends on plans with co-workers.
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