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    WE GET DOUBLE XP THAT MEANS EASY LOOT BOXES This weekend, June 8-12 Come join us in the OW section! The bonus applies to: Time in match. Completing a match. Completing multiple matches in a row. Winning. Back filing a match. Getting medals. Come play with us and get some ranks up!
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    Umm Ranked ?

    im getting back into league after a long break, feel free to add me. iGN is Patsheek
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    Ideas For In-Houses!

    I have a few additions. Note that the 3rd and 4th mode can't be played until PTR goes live. ===================== It's Hammer Time! (revised) Control Center Game Mode Heroes Available Reinhardt Torbjorn Modified Stats All 130% Movement Speed Torbjorn Armor Pack Off 200% Damage Dealt Weapons Enabled: Forge Hammer Only ===================== Seizure Warning Control Center Game Mode Heroes Available - McCree 50% Respawn Time Scalar Spawn Health Packs Disabled Modified Stats McCree 50% Combat Roll Cooldown Time 150% Movement Speed No Ammunition Requirement On Primary Fire Off ===================== Dance of the Sugar Plum Roadhogs Control Center Game Mode Heroes Available - Roadhog Modified Stats 25% Player Gravity 150% Jump Vertical Speed Chain Hook - 62% Cooldown Time ===================== Air War - Low Gravity Edition Elimination Game Mode Heroes Available Genji Bastion D. Va Lucio Modified Stats All 25% Player Gravity 130% Projectile Speed Bastion 170% Jump Vertical Speed D. Va 130% Damage Dealt 90% Damage Received 75% Health Maps: Ilios Ruins Nepal Village Oasis City Center
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    Recruitment Changes and Updates We've decided to change things up a bit here in the Recruitment section. Our recruitment structure has been the same for a while and we believe that changing some things will improve the pace of how we do things. In our eyes, the things we have changed are going to make the section run smoother as well as make it easier for people to apply and become an official ADK member. Membership Requirements and Application As you all know, the requirements have been 5 posts, 1 introduction thread, and a referral from either 1 ADK staff member or 5 Members. We are going to be changing over to only requiring an introduction thread and 10 posts, and to have joined discord. We think that by making this change it will allow more members to get accepted into the community who don't always have time to hop into discord or chat with game staff when they're on. The changes we have made on the application are to help make it easier to apply for membership. We have removed some parts from it because we thought that it was too long and that some of the questions were redundant. Removing these questions will make the application shorter and avoid confusions people may have had with the application. Here are the new requirements: Total of 10 Forum Posts Introduction Post Join Discord Recruitment Staff Application Requirements and Application For awhile one of the requirements to be recruitment staff has been 50+ posts and to be active on forums. Having such a high post count deters people from wanting to become a recruiter because they don't know how to reach the post count, and don't want to stay active on the forums because they think they might not get the job. We have lowered the post count from 50 to 30 hoping that it is a more obtainable goal for someone to reach who wants to become a recruiter. The recruitment staff application was changed slightly because some things were worded oddly or were unnecessary. I hope that more people will be willing to apply to be part of recruitment staff. We're always in need of recruiters as recruiters are the base of ADK. We are the ones accepting members and actively trying to bring them into the community. Everything should currently be up to date, but if you see anything that is still outdated or incorrect please let a recruiter or myself know so that we can get that taken care of.
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    Did you always want to be as fast as a Raptor, fly as high as a Quetzal, be as strong as a Giganotosaurus or explore the bottom of the ocean as a Mosasaur, then this is the mod you want! This month on the ADK Ark Mod Showcase Server we are hosting the"Play as Dino" Mod! By playing this mod you will learn how it is to be a dinosaur. You will be able to play as over 80 different dinosaurs, including water and flying dino's! In this mod you can fight other dinos, or even build your own pack!
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    =ADK= Battlefield 1 Server Finally after long time waiting from DICE to give us something that we may get members from and something that we will really use has come . Since the game released we were not able to rent any server at all for BF1, the reason for that is the resources that we need in the game to control the server player behave just like "Kicking,Banning...etc" , But finally they have gave us something will help us out to manage the server . After We "BF staff" talked about how many servers we want to our community , we decided to go with one for now and in the future we can bring more and more . In the coming screenshot you will see our server settings and the name of it , Please Add the server to your Favorite list and kind help us populating it when you are free . Note : Cause i live in the Middle East for sure i will have that ping , you will get less that's for sure . Please tell your friends about it and join us in the server so we can have great times , And make sure to join our OFFICIAL ADK Platoon , You can visit the bellow link to see how . See you guys in the field .
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