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    My Introduction M8

    Well...I'm Seán and decided to make an account on the forum/website and I usually hang around with Killik, Noobslayer, or TerribleChild since they're the ones who introduced me to this community and they know me personally. During my everyday life I do a lot of outdoor activities like camping or climbing, but when I'm not outside I'm gaming on my computer. I don't consider myself a very interesting person but others seem to...so I'll leave that up to you..If you happen to add me on steam and see my profile yes I have VAC bans from my past that are over 1135 days old. I tend to waste away my life playing FPS titles as they are the ones that suit me the most. Although I did like Assassin's Creed as I was growing up. Also I've used/gone by Epsilon since 2006 roughly. Back to non gaming things: I like climbing quite a bit and do it in my spare time, I've gone Urban Exploring (I want to go Urban Climbing), Skydiving, and I do abstract doodles as well as things in photoshop. If any of you do that personality test thing mine is INTJ-A. Well..see you all around sometime
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    Introducing Myself

    I have a brother that goes by Daviejones31, Lucky332, or just the simple name Davis. He's an ADK member in this group and he’s apart of the H1Z1 group. I would like to join this group and prove my worth. The games I have are just basic, ARK: Survival Evolved as well as the hunger games version “Survival of the fittest”, also I have ARMA 3 but without the APEX DLC, I also have H1Z1 but not the "King of the Kill" version. As well as I have GTA V. Those are the multiplayer type games I play but I also play other basic games like Mount and Blade: Warbands, Warthunder and Heroes and Generals. I have been in many gaming communities in the past, so I know the discipline that is needed to be in this group, also I know that there normally isn’t messing around unless the leader in charge authorizes it. When it comes to actually playing though, in ARMA 3 I am normally the man in the vehicle or the guy that's further away than anybody else, since my computer goes down to 30 frames/second and can’t deal with combat right up in the face. I’m also a great medic when it comes to games like ARMA 3 or the pack mule, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any skill with a gun, if my computer was stronger, than I’d normally be more of the tank type of person, but my PC’s taken a toll on that. On H1Z1, I’m normally good with a shotgun, or a sniper, but semi-automatic weapons just aren’t my game unless there's not a lot of recoil. When it comes to ARK, trust me on being the guy with the sniper and definitely not the guy with the pike, I love ranged weapons more that being right up in the creature's face. GTA V, my computer runs fast with this program and normally people hate me in GTA V because I’m a great hit-man. But in this game, snipers aren’t my best because I don’t like the sights. Overall this is my gaming capacity and I think personally that I’m very good at gaming. Times when I come online is normally around 4:30pm US time, specifically Colorado time and I then leave at 9:00pm at night, but that's only on weekdays, on weekends I’ll be on from 1:30pm usually to 11pm. This is the deciding point on where you start to think about maybe letting me join and what I’m going to say next is going to throw you off, but please, take a chance. I am aged 14, but I am just as mature in gaming communities more than the average 16 year old. Also I try to be the quiet type and only respond when spoken directly to, otherwise I’ll just nod and understand without saying anything. I know these are just games and when it does require it, I can be fun, but when it comes to staying on the mission/objective, I’ll always be there. Thanks, Jayko (Beck)
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    Hey everyone, so I am Brewer. I have graduated from Basic Military Training with the United States Air Force, and now I am back after taking a year off from the community to prepare my self physically and mentally for this role I now play in life. Gladly I am back so I wanted to do a new introduction for my self. So I am Airman Basic Brewer, soon to be Airman 1st Class in the next month or two. I am currently in Technical Training at Keesler, AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. I will graduate as a successful Cyber Systems Operator 3D032 hopefully by January. I do have to take and pass CompTIA's Security + Exam so that will be interesting. I will be doing a crap load of studying so you probably see me on discord and in the forums as I study just keeping an open mind and learning. On the weekends only expect to see me early of the morning or late at night due to spending time off base with friends so I can not swamp my self in study material. I hope to make a bigger spot for my self in ADK once again, I used to be a DayZ admin back in ArmA 2. Anyways so I am Brewer, 18yrs old, good looking , plan to go army later in life and be on the front lines. Thanks
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    Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    Can't wait! Took time off work for release lol
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