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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    Final Goodbye.

    So here we go. Many if not most of you will not know who I am, (I've been on leave for almost a year) but to those who do I want them to know that as of this post I am handing in my tags as an ADK member. Here are my reasons, they are not meant to throw shade or sound aggressive, but ADK has generated enough respect from me that I need to give them an explanation as to why I'm leaving. This community is not the ADK I joined three and a half years ago. There was once a time where we were a mature adult gaming community, a time when you had to prove that you were a competent person who wasn't going to get hurt the first time someone teased them. That time is long gone. Values were shadowed in the mad rush from recruitment and leaders were pressured to accept new members not because of how they meshed with the community but how many posts they had. If you didn't recruit enough members to your section, obviously you weren't a good leader. We became so focused on growing our numbers and trying to please everyone that we forgot what attracted ADK's veteran members in the first place. Make no mistake, I've had a fantastic time with ADK over the past few years, I would never deny that and I don't wish for this post to take away from those years. Being able to lead Planetside 2, Minecraft, and News was a great experience. It's been a pleasure to call ADK my hope for this long. At this point I'm not leaving for anywhere, maybe just back to focusing on my life. Not going to mention anyone because one thing has never changed in ADK, news travels faster than an auto-admin ban. If you want to comment on this at all, please PM me instead of making a big deal about it in the comments. -Phire PS2 Outfit shit Public Relations Nonsense Writing and Stuff Minecraft omfg so excited Omg did I just hear a girl talk? Official Sarcasm HQ
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    So uh... I never actually thought I would make this post, but... here I am. In November of 2012, I stumbled upon ADK's Battlefield 3 '24/7 Operation Metro - No Explosives' server. I fell in love with the server, applied for ADK, and was accepted soon after. I was a little nervous about being in a large community of gamers, and felt like the new kid at school. If I remember correctly, I would join the ADK Teamspeak, join a Battlefield channel, and not say anything. I tried to lurk, but people kept talking to me, and I eventually got comfortable. I started speaking with people a lot, and began to make friends. It felt like I had found a family and a home. With all of the great times I had, and all the amazing people I met during my time in ADK, I was one hundred percent sure that ADK would always be my home; I would never leave this community, my friends would never leave, and ADK would never fail. However, ADK is no longer what it was when I joined. In almost the four years since I've been here, the community has immensely changed. There is no longer a lighthearted feeling to the community, rather a serious tone. In regard to recent events, it is time for me to bid farewell to this community. The majority of my friends have left, and I no longer have a desire to remain within this community. Thanks for the good times.
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    Common Courtesy

    As ARK has become much more popular lately if like to post some common courtesy things that may be new to some of our player base. This isn't directed at anyone, I just wanted to make sure we have some expectations set forth that everyone can reference. As we run a PvE server, the tribes can become quite large. As part of working with others communication is key. Letting other people know what is going on, through voice, notes, or chat can help people coordinate much better. Most people don't mind if others use their Dinos, or even their body as a mule, but check with the owner. If you do borrow something, put it back in the same condition as you found it. Unless someone has told you it's ok to level their Dino, please don't do it. You should also not put other people's dinosaurs into dangerous situations. If something happens to someone else's Dino/body/gear, let them know. If nothing else put a note on their body. If you see someone who disconnected outside or maybe glitches through a wall, put them in a safe spot. If you use a large amount of resources, check to make sure someone isn't stockpiling something for a reason, and the make arrangements to replace it. If someone can't log in for a while, do them a favor and check in their Dinos or base. If the farmer gets busy with real life things, someone should make sure the crops are fertilized, etc. If you can't log on, communicate to the tribe or group and ASK them to help out. Don't make assumptions. If you press J in a town, put all the Dinosaurs back as best you can. Don't park in walkways or where the Dino is glitching into someone else's building. Park your Dinos, and put gear away. Organized bases are easier to work in.
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    I just got done talking about this type of thing in a PM. We will always have Noshar Canals with M20 smoke. <3
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    leaving ADK

    @Silent166 get the fuck outta here? whatchoo mean you're "leaving"? Like real life I gotta go do shit can't be around any more . . . .or just detag'n and step'n back from the stuff? cause the later ok, its normal. . . but the first? nah man, you can't just go poof You and a few others probably know me better than most. . . .its because you're a real person, that invests into whats in front of him, even over the interwebz. That's REAL man, you can't fake that. . . . Like laith said dude, some people sit in that "brother" category. . . .and we've proven it, played like brothers - fought like brothers - stood like brothers and made amends, concessions and sometimes just agree'n to disagree but ALWAYS play'n in the end like brothers. . . . that's a rarity even in this crowded fuck of a world we live in yo~ So even if its a situation where you just aren't goin to be around either by choice or mandate, know that your brothers in more than just gaming are out here. . . . what ever you might need man; some place to vent, seek advice, just hang out doesn't matter man I'm snug and here in 303 got you covered!
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    I finally home! My ship pulled into San Diego Monday at 9am local time! I have been home just resting for the last 2 days. Anyways, I hope to see you all in game soon!
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    The server will be online on March 11th, 2016 and we'd love to have you and your friends join us! There's just a short form that you need to submit so we can make sure that we get everyone the keys they deserve. We are really looking forward to this venture with our own H1Z1: Just Survive server, and know that it's going to be one of the best out there all because of YOU, the players that will be joining the server. As mentioned before it's a simple application process, there will be a link below that will take you directly to the form. (You must be signed in to be able to see and submit the form.) If your friends want to join as well, just tell them to stop by the website and sign up. We do need everyone to submit their own form to make sure that the correct codes are given to the appropriate people. Click Here To Fill Out Your H1Z1 Form We look forward to seeing all of you in the server, and make sure to spread the word! We'll be giving away some =ADK= Swag and Steam Cash to some random folks who are spreading the word on Social Media and tagging ADK when doing it. Twitter - ADKGamers Facebook - ADKGamers Instagram - ADKGamers Don't forget to JUST SURVIVE and Have Fun while doing it!
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    FTB Build off event!

    The Minecraft Staff is hosting an event on our FTB Infinity Server This will be a build off event and will last for one month Meaning you have one month to build your creation! Your creation must be a castle and it must contain the following aspects - It must have a mote - It must have a dungeon ( torture/jail) room - It must contain an armory room - It must have a throne room - It must be atleast 4 stories tall - It must have a watch tower - It must have atleast one turret - It must have a court yard with a fountain - It must have a bridge ( ie Drawbridge) Open or closed It does not need to be moving.. But if you find away to make it move all the better! - Please include banners and flags This event will begin on Friday September 16 at Noon CST and end on Sunday October 16 at Noon CST Anyone caught building their creation prior to the start date will be disqualified. You may build your castle anywhere you like Please keep in mind not to interfer with anyones base or game! Judging will be done by Jaden and myself! We are not asking you to use your own resources for this build off.. We will supply all the materials you need. Seek out Jaden or myself and we will get you set up! Noone should be asking prior to September 16th. Prizes!?!?! Oh Yes there will be prizes! 1st Place will recieve a $25 Steam gift card 2nd Place will recieve an ADK Tshirt of their choice ( $20 limit ) 3rd Place will recieve an ADK Mouse pad Please remember after you finish your completed castle with all the compenants required to add a sign with your IGN so We know Who's is Who's! Since Jaden and I will be the ones judging this event Im opening it up for all advisers to participate! Im really looking forward to this event! I cant wait to see how creative you can be! Also anyone caught using a program or the like to make your creation will be disqualified.. It is however ok to use a picture of a castle and get ideas from that! Free your mind and build!
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    I wandered into your servers a while ago to ask for forgiveness for frag-rounding the crap out of some people in Metro accidently.   You guys and gals were nice so I came back and now here we are.   Some things about me *:   1. I like shooting people in video games, bonus points if their name starts with 'Jacknife'.  2. I'm a very good cook.   3. I've jumped out of perfectly good airplanes.  4. I know the truth about Avocados - they're compressed, green pond scum.  5. I once got Jack's tags.  They were delicious.  7. I prevented a murder.  8. My lottery system works - I will share the secret with you for a mere $29.99 plus tax**  9. I work for an intelligence agency.  10. I have the following pets:  a lizard, named Fred, one small dog: Sasha, and at least once during the summer, lots of ants.  11. I want to be MrsVirtue when I grow up.   Thanks and hope to shoot you all in game -   Shilea   * not all statements are true ** your results may vary    
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    Dang man. Long time. Hope to see you on the other side man. Agreed with some of the sentiments. Cheers. Keep in touch, skype:steelix4532.
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    Final Goodbye.

    Much agreed. Times have changed here. :/
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    Welcome home! Been following the ships page on facebook, glad to have you back!
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    It was fun

    Thanks Fuz for all you did. With out you, i am not sure that H1Z1 would have ever come to this Community. Not only that but other things too. Hope to see you around, dont be a stranger. See ya.
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    The Introduction

    @theATOMiCwell welcome to the forums and the community. You seem to of found a good place as we have players in about everything you seem to be interested in playing. I dont play many mobas but i may catch you in battlefield 1 if you decide to get it. Well catch you in discord one day.
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    Hi my name's Luke and i love to play video games, If my applications is accepted Ill be looking for a Clan/Group to join so if anyone see's this and wants to play private message me.
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    Hey guys, posting a update. So, we have been really busy. Killing a lot of evil people out here. But, in Dubai, UAE for about a week of work/rest. 3 Weeks ago I was in Bahrain. It has been good, but nothing beats good food and some solid ground under your feet.
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    Trump or Clinton

    Honestly, I would vote for neither. I know it is a civic responsibility to vote in the USA, but they are both just so bad, I probably would not vote.
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    @[member='MrsVirtue1776'] you've got a fan :P Welcome Shilea! Its good to see so many gals joining up! Come hang out with me sometime :)
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