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    So as you can see from the twitter update from the Official Pokemon GO twitter account, the thing that many of us have been getting upset about is indeed a bug. That makes me feel a little better and I don't need to rage as much, and will hold of on trying to #catchemall until it is fixed.
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    Mic or Headset

    There was a lot of rain and thunder last night my dog panicked and ate my headset.. I'll be picking up a new mic or headset today.
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    good thing i dont play that game
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    Vividzs went nuts haha he gets mvp
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    Yeah I might have raged a few times. Which is why I stopped trying to farm everything, because everything was taking 5+ pokeballs. And wasted far too many on a raichu that ran away with all of my great and ultra balls and a good handful of berries.
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    No wonder! I couldn't catch a stupid Abra after doing a curve ball. And it was less than a 100 CP ....
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    Hi! All at ADK

    He is not a cheater, he is a very legit player. Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
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    I knew this day would come....

    is there any way to hide? I still have so much to accomplish, to do
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    Hi! All at ADK

    Hahaha. Well bud. I can tell you with out a doubt he is not a cheater. Maybe ask him for a video. We did many times. He is now whitelisted in our servers. Toofunny. Thanks for trying to look out for us though. Bonzai BF supervisor.
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    My Profile

    @Luis Felipe Santana Welcome to our Forums!
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    =ADK= H1Z1: Just Survive Server!

    Hello, my name is Francisco Cândido am Brazilian, I live in goiânia and I like to play racing games and survival. I came to this site through youtuber "CanaldoJoni" because it said the server you do not have Rackers. How am against cheating, I was very happy to emfim a server to be able to stop these cheaters young. I really want to participate in the H1Z1 in you server
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