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    Don't see that too often, probably was low pop. If it was 64 players that's crazy.
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    So this was a lot of fun, despite the technical difficulties that caused the game to crash. I think we should do this again, and I'd be happy to assist with troubleshooting if possible.
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    So, this happening this morning...

    that is f***** rare. awesome
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    New To Battlefield 4!

    Just remember, never underestimate the compound bow
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    Hi from vinto

    @vinto Welcome to ADK. If you haven't already checked it out, our H1Z1 section is doing great things. If you haven't stopped by teamspeak, you should stop by and hang out. It is always a lots of fun. :)
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    Welcome! Hope to see you in ts! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
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    @Selath Welcome to ADK!! Hope to catch you on TS or even Battlefield lol
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    @Selath Welcome to ADK man hope to see you in TS or ingame sometime feel free to message any one of us admins if there is a problem and again Welcome to ADK!
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