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    Albion Online is a new MMORPG currently in a closed beta. It has unique concepts and a very different look both in game mechanics and visually. It was developed and is being published by Sandbox Interactive (their first release of any game)- a game that has completely relatable play styles of Ultima Online, Runescape, and fighting similar to Diablo. Through the next few paragraphs I'm going to explain the game and tell you my personal likes and dislikes. Cross Platform and System Requirements One of the more interesting aspects to the game is its cross platform ability from the graphics to the system specifications. Everything was designed for the game to be played on both a portable tablet or on your home PC. It still however does not take too much away from the visual appearance of the game. With that said, it is important to know that the model is of a 2D overhead playing style, very much similar to Ultima Online, but with more polished graphics similar to Runescape. For having 2D style gameplay, the graphics are still crisp and very stylish. This keeps the System spec’s low enough to play on the Tablet. The only real concern is System Memory which is is 2G’s. I personally tried out the game on the tablet, and I found that someone like me (who has limited time), was able to sit with the wife and watch a movie while just checking the screen every few minutes to gather resources and craft. The convenience and portability of the game means that you are always able to get in when you want or need to to help the guild in its endeavors. Controls and Interface When it comes to controls, the game is more at its MMORPG roots. It is a point and click style game. WASD are not your moving controls, but those keys are used later for combat skills. The game operates smooth with no real glitches or stuck graphics. For the game being in Beta, it is incredible that it is so optimized now. The the interface is a bit clumsy, but after playing around with things like how to find your bag, exit the game, or check you stats, you get used to it. Also, the menus and interface screens are a little large. You can see how they have developed this to be on a Tablet. It is small inconvenience, though nothing worth stop playing game for. Customization The customization in the game is varied. The reason I say this is due to the fact that 1. The game is still in Closed Beta with only one Race available (There should be six playable races on release). 2. The choices on how their appearance is is also limited. To be honest with you, this will matter very little. Most of your customization will be done through gear. You will not be able to scroll in far enough to see how many hairs you have on you face to count as a beard, so it doesn’t really matter, but, you can change your hair, underwear, face, and skin color with up to six different types. Again, the gear is the most important part of your appearance. Factions Albion Online has six Factions to the game. Each Faction provides Mission, Experience, and money through your reputation with them. The factions are Royal Expeditionary Forces, Disciples of Morgana, The Heretics, Keepers of Albion, The Undead, and the Demons of Hell. Each faction provides unique and different gear and weapons when you complete missions for them. Here is the twist. The payment you receive in this game is silver, and it is what you need to purchase almost everything! Each faction, as players go to them for quest will pay less silver, requiring players that are just playing the missions for money to find other factions. However, this will lower their standings with a rival if they do so. This feature is installed to control the economy so that they can maintain the balance so that the Players still control the economy through their villages and player housing. Besides that, each faction has it’s own side story and missions. The Faction that you will most encounter in the game is Royal Expeditionary Forces. Economy As eluded to in the last paragraph, the in-game Economy is controlled by the players. How is this achieved? Well, several ways. Crafting, like in Runescape, is a cornerstone to the game. Crafting will be done for almost everything! Your gear, your weapons, your housing, your village, etc. So of course, gathering resources are quintessential to crafting. Player housing also offers a lot of variation to it. You can make farms for livestock and crops. Not only that, you can have labors do the work for you. Then you can take your “Home Grown Goods” and sell them at the auction house, or, you guild town. Yes, your guild can build a town and you can own a property in town to sell your goods, have a smithy, or even a carpenter's station and charge a tax. This game believes in the people running the systems and not the other way around. Auction House and Bank With the Auction house, it feels and looks just like every other game- nothing really new to that. There are auction houses in every NPC held towns (Green). I cannot personally speak on the Guild Villages though. I have not gotten that far in the game to have anything to share on both positive or negative. The banks are giant chest. There is a lot of room for resources, gear, weapons, and mounts. Here is the unique aspect to this game, each bank in each town is different. What I mean by that is that they are not linked. What that means is you will have to move resources if you need to another town or you can stockpile in current towns. Either way, I don’t see it as a positive or a negative. I see it more as different and like the fact I can store away tools, resources, gear, and weapons. Then I can move stuff if I need to. Combat Combat in Albion Online is different. This is where the Ultima and Runescape similarities disperse and the Diablo like combat kicks in. First off, it is not a action based MMO, I know that right there will turn off a few people. However, combat in this game is intense. Here are the reasons. One, this game is a classless game. What that means is you have not chosen a class. This is dependent on your gear. You can wear whatever the hell you want. You want to be a Heavy Armor Battlemage, DO IT! You want to be a lightweight warrior with Sword and Shield but cloth cloths, DO IT! Gear and weapons are what your passive and active abilities and traits are linked to. So you can have a Paladin Class with a staff and heavy armor. Just Craft it that way. Now here are some important things to remember. You can lose your gear! If you die, it will drop, and other players can pick it up and use it! So, dying in this game MATTERS! Almost all your equipment can and will mostly be crafted. Dungeons will have a small chance to drop equipment and grinding reputation with the factions will get your really cool and unique equipment. Dungeons The Dungeons in this game are many and plentiful. Not only are they are great source for Drops, but they also provide rare gems, rubies, and Soul Stones. Some Dungeons require a certain equipment Tier level to access. The thing with dungeons is that they are not instanced. That means in Yellow, Red, and Black areas it might become a fight over the right to kill the boss by another group. There are also Hellgates in the gate. To access a Hellgate you have to kill a Gate Keeper. However, somewhere else in the world is another Gate Keeper that will open another portal to the same Hellgate. I can not speak to much to the nature of the Dungeons, I have not reached that far in the last 2 days. However, I have seen, read, and watched enough to get the general idea. Progression and Unlocking Skills Progression in this game is done via a system call “The Destiny Board”. Now upon first glance this is scary looking as hell. However, if you look at is close it is very simple. Following the flow of the board up the center it acts just like a tutorial. Starting the game there is not real tutorial. But the game is intuitive, so it is not really needed and you can always go back to the Destiny Board. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Certain abilities start to spider web off the center. Farming and its sub-abilities, and combat, which then subs into torches, swords, bows, etc. The Map As for the map, it is huge. Albion is a vast expanse, with a lot of area to cover and go for resources for crafting. Certain areas, just like every other MMO, have higher level mobs and resources. Another different take on maps is the zones. Zones are broken into Green, Yellow, Red, and Black. With Yellow, it is a open PvP zone that even if you are not flagged for PvP you can still be attacked. However, you will have a buff to make yourself stronger and harder to kill for the enemy. Red zones are the same thing, but I believe the buff is less. Then the Black zones are no hold bars. Beware, you will lose your stuff. Again, this is something I have not done much of, just into the Yellow area myself. PvP and the Map Areas Guilds in this game have a role to play in this game more than just a name. Guilds can have a island, they can own towns, and they can also have an entire castle. Now, the island is a sanctuary. This means that it can not be attacked. As for the village and the castle, those can be attack and captured. Enemies can opt to burn down your stuff and build anew if they so choose. In the Green zone, you have NPC villages, towns, and cities. In the cities you can own plots of land. On these plots you can build carpenters shack, a smithy, or even a tannery for leather. You will have a laborer that will require food to work, but other users can use your plot and you will get tax surplus in your bank. To expound upon the guild owned villages, these will be in the Yellow and above zones. Your villages WILL BE ATTACKED BY OTHER GUILDS! You can lose builds, or even the entire town. This makes for really interesting game play. Final Thoughts My overall opinion on this game is a positive. Of course there is some issues that I have with certain aspects of the game. However, the pros outweigh the cons 100% personally for me. For most of the first looks it is getting great reviews. It is important to remember that these are first looks. The game is still in Closed Beta. gamewalkers.com - 8.0 out of 10 MMO Attack.com - 8.0 out of 10 MMORPG.com - 8.17 out of 10 My Pros and Cons Pros Intense Combat. Never stale and very rewarding and punishing respectfully. A game that truly drives it’s player base into teamwork! The economy is driven by the players through Craft, Farming, and Auctions. Player run towns and villages. Portable game play, anywhere, anytime! The banking systems in the game are connected to each other. Cons The game UI is a little clunky. Missions can only be accepted one at a time. Chief_Rockie Resources www.gamewalkers.com www.mmorpg.com http://mmoattack.com/ www.onrpg.com www.keenandgraev.com www.mmogames.com www.gamesidestory.com www.zonammorpg.com Youtubers - MMOHuts Feinter TheLazyPeon iBlood Sphere
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    Hello ADK   I was sent here by Bordock and Frement   I'm 25 years old and live in Allen, Texas   I work as a firefighter paramedic and in my off time love to play video games and work on my truck ( typical Texan haha)    Lately I've been playing H1Z1 with bordock and loving it.  He told me to come join this great group of people so im hoping i get the chance to. I play many other games from CS:S to Xbox one. I am always down for new games and soon to be in the market for a new computer so IDEAS would help :)    Thanks and talk to you guys soon   ScottyDont
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    After lots of trial and error,& help from a friend over at MeatLocker, I have unlocked the LA Dice Camo     Special thanks to @[member='CoolLuck'] for these awesome pictures      
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    Hi there!

    Hi There!   My name is Dion A.K.A. Thund3rb0lt i play Arma Battlefield 4 Gta V Evolve and im planning to buy Rainbow Six Siege you can find me on Exile or Battfield 4 most of the time    my Arma playstyle is trying to be as friendly as possible without putting myself in danger   I chose adk because i love the community and its obvious that u guys put alot of work in the modding of the servers and the custom scripts and everything also the admins are very friendly and understanding which isnt the case on most other communitys   See you in Taviana!    
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    ADK LoL Fantasy Leagues

    @[member='Greenshaw'] Yeah lol, hopefully everyone at least gets a decent pick. But theres just so much mystery with all these new influx of talent that came to NA. I usually drafted TSM players while also Drafting TSM as a team but it seems like its going to be very different for me this year.
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    Server hours requirement

    @[member='blarGG'] If you are playing with ADK members that will count towards your server time you can get the ADK member to reply to your application stating that you are playing with them. If they want to say how many hours as well that will help
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    Hey there!

    Name: Philopateer   Age: 19   Gender: Male   Location: Giza, Egypt.   Time Zone: GMT+2   Interests: Programming/Scripting/Coding and obviously gaming.   Full Intro: Well you already know my name, I LOVE computers, I'm admired by how they are made and how is everything developed regarding computers. Well I'm a gamer that lives in Egypt with shitty internet... Most of my time is spent either gaming or coding or watching videos. I love watching movies, probably the most brilliant movie I have ever seen is The Revenant... The fight scene with the bear is AMAZING! Well I play H1Z1 A LOT. I am an Engineering student, 2nd year in Engineering.. Planning on being an Industrial Engineer just for the cash :D. I was involved in many games developments like Arma, GTA V, GTA IV and GTA san andreas Multiplayer modification (MTA).      
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    Hey there!

    @[member='Philo'] Slam Alekom First of all :D , Welcome to ADK buddy :) . i used to play MTA Too :D the best game ever xD .  ADK Teamspeak : TS.ADKGAMERS.COM , come so we can talk a bit :D.
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    Happy New Year everyone

    I want to wish all my ADK MEMBERS a very happy new year. Be kinda out there :)
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    Happy New Year everyone

    @[member='Paoida'] Happy New Year :) 
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    EU #5 Round 20,000

      About 2:10 am EST this morning, Round #20k went off on EU #5. The stupidity on this server is strong in the force.
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    ADK LoL Fantasy Leagues

    I joined #2, shall be interesting ;)
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    Your fav MMO-RPG?

    Mother fucker. I was in 6VDT and B-R. The two biggest PvP battles ever. Ain't nothing beats player narrative. I'll hand it to bioware. They spin a good yarn. But they're exceptions to the rule. Most theme parks have terrible written lore and terrible quests. But when players write the actions like in sandbox mmos. You win.
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    Finally Promoted! Easter Egg Finished!

    Somebody reported that as hacking the other day. Made me giggle.
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    My Elite Dangerous journey

    There are plenty of 'is this game good'  'please compare' threads scattered between the Elite and SC subs to continue that topic on ;)   Let me finalize those off-topic comments.        Elite Dangerous!  or BOTH! They are very different games, with very different focuses, and very different directions.  I have both, and will still be playing both for a long time yet   Even after release there will still be updates to SC in the same way that Elite adds new patches, features and content every two months.  Their trade and mining systems and science and whatnot for that game will be down the road.   Which means Elite's systems will continue to grow as they already have, and there is more complete 'playable' game and game progression rather than piecemeal.
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    Finally Promoted! Easter Egg Finished!

    i guess this explains that other thing. why you couldnt see them in thermal.
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    hi I'm blargg and i like to party

    Hello ADK   I found your profile on csgoteamfinder and thought I'd make an account here since I haven't been a part of a gaming community for a while. Mostly due to college and having a computer that is absolute butt.   I'm 24 years old and live near Seattle, WA USA.   I work in Bellevue as a tier 3 VoIP network technician. I have a bachelor of science degree in organic chemistry and I work part-time at biohacker lab in Seattle as the Director of Education orchestrating lab activities and classes for the Seattle science community. I am into nightlife / DJ / music production as a hobby and play shows in Seattle on occasion. I'm also 2 years sober!   Lately I've been playing quite a bit of CS:GO because for the first time in years I have an office to play games in. My favorite games are shooters, but I also like real time strategy games, I'm a big fan of Starcraft. I've played CS since version 1.5 before Steam existed, and played CS:S on-and off but I never played it competitively, I've joined a few teams in the past but it was mostly just for fun and nothing serious.   My main motivation for joining this community is to find people who are interested in improving their skills in CS:GO and playing with a team of positive, talented, funny people. I'm interested in playing challenging matches and playing with a core team of regular people. I don't care that much about rank, I personally think that overall performance per match, hours played, game sense, mechanical skill, communication and attitude are are better indicators of a player's skill than a somewhat arbitrary rank. I'd rather lose in a match that was close and fun and balanced and learn from it than lose with my buddy I queued with and 3 other people who are throwing/raging/trolling. Feel me?   As far as ranking goes, before the ELO fix in CS:GO I was fluctuating between MGE/MG2 and now I'm bouncing between MG1/GN4. I know I can do better.   I'm happy to apply for ADK and get recruited but I'm also interested in lobbying with a few of you, please add me on Steam and let's play. I'm available after 5 pm PST M-F and weekends when I'm not working in the lab. Thankfully I have a girlfriend who's OK with me being gone for 4+ hours of the day to play video games :P    http://steamcommunity.com/id/sudden2
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    Your fav MMO-RPG?

    my god. you're all newbie theme park kids. 
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    The Rune Prison

    Ohhhh. Add spending time with Muhrder/Zsadist to the punishment. Man. Being a punishment for unruly behaviour. It's ironic and amuses me.
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