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    As the resident expert of 14 years, on procedural generation, I've decided to tell you all, that if CIG does not take time to  start working on their procedural algorithm for various things, they're going to have a lot of manual texture work cut out in front of them. What I've seen when texture peeking, was the basis for what I've been trying to champion for for a decade and a half even. Technology has only just NOW caught up, and a company like CIG is the only one willing to do so. Let me put this into perspective for you all! You know how when they revealed the new damage states for the Gladius, and showed that, 'Holy shit, there really is a power plant, cooling pipes, etc.' underneath the ship's outer structure? It's like that. They have a base layer, of concrete. On top of this layer, they've set up paint textures for things like yellow, red, etc. What you're able to do with this, is actually degrade things in a realistic believable way. Now, naturally paint degrades over time of course, dries out, chips and such. In the road you see this in the form of seeing the yellow parking lines fading, with the base underlying concrete, blacktop, asphalt showing through. The way to do this is by applying fractal breakup, in the form of fractal noise. The most commonly used noise for this is something called Perlin noise. What this accomplishes is it via the programming directive, it tells the paint layer to, where the Perlin noise is broken up, not display, so it essentially mimics the real life degradation process of paint fading and cracking and chipping. The artists can manually create Perlin noise, but mastering a procedural engine will make it so there are theoretically infinite numbers of paint degradation patterns. Those that would be looking for repeating patterns would not be able to find any, due to the fact that the miracle of procedural generation and fractals allows for a near infinite amount of breakups. Here is a good demonstration of the way Perlin noise, is being put to use in Star Citizen. I'm going to link an image, and then I'll link a completely unrelated image, but an example of Perlin noise. ...And now, The Shields design post in Star Citizen. Please pay careful attention to the bottom right of the screen. Now, I'm sure you can see the practically use here. The same setup is already possible with wood too. They have base wood textures, and they then add a paint layer over that, physically essentially. Then with the fractal breakup, the same type of paint degradation down to the base level can be applied. You have your primer coat, over the wood, usually white, then on top of that, you put your base coat. That's two layers on top of the wood. Do you see where I'm going with this? This is headed towards the direction of being the most physically accurate simulation period. They might as well call this paint drying simulator, because they literally could have an NPC 'repainting' a surface, with a fresh coat of paint in the more well maintained areas, thus adding more aspects to the living breathing universe aspect of Star Citizen. In conclusion you can see where this is headed. This is the reason we'll be able to tell stories with our ships. This is the reason we'll be able to tell stories with our armor, and our weapons, and body. Dried blood baked onto the armor of a person. Perlin breakup down to the base again, on top of further degradation. What I'm describing are things that me, and entry level designer are able to accomplish. Can you imagine what a team of veterans of more than 14 years can do with their procedural generation algorithm? This has been Kryten Solvune, Science officer, Merchant, signing off.
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    David Barben had programmed a seamlessly transition from orbit to surface back in 1993: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier:_Elite_II-- outdated graphics apart, it had everything you could imagine, including different terrains, procedural or pre-recorded landscapes (Earth and Mars were actually mapped, and you could fly from New york to Paris starports much like what you could do in a flight simulator of the time), "alien architecure" as it was advertised, atmospheric events (you could even see and fly through the ligher clouds of Mars, or land in a rainy day on Earth), and sort of "ground missions". So, I am pretty sure Frontier dev. has all what's needed to do what's in this clip and more. The problem is: the landing mechanics.   Frontier (Elite II) has a total space-sim mecanics, except for the inter-system hyperdrive. Combat was totally fly-by-wire (no flight assist ON), and no frameshift drive: it took days, even weeks to reach the planets and bases from the hyperdrive landing point (that was located at the shockwave radius distance from the main star, past the orbit of the last planet). How to make it playable? -- the trick was time compression. You could use "drugs" to "alter your perception of time", having hours of game time flying away in seconds of play time. Of course, this can't be done in a MMO where everyone shares the same time.   Now, this a orbital-to-land transition at a realistic speed takes several hours of real time. For instance, if the ISS (stading 330 KMS above the land) were to fall down at the speed of the frameshift drive minimum speed of 30kms per second, it would take 11 seconds, but the impact on the outer layer of the atmosphere would vaporize it much sooner.   If we use the cruise speed instead, set to 200mts per second, it would take 330,000/200 = 3300/2 = 1650 seconds, or a bit less of half an hour. You don't really want to wait half an hour to reach the surface of the planet; and consider that the ISS is much lower on the horizon than the point we're currently able to reach at frameshift speed.   So, I am pretty sure that what is holding off Frontier dev from providing orbital landing is 1) polish, they will want to make it a blasting away experience, 2) give-away rate, they will want it for a hype-relaunch when the sales fall, but mainly 3) mechanics, they will want to find a decent way to reach the surface that doesn't feel like a loading screen, but has at least some degree of realism to it, and they will be evaluating all sorts of different options they have available (allowing frameshift drive to go below 30Kms near planets, providing an orbital drive that kicks in during descents, landing tunnels generated by starports that acts as orbital lifts etc.)
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    Grand Theft Auto 5, created originally for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (released in September 2013) has now been released for PC. The game plot focuses on crime related acts, while adding the fun of open world play. Although scrutinized for its blunt and open view on criminal issues, GTA V has received extremely high reviews by its critics and players. Writers from Metacritic, IGN, GameSpot, Edge, and other gaming websites praised it for its storytelling and game-play among other things. Within 24 hours of release for console GTA V generated approximately eighty million dollars worldwide. Available on Steam, the newly compatible version had added features such as the Rockstar Editor and cleaned graphics. High definition graphics however have been reported to require hefty game rigs and allocated resources. The Rockstar Editor has also been added, a feature that allows the player to capture, stage, and edit choice moments from game-play. Recommended Specs (via PC Gamer): OS:Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1 Processor:Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs) Memory:8GB Video Card:NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB Sound Card:100% DirectX 10 compatible HDD Space:65GB Sources: AOBLXIX
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    Friendly Jon

    My first ship/Package

    Thanks guys I really appreciate the quick responses and information. I will be saving for the cutlass black or the super hornet down the line... but for now... 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang!
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    My first ship/Package

    The mustang only equips size 1 guns (the smallest) so you don't have much option there. You will have a small variety you can rent to try out for pretty cheap to get a feel for the different firing types, but the more exciting weapons are a bit limited to the more exciting ships :)
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    My first ship/Package

    any repeater weapon is good, just remember to buy the correct weapon size for the ship.
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    My first ship/Package

    The package I generally recommend is the Mustang Alpha AC Starter It comes with Immediate Arena Commander access, and beta access as well for the future (other alphas such as the FPS mode will still cost extra [$5 each probably] but that is true for all packages now) The Mustang is a more nimble fighter than the Aurora, and comes with 4 (small) guns. Even if you're terrible at shooting this at first, you can play races online or the PVE co-op mode on or offline to earn REC (rental credits) to test out the more expensive ships.
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    My first ship/Package

    The cash for ships mechanic is just part of the fund raising (and is super-effective as you can see...) In the actual game, cash going into the game is going to be fairly regulated and they won't sell ships directly. You will be able to spend cash to get in-game credits, but it's limited in the amount of purchased money you can have at one time, and you can only buy a set amount per month. That restriction is actually in effect now, though it matters less because you can just buy ships directly.   Everything regarding permanent loss and insurance is 100% completely limited to the online multiplayer universe that is considered to be the final launch stage of this game. Anything you buy now you can use as much as you like with everything in every way without worry until the online universe leaves beta (ETA ~2016 sometime maybe) Once you're in that world, if you die or your ship explodes.. your ship is gone. If you have insurance, the insurance company will get you a new ship (and if you buy better insurance, the equipment and cargo as well [some rules apply]). If you have no insurance, you're out of luck. Fortunately, it's been promised over and over again that insurance will be dirt cheap and not really anything to worry about outside of your usual operating costs.   Should you be a terrible person and destroy all your ships without any insurance and blow all your money on space cocaine, you will be able to take on missions as a crew member/gunner on other ships to earn some cash. Depending on your standings with various factions you may also be able to get a loan to buy a new ship.
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    but i did it all for the cake
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    I'm very much liking the input @[member='Grimbjorn'] has put in concerning the charters and such. In many ways, SC is going to be very similar to other RPG's, so it stands to reason that the activities common to those RPG's will be present in some form or fashion in SC.   While we may not be able to solidify the devil's details concerning how we interface with the game itself (ie. job boards being a big one), I think we should be able to have a pretty solid organization structure fleshed out over the next couple months that will allow us to just slot these functions in once they've been introduced.   Having witnessed how ADK operates in Planetside 2, it was very very evident that we just don't have the kind of player base it takes to micromanage on even a basic level. We play for the fun of it, this isn't a full-time job (for most of us). We have some incredible players, but for the most part we're not an elite l337 player organization. We've got a lot of people who do the 9-5 grind and come here to escape that whole mentality, not to create another job to serve in their fantasy game.   ADK seems (to me) to function best on the MACRO-management level. We move as one because it's fun, not because it's efficient or a feat of tactical ingenuity. We've certainly got the potential to do so, but we'd quickly lose our community because that's not what our community is about. We're a bunch of dudes and dudettes who come here to play together and have a laugh doing it.   I don't mean to lecture everyone on why we're in ADK, y'all know why you're here (I'm here because it's the funnest group I've ever had the honor of playing with). I just find it helps me figure out solutions to questions when I remind myself of the whole point of the question. So what I'm getting at is that I think we need to tailor our management structure towards the MACRO-level. It keeps it simple and easy to follow, and as our members become familiar with each other, we'll see the micro-management structures pop up as needed without needing any kind of OFFICIAL guidance. We just need to create a skeleton within which the organs will form and that will help guide these various organs together towards our ultimate goal: THE UNIVERSAL DOMINION OF FUN!
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    Considering how it looks now, imagine how it'll look once everything in game has an 8K texture. You may not be aware, you may be, but Final Fantasy XV has a new tech demo, showcasing what they can do on PC. The feature toted was 8K textures, and here I am.... just sitting back thinking, "So, it takes final fantasy for people to care about 8K textures? Pretty sure there are quite a few games that do 4K and some 8K textures in the current age *cough* Star Citizen *cough*. I'm really interested in seeing how things pan out with the way the meshes can be improved, UV maps, as well as factoring in tessellation as well. I have the fullest confidence in Direct X 12, that it will be the next big thing that changes PC gaming. Even IF, (though it's looking to be true) pooling VRAM isn't a thing. I look forward to seeing what the future brings. Here's to the Best Damn First Person Universe ever! Some good 'ol Terran Whiskey, vintage 2874.
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    wow, pretty awesome post @[member='jonnymind']. thank you for explaining it all. It was very interesting. Well let's hope your right compagno. |B)
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    Well.. Here goes.

    @[member='Forgotten Satan'] Welcome to you here in ADK community :) enjoy your times :)
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    Drink and DOMINATE the Rift?!?!

    Assuming I do not die on the road trip I have that day I will need some games and drinking.
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    Volunteers examine Skymapper data and find FIVE NEW SUPERNOVAE   NEW Planetary system 54ly away discovered       Canadian Astrophysicists create 3D map of the known universe       And my favourite:  Binary Black Hole system?   http://iopscience.iop.org/2041-8205/803/2/L16/article?fromSearchPage=true http://www.morningledger.com/flashing-lights-may-lead-to-ground-breaking-insights-on-the-merger-of-black-holes/139520/ http://www.iflscience.com/space/two-supermassive-black-holes-merge
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    MORE Space and Timey Wimey Stuff

    scientists have discovered a black hole roughly 200x bigger then the one here on earth, known as, kim kardashians vagina
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    Well.. Here goes.

    @[member='Forgotten Satan']   welcome to the forums Dan...:)
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    The Fake Daisy

    Bought Premium ^_^

    Dang! I wish I checked on Amazon when I bought it this week.
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    Welcome to the forums! :)
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    GTA V Released For PC

    Note- this is a copied version for the benefit of the front page. I didn't just announce this :P 
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    Love what I'm seeing so far from this discussion. Seems the debating went in a direction I would have argued for myself. Forcing people to be in charters isn't really "forcing" anyone to be actively pursuing that charters goals 100% of the time. Join the charters you like and help the charters you like... then represent the charter you spend most of your time with. If you're in five, great. If you're in one, great. As long as you're contributing (and even just being around and flying with friends is contributing) then you're golden.    With the representation, I am more a fan of a fixed number of people versus a fixed percentage. Reason being how I consider the Senate versus the House of Reps. Yea, my representative in the HoR might better represent my personal causes, since I voted for him, but he's got such little say in such greater schemes. My senate representative, however, has much more say and influence. If my charter grows exceptionally large then their representative's voice should get a little bit louder. However, if one charter is HUGE and every other charter is small, you'll forget about the little guys. (IE - when's the last time Rhode Island was a swing state?)   I'd also want to echo @[member='Sakkara'] on KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. If we get too much into smallest group leading smaller group of important folks aided by small group of ambassadors to represent a million small groups of specifically minded folk who are all part of the greater group of everyone... we get lost. If anyone can just up and make a charter, we'll end up with a charter for everything and we'll be way too overburdened with micromanagement. I think choosing a good even number 8-10 varying areas of entertainment (in a fantasy mmo - PvP, PvE, Crafting, RolePlay, etc...) and making charters that are specific to those areas of gameplay, and then petrify those charters, the organization will write itself. Find people who want to be leaders and get them going on naming and doing graphics for the Merc Charter, the Pirate Charter, the Trade Charter, etc... then when they're all set, we can start joining the ones we want and putting their icons (or whatever) in our siggies.    Anyway, that's my two cents. 
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    I'm gonna go build my own charter, with blackjack, and hookers! In fact, forget the charter! :D     (Though the "Cap-ship caps" charter group would be a fun name! lol)
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    As a developer, I feel this org and game is running some serious parallels to industry for me, where I'm trying to build a product before all the design details have been finalized. it's an overall bad way to do things and there's going to be some last minute rework as some things change more and more as time goes on.. but oh man I just want to build it all right now, No ragrets.   Literally the only thing keeping me from building entire web applications around this stuff is the fact that I know from experience almost all of it will be worthless based on what we don't yet know. But I want to so bad!
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    Very nice work by all involved. It has been great to see these concepts continue to develop with an open discussion.   One blanket statement that we may wish to keep in mind: The more complex the machine, the more difficult to maintain. The more details to explain, the more effort required to maintain.   Sometimes our challenge will not be finding a good theoretical system to solve a problem, but rather how such a system can be implemented in a daily and practical way for each and every member of Star Citizen/ADK to use and enjoy.
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    What they need to do is have a button to link it to TrackIR, Apache Gunship style.....    What you see is what you get......  
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    So much excitement!

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    So much excitement!

    I love the GTX 980 - my setup below:  
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