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    Advocacy Concept: =TF1=

    Something I have been kicking around since our meeting... feedback requested and encouraged!    
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    Rank Progression is a b*tch

    But I finally did it!   Obligatory screenshot with Kaffiend's Python and mine in mating season.
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    Be An Advocate

    The Advocacy, formerly known as the leadership council is open to those who are interested. Please post below if you want to be considered for Advocacy.   What is an Advocate?   When the persistent universe launches or when we start making charters, advocates will be elected officials that are representatives of charters. They advocate for their charter's members.   Right now we need a special Advocate group to help build the organization. Advocates right now would not be attached to a charter and would be specially organized to help with all the pre-game tasks. We will be discussing some of those tasks this Monday Night after the ADK admin meeting. If you have any ideas as to what you want to work on for the organization, bring them along.   Meeting   Monday April 20th will be the first Advocacy meeting, after the all hands ADK members meeting. Please post in here if you are interested and attend the meeting on the 20th if you can. If you can't, please mention it in your post to this thread. Please note that attending the meeting does not automatically mean you are an advocate, there will be a vetting process which we will also talk about/ set up on the 20th.   **This post is apart of the reorganization effort that we have been setting up for the last few months. 
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    Charter Example: White Van

    I thought I should share an idea I have for one of many charters. This one is a high security concept.   Primary focus: Collection of sensitive information   Join Requirements: member of ADK for x amount of days x amount of recorded involvement with ADK operations x amount of member to member accolades collected game knowledge of sensors, data, electronic warfare, how to get away loyalty test Description: We aren't your standard jump point explorers. White Van aims to make ADK safe by providing The Council with valuable information on enemies of ADK. Along with hijacking information traveling between systems White Van aims to monitor high value space and provide all ADK members with up to date danger levels. White Van is a catch and release without a trace type of operation and is looking for the most observant, sneaky members ADK has to offer.   Have a sensitive data collection job you need done quietly? Look no further.   This charter would most likely get requests directly from The Council during times of war. But this charter would be a tool for everyone especially if the advocacy dictates they need special attention given to a trade route or pirate base or anything else. The information they gather would be given a secrecy level and be distributed accordingly.
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    Massive bonus IP Incoming!

    Since we are all Devastated that U.R.F is leaving us until possibly next year Rito has decided to pad our tears with a MASSIVE bonus IP weekend that all depends on how many friends you play with. Here is the IP scaling confirmed by Riot themselves! So i hope this weekend we have enough players to play so we get a literal ton of exp there should be no reason not to be on this weekend! Be there or be square!  |B)
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    Darrackem Intro

    Hey guys, Darrack here, On Star Citizen i am Darrackem due to someone taken Darrack so. I am a long timer back of SC # 963 Bounty Hunter Package when I Started. My play times would be in the evenings 5-10 Central time. I enjoy doing Swarm practice so when if im on you are more then welcome to join me and we will destory them all. See you in the Verse.
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    Hello & You can call me Steezy!

    @[member='SteezyClutch']   hey Kevin...welcome to the forums...
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    Hello & You can call me Steezy!

    Welcome to you bro :D Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
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    Meetings Structure

    Thank you, was quite informative, sorry if I went off track sometimes!
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    Now that the dust has settled Warlords of Draenor is off to a decent start. World of Warcraft has a fresh feel no one can deny that. With new features like the Garrison it’s easy to see how one can get excited about the new content. Leveling from 90-100 is no easy task and requires hours of play time however it is smooth and has an enjoyable quest line leading you to 100. Gearing for heroics to build for endgame content is a new experience as well with the new Individual loot function you are now guaranteed a drop while in a dungeon. The first few days of the release were hectic with the queue times being outrageous. Rumors of DDos attacks and hardware crashes circulated the forums. They were soon forgotten when players were eventually able to enjoy the content they were ambitiously awaiting to tackle once the problems were addressed. From the Alliance perspective it starts off with you meeting up with Khadgar the infamous wizard. He sets you off on a quest leading you into Draenor. After completing the initial segment you soon are set on your way to building your Garrison. Through trial and error you discover how to use this new function. As you level it from 1 to 3 you discover It certainly has its benefits giving players access to Herb Gardens, Personal Mines, and a selection of buildings to incorporate that provide mats and items to either sell on the Auction House or use for crafting Items. There are certain buffs that come with some buildings such as the Dwarven Bunker which increases the chance of Items to be “War-forged” when they drop or are awarded during a quest line. This means that if a quest reward is a Common green Two-Handed Axe there is a chance it will be upgraded to an Epic item. In addition to that you will have the ability to turn in Iron scraps to upgrade your followers gear. The Garrison brings in a new aspect to wow from Warcraft 3. The Followers from Warcraft 3 are now able to fight with you as body guards when you select the Barracks as a building to add to your Garrison. You are able to send them on missions. They have the Ability to earn you Gold, Garrison resources, XP and Armor. This is a little addicting and gives you something to put your attention on in addition to leveling. The quest lines are interesting and grab your attention. I have to say Mrs. Virtue and I were quite impressed with the Cinematic’s. The Thrall Vs. Garrosh segment is my favorite at about 4:15. Take a moment and watch this segment of spoilers! Level 3 Garrison shot After you work your way to 100 you will have to get yourself into instances to gear up for Heroics. The fast track around the normal instances is to hit the battlegrounds for some PVP. The PVP gear that is awarded for Honor points that some of you may still have on your inactive accounts is still usable! This gear is rated at item level 620. A few of these pieces combined with some other items offered in special quest lines should put you right around item level 610 and able to enter Heroic dungeons after you’ve completed the ‘silver’ proving grounds. The proving grounds is a function Blizzard put into to the game to help mitigate problems experienced with inexperienced players joining the Pickup groups, it attempts to establish a standard to achieve before one is allowed to enter the LFG system. The proving grounds are accessible from your class trainer or garrison mission coordinator at the silver level you will be well on your way to being raid geared. The iLvl of items dropped in Heroics is 630 in order to raid you will need an average of 635. This is easy after you’ve gotten all your pieces replaced. Khadgar offers a quest line that awards you an Item lvl 680 ring at the end of it. There are many guides on YouTube on completing this. The Dungeon loot function is a changeable option, you are now able to set it on an Individual function which makes it so that when you’ve killed a boss the only loot that drops is loot you can use. This is useful when gearing up, it’s still on a chance system that gear drops, most of the time it’s just gold that you are rewarded however each player is guaranteed loot from the final boss making each run productive. Overall the First 10 Days of Warlords of Draenor have been great and I’m very excited to see what’s in store. Check back here for more Articles and come find me in Teams speak if you have any questions!
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    4-10-15 X89 Down

    Hey guys!   just wanted to let you all know i finished the first video. I present to you X-89 KILL!!!!!!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enyiV3P50Yk   Promote the channel, and everything, I'm going to be posting more stuff soon. i have a few videos I'm already editing up.
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    New Commander reporting In

    @[member='darkelf1'] thank you very much :)
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    TCM Sky

    Massive bonus IP Incoming!

    Yarrrr. I have to go out of town this weekend. F me in the A... :*(
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    Is 20 posts too many?

    @[member='Deadfistninja']   Most of the recruitment requirements are there to weed out toxic players from our player base.   Its just a filter we have in place to see if a potential Applicant is willing to make 20 constructive posts on our website in a decent amount of time (not spamming all at once).   You will get there :) you are on he right track, just keep it up!
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    Be An Advocate

    "These cakes are the bomb!" - ADK Enemy
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    Be An Advocate

    The Fresh Cake Delivery Charter only delivers fresh cakes. Any rumours you have heard regarding the Fresh Cake Delivery Charter not involving fresh and delicious cakes is obviously an attempt at slander from other delivery services. The FCDC delivers cakes to all clients in all spaces, so seeing an FCDC formation in or around political or military stations or convoys is to be expected, as many executives and generals have refined tastes in delicious cakes. Any FDCD Ships seen entering or leaving suspicious situations should be assumed to be on delivery and ignored.      Now accepting applications for Cake Delivery Specialists! Skills required: Stealth and tracking experience (surprise birthday orders are common) Certified in Class 4 heavy Armour use and repair (some cakes are heavy and mechanical assistance is often required) Extensive firearm and close combat weapons expertise (fresh cakes are delicate and require a steady hand to set up) Exceptional loyalty to causes greater than yourself (freshness first!) A Passion for fresh ingredients and customer service
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    Be An Advocate

    High security will mainly fall on the individual charter's shoulders. Charters can be exclusive with their own set of joining requirements. Also, the jobs they create can be exclusive. The org itself will have it's own measures of security but being such an open horizontal structure, it can only be so secure. 
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    The best combat ship for you

    it would be, but i think the Viper is the best bang for ur buck. U want a truly affordable death machine, a wing of those can tear any ship a new one IMO.
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    The best combat ship for you

    I would have to say I think the Vulture may be the better fighter type ship compared to the Fur-De-Lance/FDL,  My reasoning behind this is the manuvering or lack there-of on the FDL without lots of Decoupling of engines and always keeping it is the blue zone on the throttle. On the other hand, the FDL can shoot longer and harder than a vulture, either way the Time to Kill is about the same. oh and yeah, u cant really escape a Vulture, they are nimble as hell.
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    GTA5 - Banned from Target

    Although this is an old argument at this point, I feel like commenting as I am set to play GTA V on its PC release today after I get home from work and the gym.   If anyone has seen The Hills Have Eyes, Saw, or any other such movie, explain to me why a video game (in which the visuals and character animations are still not realistic enough to not be identified as a game) would be removed first?   I can engage in some rampant civilian and cop murdering sprees in a game like GTA, have fun doing so and then go on about my regular law-abiding real life.  I cannot handle movies like the ones I listed above.   These are games and they do not have the ability to turn someone into a murdering sociopath.  If someone is already a potential murdering sociopath then any trigger might set them off, or not. Anyone remember the shootings outside of the Batman showing in Colorado by the guy dressed up as Bane?  Where was the outcry over movies and how they are making people murderers then?   This is absolute stupidity at its finest.  If you enjoy and can handle movies like The Hills Have Eyes and Saw, fine, I can't, but I am also not petitioning so that you aren't able to purchase and watch them if you want to.   /mini-rant
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    Advocacy Concept: =TF1=

    Sounds like we're on the same page then. I can see the future where we have dozens of advocacy promotions like this try to draw the attention of ADK members.. it's going to be so beautiful. On the downside people are going to starve to death playing this game all day every day.. might just be worth it.  
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    Advocacy Concept: =TF1=

    This example would specifically be advocacy for capital ships and operations that go along with them. Sometimes the best way to convey an idea to a group is to show how it could actually be executed, giving folks an output as opposed to just input or a broad idea. It may also help to consider the above post as potential fruit from the advocate tree as opposed to the post being the tree itself.
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    4-10-15 X89 Down

    @[member='Nova']   Thank you Nova :) I couldn't figure out how to embed it like that.
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    4-10-15 X89 Down

    I keep wanting to zoom in... 
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    Be An Advocate

    As long as security is tight I'm all aboard. Loose lips sink ships. Security is always my main focus. Also, I am very glad to finally see us Moving forward with this idea. It has been in the works for quite some time.
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    Games we play while we wait......

      I think you and I could be friends!  :D   I know in my short stint in TeamSpeak so far, a few have spoken about an interest in Heroes of the Storm. It's definitely a fun game. You can often find beta codes on reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm which should help some who don't have access grab it swiftly. The best part about this game is it's incredibly easy to pick up, unlike a game like League of Legends, and can be played quickly and often. Games don't take hours and each game allows you the chance to start at 1 and end at level 24. So realistically an easy startup. 
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    4-10-15 X89 Down

    Nice Vid Hex!
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    I'm not a Teemo fan so that's a no. 1. Gentleman Cho.  - Call me a sucker for gentleman-like things. 2. Brolaf.  - I mean..  C'mon.. 3. Gragas Esc..  - It's Spiffy. 4. Grungy Nunu.  - Shoutout to the Cookie Monster! 5. AstroNautilus - It just works so well!  (Though I still want to see a Space Monkey Wukong)
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    Member Picture Thread

    Future member pics =)
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    I know we have a few new CMD's that have just started to play. If you are looking to head to a system where your friends are or to get to our "home" system and need help, just let me know. I am more then willing to fly to you and help you get some cash and help you get to where you want to go. It only takes a few hrs and most can get the next ship by the time we are done.   I will be on most of the weekend.       
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    Ship Progression Question

    Check out this video, so far it's the easiest, and simplest guide I have found in my research thus far:   [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4Xwriz1Obo[/youtube] 
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    Bye bye to my Hornet F7C-R Tracker Origin Jumpworks 300i   Hello! Aegis Vanguard - LTI   Ships right now Aegis Vanguard- LTI Mustang Alpha
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    Forum Badges and Awards

    Target banner: attempting to ban creamgirL's champion pool during in-house scrims.
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    BF4 Rules: Multiple Languages.

         People from around the world play on our servers so it was decided that not everyone speaks English, so rules are not as easy to follow. This thread is a attempt to get as many rule sets as I can get in multiple languages. Most languages will be in order, until some languages I can't cover is added. Since English is a universal language it will be the first one listed.    PM me if something in your language does not make sense, or another language is needed.   If a language not covered here and you can fluently write it to match our rules PM me.
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    BF4 Rules: Multiple Languages.

    General Server Rules:   No hacking/cheating/glitching/exploiting No Griefing Friendlies** Use common sense - spamming chat is one of those common sense things. Spamming chat constantly with nonsense will get you warned and then kicked. If you come back with a hot head further action will be taken Respect =ADK=, it's members, admins, and players on the server*** If you're not an admin, please refrain from admining the servers in chat, this can get you punished and many are giving out bad information. Operation Lockers and Metro 2014 NO EXPLOSIVES Servers:   NO EXPLOSIVES including using explosives to make holes or damage the map. If a weapon is not allowed any use can get you "Punished"* If found using Mortars you will be punished as it's not currently detected Same rules as general server rules apply No 3rd or 2nd Floor Glitching at C Flag Rules are strict to keep things simple for the server and admins instead of allowing the 320 for this load and not that load, it just isn't allowed period (few weapons that way so be sure to read below ) Bi-poding is not considered a glitch in BF 4 as there are flanking routes etc.. with the exception of 1 place underneath C tower. Only that place will be punishable and only with video/screenshot proof if no admin is in game. Depopulating and raping the server is on a case by case basis. This requires a video from the players first person view and third person view showing a crazy score and almost never moving from one spot. All ban requests for BF 4 Bi-pod glitches will be locked without video proof. * Weapons not allowed on the server: Shotguns: Frag rounds on all Shotguns USAS-12 (pickup weapon) Grenades: Frag Mini Impact Incendiary Smoke Flashbang Flare Assault Gadgets: M320 with explosive & smoke rounds Engineer Gadgets: M15 AT MINE M2 SLAM MINE FIM-92 STINGER RPG-7V2 SA-18 IGLA MK153 SMAW FGM-148 JAVELIN FGM-172 SRAW No EOD bots (Not allowed on #7 Metro) Support Gadgets: M18 CLAYMORE XM25 AIRBURST AMMO & XM25 SMOKE M224 MORTAR C4 EXPLOSIVE Recon Gadgets: M18 CLAYMORE C4 Low Population Rules:   Admins occasionally require Low population rules to ensure a server populates. These are given via in game chat. The rules are different in many cases, and different on each server, so the admins will give rules via in game chat - please pay attention to your in game chat to ensure you are not causing population difficulties. These rules may include keeping the fight/battle at a specified flag (C Flag in Lockers for example). This prevents one team from maintaining a much higher amount of tickets than the other team. These rules are enforced by admins in a manner that ensures the server will populate, and may include admin private message to players, moving or force moving (kill then move) players between teams, and/or killing players that are breaking the rules (sparing punish points). Admins may elect to kick a player that is affecting population efforts, this is done on a case by case basis. From time to time, admins may ask players in the server to join in a special game mode that will not be policed (Pistols only, knives only, RPGs only, etc). As more players enter the server, it is harder to keep people playing in these modes and the normal game mode for the server will recommence. Special game modes during low population are NOT policed, as they are not official rules.   A separate topic has been created to give feedback or suggestions about these rules: BF4 rules - Feedback & Suggestions Generally Admins and the Auto Admin will give Punish Points for each infraction. ADK keeps records of these points given, Forgiven and by whom. After 15 points you will be permanently banned from all BF4 ADK servers. You can dispute this ban by filling out the required Ban Dispute form. Disclosure: ADK bans by your game GUID on all servers, including Temporary Bans. ADK reserves the right to ban whomever for whatever reason from any or all ADK services. ADK strives to provide a fun and laid back tightly knit community for everyone, but some people don't always want to have "fun" in a constructive manner. Following the basic rules and common sense and you will be able to enjoy everything ADK has to offer for years to come. ADK Admins please refer to the Admin Wiki for your rules and instructions. This is for Members and Players reference only. **Griefing friendlies can be taken multiple ways. But we will be applying it to blowing up friendly assets, vehicles included. Something that will not be considered will be closing things like doors, gates, etc...behind you unless one individual is in your squad following you doing it constantly to effect you. *** If someone decides to use words that are offensive we will not punish right away for such. Admins know and have the limits of what they are supposed to do. If they see something getting out of hand they will take care of it. But for someone using curse words or racist terms, they will not be kicked/banned unless they are asked to calm down and don't do such. Everyone has different values on what is offensive and what isn't. So rather than being the =ADK= police we let things like that slide until they get out of hand. If you aren't certain if what someone says is too much, simply make a request to an admin to get their opinion or post a ban request with a mature explanation. Not one of you being pissed off, cursing, etc, etc. . Updated: 2/17/2014 (These rules can change at any time, please make sure to visit this topic frequently to see if anything has changed)
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    If you have been accumulating Punish points from Admins and/or Auto Admin and would like to have some of them removed (Forgive points) please ensure you follow all server rules that are posted in our Battlefield 4 forum section. By using @report or @admin in the server chat to report issues By placing ban requests with information and links to support your claim (video is great too) Remember glitchers require at least a screenshot Another way is to help admins keep the server sane Helping to populate low player count and empty ADK server. If you have been banned because of Auto Admin: After you dispute your ban, please continue to check back incase we have questions or requirements of you. Otherwise we will not un-ban you and lock the thread after a few days. For Auto Admin Bans we will look to see when and how you received your Punish points. Generally we will give one forgive point for your first dispute as long as you didn't accumulate all your Punish points quickly. Hierarchy for punish points in No Explosives servers: 1st point = kill 2nd point = kick 3rd point = 2 hr ban 4th point =kill 5th point = kick 6th point = 1 day ban 7th point = kick 8th point = 1 week ban 9th point = kick 10th point = 2 weeks ban 11th point = kick 12th point = 1 month ban 13th point = kick 14th point = PERMAMENT BAN Warning: Deciding this is on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of ADK without any promises of un-banning or giving Forgive points to anyone. ADK reserves the right to ban by GUID for any reason we see fit to continue our commitment to a fun, laid back and cheat free server.
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