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    During the recent weeks it has been mentioned about the community wanting a Tournament Ladder along with some event system.   Well I am proud to announce the system is under development and is almost ready for Alpha testing. Few things to mention and explain as this system is totally unique from what I can gather from other systems.   Available tournaments now Player Based (updates and adding more is a possibility) Match player vs player for score. Match Player vs Player for combat score (raw score for in game, no other unlocks etc to the score) Match Player vs Player for K/D ratio Match Player vs Player for W/L ratio Each tournament can go daily or weekly with up to 20 players. Each randomly selected to compete with one other player and continue up the ladder.   Team based up to 10 players per team same modes as above. One leader, and above 5 players start having stand by players to swap out (someones PC breaks, etc)   My favorite Fantasy Tournaments Tournament founder can select players from player base (currently BF series, but Steam coming soon). Yes, ANY PLAYER Players then draft the players they want either automated or live. Players then activate, deactivate, trade or get more from the non drafted players. Week by week matchups and at the end of the designated time (6 weeks default) Play offs start to see who's number one etc. Of course there is a classic tournament ladder for those who wish to have it old school and play matches against each other.   Do to utilizing API's to get stats the API calls can't be "real life" stats as that is a huge network and time consuming task. So for now stats update daily or weekly depending on the tournament settings.   Alpha Testing! hopefully by the middle of April we can open the system up for testing from the ADK Player base (BF3, 4 and Hardline) to ensure bug free and proper options are available to ensure a good time for players and ease of use.    For those wanting to help out keep looking for the announcement and I will give out codes to allow you to sign up.    Thank you, and hopefully soon!!!
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    A victory for ADK

    Hello all,   Premise: this is not to brag about personal skills or anything; the purpose of this post is just to underline the relevance of tactics and coordination, in a perfect practical example, where a winning strategy leaded to victory, and a losing strategy, to utter defeat. We had a wing of 4: Roelon, Dino, Mac (sorry for not remembering the complete nick ;) and me, and we were doing a bit of Community Goal in Lugh. We had infos that the High Intensity Combat Zone was thriving with imperials, but we expected them to be 3-4. So we entered it to see if we could dislodge them, and saw they were actually 8. We were nearly resoluted to move out, when I scanned the ships. 5 were Cobras, 1 was a vulture and 1 was an Asp; the 8th went away as I scanned it, so we were now 7 to 4. On our side, we had Roelon with a mid-way kited Vulture, Dino with a fully kited Cobra, Mac with a mid-way Cobra and me with a fully kited Vulture. The odds were bad, but counting on the surprise effect, and on the fact that the opponents were all engaged in combat, we collectively decided to engage.   As discussed in the private section, I picked up a Cobra with shields partially down and everyone engaged my target. We brought it down to 40%, then, to make it fast, I just rammed it out of the sky. We were then back on a second Cobra, which managed to escape at 15%. We easily blasted a third Cobra, while a 4th jumped away before we could even turn on it, and the fifth was gone in a ball of fire quite fast.   It was now turn for the Vulture. By that time, it realized there was something wrong, so he was fully shields up and prepared to fight. However, his shields could last just so long, and he jumped out when he was down to 75%; very probably, he was engaging inter-system hyperdrive since the beginning of the battle, or we would have mass-locked it.   Last was the Asp; she was still blissfully fighting the feds, to the point that she had shields down when we were on it. I aimed her engines, but she was miracolously able to jump out at 60% (again, very probably on an inter-system jump; no way 2 Vultures feeling the heat of its sinks could not mass-lock it).   While we were cheering for the overwhelming victory (we didn't even had our shields scratched), and I was boastfully claiming we ADK won in an odd of 7-vs-4 (and you know how numeric superiority is vital in this game), Dino, with his Englishman sense of humor, wittingly remarked that we were just 4 on 1, seven times. Indeed, that's how it went; that's also what Myamoto Musashi means in his book of 5 rings, when he says that "Fighting 1 man is no different from fighting 100 men, if you're skilled enough to force them to fight you 1 at a time".   This is for the correctly implemented tactic.   Now, for the bad one. We expected retailation, and in fact, they came back. The Vulture jumped in after 10-20 mins, followed by the Asp and a couple of cobras. We just let them in, and didn't attack them until they turned on the red side. In other words, we gave them the time to group and get ready for fight. This might seem imprudent, but we didn't want to turn red for everyone, and that also gave us the time to study their strategy: In fact, they were trying to surround me. I don't think they understood I was leading the action, it is just possible that they decided to target the strongest first, and that was the first fatal error.   As soon as they turned red, I decided to entrust completely my wing, and turned into tank by popping out a shield battery and giving 4 pips to shields and 2 to engine. The enemy vulture went on me using the Jousting technique; this was the second fatal error, because, this way, I was able to move fast and add evasive manouvering, avoiding all the fixed weapon fire they had prepared for the PvP battle. In the meanwhile, the rest of our wing popped 1 shield layer of the Vulture, undisturbed by the rest of the enemy wing that was trying to hit me. At the 4th Joust, I hit the vulture with a Plasma Accelerator shell from point blank, and his shields was down to almost nothing; discharging what was left of my weapon battery via gimballed beam in 1 second was enough to rip them off.   While I was turning around, the rest of our wing was on him, and had it down to 60% before he was able to inter-jump.   The rest of the enemy wing didn't get how serious the situation was, and we aimed the next Cobra, blasting it in a few seconds; in the meanwhile, the other Cobra had already jumped away, but the Asp was proudly trying to get our back. We got hers, this time she wasn't lucky enough to withstand a direct Plasma Accelerator hit to her engine, and we had it blasted in 20 seconds.   We were then reported that 8-10 ships were hanging around the HICZ (by Skyhog, if I am not wrong), but in the end, they decided to go elsewhere.   With this post, I want to thank the guys in my Wing; the execution was simply flawless. Your skills and discipline was so superior that our opponent wouldn't have stood a chance not even if they were supported by a fully kited Anaconda.   I want to take the occasion to recommend the immediate promotion of Mac, and Dino if he's not already a full member.   Besides having tested Mac's ability directly in training, I have witnessed him doing spectacular things in that Cobra, things that I could never do, and getting out of messes in which I would have simply surrended to the unavoidable destiny. He's very probably one of the best fighters we have; and not just that. He was also merging in the squadron seamlessly, and applying the tactics so promptly, you don't even have to ask yourself where he is. He's there.   And I was also surprised by both Dino and Roelon skills, they took out every ounce of the ship they had, and again, performed the tactics as a sole man.   I feel humbled, and at the same time, proud of being part of this! Thanks, ADK!
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    Should i get ED

    There are 2 ppl in life. Those that like E : D and those that like My Little Pony. Which one r u?
  4. 2 points

    can you drink?

    You college kids are weak... I was drinking during our member games of poro king.
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    Joey's in-game name has changed...

    you should have named it KoalaKing...
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    Pretty much. If i set up the controls right for Elite, the game handles very similar with Flight assist off.   Jumpgate has a special place in my heart. It gave me the most intense adrenaline rushes in my gaming life. I remember facing off 1 on 1 against one of the most hated and feared pirates. Heart beating in my throat, sweaty hands, fingers going numb, upmost concentration to just land more laser hits than he is doing. He managed to flee at 4% hull...
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    I say no, since probably most people will have downloaded most of it beforehand. I think a large number of backers have already downloaded what there is now, so as it continues to come out we'll essentially be downloading piecemeal. So instead of 100Gb at once, it's more like 20. Granted, new people to the game will have to download the whole thing, but if it has great reviews I think they'll rant and rave while it's coming out, then forget about it once it's out.
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    A victory for ADK

    It was a gr8 evening Jonny. I would say that everything I have done in the game has been surpassed by those few hours last night which were epic. May the Imperial scum lay down to our lasers again n again n again........
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    Face off: Is Star Citizen's client size going to be a problem?  Christopher Livingston - PCGamer   In Face Off, PC Gamer writers go head to head over an issue affecting PC gaming. Today, Tom and Chris argue about whether or not Star Citizen’s client size is a bad thing for the people who want to play the game.   Chris Livingston: YES. It's a big honkin' download that's going to cause problems. Not for everybody, obviously, but for many, especially in the United States, where data plans are often capped and the internet often sucks in general. It's going to take some people literal days to download it, maybe longer, and when they're done they'll probably have to start downloading the patches that have been issued in the meantime. I sense trouble ahead. Star trouble.   Tom Marks: NO. It’s a huge download, but it won’t stop people from playing it. Let’s be real here, the people interested in Star Citizen are not going to be scared away by a large file size. Everything about the game exudes go big or go home, and a large download becomes a necessary part of that. Of course this may limit some people from playing, but the vast majority of the audience won’t be deterred, and Chris Roberts has made it clear he isn't going to compromise on any part of the game.   Chris: That's true, and from what I've seen, most people really aren't worried about it. Thing is, a lot of those people have already paid for the game and contributed to Star Citizen's extremely successful crowdfunding campaign. As an online game, though, it's not enough to simply make a pile of money at the start, you have to continue making money, well, forever. That means continuing to attract new customers so you can keep your bills paid and your staff employed for years to come. Yes, they've already got an audience, and an excited one at that, but they need to think about the audience they don't have yet. A 100 GB download could be an obstacle to attracting more players.   Tom: They haven’t alienated the people who already bought the game, and the people who haven’t bought it yet aren't going to get a chance to play it for who knows how long. By the time Star Citizen actually comes out, we’ll all be in our hover cars anyway and the game will just seem like the newest installment of The Sims. Hover cars aside, hard and solid state drives are improving by leaps and bounds every year and Star Citizen is being designed for when it comes out, not for right now. I wouldn't be surprised to see more games nearing 100GB in the coming years. This one is just a little ahead of its time.   Chris: I know games are getting bigger all the time, and that's great. I don't see this as a storage problem, though, it's a problem with getting the files in the first place. You make up a good point about Star Citizen not being designed for today but for the future, but that brings up another point: do we really think it will only be 100GB when it's finally finished? It feels like every aspect doubles in scope on a monthly basis. It could be twice that size, for all we know. Plus, the patches, Tom. Won't someone think of the patches?   Tom: I really have no idea how big Star Citizen will actually end up being. I’m honestly not even sure it will ever be released, instead being improved and built upon till the heat death of the universe, always held at arm’s length as more and more features are added to the game. But I think that it’s probably just as likely to get smaller in size as it is to get bigger. They’ll keep adding things, but eventually they’ll reach a point in the development for polish, and I’d imagine reducing file sizes would make their to-do list.   Chris: It's an interesting challenge, to say the least. Even on physical media, I think it'd be hard to distribute. How big would that stack of DVDs be? If it was sold on some sort of drive, how much extra would that cost? These are questions I'm not willing to do even the slightest amount of research on. On the other hand, when people want a game badly enough, they'll put up with just about anything. You could probably deliver Star Citizen on paper and people would transcribe all the code manually, that's how excited they are to play. I think I've started arguing against myself now.   Tom: I hadn’t even considered that they’d try to sell physical copies. A game of that size and scope makes it solely on a digital market. I guess that would cut them off from a whole community of buyers, but I get the feeling that anybody who could handle a 100GB file wouldn't be wandering the aisles of a Best Buy window shopping. Wait, I think I might saying the wrong thing too...   Chris: Ultimately, we all know Star Citizen's success or lack thereof is gonna come down to the quality of the game itself, not its size nor manner of distribution, be it downloads or punch cards or beaming it into our brains from the satellites of the future. This is just what we do when while we're waiting for a game: feed on and argue over tiny scraps of whatever information is available. Obviously, the game should be as big as it needs to be, and the real culprits here are the crappy data caps and crummy internet service some people are unfortunately stuck with.   Tom: Agreed. I mainly just hope that the size won’t stifle excitement about the quality of the game. If it’s good, people will play it. If they don’t, this won’t be the reason why. But any argument that can end in hating Comcast/AT&T/they’re-all-the-same is a mutual success in my book.   
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    Just thought I would share:   [attachment=5087:Screenshot_0166.jpg]   Some serious tide force going on here: [attachment=5083:Screenshot_0169.jpg]   [attachment=5084:Screenshot_0184.jpg]   [attachment=5085:Screenshot_0188.jpg]   [attachment=5086:Screenshot_0194.jpg]
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    Joey's in-game name has changed...

    I was thinking something around the lines of TheAlmightyKoalaLordMasterOfNewZelandAndTheKnownUniverse69.
  13. 1 point
    TCM Sky

    three years with out LOL

    Players are toxic as ever. Still as much fun as it was many years ago.
  14. 1 point
    Yeah might as well be BestNewZealanderNA
  15. 1 point

    Joey's in-game name has changed...

    OH yeah BestNewZealanderNA would have been amazing
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    As I wrote elsewhere, its problematic where :   1)As Rbl suggested, new players may not be able to add it to what, hopefully, is an ongoing cumulating sort of download process where existing backers are simply adding to the files we already have, like accretions to a shell.    2)Situations where a number of players are on the same service (as in my house) (4!  Data cap - 300G/Mo)   3)You need or want to re-download it.  This can/will happen where either:     a)You want it on a second (or additional) machine   b)You had to fix a file and it didn't work and its GOING to download the whole damn thing and there isn't a f'ing thing you can do about it   c)You had to wipe your drive, change a drive, upgraded a drive or a system and it has to be reinstalled on a new OS, etc. or upgrading to a new OS conversion didn't work (W10  anyone?)   I am not suggesting this is a stopper for the enthusiasts, nothing short of the game simply never being issued could be for that user group.  It is, however, an obstacle and a consideration for some who are not 'true believers', and will be until data caps are increased, eliminated or evadable, and wide band adoption in the US is better than currently.   No one here probably wants to think of the game as a 'casual buy' , but the truth is, for a lot of people it probably will be something they bought simply to try out, hang out with friends with, or to take up time until another game they are more interested in (like GTA X) comes out...  If the obstacles are too high, they'll go play ED instead or any of a hundred other titles.  One might say 'and good riddance'  unless we are reflecting on the ongoing support of a game we want to be around for a long time.     It is a factor, not for most of the people that will ever see this discussion, but for an important enough swath, that it is senseless to stick one's head in the sand and pretend doesn't exist.                                                                                                               
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    It's Legen wait for it......... dary, Legendary.. :)
  18. 1 point
    I agree it will only  be a problem for some new players who have to download the whole thing, but to them i say... you get what you pay for... in this case, the wait will be worth it.
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    A victory for ADK

    Excellent job guys, as McFretn said they got an ADK member just before you all popped in, which was me.  1 vs. 8 was not one of my most clever thoughts.  It was going ok until I did a full on ram against another vulture which took my shields out and down to 70%.  I tried to get clever and switch out of a turn fight into a Scissor move to put a second enemy player between me and the one I was in the turn fight with, misjudged the turn and did a full on canopy slap into the side of a vulture.   Was good hearing the decision to attack and again the coordination over coms.  No extra chatter, just business until the job was done.  Was enjoyable to here as I flew back.   Skyhog
  20. 1 point

    Need more info help ??

    @[member='Kazmear']   it's fun to play for me...I would wait for a sale before getting it if you decide to...still (hopefully) a dlc or 2 left for us...it has it's issues like any game but I've got over 1000 hours out of it so it was worth it...
  21. 1 point

    A victory for ADK

    Awesome job guys. Go ADK. :)
  22. 1 point

    A victory for ADK

    Thanks for recommending me Jonnymind! I'm not the greatest forum spammer, but i'm halfway to my 20 post qouta :P   I'm not a very agressive player, and 4 vs 7 odds is not a fight i'd pick. My compliments to the guy who showed some balls and said 'hey, lets just take em out. why the hell not.' I believe that was Roelon. Thanks to you, I had a great first PvP experience in Elite. Besides, they had chased away (or killed?) an ADK member in that very sector right before we jumped in so they were obviously begging for it. And sweet vengeance it was indeed :D    It was great having you guys in my wing, Deano007, Roelon and Jonnymind!
  23. 1 point

    BF Hardline PREMIUM Giveaway!

    oh ffs, I wanna do it just to get some kills on Sudawi, slippery bastage. . . .that and it seems the only way I'll get hardline. . . ><
  24. 1 point

    Get to know JayK

    Welcome to the forums! :) I'm glad to see that you submitted an application. :) good luck on it
  25. 1 point

    A victory for ADK

    Good job guys! Way to give them hell! :)
  26. 1 point

    I need opinions on what mouse to get...

    Logitech G502 proteus core. Trust me top quality top performance. 
  27. 1 point

    BF Hardline PREMIUM Giveaway!

    @[member='ColColonCleaner'] You`re just trying to ruin my weekend  right?
  28. 1 point
    I think jack should just add a condition to this that gets past your vehicle camping.   Killing you in a vehicle with a gun, e.g. C4ing with a magnum.
  29. 1 point

    Should i get ED

    you asked that question in the elite dangerous section...   @[member='Kazmear']
  30. 1 point
    For those who dont know http://www.twitch.tv/adkgamers/profile
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    Vaper One

    Log of My E:D Experience Last night.

    For the first half of the evening after arriving home from work, gameplay was rather boring. I noticed another full wing down in one of the E:D TS channels, and I was feeling stressed and drained from work, so I hopped over to some other channel for a little peace and quiet until someone decided they wanted to speak with me directly. I slightly reconfigured my 2-day old Vulture, and after finding that my Power Plant just can't handle a crapload of Shield Boosters, I decided that I was going to have to run without them and learn how to be more creative in finding ways of taking advantage of the strong points of my new ship, and mitigating it's shortfalls.   I did some rather pedestrian courier missions from the Bulletin Board to pass the time, and hung out for awhile spamming refresh to see if I could get something better. It wasn't long before a Surgical Strike mission popped up. I took it and headed out. By either random chance, luck, or fate, three other fellow ADK Commanders trickled into the channel, and I had a GREAT deal of fun helping them out with the new wings system, and learning a few things about it myself.   My mind is a bit fuzzy now, having gone to bed once again too late, and rushing to work, but as far as I can remember my fellow wingmen were Skyhog, and something like... PrimusMaximus.. And.. The Archdude (please forgive me if my faulty memory caused me to screw up your  names.)    These were some very cool guys who - I can't imagine how they weren't annoyed at having to hop from USS to USS to help me find my target for my SS mission. All 3 guys had to travel at least 50 light years to even get to me, and all 3 of them had to relog at least once in order for my wings invite to get through to them. They were ALL very patient and eager to soak up knowledge about the new features, and at least expressed that they were all having a great time.   We bounty hunted for hours, including going into a RES to bust some pirates. These 3 ADK players, be it from genuine enjoyment, or just being nice and humoring the guy who was hogging the TS mic (me..) They all enabled me to have an incredibly fun night. There's just something fulfilling that I got out of teaching these guys what little bit I knew about the new system, paired with just simply being able to co-operatively engage enemy contacts and rip them to shreds like they were tracing paper.   I thank all three of them for a very fun night of gameplay, and hope to do it again soon. I needed it- I was feeling pretty down. See y'all around!   o7
  32. 1 point
    The Event Rocked even with being late to teh event I still got in some fun games and even had a few maps where i didnt feel like a designated Decoy It is so rare to find a group this large that everyone knows how to have fun and get along 
  33. 1 point

    Bard, The Wandering Caretaker

    So after having played a few games as ADC with a Bard support I can already see a few things that I would avoid doing if at all possible. First is using the portal to go into your jungle from river, I lost count the number of times my support died doing this and getting followed by their the enemy jungler or roaming mid laner. Second using your ult to "save" a low health ally, in a team fight it could make sense, in a 2v2 or 3v3 not so much, simply because from what I have encountered at least, either it doesn't last long enough to remove the damage threat or you catch the damage threat in the ult and cannot remove it anyway.   Now not to say I have not seen some great things done. For instance in one game the Bard used their ult to interrupt the enemy taking dragon, which triggered a team fight in which the dragon was still on the enemy jungler after the ult broke. Using the ult to dive towers was also thrilling. Setting up a portal over a long wall on the other side we had 4 people sitting in a bush waiting.   Seeing how this champion will develop and how people will use him to make plays in the future will be nothing if not exciting.
  34. 1 point
    Nice video Fret, so this is where you got your skills. :)
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