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    Discovery and Crafting Recipes

    With the game out, I figure it would be a nice idea to try to collect discovery recipes that people have found, as well as a slight explanation of discovery (since a number of people apparently don't know about it).   Discovery is how you unlock new crafting recipes. These unlocks are permanent; even after you die, you retain all knowledge you've acquired thus far. To start the discovery, press i. This will open your inventory and character screen. You should notice that the central box is your character portrait. In the upper-right corner, there are three tabs: Character, Crafting, and Discovery. Click on the discovery tab. This opens the Discovery window.   You will notice some empty boxes. These represent the ingredients needed to discover *something*. If you look on the right side of the box, you will see your inventory. At first, most of your items will be shown in white and not grayed out. This indicates that there is at least one (and probably more) recipe to discover using this as an ingredient. Click on an ingredient to add it to the discovery window.   If this is the only ingredient that a recipe needs, the box will show an option "Discover." When you click that, you will learn the new recipe. Note that you do not need the same quantity of the item to discover as to craft (you just need 1 of the ingredient versus potentially needing multiple for the actual craft), nor do you actually create the discovery, nor do you lose any materials. In fact, you can surprisingly often learn multiple items per ingredient grouping!   If you click on an item and don't see the Discover option, this means that there are still more ingredients needed. The game will let you know how many recipes you can learn with the selected ingredients. Notice that the inventory on the right will have changed, with more items grayed out. This indicates that you don't have a recipe that uses them plus what is already in the box. Thus, select another ingredient that is in white. This may give you a discovery, or you may still need more. Just continue like this until you figure out what needs what.   That's it for discovery! Learn combinations to craft bigger and better things.   As an easy example: Pick up a stick. You can find these quite frequently (many short bushes or small trees give them). Put it in your discovery window, and hit discover. You can now make wooden arrows! Of course, arrows aren't very useful without a bow. To make a makeshift bow, unequip your shirt (or find another shirt in the world). Right-click on the shirt and tear it up. You will now have some scrap cloth. In the discovery window, combine a stick and the scrap cloth. Congrats, you now have a makeshift bow!   When you're ready to craft an item, switch from the Discovery window to the Crafting window. This then shows you all the recipes you have (the fullness of the green bar on each item indicates, more or less, how close you are in terms of ingredients. For instance, if you needed 8 sticks to craft an item and only had 4, then it would be half full). If you have the necessary items, you can try to craft the item. Note that for some things, you need specialized crafting stations (such as a campfire or a smelter), or specialized equipment (like a "sharp" item (such as a combat knife)). If you have the items in your inventory, just hit the craft button, wait the required time, and your new item will appear! Note, if you don't have enough space for the item, it will drop onto the floor in front of you. Otherwise, it will automatically go into your inventory.   Hopefully this will help people get started with discovery and crafting. I look forward to seeing what all we find!     CLICK HERE for the Crafting Website
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    Anyone here in Florida?

    Mid-Florida preferably, but all parts is well! Just wondering if I'm the only Floridian here jk xD 
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    Populating Number 6

    So, I was populating Lockers, #6 today, and discovered something that amused me.   Further, I think this is an indicator of just how useful I am while we're populating...   http://youtu.be/cvGdPh6HDEY
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    Game Booster?

    Ran across this program while I was doing some search stuff, Did some research on it and it seems to be a legal safe free download, my question is does it really increase fps and game play?
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    Worth a Buy?

    HI @[member='Eggman141']!   Currently, Star Citizen is just really Arena Commander. AC is the dogfighting/racing module which showcases the work being done on a core tenant of the game, flying ships. Compared to battles that I have had in Elite Dangerous I find AC more exciting. Between near real newtonian physics and intensely detailed/modeled damage states it is a ton of fun flinging bullets around. We as an organization are pushing towards waking up from sleep mode (AC Alpha 1.0 was released a few weeks ago) and putting together pilots to play AC together so we can start practicing / having fun with people you can blow to smithereens while talking in TS.   That said, if you decide to purchase a package you will have people to play it with and as Kraven said, you will get it cheaper than the final price. I have been a backer since day one and not a day goes by that I don't read / see something new that excites me, it is a very fun game to follow because of how much community effort they have put forth.   Here are a few other things to consider:    - Elite is a full game, AC doesn't compare to that. And as Slayer mentioned, comparing these games even after they are both fully realized is like comparing apples and oranges.    - Other than racing and dogfighting, there isn't much to do. If you are strapped for cash and don't really care about backing the game currently I would only purchase if you want to come fly with us and get ahead of the game with practice (SC flight model is pretty hardcore, you have a computer that assists you to fly more like in atmosphere but when that is turned off there is a whole other realm of flight to practice/explore).   - AC is NOT bug free. Right now we are waiting on a patch that fixes certain problems with the lobby system. But since we can actually get a group together, that doesn't hinder our fun too much.   - This year, a ton of things are being released. The next module (FPS) comes out around March. I have played that module myself on a QA machine and I am extremely excited to play it with other people. So if you don't join us now, you could join us then. Or you could wait until the planet side module in late spring where we can walk around a few test cities. Or you could wait until mid summer and join us for AC 2.0 where we will be able to use multi-crew ships (turrets, stations, walking around). Or you could wait until Sqaud42 episode 1 which releases in the fall... but at that point it may be too late to buy early access as that is the release of the single player (1 of 10?)... By the end of the year they are hoping to put all the modules together in the first Alpha release of the persistent universe.   - We are building an organization for SC and you can get in at the ground floor for what we hope will be a most excellent space society where we will try our damnedest to empower people to have a metric ton of fun flying around the Verse.   I hope that helps you make the right choice for you. Please ask if you have any questions. You are more than welcome to jump down into the SC TS and talk directly to us. Also, we are putting efforts towards streaming our gameplay, so you could even watch some matches if that would help. Also, going to the video primer thread at the top of our forum is a good place to see some footage too.   And something I say to every potential new backer. When you go to the pledge store you have to know, ALL of those ships will be able to be earned in game w/o real money investment. The hefty price tags are just for people who want to back at different levels.
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    hello there

    Hey @RNS :   Come join us in our Elite:Dangerous chat on our TeamSpeak Channel: TS.ADKGamers.com   TeamSpeak is a free download from their webiste: http://www.teamspeak.com/   You can find helpful people and others to team up with there.
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    Raz3R's Starlog 4.33010111 152100

    MISSION FOUR - DAY 5 [LATE ENTRY]   After a long day of exploring I ended my day on a high note, and since my exhaustion may have caused me to loose my DAY 4 long, which i have since recreated, I thought it best just to turn in and make the entry this morning from my notes.   STARLOG: 3301.01.16 06.42.00 LOC: -10.-164.-340 PLEIADES SECTOR SD-S B4-1, DEEP SPACE - 380.5 LY from SOL SYSTEM   Day Four of the mission and I'm settling in. The hum of the ships engines lul me to sleep each night, and I sleep, for the most part, deeply.  Though at this point in the journey odd dreams present themselves.  I don't know if it is the dull routine of the day. The isolation. Or just being out here so far from everyone else that brings about such vivid, odd night visions.  Even my dog, Roo, seems to be much more active in her dreams as she sleeps.  I'm comforted to have her here, as I'm sure that if the dream that I had last night of aliens entering my ship were to be true, she would have been enough to frighten them off or at least confirm their presence.  But the aliens, in my dream, were never discovered by my sleeping shipmate as they poked about my ship as I slept, unable to move.   Yesterdays voyage ended on a very high note. Discovered a water world [photo attached].   Today I decide whether to turn back to Federation space and turn in the Carts that I've accumulated thus far, or travel deeper into space.     More later.
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    Discovery and Crafting Recipes

    http://www.h1z1crafting.com/   If it is not on here please post so i can get it added.
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    Spicy vs Non Spicy Foods?

    if you ain't sweating when you eat it, it ain't food...the hotter the better
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    Patch 1.05!!!

     Elite: Dangerous Update 1.05 Change Log  
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    Game Booster?

    @[member='Grizzwall'] if its the razer game booster what it does is it closes backgroud processes to free up more of your processor for the game. Now with that said it can boost your fps up if you issue is being CPU bound by the game. 
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    How do ya'll feel about having some friendly scrim with some other groups? It will have rules (Which I want ideas about in this thread) and other thing depending on the fight that would be organized.    Just tell me what ya'll want to see and here are a few ideas while I had a short meeting with another groups military lead.   Big ships such as pythons fight due to high cost: Gentleman's rules- Once opponent reaches 30% health, disengage, and they are to leave within a set time frame. No bad mouthing beside general smack-talk to other player. Nothing offensive.   Just leave what you think, and lets see how this goes.   
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    What is your IGN?

    Hey guys mine is =ADK= Mage177
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    Play The F'n Game or Get OUT!

    @[member='Sikosis999'] I know is hard to play when you only have kiddos or trolls that wont help to the team as many of us get there to play the objetives, some play just enter to camp a flag or an mcom and sit there for the duration of the games and theres nothing we can do.   As for the people that tends to cry a lot in chat i suggest to play on and and dont pay attention to them bcuz thats what they want, if you fin that annoying as i do only press H on your keyboard and get rid of the chat window, not many player use that for a real purpose only complains and whining.   Hope to see you in-game sometime
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    Patch 1.05!!!

    Another minor update seems to be in the offing today as a message came across announcing the shutdown of the servers a short time ago.  Here are the additional notes for this minor hotfix:   Server Updates: - Fixed some issues that stopped some Commanders logging into the Companion App - Stopped wars and civil wars in star systems with only 1 minor faction in that state - Added ship discount to Founders World - Various reliability and performance improvements Edit - A hot fix has been applied for a server memory leak.   I logged out for the time being and decided to check the Frontier Forums for more information on the update.  Instead, I found the following post by Michael Brookes, the executive producer, on upcoming changes--looks like the "wings" option will be coming down the pike in March after a short beta test.  Read on...   Development Update - 15th Jan   Hi everyone,   Following up on my post last week I will provide more information on our process moving forwards and dates for the next two major releases. As you’ve seen since the game’s initial release we have issued a number of point updates, the latest being 1.05 this morning. These are typically restricted to urgent and/or low risk changes and will continue on a regular basis as they allow us to respond as we need to. These aren’t scheduled in the same way as the major updates, but will be ongoing. More significant updates allow us to add new features and content (as well as sweeping up a host of fixes and tweaks that haven’t been deemed suitable for the intermediate point releases). Currently beta testing will be available for those who already have beta access for the main game. For players participating in the beta tests there will be a separate mechanism for playing so testing does not affect your game and that you can continue to play the retail version as well. Options for players currently without beta access to be able to purchase beta access will be available. Details will be made available nearer the time. Depending on how the update Betas go in test, we expect them to be released to everyone a week or so after the Beta release.​  As you all know we’re also working on paid expansions for the game and these will have their own beta periods as well, we’ll again make details available of how this will work as we near their release. The first planned significant update will be 1.1 and will enter beta in the first week of February. We’ll be talking next week about how 1.1 will introduce a new way to collaborate with other players in the galaxy in preparation for 1.2’s major Wings update. We have some some good news for planners of long journeys - V1.1 will also have a significant increase in the maximum distance for the route planner. We’re currently looking at extending this to 1,000 light years! Looking further ahead there will be a 1.2 update which is planned to enter beta testing in the first week of March. The focus for this update will be Wings and other multiplayer goodness. I’ll provide more detail in future updates. Thanks Michael
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    Play The F'n Game or Get OUT!

    @[member='Type2dk'], ColColonCleaner, darkelf1    thanks for responding with sincerity and being willing to work through my rage bunny issues over this kind of stuff :)     it just endorses the fact that I'm in the right place. . . .    Thanks to bonzai, cake, jackknife, M&M (both of you) and everyone else that has just become friends by proxy and tolerate my mouth and opinion sometimes. . . it's also appreciated and something that endears not only the games I roll in, but the community as a whole.   I'm still thinking on this topic after I posted this. . . I want to look at EA / DICE server agreements, rules premise and "permissions" then find out what exactly WE can and can't do regarding shit WE pay for :)  Then I supposed I would work on writing something that "defined" each of these particular type of douche and work on making that something people can reference and work towards, who knows maybe I've found my first series of articles, "how NOT to be a DICK while online gaming!"   hehehe
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    Play The F'n Game or Get OUT!

    @[member='Sikosis999']   Thanks you for bringing your concern and views to the forums.  - And thanks to all that will post in this thread.   My hope is everybody will pinpoint what issues they have, regarding server rules, team balance and player base.   At the next Admin meeting, I will bring the essence of this thread to the table, and we will have a talk based on that.   Please keep this to the forums, do not use in game chat. Please feel free to talk with me in TS about this.   Keep it clean guys   Thanks    - Type2dk
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    Elite:Dangerous Release and ADK

    Wow... this game looks really good, I might play this over Star Citizen.
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    Patch 1.05!!!

    @[member='Valsora / BitterBite'], What!  Typos!  Not a chance you crazy Aussie!  ; ) Heh!  It's the Queen's English and she'll spell it any which way she likes...  and so will Frontier ...  LOL
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    I agree with this to an extent, one of the reasons I love the ADK servers are that most people play by the rules set out in that particular server. I do at times enjoy going out and playing with certain gadgets like the EOD bot or SUAV and MAV and play the round with just these and go around trying to kill people because honesty, the reactions you get sometimes are priceless. I paid well over $100 on this game including DLC etc. and sometimes I just want to waste time and play how I want to play, I also sometimes enjoy to sit back with a sniper rifle and try to beat my personal distance record, the BIG difference is that I would never join a server that explicitly states not to do certain things or use certain weapons and be a dink by breaking the rules. I will always play by the rules, I have also been on the side where I am on a team and I have team mates doing stupid crap and not helping but I  just remember, they paid for the game and they have every right to play as they want to even if it pisses me off. That's when I leave the server and jump to another one. 
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