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    server rep

    @[member='Darknae']   Our developers are currently having fun tweaking that plugin so it is turned off at the moment but as soon as they're done playing with crazy numbers it will be turned back on. So patience please!
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    Ever wanted to chat with multiple ADK LoL Folks, but weren't able to get on team speak for some reason?   Well we have created a Chat Room on the LoL Client and would like everyone to join!   We've got a few pictures to help you out as well     Step 1:   Log in to the Client and Click the Chat room button     Step 2: Click Create or Join a Chat Room and enter "ADKGamers"      Step 3:  Click the "Sprocket" in the Chat Room and select "Autojoin on Startup"         This will put you in the chat room every time and allow you to stay connected with all the ADKGamers Folks!   We look forward to seeing you in the chat room! This is also a great tool for all ADK players since it now allows us to invite each other from the chat room!       EDIT: updated images to match newer League client~~ Rabbit
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    Pumpkin Carving - =ADK= Style!

    Yes, Halloween is right around the corner but don't let that stop you from carving some pumpkins!        There's still plenty of pumpkins out there waiting to be carved, so you've got until the 31st to carve a pumpkin and post it here for it to be judged! We're looking for the most creative design, so go get your pumpkins and start carving!      Rules: The pumpkin actually has to be carved (No Paintings) It must have an ADK association carved somewhere in the pumpkin.*** Must be submitted by 3 PM Pacific Time on the 31st in THIS topic.        Top 3 Winners: 1 - Steam Game + Shirt + Team Speak Channel Until Next Halloween + Game Perks for 1 Game 2 - Shirt + Game Perks for 1 Game 3 - Game Perks for 1 Game     *** - You can carve something related to a game you play, but there must also be something related to the ADK name on the pumpkin.      
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    I can't really express how much I hate it when people say crap like this. If you play normals because you don't like ranked, fine. If you play normals because you want a relaxed game to try out a new build, fine. If you play normals because you just want to screw around and winning means nothing to you, f off and go play a custom or bot game, you're ruining it for everyone else who wants to achieve the goal set by the game. In sports, you play in a game the way you practice, that's why you practice the right way to do things. Normals is like practice, or a skirmish: it may not mean anything in the long run, but the goal is still to win that game, and when you have team mates that don't care about that, it really brings down the experience.
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    My Setups Post Patch

    This is for the assault rifles, I've gone through the other weapon categories, but I find 1-2 setups work for that class of weapon. Here is what I've found:   (and yes I use different sights per weapons)   ak-12 - Long Range kobra - stubby - heavy - no laser med-long range: 2-3 close range: 4-7 mag dump   scar-h - Close Range (super aggressive) reflex - laser - no barrel - angled grip close: Hipfire (good) | ADS mag dump med-long range: 2-3   m416 - Mid Range (defensive/offensive) reflex - laser - no barrel - stubby grip close: 4-7 mid: 4-5 range: 2-4   sar-21 Long Range (can work in cqc with good aim for chest/head) coyote - laser - heavy barrel - stubby grip close: Hipfire (alright) | ADS hold down trigger aim center mass mid: 4-6 range: 2-3   aek-971 - Everything close: 4-10 mid: 3-6 range: 3-4   help with vertical: MUZZLE - ANGLED - LASER help with horizontal: COMPENSATOR - ANGLED - LASER (more burstfire) defensive/ stand still: HEAVY BARREL - ANGLED - LASER really aggressive: NO BARREL - ERGO - LASER preffered (universal loadout): NO BARREL : ANGLED : LASER/ NO LASER   famas - Close Range (super aggressive) / Defensive Still  reflex - laser - heavy barrel - stubby grip strafing - HIPFIRE / sometimes ADS still - Waiting on a corner / shooting someone in the back   aug - Close Range (super aggressive) reflex - laser - heavy barrel - ergo grip close: hipfire (good) | ADS strafe and aim center mass (great) mid: 4-6 range: 2-4   m16a4 - Everything reflex - laser - heavy barrel - ergo grip Murder All!   cz805 - Mid Range (defensive) kobra - no laser - heavy barrel - angled grip close: Really bad! just magdump mid: 4-5 range: 2-3   qbz - Mid Range (defensive) coyote - no laser - heavy barrel - angled grip close: hipefire only OR ads hold down trigger while aiming center mass mid: 4-6 range: 2-3   ace 23 - Everything coyote - laser - compensator - ergo grip burst patterns don't matter close: hipfire (good) | ADS strafe/still aim head/body hold down left click "shoot" mid: 4-8 range: 2-3   f2000 - Close Range (super aggressive) reflex - laser - compensator - ergo grip close: hipfire (amazing) [Only] mid: 4-8 range: 1-3 microburst   l85a2 - Mid Range (defensive/offensive) reflex - laser - compensator - stubby grip close: hipfire (good) | ADS (meh) mid: 5-8 range: 2-3   ar160 - Long Range (can work in cqc with good aim for chest/head) acog - NO LASER - NO BARREL - stubby grip close: hipfire (meh)| ADS magdump (kinda works) mid: 4-8 long: 2-3   bulldog - Close-Mid Range reflex - laser - compensator - ergo grip close: hipfire (good) | ADS magdump (good) mid: 2-4 long: 2-3
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      Unless you're @[member='Starchild']
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    Hello,   Real life, my names william, I'm 39, divorcedx2, Three boys, none living with me, I'm a freight relocation specialist (truck driver) from NW Indiana. (homemade title).   I've been a nerd erm.. Gamer since the 90's. Muds(meridian 59 lol), favorite game back then was a space sim Privateer. But I played the heck out of UO and every major mmorpg & fps since then. I enjoy games alot more with voice coms, lets you hear the screams or laughter of others as you pull off amazing or stupid moves lol..   My RL Is boring (recently quit)   In game, My main character is named Veztemyne, I run two accounts in most mmo's one for a tank one a healer. For this game I use the two accounts for land based trade runs.(ignore the curtains...) lol   I've been playing Archeage since alpha, I've been evil, good, a pvp'r.. a pve'r, a trader, a farmer, and a socialite. (i talk to much)   I like to let my cannons talk for me.(alpha)   I don't believe in paying outsiders for possibly hacked gold or materials, so I buy from trion themselves.(apex)   And they love me for it.. (scapes toasting lol)  
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    Pumpkin Carving - =ADK= Style!

    @[member=Homeboy55]  By the way, I thought he kind of looks like you. 
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    Pumpkin Carving - =ADK= Style!

      I know it doesn't say ADK on it, but I forgot :'(  Either way, I hope you like my pumpkin!  I've been wrastlin' hard for all you <3
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    Yup, Kraven nailed it. The game is in pre-alpha. Chris Roberts (the head) said that we get access to the game before he would normally even send it to testers in the "regular" publishing world.   They're releasing the game slowly in modules. First, we got the hangar module. That put the ships (those that are finished, well, "finished") in a hangar which you could move around in and see what they look like and ooo and aaah. Next, they released the dogfighting module. I'll admit, I've not actually tried that bit yet (I know I need to upgrade my computer for this game to get the most out of it, but I'm holding off until it's closer to release so I can get better value for my money). Soonish we'll get the FPS module, later the planet side module, and so on.   If you're looking to support the BDSSE (best damn space sim ever) and aren't too worried about what's offered right now, I'd go ahead and pledge. This would be knowing that you're not seeing a finished product, and that there will be issues. If you'd rather wait, that's fine. Chris in some ways would rather you do wait if that's your feeling so that you don't get burned on an unfinished product and then never get to see his final vision.   Me...I've spent way too much on it, but I'm really looking forward to everything that's to come! It's going to be great!
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    I wouldn't worry too much about layoffs - I've learned that for whatever reason the game and software industry has a strange cycle that goes something like this:   mass hiring > development > shipment > layoffs > oh shit we laid off too many people, we don't know wtf we're doing > hire more people and hire people back > etc.   I don't know the details but it's entirely possible the 60 people were external contractors and knew when their contract was up, or were internal contractors and were hired on specifically for the project and would be finished at a given milestone. My last contract job was slated to end when the product shipped, and I knew this the very day I got the job - so did many others, internal and external contractors alike.   I don't really see anything in the article that the layoffs were due to financial issues. It could be that they realized that they have too many people in specific roles or positions and to streamline management they need to cut back on manpower.
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    Show off your characters here!

    This thread has officially been hijacked by nipples
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    Show off your characters here!

    A rough idea for a new signature:   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1486]   Edit: Not sure why it's not showing a larger image. Click for the full effect.
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    Oh, no doubt that Virog's add ons have changed my life.  It definitely makes the coordinate crafting so much easier!  Overall, it's an interesting idea, it's just that the two different systems are so night-and-day different, both in mechanics and frequency of success, that they should've reworked the whole system from the start.  When a third party add-on is almost a requirement to make a portion of the game playable without making you want to inject swine flu directly into your eye, that's an indication that something isn't right.
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    Show off your characters here!

    I am already shaking in a fetal position under my desk. co-workers have no idea why.    You should sell the nipple idea to American Horror Story… maybe they will pay you in WS platinum?
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    Promotions 27OCT14

    Thanks guys. I am glad to be a member here. Feels good to be official!!   Working on surviving the dungeons!!! Thanks to everyone who has been patient with me.    I SWEAR I don't like ghost form more than living Toon,   Star
  17. 1 point

    Show off your characters here!

    Led - Just wrong… so wrong.   i just threw up in mouth mouth a little...
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    Show off your characters here!

    AMAZING sketch! Love the turn-a-round face expressions.   I will be posting mine very soon!!
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    @[member='Naruteitor'] I like to hide in the mist and wait until you turn around ;) My personal favorite is phasing through your bullets ;)
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    This is the greatest thing I've ever heard
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    My Setups Post Patch

    Wow you use guns very differently than how I use them, including set ups. I should try your set ups later!   Thank you for sharing :)
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    Low Population Rules - Please Read

    I can appreciate the rules being removed. My question is why are we not allowed to ask our team to not baserape in an effort to avoid upsetting the enemy players so they don't leave? I admit I was trying to help populate yesterday and asked a few folks to stay away from their base. I believe it is a good idea to ask, but doesn't have to be enforced or policed. The idea is simply to ask and explain it is to be fair and not upset players into wanting to leave.   I'll follow the guidelines set forth of course. I just feel there is no harm in asking people to not baserape as a courtesy. However, using it as a strategy to force the enemy back to defend and take back from you while your team pushed forward is fair.
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    My Setups Post Patch

    Read it. Read it all! For these are the secrets of the boogly revealed!
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    He's like Santa; knows when yer awake, knows when yer sleeping, knows when yer lying prone not checking your six!
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    It's nowhere near beta, it's barely an alpha. Unless you're a die hard space sim fan or something there's no real huge draw to back this game right now, unless you want to buy the $45 full game now so you don't have to pay $60 for it two yrears from now when it actually comes out..   That being said, if you ARE a space sim fan (Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privateer, FreeSpace, X-wing) it's shaping up to be the best game of all time forever.     There is no free option at the moment but they have run free preview events in the past. If you want to get a feel for the game check out some youtube/twitch videos of Arena Commmander (the current pre-alpha module)
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    Yeah, and when things are over other people's heads, they usually are sky-high over mine
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    Guild Attunement Status

    I like the idea of the app, it sounds like it'd be a big help in letting us find other guildies who are on the same page as us and arrange runs or know where to focus on helping who with what.   I'm personally still at %50 on Adventures for a number of reasons, the main reason being that I've had some health problems that have left me out of sorts where I don't feel confident enough to actually try and contribute mah deeps. The other is simply that I haven't been on and felt ready for runs when anyone else who is really experienced with the Adventures is on (it's Malgrave Trail and Crimelords, woo?) and I'm too stubborn to pug right now because I don't totally hate myself.   Either way, I'm really hoping to get at least one the adventures knocked out this weekend :D Preferably both. In the meantime I'll brush up on the Adventures with some let's plays or something!
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    sales for league

    champions that are on sale this week.   champs: ziggs, jarven IV, and udyr!   skins: iblitzcrank, worrior kingdoms xin zhoa, special foreces gangplank, reverce annie, road worrior miss fortune, aviator irelia, and coral reef malphite!
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    Show off your characters here!

    MY EYES!!!  IT BURNS!!!   Holy. Crap.   Dude, some things cannot be unseen.  I've now got to dig out that part of my brain with a spoon.   Just… no words...   Anybody mind if I use that pic as my new avatar?
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    Someone's gotta keep up the stereotype.
  31. 1 point
    Ridlee was driving. And thats why I said this woman not all women :-P
  32. 1 point
    Ummm...xD This is why blind/visually impaired people shouldn't drive. Not women! xD I swear there's some amazing women drivers out there! :D Besides reading this forum post title gave me the impression of you being sexist, but i know that it's only a joke...i'm hoping...   @[member='tanman348']
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    Show off your characters here!

    Dude...Led...wow. Not okay.   On a side note, my beard while not as big as "that guys" is better. I won't comment on the nipples.   StandOrFall
  34. 1 point

    Show off your characters here!

    @[member='Remmy'] Very nice work. I'd draw Meier but stick figures don't do my tail justice ... you young lady may find yourself commissioned for a sig of a Healing Esper stabbing a taxi driver in the back with his psyblades while flying upside down over Crimson Badlands .... or a much simpler variation    @[member='Led Windu']   so wrong on soooooo many levels
  35. 1 point

    Pumpkin Carving - =ADK= Style!

    I had to use a tooth pick to hold up the D hopefully that is fine.
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    That is because players in bronze still think their effort has anything to do with their advancement, whereas players in silver have realized no matter how hard they try, advancing is completely dependent on whether or not they are lucky enough to get decent team mates that don't troll and don't leave more than they get ones that do.
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    Thayd Fest, this Saturday

    @Remmy:   I was in and out all day getting the kid, what little i saw of the even had a lot of people participating, they even had a DJ going on an internet radio station so everyone could tune in (nice touch). Despite all the activity, emoting, shouting ect going on, the lag beast seemed to only rear his head momentarily here and there (at least for me). Looked like much fun was being had but sadly it was bad timing that kept me away.
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    Member Picture Thread

    [attachment=2857:edits-1---Copy1.jpg] testing the new studio strobes, I used myself as a test subject..... trying not to look angry..... or tough. 
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    Since we've had some issues with members giving generic responses to your introduction posts. We're going to need your help to liven things up.      So. To give you guys a more productive introduction thread and to get ADK members to acknowledge you more and respond in a more engaging manner. I'd like to ask you to give us more then. "hi my name is xxxx and I play this game"    Tell us about you. Maybe some of your game interests. Let us know how you found us. Maybe some hobbies. An age and a first name? Maybe some interesting tidbits about you.    This is an interview process. We want to get to know you and about you before we welcome you into our community. So make your introduction something worth responding to. Do some of these things. I promise you we'll respond and engage in dialog with you.      Added benefits is simple. Your post count goes up as you respond to us. Which gets closer to your post requirements. You make new friends and you're more welcomed within the community.      Make sure to be in teamspeak as much as possible. Make an awesome introduction thread. Get your 20 posts and on Wednesday I'll welcome you into ADK as one of our newest recruits.      Welcome to ADK. Can't wait to slap some ADK tags on you. 
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