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    How cute, the text progressively gets bigger and he changed his name to 'user left'. 
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    Why I Dont Knife In BF4. So Lame.

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    Landscaping In Battlefield 4

    So I was bored trying to populate TDM and decided to have fun with C4.  
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    Landscaping In Battlefield 4

    Racism in public forums ...  
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    Filthy casual. jk. Seems a bit expensive though but if it actually helps that much I guess it's worth it. I'm supposed to wear glasses but don't even bother, if I ever got these they'd probably just sit on my shelf. :P
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    @[member='HansJob']   Well I wasn't in the Officers shoes but after being attacked once I would have responded to an assailant charging at me with force. I am not sure how many times I would shoot and it was the heat of the moment so its poor for me to judge him, but I would tried to shoot the legs or something I guess?    Maybe it was dark out and hard to see appendages or something, I am not sure, but I know after being attacked once then having someone rush at me after I am already injured, I would have responded with some kind of force in defense of my life.   The death could have been prevented in a number of ones, with the biggest one on my list being,   Don't charge at a police officer after you just attacked him.   I don't get what they think would happen. Regardless, there are more deaths that happen across the USA that aren't even brought to attention, so as bad as it sounds, this is just another statistic to me that people hyped up due to race. *Shrug life*
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    Server reputation is a numeric for how helpful you are to the server. The more you help admins by reporting rule breakers, jumping on explosives in the no-ex servers, playing from spectator, assisting the weak team, etc, the more your reputation increases. Committing infractions, breaking server rules, getting banned, etc, reduce your server reputation.   Reputation is capped between -1000 and 1000, so it's easy to get/lose rep early on, but harder near the top/bottom. Each command you issue, and every command issued against you, has a reputation amount; Some good, some bad. Every time your reputation changes, you are notified of the change in chat. Here are the different ways you can earn reputation on the no explosives servers: Jumping on grenades/explosives. You are helping get problem players out of the server, so if you die by an explosive, you get reputation. Issuing good reports on players. Just reporting someone gives rep, but when an admin accepts the report and acts on it it's triple the rep bonus. Reporting from spectator. Reporting from spectator is worth much more than reporting in-game. You are sacrificing your game time to help the server and should be rewarded.  Using @assist. Sometimes teams really need help, and sometimes your friends are stuck on the weak team. Helping them and the server out by using this command to switch increases rep greatly. Populating servers. Population mode starts when the server drops below 15 players. Any player who joins while the server is less than 15 players is placed on a populator list, and will be given 10 reputation if they stay in the server until it reaches at least 45 players. They are notified/thanked when the reputation increase happens because of this action. [NEW!!] If you have infractions on your record, the negative rep they cause reduces over time, so you get some rep back for infractions on your record simply by not committing them. It does not reduce completely however, you will need to report some rule breakers to get it positive again.   High reputation has its benefits.  > 15 Any punishment is reduced to a verbal warning. You still get an infraction point, and your rep is lowered afterward, but you will not be killed, kicked, or banned. This is to handle the case of shooting nade cookers, or accidental usage of banned weapons such as grenades. You should inform an admin of what happened immediately so the issue can be resolved, and your record returned to normal. > 75 You receive report auto-contest. By now you are a trusted player, so any report against you should be investigated instead of simply acted on. This removes the possibility of you being falsely reported. Admins still see the report and can look into it, but can't directly act on it without investigation first. You receive a whitelist from the server SpamBot. Once you've reached this level of helpfulness you've seen these messages hundreds if not thousands of times, so seeing them more is just clogging your chat window. Enjoy! [NEW!!]     If you have any questions, please comment here.
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    Why hello there. I recently bought a pair of Gunnar Glasses and wanted to share a little bit about my experiences thus far.    First off, the model I went with are the SheaDog Crystalline glasses. (Does not have that classic orange-ish tint)   Link to the glasses I bought:http://www.amazon.com/Gunnar-Optiks-G0005-C00103-Crystalline-Designers/dp/B007I8S9ZK     I decided to buy these glasses because, up until 2 weeks ago for the past several years of intense gaming and staring at monitors/phones/TVs constantly, I would get a headache almost every day and pretty severe eye strain to the point where it hurt to even close my eyes or attempt to sleep sometimes.    For the first few days or so, there were no huge changes or improvements, but soon after, and for a little more than a week now, I have not had a single headache, no eye strain and I am able to work on my PC for HOURS each night without feeling the slightest bit of discomfort. Some people like to think that products like this are gimmicky and are a waste of money, but for me, so far, they have worked flawlessly and even make my monitor a little crisper ON TOP of the fact that they ease my eye pain and headaches.      So if you get headaches and eye strain regularly, I would recommend you at least go and take a look at these glasses. These have worked awesome wonders for me. 
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    About me

    HI,   I'm Norm and in a couple of months I'll be 60. That's right as in 1954. I'm a tail end baby boomer. I've been doing time wasters since pinball instead of delivering papers.   My 1st computer game was Rogue on a PDP11 while a EE student at Purdue in 1976. I'm one of the few "Total Winners".  I have BSEE 1981 and MSEE 1983 from Purdue.     Other games of note I've purchased and played: Doom I,II,III Duke Nukem side scroling and 2.5D Thief Unreal Turnament. I ran a server internal to motorla with the IT dept guys until we got busted. RuneScape Level 99 miner and smither - My 10 year old son got me hooked.   Recent games UT2004 on Omnip)o(tents server. Yes the game is over ten years old and still hella fun Tribes Ascend, my fav is Juggernaut but I'll change to Pathfinder if no one is cappin the flag.   Recently I started playing Planetside 2 as a lone wolf. After watching some of Sergeant Merrell's PS2 vids I gotta join a good Outfit.   In real life I'm a test engineer and LabView programmer.   To get to know me google Vipero00.   See you on the battlefield   Norm
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    I'm on the server now and hackers seem to have access to the admin stuff? Sorry if this was posted already I did a quick search but didn't find a recent one about these guys, I rushed over here because there was talk of people removing this server from their fave list and I didn't want that to happen!   Screenshot enclosed.   Edit : Sorry I pressed Print Screen a moment too late, I will have to get another screenie of the chat, or maybe its in the logs
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    I need books!

    Hey guys! thank you for the recommendations. I recently found an awesome book store that sells books for 2 dollars a piece no matter what book. Now I have so many books that I don't know how I will ever finish them all. Lucky find am I right? Also a family member gave me a box of books and said "take as many as you want". It's like a kid in a candy store.
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              Hello anyone in ADK. I'm making this post because I feel I have made some mistakes recently as far as the ADK community goes. I've made a lot of jokes that were inappropriate and possibly disgusting to some people. I may have said some things without thinking about other peoples positions on the subject and in some cases the basic rules of ADK. For this I am sorry. I have been having an amazing time in this community and I would hate to ruin it for others and myself. To Fuz, AOB, Razer, Ruinyourday, and anyone else I may have offended or bothered in the community, I am sorry for my actions and I hope I haven't ruined any possibly friendships with my childish acts. Thank you for your time.             Sincerely,                     Tyler~
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    Why I Dont Knife In BF4. So Lame.

    yeah.. lame
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    Landscaping In Battlefield 4

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    IT is one of his best...the stand is another...the green mile...almost all his books are great...
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    This is a new hack, i first saw it about 2 weeks ago. Players can remove their name from chat messages and make it appear like admin chat. There is currently no way for us to detect this automatically.   Don't worry, they do not have access to any admin controls or anything endangering other players directly.   We are looking for a way to detect and ban for this, but if you are able to give us an exact time of when these things happened, and what was said in chat, we can find and ban the players responsible. Thanks.
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    Our home supercluster

    Not star citizen per se but still cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rENyyRwxpHo  
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    LMAO - A sure fire Darwin Awards Fav. 
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    @[member='Freditowner'] Haha you, my friend, are the filthy casual.    They actually weren't too expensive. They are actually the least expensive model at $80. Not bad. 
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    Great way to start plan B; Operation Natural Selection.
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    Landscaping In Battlefield 4

    Craterfeild :D
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    Threading A Needle On Aux In Resort

    @[member='Auxine']     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP-nlqCU9hA
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    @[member='KnightsX']   @[member='Nova']   Oh no i totally agree, the looters are fucking arseholes. I'm all for protesting for justice, or what you believe in. But most of these people are just rioting and looting for the heck of it, to get free stuff.  What i meant was that we didn't like even brush on the subject of the guy that got shot...
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    @[member='Jun']   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zokzNaM2SlQ   If you want to file a ban dispute, do so, this is not the place to dispute a ban.   Topic locked.
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    LOL newb

    @[member='AngryPanda']   Hi there if ya would like to play add me,I'm learning to....so it would be nice to learn together Yea that does suck...Hopefully you will recover it
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    @[member='CAPS_Gaming']   http://stats.adkgamers.com/player_histories/sessions/1892294   Above is link to the client section of the server stats for BF4 or BF3.  I have linked your BF4 stats.  You can find this by using the "Server Stats" tab above and search your player name, choose the game and look at the session times.     For TS, ask a TeamSpeak Advisor / Admin, but if you're in game for 3 hours and in TS the whole time, the math is pretty easy....lol....   Hope this helps, it helped me!   Cheers!
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    Our home supercluster

    Speaking of which, NASA just recently was able to catch light bending into a black hole. We have only ever seen the absence of light but now we actually were able to catch the light itself bending.
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    Okay, so I am VERY new to gaming. I spent most of my time crushing candies and my loving husband introduced me to Minecraft a few months ago. I enjoy Minecraft but wanted to try and find something new to play.   So... I went out and purchased BF3 & BF4. I have NEVER played a first person shooter game (or any other game for that matter) and my kill-to-death ratio is quite sad, but I am having sssooooo much fun!    I have played Death Match & Conquest and I think I enjoy Conquest more. I'm open to any helpful hints/suggestions to help me learn the game.  :blush:   Anyways...   Just wanted to say hello to everyone in the BF4 community and I hope to see you around in game...I'll be the player that is usually standing in the front of the doorway waiting to be killed. :grin:     See you around.    Daisy
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    Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Dallas'] How could you get replaced?  There are more gamer girls than people realize, and there's only one you, so to replace you would be impossible.  Even though you're now known as Dallas as well I will continue to call you Tex.  Besides, who would want to replace you?  Yarr they be penis's!
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    Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    Welcome to the community @[member='smashley'] ... I have no idea what happened between the introduction and this post but I don't feel like reading it. so let's try to type something that won't start a big war....    Not a fan of cats and... look at those pumpkins!!!! WELCOME TO ADK!    huh that was so easy, and has a small possibility of starting an argument.   p.s. Dallas is one of a kind, unfortunately you can't just replace her... unless you make me a sandwich, something she has so far failed to do. Cheers.
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    Kingship - "One big assd ship"
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    The size of these ships amaze me. The amount of detail they put into the smaller ships makes my head explode thinking about these bigger ships. I don't know about eve online, but these ships are detailed inside and out!   "Report to the bridge"  *Proceed to hike a few km.   I hope the bagel carrier has lifts/transports! The interior of the carrier will literally be bigger than some of the landing zones!
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    Totally would if i had that kinda money to spend on a hobby lol.
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    Favorite Artist/Band?

    My top 5 :)   Sabaton Bring me the horizon Rammstein Vildhjarta Sparzanza
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    Favorite Artist/Band?

    1. Supercell (Japanese band) 2. Fade (Japanese alternative rock band) 3. Ludwig van Beethoven (gotta have classical sometimes) 4. AWOLNATION 5. Daft Punk 6. Incubus 7. LiSA (Japanese artist) 8. Sound Horizon (Japanese band)
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