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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    @Pinkytube1   I guess now you understand the amount of work we who already were Admin's have to deal with. :P So when you all ran to us to deal with issues you now know what it takes. lol   Welcome to the crew recruits.
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    I like getting the guy that's standing next to you...when they think no one is watching...and then try to say in chat they didn't throw anything...let's see...no light at end of tunnel...you throw object...now end of tunnel is lit like Christmas tree...whatever...dumbass...
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    WOW was I wrong.   In my naive brain, I thought as soon as I got my admin powers, the server would be cleaned up in 2 hours... LOL!!!!!!!   Wow, talk about uphill fight. For every person I punish, 3 more show up...   Silly ME!!   Anyways, I still love it, and I pledge to ADK and myself to clean up the servers as much as I possibly can.   I am very glad to have people like @[member='kaipeng79'] and @[member='OldDocMarius'] and a few others whom are like me and report all the time and always follow the rules. They restore my faith in humanity a little.   But its fun, since I work from home on a laptop, I just put pc in spec mode and watch the tower, as soon as i hear boom.... I @[member='pun'] and go back to work. And when I get reports from reliable sources I @[member='pun'] right away .   Thanks for letting me help out =ADK= .   And every few hours, I get a player or 2 saying Thanks Admin ( not sarcastically )... Feels good...   Anyways. See yoiu guys out there!              
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    Capture the Flag fun

    he guys,   i have played online lots of Capture the flag, with a friend. And he made a movie with it.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH0tUGm7m9c&feature=youtu.be   Why are so few playing it. Its fun.     grtz
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    I really appreciate when an admin is in the No Explosive servers, it warms my heart to see those "punished by *adminname*" messages in chat.   It's quite annoying to be "forced" to use FLIR scopes because all smoke spam. So when the admins are cleaning up it's like fun is back on the table.   so all in all, keep up the good work admins, we love you :)
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    I find it extremely gratifying oddly. I like to get home from class...and spectate for a bit. Like today there was maybe 10 minutes where throwable spam was minimal but it made me feel like I did something. A lot of work, but worth it to me.
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    It can get better in one round if you literally bring the iron fist and cold cock them in the face. If you get about 60 punishes in in a round people listen. And then server is clean for a while.
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    Heres a cookie for you admins:
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    BF4 Game Update March [LIVE]

    March PC Game Update Notes -Several crash fixes and stability improvements -Various improvements for Spectator Mode -Increased the maxium rank to 120 -Fixed an issue with the kill camera triggering before game client would display the last portion of damage being dealt, giving players the impression that they died too early -Fixed issue with blood effects, damage indicators, and health bar updates in the HUD being out of sync. This issue meant that players would sometimes miss information about being shot at, or get the impression of too few hits occurring for the amount of bullets that hit. -Tweaked the speed, dispersion, and re-arm duration of the IFV and MBT projectiles -Tweaked timing for how long the killfeed stays on screen -Fixed an issue where the message "Joining Server" sometimes didn't appear when the user tried to join the server -Added default player slots to server browser filters -Fix for an issue on Silk Road where players could deform the terrain to create a big, water-filled hole -Fix for a bug that occurred with the end-of-round camera if the player was in the bomber in China Rising -Fix for an issue on Rogue Transmission where it was impossible to capture a flag while riding the quad bike -Prevented players from interacting with an M-Com on Siege of Shanghai after it had been destroyed -Fixed an issue where audio for disarming M-Coms could get stuck in an infinite loop -Added minimap details for missing carriers in Rush on Paracel Storm and Hainan Resort -Fix for an exploit that would allow players to shoot two tank shells with not enough delay between shots -Removed a bug where squads would get split up when transitioning between Conquest and Air Superiority -Fixed an issue where Defuse could get stuck in an unplayable state between rounds -Removed a bug that would cause players to sometimes get stuck in the killcam after having been killed -Fixed an issue with revive icon not being greyed out in-game on map and minimap, when the player died after getting revived in Defuse -General improvements and bug fixes for the Battledash and Mission create screens -Fixed a bug where red laser dots would get stuck on textures -Zoom dispersion fix. When zooming in while firing the dispersion did not lower to the new max value -Fixed a bug where the enemy health always displayed as full in the kill-cam -Fixed an issue in Defuse so killed bomb carrier can’t plant a bomb in the next round without picking up a new bomb -The MAV has been updated to prevent players from exploiting it -Improved repair rates for vehicles with different base healths -Tweaked volume balance and other ambience parameters on the majority of base game and China Rising maps -Improved the track vehicles wheel friction so vehicles don’t get stuck at relatively minor hills -Fixed an issue with faulty zoom levels that occurred when using click to zoom in. While sprinting and zooming, will mess up the zoom levels, from hip to zoom. -Improved boat physics and handling, including implementation of a system that lets players push stuck boats back in the water SPECTATOR MODE -Fix for the EMP/Proxy Attack effects being visible in Spectator Mode -Removed the black screen that was visible when switching between cameras and players in Spectator Mode -Removed squad colors in Spectator Mode, now only the red and blue team colors are visible -Decreased the user interface clutter in Spectator Mode by removing health pack, ammo pack and revive icons -Tweaked the 1st person view in Spectator Mode so that spectators now see exactly what players see and nothing else -Added a functionality in Spectator Mode so that, when going into Freecam from 1st or 3rd person mode, the first static freecam will be moved to behind the previously spectated player -Added the possibility in Spectator Mode to ‘fire’ at a player from Freecam to go into 1st person view of that player -Spectators can now see which player on the scoreboard that carries the bomb in the Obliteration and Defuse game modes NOTE: For in-depth details on all the balancing tweaks below, head to our "Balancing BF4" articles [blogs.battlefield.com]. GRENADE TWEAKS -Increased the number of M84 FLASHBANG and HAND FLARES the player can carry from 2 to 3. -Increased the effect of M84 FLASHBANG grenades on friendly and enemy players. -Increased the maximum damage for the RGO from 67 to 80, however reduced the range of explosion. -Reduced the visual and audio effect for the detonation of the V40 Mini to highlight its smaller blast when compared to other grenades. Decreased the maximum damage from 80 to 60, and decreased the range at which maximum damage is applied. PISTOL TWEAKS -Increased the aimed accuracy of the M1911 to make it a viable choice once the COMPACT 45 has been unlocked. -Increased the close range damage of the M1911, QSZ-92, FN57, CZ-75 and COMPACT 45. -Reduced the delay between pressing the trigger and the bullet firing for the M412 REX and .44 MAGNUM. -Increased the magazine capacity of the QSZ-92 to 20 rounds. Additionally reduced the recoil of the QSZ-92 to give it a clear difference from the FN57. -Corrected a small error with the COMPACT 45 accuracy when crouched or prone. WEAPON TWEAKS -Increased the damage of all DMRs across all ranges. Additionally, reduced the penalty to accuracy for sustained DMR fire, allowing more rapid follow up shots in combat. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of DMRs in combat, and determine if additional action is needed to make DMRs a viable mid to long range weapon. -Increased the accuracy of pump action shotguns (870 MCS, HAWK 12g, SPAS-12, and UTS 15) while on the move and aiming. -Reduced the long range damage of the MTAR to bring it in line with the rest of the Carbines. -Adjusted the way inaccuracy is handled when transitioning from Hip fire to Aimed fire. -The Heavy Barrel’s Accuracy bonus now also applies on the move, at a reduced bonus. This should give the Heavy Barrel a wider role for players who desire accuracy while aimed in all situations. -Synchronized the timing of the aim down the sights animation of sniper rifles with their ability to fire with full accuracy. Players no longer need to wait for additional time after the aiming animation plays to get accurate shots. There is still a delay to achieve full accuracy, so Quick Scoping is still not possible. -THe SRS bolt action time has been tweaked and the rate of fire has been lowered -The GOL bolt action time has been tweaked -The muzzle velocity for the MP7 has been reduced -The MTAR21 muzzle velocity has been reduced -Updated the handling of the 1x scopes for Type95B1, A91, SteyrAug, SAR21, QBZ951, FAMAS, UTAS, MTAR, L85A2, and F2000 -Updated rate of fire for the RGP7 and NLAW VEHICLE TWEAKS -Reduced the total amount of missiles carried by the Mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles from 6 to 4. -Reduced the velocity of the MAA’s default 20MM CANNON from 1200m/s to 800m/s to match the 30MM CANNON. -Reduced the physical impact of all Anti-Aircraft missiles to prevent helicopters from flipping uncontrollably when hit. The damage values have not been changed. -Reduced the cone in which ACTIVE RADAR missiles search for targets, making them require a higher level of skill in predicting where a target will be when the missile is fired. -Increased the direct damage done by the Attack Helicopter’s gunner cannon. The gunner will be better able to assist the pilot in taking down vehicle targets with this change. -Increased the direct hit damage of the Zuni Rockets for Attack Helicopters. The rate of fire of these rockets combined with their smaller magazine pool made them a poor choice over the other two rocket types. -Reduced the splash damage and maximum splash damage range of the Scout Helicopter 25MM CANNONS. -Reduced the “intelligence” of the MBT LAW missiles, requiring the player to aim the missile closer to their target before the smart projectile will activate. Additionally, the MBT LAW now reloads slightly slower. Finally, a bug where the MBT LAW would pass through an ACTIVE PROTECTION shield has been fixed. -Fixed an issue where ACTIVE PROTECTION and the MP-APS did not properly stop 12G FRAG rounds. -Reduced the range where the M2 SLAM will do maximum damage to vehicles from 6M to 3M. The range was deemed to be too large, making the M2 SLAM far superior to the M15 AT MINE. -Reduced the damage the STAFF shell does to all targets by 25%. This should balance the ease of use of the STAFF shell with its damage potential.
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    ARMA 3

    This TS channel is slowly picking up as a community. Tons of laughs/serious game play and everything in between.
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    @[member='noxnoctus']   Yeah, looks like you being the best teammate you usually are.
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    Can I have a peanut butter cookie?  Chocolate gives me migrains   :angry:   I've been focusing on populating so far, but I agree you smack one person for grenades and 5 more show up.....they are like roaches.  I was playing on one of the EU no exp servers and I don't even know if my communications are understood lol.  I caught one guy on Metro running around tossing C4 in the choke points and then detonating it with his handgun so he could avoid auto-admin.
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    Why Does K/D Matter So Much?

    Lately I went on an expedition of sorts to find myself a suitable Planetside stat signature. However, upon viewing the first one I was horrified. I knew I had a terrible KD, I knew my SPM didn't look so hot either, and I knew several other unpleasant aspects of my poor NC character profile that had undergone severe mistreatment. From multiple flights with suicide kamikaze pilots, playing chicken with enemy tanks one too many times, parachuting without a parachute, dying to revive others, and sacrificing my vehicles in massive and bloody crashes (My Sunder has been deemed the suicide sunder) my KD is now struggling at a sad looking .3 Viewing all that information in one place was simply too much. So I set off to find a signature that focused on the things I was good at, ie revive ribbons and Head Shot Ratio. However, nothing of the sort was to be found. Anywhere. Either the signature creator skipped any valid information whatsoever, or it featured boldly my several thousand deaths, miserable accuracy as an infantry Medic, and the unfortunate amount of days I've spent in Planetside. Down to the point, why should K/D matter so much? It's something comparable that any Gamer who claims higher than 2 can boast about, but really, is it all that matters in an FPS? My current job in Planetside allows me to interact and run with other outfits. Several extremely important things I've taken away from it so far is that what really matters on the battlefield is not how many people you can drop before they kill you, but how well you listen, how well you communicate, how well you can adapt to a situation, and how well you work in a team setting. Those 8 kills mean shit if your Commanding Officer told you to be in the opposite building. When I first started playing Planetside 2, my policy was that I would be completely fine being killed over and over again as long as I could revive as many people as possible in my place. If I was a terrible shot, why not put the people back in play who can actually make a wave in the enemy lines? Thus, my KD suffered. A lot. Meaning .00043 for the first month I played. 0_o My first 4 kills were completely by accident as well. For us support classes, KD is like a derogatory insult to us. We revive, hand out ammo, repair suits and vehicles, often we're the ones in the driver's seat taking the soldiers to the front lines. While our Kills as opposed to Deaths suffer, so does the enemy. Those of you who play support like me, Medic, Engineer, Bus Driver for all I care, stand loud and proud for those KDs. You are a witness to the resilience of your faction/side. You are willing each and every day to take the hit for your troops. So never let a high scoreboard player look at your KD and put you down. You're what keeps them moving.
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    Battlefield 4 Useful Console Commands:   To enter command, press ~ and then enter any command such below. PerfOverlay.drawFPS 1 (Show FPS Counter) PerfOverlay.drawGraph 1 (Show Performance Graph) GameTime.maxVariableFPS # (Set framerate limit) RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 1 (Enable Triple-Buffering) RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1 (Force rendering only one frame ahead) Screenshot.Render (Take Screen Shot which will be saved in My Documents\Battlefield 4\Screenshots\ directory)   Battlefield 4 Stuck or Crashed on Loading Screen:   It is very known issue regarding to Battlefield 4 Beta and Battlefield 4 full game, the developers are trying to fix this issue but not so far. So we have some solutions to fix it, see below. First of all, update your graphic card drivers to the latest Turn off ‘cloud storage’ in Origin Update your operating systems to the latest service pack Go to NVidia Control Panel or AMD Catalyst Control Now disable all extra options and set the preferences for AA and anisotropic to ‘use applications settings’ Disable NVidia SLI or AMD CrossFire if you are using It is also recommended to disable any Antivirus or Firewall programs before run the game. If possible add the BF4.exe in exception list of firewall.  Update PunkBuster as we discuss below. Battlefield 4 PunkBuster Problems:   If you have any problem with PunkBuster, then follow the steps below: First of all, make sure you have a folder called ‘PB’ in Battlefield 4 directory, if not then re-install the game. Download PunkBuster, PB Client and PBSetup.exe and then save them to Battlefield 4\PB folder. Now run PBSetup.exe, add your game and hit ‘check for updates’.     Battlefield 4 becomes unresponsive, crashes or black screen after changing controls:   After setting the key-bindings in Battlefield 4, now game becomes un-responding, giving black screen or crashes, then reset it to default settings and also try these steps. Go to My Documents\Battlefield 4\settings\ Find PROFSAVE_profile file Open this file into text editor  Now press Ctrl + F to find controversial key bindings Search below 5 lines including empty line GstKeyBinding\.[^\n]+\.([456789]|(\d){2,10}).axis \d+ GstKeyBinding\.[^\n]+\.([456789]|(\d){2,10}).button \d+ GstKeyBinding\.[^\n]+\.([456789]|(\d){2,10}).negate \d+ GstKeyBinding\.[^\n]+\.([456789]|(\d){2,10}).type \d+ Here, make sure the replace text box should empty, “search in” is set to “current buffer”, and in the “settings” there is “Regular expression” box checked. It will take few minutes then ready, now you can play Battlefield 4.   Battlefield 4 contains heavy textures and graphic and requires a good PC to play this game smooth. You can also improve your Battlefield 4 performance by using these tips: Must have updated graphic card drivers Install the DirectX latest version During running game, minimize the game, open task manager, right click onBF4.exe and set the priority to low Use low or medium graphic settings Low resolution is also can be effective to improve performance Turn-off Hyper-threading technology on Intel’s Processors (It’s tricky) Quit running background browsers Disable running background applications Run the game in windowed mode   Battlefield 4 Multiplayer/Online Connectivity or Lag Issues:   As Battlefield 4 multiplayer fans are one of the creatures, and may have many connectivity and online issues. You can try these tips to reduce lag and improve the connectivity. As I already told too, latest graphic card drivers and latest Windows service pack are highly recommended, so hold them. Use lower or medium graphic settings in multiplayer Disable Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering Use wired internet connection instead of Wireless If you are using overclock hardware then reset it to factory settings Disable background applications before start the game.   Battlefield 4 Crashes or Freezes during Gameplay:   During multiplayer or online gameplay of Battlefield 4, the random crashes and freezes are very common problems. Apply below solutions to fix the issue. For Windows 7 or Vista Users: Open command prompt by run as administrator Type bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2500 and press enter Now restart your machine   Submitted by Psycophrenic and Stewvader Ports to ensure are properly forwarded to help with Disconnects   Here are the ports UDP:  3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300                                 TCP:  80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127   Port forwarding can help with connecting to servers that are online but Battlelog gives you the error: Game disconnected: could not join server.     http://youtu.be/7VgtQm2hzzY     Submitted by Gingergod5 Joystick/gamepad Throttle Fix For issues with the throttle down locking controls "Open PROFSAVE_profile with wordpad/notepad, it’s located in My Documents > Battlefield 4 > settings. Search (ctrl + F) "GstKeyBinding.heli.ConceptBrake" these 2 need to change to 255 or something high "GstKeyBinding.heli.ConceptBrake.0.button 255" and "GstKeyBinding.heli.ConceptBrake.1.button 255" Save it and when you lauch BF4 Sync using LOCAL data."   making sure that cloud is enabled   Submitted by Smokey-FN Fix Blurred Screen (Should be fixed by Dice now)   After the patch I believe it was R10. Many members of the BF4 community have been dealing with their screens blurring for no reason. Below I am going to list a couple of ways to help fix this issue. If this doesn't work for you I am sorry. I will post more updates as I find them. So if nothing works for you follow this thread.   1.Go into your settings. Turn your Motion Blur Amount to 100%. And turn your Weapon DOF to ON.   If this does not work for you. (Some it does some it won't) Please try the next step.   This is more of a Temp bypass for disabling Motion Blur to stop the effect.   1. Open Notepad   2. Paste the following: WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurFixedShutterTime 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurMax 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurMaxSampleCount 0 WorldRender.MotionBlurQuality 0   3. File > Save As > Choose > Save as type: All files Choose > File name: user.cfg Navigate to the "Origin Games\Battlefield 4" folder and click save.
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    It finally happened

    ive had enough in all honesty of this game this is the first patch i CANNOT play i cant even launch my game i cant even launch campain what is this crap?if anyone is wondering why they havnt seen me around its cause im playing FFXIV ill consider giving BF4 another chance with naval strike but will most likely give up,thought i would atleast inform people of where i have been
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    Hello all,   It's nice to be a part of something so big.  Currently I'm working towards becoming a full member of ADK, just getting things in rl straight first, so I can concentrate on becoming more active.   ATM I have a wierd schedule as to when I can be on TS because my roommate sleeps in the same room, and he works a messed up night schedule.   I currently have PS2, DayZ SA, and MC, and am working on d/ling ARMA II w/ OA and mods.   I'll update when rommate wakes up and I don't have to worry about accidentally waking him up.   Steam name is: Xeno Overwatch for anyone who want's to add me.     Later peeps. [attachment=2721:559001_10151105630815356_1821384677_n.jpg]
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    Hello =ADK= community!

    I feel that a greetings is the appropriate way to begin an introduction about myself. Let's make it heartfelt as well.          Hello and good day to all you people of a Dissimilar Nature! I recently caved in and created an account on the website after well over a year of playing on ADK servers across multiple games. I first found ADK via Battlefield 3 and recognized it as a great server. I played my remaining days in Battlefield 3 (Remaining, for I was fated to forsake that game for greener pastures thereafter.) almost exclusively on ADK servers. I proceeded to join the Teamspeak server and played on the Minecraft server, DayZ, Battlefield 4, and played some games with other members in League of Legends. Now I am coming back after a long vacation and decided when I logged into one of my favorite games, Planetside 2, that I needed to find myself an outfit. Lo and behold I play New conglomerate since release, and I chose Connery because my friends who got me into the game pestered me into the west coast server because I had lower ping than them, even though I live on the east coast.          And thus the intro to our intro is complete. I caved in and am now doing an introduction because I want to hang out with the cool people that I already know are in =ADK= while playing one of my favorite games (Planetside 2).         I normally wouldn't touch any sort of forum with a 10 ft. pole. Truthfully forum posting just is not nearly as fun or personal as VoIP or even in-game chat for me and I have posted a total of 3 or 4 forum posts in my lifespan. I still peruse them on occasion though, mainly because I like being well-informed.   (As a side note would there be any way for me to forsake the 20 forum post requirement for recruitment into ADK's  Planetside 2 outfit? I would be willing to do extra of the other two requirements to make up for it. Heck I'd be willing to do a head stand wearing nothing but a pink tutu and rub my belly while smothered in marmalade singing a shanty in hideous falsetto to a group of sailors to not have to meet the 20 post requirement.) :wacko:   ((Though I do understand if it is still required.))                       TL;DR: Hi
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    Ehh mine was around like 300 and i never snipe lolol was from my an94 heavy barrel for grip :D
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    Text Chat not working

    In spect mode you cant see chat, normally I have the GCP up so i can read chat.  If you are in game normally you should have no problems. 
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    BF4 Game Update March [LIVE]

    Wow..... I didn't read that part of it. DMRs do not need any more buffs.  I wonder what made them decide to do this. 
  21. 1 point

    Flying skills

    @[member='Dalriaden'] i can do that stuff if i dont get shot by a freaking RPG
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    I now spend 90% of my time watching, 10% playing.  Making a server a better place for others is a good feeling though.   Please, keep that thing away from me!       Must admit I don't to rely on reports, I use them as an indicator on who to watch but don't punish unless I see it first hand.
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    Pretty much sums it up, welcome and hope to see you in game
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    Take it as a compliment. Turn that frown upside down. Ignore them and just play. Or if it really bothers you that much just play more laid back. But there is no need to change your play style to fit someone's video game ego. 
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    Couldn't get Shadowplay to work on this but here was a good one from last night. Looks like Gulf of Oman. Friendly Fire on, of course.   http://www.frequency.com/video/i-must-say-good-job-population-control/128735411/-/5-3432
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    Thats when I hit up google translate for no explosives in german french spanish and ruskie :p
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    Well your aa hacks are getting nerfed, so 1/4 of your complaint base is going to disappear. :P Just ignore them man, can always post up a gameplay montage on youtube or livestream as well.
  28. 1 point
    You could always tell them that you actually aren't hacking because you accidental broke your aimbot
  29. 1 point

    It finally happened

    Even if you get it to load, then you get to deal with all the other issues. EA and Dice better get their shit together and fast. There are many other games in the near future that are going to just put BF4 to shame. 
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    Hello guys, its MOMOoooo

    hey @[member='MOMOflame']   I have improved my game play playing with these guys...one of the great things about this community is the diversity of young, old, comp players, guys just having fun, noobs, vets...you will have fun...
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    :D this is miniiboba, good admining yesterday:P i was squadding with Kaipeng
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    I haven't played her too much although I should change that, but I hate playing against her.   A lot of people played her previously and she definitely is bot lane god for support.  
  33. 1 point

    BF3 vs BF4

    This is a ignorant topic. Battlefield 3 was released in Oct. 2011. Dice/EA has had well over a two years to get the game where it is today. You all are so quick to forget the many fucking problems BF3 has had with the same shit your hating on in Battlefield 4. Same exact fucking problems and some of you in this topic I remember listening to you bitch about it. Battlefield 4 has only been out now for 4 months and you are comparing it to game that has gone through 2 years of updates and patches to get it where it is today. Quit being cancer and hating on your community. Give the the game time to evolve and get patched. I get so tired of seeing people complain about Battlefield 4 it's unreal and it's one of the reasons I quit being the Battlefield VA cause I was tired of adults crying about a video game stiring shit.
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    Bumping for those of you who still haven't read this
  35. 1 point

    ARMA 3

    I've had Arma 3 for quite some time and I used to play it a lot, but lately I haven't been; Now seeing that there is a group of people in ADK that play it I'll come down there and play with you guys. Typically I play Altis life, but I am more than willing to branch out and play Wasteland or any other MP modes.
  36. 1 point

    ARMA 3

    Here's a good update. We have a new Arma 3 section in teamspeak for people to meet and play. Many of us mainly play wastelands right now but, we could also branch off and start playing other MP modes if there's a group of people wanting that. Feel free to use our open chat channel if you want to play a separate server or just let me know if you think you have enough group interest to have a dedicated channel for a mode other than wastelands. The core players of our group are serious about playing effectively as a team and using squad tactics but, we also are constantly having lots of laughs and fun.  Come over and get into Arma with us in TS.
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    Everyone's Crazy!

    I couldn't agree more! I HATE when people use illness as an excuse. A doc said i have ADD, anxiety, Bipolar, and you know what? I don't use that as an excuse. If i f*** up, i don't blame it on my "illnesses", I say "i f***ed up, I'll learn from my mistake instead of cheating my way out."....Woah, sorry, kinda ranted there. Must be the ADD, or something! XD
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