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    Meet me!

    Hey! My name is Trevor, or Venom as all my igns are. I am just a casual gamer who likes to play games. Working with other people is a thing that I find fun. I have played lots of games from Dota, to COD, to Planetside. Gaming is a passion that I have and I hope I can share it with you guys.
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    Hello From Toaster HQ

    Hey SIege!   Glad you deciede to take the next step!   I haven't seen you that I remember, but then, I don't remember too much so make sure you say hello when you are in teamspeak with us if you come to the Planetside 2 teamspeak channels, we love having people stop in to visit, comment, or help run a squad or whatever!  Look forward to seeing you there and around the forums! (don't forget to get your ten posts!).   Whatever you do, have FUN and make sure you PM any of us if yo uhave questions or problems! (hey, you DID fill out an application form, right? :) )   See ya soon!    ~Dim
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    Ovist, I've seen you in my units!    Now, you aren't the guy that was using his kid's profile were you?  If not, you're a new old guy to me... (LOL).  I'll be 54 in a month or so - and I know we have a few other old guys around here, so... you may not be as old as you think!   What instrument(s), and is that your dog?   My aunt has a house in Greenville she uses for vacation that I have been a frequent visitor to over the years.  They also have a houseboat they have used on the TVA that I have been insanely inebriated on, on a number of occassions that I don't remember...   I live inbetween Phoenix and Tucson in AZ, not too far from the border with Mexico, although my wife is from Brasil.  I smoke cuban cigars whenever I am in either of those places, and sometimes when I'm not!   Make sure you get your ten posts, and spend time with us in teamspeak - make yourself known to us, and always a good place to ask questions or ask for help with something.  (I have already banned myself from the forums once by mistake, so - yeah, Teamspeak can really help speed up rescue!  LOL)   Most of all though, glad you made the effort, hope to talk to you in TeamSpeak, and have fun!  P, any of us at any time with problems or questions!   ~Dim
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    how do u

    Well the larger ones are normally pay for hacks. . or so it seems at least.      But either way. . free or not. . . they are stupid. 
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    Alex Savage

    Member Picture Thread

    (Yeah... I was pretty much wasted, drunk and bout to
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