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    CS GO Servers!

    have the game...just need to find the time in between bf3 and this.....
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    Its over 8,000!

    With this new logging plugin for our BF3 servers, which logs everything by the way, it has registered over 8,400 players since this post and its only been running for two days. That's a lot of players that connected to our servers. [img]http://amurray.me/playerlisting.jpg[/img]
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    CS GO Servers!

    Looks great! SOOO excited for ADK to be taking on CS:GO
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    [quote name='irwinpks' timestamp='1345468121' post='42548'] Playing Operation Metro (No Explosive) - Have you ever played a round and you call out alerts like "hey, our right side of ticket hall is weak", or "breach, runner headed to c", etc..??? You know...stuff that helps the team. ...and then some douchebag COD kid riffs off STFU so & so, stop crying...and the player is on your own team? WTF? And then they (Nova2L) [url="http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/Nova2L/stats/525179949/"]http://battlelog.bat...tats/525179949/[/url] go on a rant chucking smack your way and has the balls to tell a 50 year old to shut up. Some of these punks need to be beaten. Go figure. [/quote] If I see him trolling our servers and he continues to rant as you say he does, he will eperience my ban hammer of justice!! (First a slay, kick then ban )
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    Sound cards?

    i get clipping too. but a lack of sound like it turns off.
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