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    new Admins (Needed)

    we need new admins for morning and afternoon EST since being in ADK for about half a month. I rarley see any admins on for the morning and afternoons.
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    7950!! THAT'S RELEASED ALREADY? DAYMN I've now got the outdated tech
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    Suggestion for the helicopter-challenged

    Personally I prefer mouse for roll and pitch, w/s throttle, a/d yaw... I have a mouse with variable sensitivity and I max it out when I hop in a heli for maximum in-game movement for little RL movement... Similar to GDogPR I've flown RC but only planes. A friend of mine that flies RC helis put it to me the best I've had explained, primarily that [i][b]trying to fly a helicopter is like trying to balance a marble on top of a sphere[/b][/i]. You have to understand the role of momentum in your movement in order to counter it before you encounter it or you're screwed. Additionally, remember that throttle is your friend to power out of situations. Example is coming in for a hard landing nose first then at the last second pitch backwards and give throttle to pad the landing and it'll be kopasetic, similar to an autorotation landing although you can't control the blade pitch (collective). If you think BF3 helis are hard, you should give BF2 ones a shot. And those were infinitely easier than the DC BF1942 mod. Frankly I prefer the original DC helis because they were vastly more responsive, which should be expected I suppose with their difficulty/sensitivity. Lastly, if arcade flying is hard, try an RC or sim one with all control surfaces at your disposal. It is nuts. The lack of collective is both a blessing and a curse in the game.
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    3/5 servers empty

    [quote name='GDogPR' timestamp='1329498349' post='19784'] hope I at least helped with B2K maps while I was around the house doing RL stuff. Let's keep trying to keep those servers rocking! Let money not be wasteful unless it is for cheap booze and good women! Or is it the other way around? >.> [/quote] That's not wasteful.... It is an entertainment value
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