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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    Name: BlueMan Form: Let's Get This Game Going Request    
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    Evening everyone. I have been playing Rainbow Six Siege with SLIM and SOAP on discord for the past few weeks and they are showing exactly the kind of environment ADK is really about. Nothing but mature, kind, and such an amazing atmosphere. My name is Randall. I am 28 years old. I have served in the United States Army for 8 years. I have a little bit of technical background as I worked at Dell as well. I have Identical twin girls that are about to turn 5 years old. I currently reside in Texas and may be moving back to Panama City, FL in the near future. I mainly play Runescape and Rainbow Six: Siege. I am also a streamer on twitch.tv. I will not post/advertise my stream unless I am authorized to do so. Other then that, I am a relaxed, chill dude and am looking forward to getting to know everyone if given the opportunity.
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    New Hero! Jetpack Cat!

    That's right, Overwatch has a new Hero coming soon. And it's not a hero you'd might expect. . it's Jetpack cat. Okay okay, it's not really happening but had a good laugh from this video so had to share it.
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    I also have been following this game since first announced. I'm super hyped about it!!! Really hope this becomes a section.
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    Member Picture Thread

    Here's me and my daughter at the Austin Aquarium last year
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    Hello Hello!

    Hi guys! My name is Chris! I'm 24, a Geospatial Scientist and I really enjoy playing video games in my free time! I'm currently in a hate/hate relationship with Rocket League but I also enjoy playing some PUBG and a random assortment of other games. I'm open to anything, so if you want to throw some suggestions my way I'll give em a shot! I'm really looking forward to being part of this community and contributing as best as I can! Thanks for having me!
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    What's up, Dudes, This last week we had some fun with some unlimited game modes and competitive play. The first shot is from some competitive play where I threw down a grav and our team wiped the other team's attack. The next shot is two shots combined, where Chas charges and then gets to ult a grav. Then there are some shots of our fun game modes where we had unlimited everything. It was pretty fun finding out which hero is the most OP when you spam all their abilities. The last shot is our tank Cuddles during some comp play. Our team won about 3-4 in a row.
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    February Voting Totals and Saddles!

    Thank you to everyone who voted for the servers this last month! We appreciate your help in populating our servers! For the 28 days of February, any person who voted for half the calendar days, 3 servers per day (This totaled 42 votes) will be awarded an Ascendant saddle blueprint of your choosing! Those of you whose totals are in green have met this mark! We have given players 2 days of leeway on the voting totals, and this is the totals in orange. You will receive a blueprint this month, but note that if you are in the orange again next month you will skipped! The totals in the red is not enough to get the bonus in game saddle, but we appreciate your votes all the same! I recognize that a lot of these names are not players that take part in our section and just know that your votes, even a single one can make all the difference, so thank you very much! Those of you in the red who do partake in ARK, keep voting next month and work towards getting a saddle blueprint! Ragnarok Island Aberration Scorched The Center Totals @MavRoc 24 24 24 2 74 @AOBLXIX 24 17 21 17 8 87 @Harmsorgi 18 18 19 55 @FeistyTV 15 14 14 43 @Pendersen 13 11 12 1 37 @Nightcore_Gamer 11 11 11 33 @BrassyIA 11 10 11 1 33 @Chasaroonie 10 10 10 30 @VeeVee 8 8 8 24 @Gunnar 4 4 4 12 @Jaden 3 3 SymptumX 3 3 @VinasSol 1 1 2 @SGCrazyman 1 1 2 @Seagull 1 1 2 @Hellraiser 1 1 2 @SLIMJIM 1 1 2 @TitanCMD 1 1 2 Feed_em 1 1 Omega 1 1
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    The Alex


    I'm Alex. 24 yo Sushi Chef in ATL. I work a lot so it's hard to schedule set times to play with others, so having lots of active people like this community is perfect for me. I play mainly CSGO, League, SC2, and Hearthstone, but the king of all games is Melee. Look forward to playing with all of you! EDIT: Boi you know I play that OW too.
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    Boat Naming Pictures!

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    Greetings everyone! As some of you know I have been for a long while in the process of forming ADK's competitive team(s) for some time now. The task wasn't easy, but we're finally here! My initial goal was to get at least 6 members interested to form a single team, and here we sit, on the cusp of creating another team and hopefully getting enough to have 3 competitive teams playing for ADK. I want to thank all of our Overwatch staff and members for bringing in new players and making it a positive and fun place to play. Right now our initial stage is to form these teams and establish play times when we can practice together and learn each other's play styles. In the future we do plan to have scrims, coaching and tournaments between the teams to further our players' skills. Now without further waiting and ado, your ADK Overwatch comp teams: Team Phoenix Cuddles the Bear Fooie Hellraiser Markivo MrGrimm StarFirezz Team Hydra Dhmazed Feisty Gunnar Pinked PlasmaWisp TitanCMD Note: Given the volume in people interested in these comp teams, we have a third team, Team Cerberus, in the works. More details about that to be announced later. Its still not too late to join! If you're interested please contact me or any of the Overwatch staff and sign up here! If you're not a member and want to play I highly encourage you to get on discord and apply on the forums.
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    Name: BlueMan Form: =ADK= Discord Voice/Text Channel Requests
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    Hey, Im new

    I wanted to find a solid ARK community and found this. I really want to have a community of players to enjoy games with. Also, I'm also new to discord so I'm a bit clumsy with it. I can be shy but I open up to friends quickly :).
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    Love seeing all the hype around games. Make sure to join us in Discord if you have the game and group up. The more people we see the closer to getting this as a sponsored game you are. Also if you have not already make sure to fill out a form to have a channel added to our Discord for the game so you all have a place to play. If you need anything from me please let me know. Thanks @BlueMan for bring this to everyone attention.
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    Hello my lovelies, its ME blue!

    Hello my names is blue, Lots of people give me the nickname of "social butterfly" LOL so manly i must add. I love to talk to others, make new friends, and just have a good old time! Besides loving video games,I am A HUGE Pro-Wrestling fan or how i would call it "WRASTLING", I love WWE and i must watch all its PPV's and shows weekly. I was born watching wrestling. I remember my first ever WWE live event i went to! Also my favorite wrestler of all time is "Randy Orton!" I EAT, SLEEP, AND WATCH PRO WRASTLING! its like a drug for me LOL. It would be amazing dream of mine, to meet Randy Orton! I would pee my pants or just pass out !!! Other than my WRASTLing addiction! I really love comic books! I read tons of comic books! MY fav is batman! i got so much batman stuff its unimaginable like my wrestling stuff as well. IF you want to learn more about me, or want to hang out on discord let me know my lovelies! I would warn you, might talk your head off!
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    Hello Fellow Gamers

    Hi all, just a quick introduction about myself for joining the community. As my name implies, I'm a total geek when it comes to technology. I'm in my mid-late 30's and have earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in software engineering, work in security services consulting and engineering (most fun career I've had) where I get paid to find out how to break stuff and exploit vulnerabilities, and have loved gaming for over 20 years. You all seem like a fun and well balanced community so I figured I'd head on over. I'm almost always on as I work from home and talk to my boss maybe once every two weeks, so even if I'm not gaming at a specific time, I can be found in discord or the forums. Other than that, I have a wife and two children and love life in Central Texas (Austin area). Looking forward to meeting all of you and playing some games together! Currently I'm wanting to get back in to H1Z1 which I played a lot when SOE owned it and a couple years after, but haven't played much in the last six or so months.
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    I've been following this game since it was first announced, been a part of basically every alpha and beta. Can't wait for this. We should definitely get a section for it
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    Really exited about this game, after waiting around 1 year for this game I cant wait to play it. After all the hype and theories I think this game will succeed. I think this community will really benefit from this game. With the large community the Sea Of Thieves has. It can really make ADK a larger and greater community. BlueMan can't wait to sail the seas with you <3
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    hope you can get windows 10 one day
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    Looks really cool but I don't have windows 10 to play it
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    Tracking your breeding in ARK

    Hey everyone! To help people prepare for boss fights, just a short blurb about tracking your dinos for breeding. It's super important to keep track of breeding to help you decide which dinosaurs will help you further your blood line and which will be useless to breed into stats wise. Here is an example of a chart that you can use to track your dinosaurs. Level Health Stamina Oxygen Food Weight Melee Mutations Alpha 317 4672.9 1534 825 7783.2 391.7 463.4 2 Bravo 316 4672.9 1534 825 7617.6 391.7 436.4 2 Charlie 309 4276.9 1534 660 7948.8 391.7 463.4 2 Delta 306 4276.9 1534 645 7783.2 391.7 463.4 2 Echo 306 4276.9 1534 645 7783.2 391.7 463.4 4 Foxtrot 305 4672.9 1534 645 7783.2 391.7 463.4 4 Golf 304 3801.7 1534 855 7783.2 391.7 463.4 4 Hotel 303 4118.5 1534 855 6955.2 375.4 463.4 1 India 304 3801.7 1534 855 7783.2 391.7 463.4 3 Juliet 291 2476.9 1534 645 6955.2 391.7 463.4 4 Kilo 278 4276.9 1326 645 6955.2 391.7 428.8 3 Lima 278 4276.9 1092 750 6955.2 391.7 463.4 2 Mike 254 3801.7 1378 510 7783.2 350.9 ? 4 November 242 4276.9 1534 510 7783.2 293.8 463.4 2 Oscar 222 2772.1 806 435 7783.2 391.7 373.4 2 Papa 299 3168.1 1560 750 8276.4 329.8 352.5 0 Quebec 299 3036.1 1586 690 7724.7 295.8 369.8 0 Romeo 289 2508.1 1144 840 7172.9 295.8 369.8 0 Males are blue Females are pink the highest stats are highlighted in red. all of the stats listed are POST tame, and PRE imprint stats. (baby is born immediately record stats, dino is tamed immediately record stats) An example of what we would do with this information would be to try and put all of the best stats into one dinosaur. For the purposes of these dinos, which are dire wolves, we would want to have a combination of melee, health, and stamina. Because Quebec has the best stamina we would want to breed her with a wolf that has high melee and health, which in this case would be alpha, who has the highest melee health and weight from our chart. We know that all of our wolves mutations are color mutations right now, so we are not tracking what they are, but based off of comparing the parents stats with the new baby we can see if we are receiving a stat mutation instead of a color mutation and we would record this in the mutations column as well as putting a (1) in the column the mutation is in... it would look like this... Romeo 289 2508.1(1) 1144 840 7172.9 295.8 369.8 1 While we are doing this we are also out taming new high level wolves to see if we can tame a wolf that can provide more of our core stats that a current one. All of this is important information, because it is going to be a requirement for players to breed to attend the harder level boss fights in order to succeed. Players will have to have the best rex, or yutti or daeodon that they can, and it will need to be tracked. Players who wish to attend will need to start tracking their dinosaurs and make good breeding choices to participate. One of the requirements of entry will be to share your breeding sheets with the staff so that we can be sure that everyone is doing the best they can to contribute to this incredibly difficult fight, if we are filling one of our 20 slots with an early generation rex, or one that is not refined with stats then we will not be successful unfortunately. The bright side of this is that our staff are here to help you with this! Above i have provided you with all the information you need to make your own chart. You can use https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/ which is a free online excel service that requires only an email to log in. If you are not sure which ones you should be breeding, or need help with this process in any way please ask a staff!
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    Hi everyone! My name is J.C. (Jaysi). I found you guys on Google (lol), looking for people to talk to/game with! I play a few games...Overwatch, Starcraft 2, recently back into Skyrim. And more. I guess it's whatever I'm feeling that day haha
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    Hello I'm 15 and I flex in Overwatch. I'm in low gold.
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    What's Your Favorite Dinner

    Im the main cook in my house and we have several favorites. Frogys favorite is my beef stew and my homemade bean soup.. Savannah loves my tacos and my personal favorite is stuffed peppers and anything I cook on the grill like pork tenderloin or kababobs!
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    What's Your Favorite Dinner

    I'm a manly man. Steak and potatoes.
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    Yup yup! Lol. If anyone is down for some Overwatch tonight when I'm out of work hit me up! I'm off at 8pm CST.
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    Yay for a new house! Congrats. . . now the fun begins! lol
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    Discord Bot Suggestions

    Wow that timing lol
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    Hello Hello!

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay
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    Correct they just pushed it off. Crime Doesn't Pay, This Time Earlier this month we released a quick and raw gameplay video showing off an interaction in a rural area of the world. The art in the video is very much in development, but it's a great way to see some of the features and how they work. You'll get a glimpse of a drug production mini-game, the computer system used by police officers, and more. For this dev blog I wanted to toss in a couple clips that didn't make it into the video; all in glorious GIF form. The environment shown in the video is actually quite old. For example, those trees have been in use for a couple years of our development. The character animations (in fact, the entire way you control the character) will also be much different when you get into the Town Square. To give you an idea of how our art has progressed over time, see below one of the older placeholder trees, as is seen in the video, compared to a more recent tree which will be found in the Town Square. The Finishing Touches A street under construction in the Town Square; click for full-size As you'd expect, our priority for the last month has been getting the Town Square ready for play! We've been working overtime getting everything into place, and it's shaping up very nicely. You'll see from the image above that our artists have been producing absolutely incredible assets. In my own opinion, it's the nicest looking environment I've ever seen in an MMORPG to date. With the original release date for the Town Square quickly approaching, it's become evident that we're unfortunately going to have to push the date back, although the delay will not be long. More work is required to ensure that the launch goes smoothly; we need time to reinforce our server structure and do more internal playtesting. The Town Square will be released to all Founders (and above) one month later on April 23. This is an unfortunate reality of game development, but we want to make sure you get a quality product which isn't rushed out the door too soon. To help ease the pain of waiting for a taste of Identity, we're going to start throwing more media out for you, including a Town Square trailer video overviewing the features you'll find inside. Making it Big! We recently hit the incredible milestone of $1,000,000 USD raised! In fact, right now as of this writing we're in at just under $1,025,000. The vast majority of this funding was raised in the last year alone! The support from our community and pledgers has been absolutely incredible. I wanted to take this chance to say thank you; it's because of you that Identity is becoming a reality. The game we've all wanted for such a long time is coming. Around the Studio We're in overdrive over here, working hard to get the Town Square ready to go! As I sit here in my office typing this blog post, Andrew is finishing up the new character creation system. The user interface Artur made is beautiful. I couldn't be happier with the new UI systems he's produced following Scaleform's demise (our old middleware which is now dead). The biggest change here in the office this month is the addition of Mark (who the community has dubbed Marker), our resident graphic designer. He's pumping out amazing art for in-game brands at an incredible pace. This will translate into all sorts of clothing brands and patterns, wallpapers and much more. He'll be bringing you a whole lot of customization options throughout Identity. The real big news, though, is the birth of our lead programmer Henrik's (Sone) new baby boy! Be sure to congratulate him if you spot him on Discord. He's probably too tired to read, though. Liam has been getting a lot done on the new Identity website, too. You'll be seeing the launch of this new website quite soon, and it's going to bring a whole bunch of new options and features for you to enjoy. The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday. We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to get to know the fine details Identity! -- John VanderZwet Let's Make Identity Great! Identity's development is going great thanks to the support of people like you, but systems like these take a lot of manpower and resources to create. Identity has an awesome community behind it, but when more people know about what we're creating and our budget grows from pledges, we can not only work faster but we can do more, too. If you're as excited to play Identity as we are making it, help spread the word. The gaming industry has needed a game like Identity for too long; let's make it great together!
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    First Mastery 7 champion!

    If you play with me regularly, you will now that I play Lucian a lot, and he's my favorite champion. I set a goal to get mastery 7 by the end of Season 8, and I did it already. It took a lot of stressful and close games, but with his recent buff, it made is a hell of a lot easier.
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    I was directed here by Hellraiser. Hey everyone, my name is Kris. I go by Fooie in most games. I am a semi shy reserved person in the beginning but i tend to open up once im familiar with new people. im twenty-five and looking for a group of people to enjoy different games with. i mainly play WoW and Overwatch, among others. im hoping to find a set of people to enjoy overwatch with. the solo queuing has gotten really old, and i feel i have learned the game well enough to be a productive member of a team. I am a support main with currently 88 hours playing as mercy. my battle tag is Fooie#1118 I hope to hear from any of you, and hopefully be able to join your community to enjoy games together. Thank you very much for reading this.
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    February Voting Totals and Saddles!

    Thanks to everyone who voted! It's greatly appreciated, and look forward to seeing all the support this month.
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    Going to be voting daily this month!
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    Let Zen Walk

    So not sure if any of you saw this, but while browsing the twitter world I saw this tweet from Overwatch and it's a little disturbing.
  36. 3 points
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    Competitive Team Sign Up!

    yah i'd be willing to join a comp team, my schedule is a little particular tho. I could play support/tank. im ok at dps but its not my forte
  38. 3 points

    Competitive Team Sign Up!

    I'd be down to join a comp team as well.
  39. 3 points


    Welcome to ADK. I'll be on discord in a couple of hours and we can play some overwatch then!
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    Yo What Up

    welcome to ADK
  41. 2 points
    Cuddles the Bear

    Competitive Team Sign Up!

    @AceOverKings We are still trying to get enough people to organize a third team, so for now I'll put you in the sub/reserves section until we get more active dedicated people. Who would you say are your top 5 characters you are good with? What is your SR currently?
  42. 2 points

    Vanilla Reset Suggestions

    I think the new starting point we have talked about would be awesome. Also with that @Jaden i need to finish the product for you so let me know once that server is up and i can connect back to it. I have been slaking and need to finish that. I would agree, dont think that the map needs to be huge. Also the reset of the nether and end would be awesome.
  43. 2 points

    Que at 4pm pst

    Add me Wickytrix#11471 Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    My I dont wanna adult moment this week is I dont wanna wash my dishes today! Like Seriously I WANT A DISHWASHER DAMN IT! LOL
  45. 2 points

    Hello Hello!

    I used to be all about some LoL, stopped after maybe season 3/4? (~2015) and have played a handful of games here and there but I'm always open!
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    I don't play it, but maybe one of you folks that does might be interested in making that post? Sell us the game and why you think ADK should sponsor it!
  47. 2 points
    Hey there, ADK! It's time to choose the game mode of the next ADK Overwatch Section in-house! Give us your feedback by voting for your preferred game mode for us to play next week. Below will be a description of each mode. We rotate out the game modes on the poll every week. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them here . We're always open to new ways to play! If you are new or have never heard of our weekly in-house, please refer to THIS thread. Just as a reminder, the in-house starts at 9 PM EST every Friday night! The Available Gamemodes are (random drumroll): MOIRA DODGEBALL (Capture Points, TDM, and FFA) Moira only, Team Death Match, no Chateau, 100 team kills to win Abilities: Orb 30% (3 sec); Fade 67% (4 sec); Orb Max Damage/Healing 10% (20 dmg); Ult Charge 200% Health: 10% (20 HP). Movement Speed 150%, Jump Height 150% Biotic Energy cap 20%, disable Secondary Fire This is a fast-paced game mode, with a pretty high skill cap. Once the ball connects, the target dies in 0.2 seconds, so you have to anticipate the attacks to dodge them. The extra speed allows for a lot of ninja-ing around with Fade. Chateau is disabled because it's too cramped and just doesn't work well with this mode. Gamemode by Hellraiser ANA PAINTBALL! (Capture Points, Team Elim, and FFA) 1 injection = One l fatality! Ana's darts are an instakill in this fast-paced game type! Hp set to practically nothing, Damage is at an all-time high! Ana Nades are disabled! Sleep darts have an instant cooldown! SUPERFIGHT! Mecha-Queen (D.Va) vs Hammer Knight (not the dwarf)! (Assault, Escort, Team Elim) With the omnics on the side of their queen and the humans fighting for HONOR, JUSTICE and Reinhardt x3 there is no telling who will come out on top! This theme battle features tweaked heroes to give the players the feeling of fighting in a battle between heroes! The two leaders being D.VA and Rein! Absurdity! (Capture point, Escort, and Assault) Everything is at 300%! Respawns are at half! Abilities are practically instant! Zarya, Mei, Soldier and Mei abilities are partially tweaked to avoid cheese! Gamemode by Arveaus CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS THIS COMING FRIDAY! - Grimm
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    Welcome to ADK! Look forward to playing with you!
  49. 2 points


    Welcome to the Forums @Fooie I hope you enjoy your time here!
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    Poll - Discord Music Bots

    As some sections appear to not want a music bot we won't have one in those select sections so they won't have to worry about it. We will have Music Rooms in particular sections as well as a public music bot. Stay tuned for this to be completed.
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