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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    Hello, I am Tristan and I have been playing ADK on and off for about a year now. My favorite map is Ragnorak but ever since extinction came out it is my new favorite. I love and adore playing Ark because dinosaurs are amazing and ADK has been a really good server to play on because the mods add just enough to ark to make it not entirely difficult. I have been playing ark well before scorched earth came out and have been through its ups and downs. Ark being my second most time spent game on steam, I have put a lot of hours into it and plan to put a lot more hours in because of the new extinction DLC.
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    ADK Beta Testing for Dino Storage

    I have been approached by the developer of Dino Storage. He is in need of a larger community such as ours to stress test some of the changes he has mad on his Beta version of his mod. Thursday evening around 6pm I will ask players who are willing to participate to log out on Ragnarok as I make a copy of the Server. I will load the copy server up (and unhive it) for our testing purposes. We will all log into this server and I will walk us through what we need to test at this time. We need AT LEAST 5 people to test the data load effectively enough to stress the mod to the max, the more players the better. I will also be force crashing this server during testing (Causing a roll back) to see how the data of the mod reacts. This whole testing process should take no longer than an hour and a half once the server is up and ready to go. PLEASE consider coming to help with this process as the developer has bent over backwards to fix problems for our community specifically and has made changes based on ADK's needs more than a few times now, it would be nice to give back and help.
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    Scheduled ADK Transmog Runs

    Hey guildies and WoW friends! We are currently testing the waters for interest on running old world raids and content in WoW for transmog items and achievements. We have an event scheduled for Sunday at 2pm server time. If you're interested, even if you're not sure if you can make it, please reply to the event on your calendar in game! If the day or time does NOT work for you, please reply here or message me in Discord or in game to let me know, I would love to get some weekly scheduled content going that's accessible to all of our members. Where we go this first week will depend on the interest of whoever shows up to the event, however if this event is successful I will likely rotate content each week by rotating content from Classic, BC, WotLK, etc. Also please note that, although the in-game calendar would only let me invite players who are level 120, that anyone who can zone into the old raids is eligible to come along. For example if your highest character is level 80, we would be more than happy to bring you along to content that was level 80 and lower. Thanks for reading and hope you can join us on Sunday!
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello ADK, As you can see my names Kaiju, I'm 23, I live in California, and I've been gaming since I could walk and play everything from Racing to FPS and MMO's. Gaming is my down time and relaxation from RL. I am currently an EMT student and Search And Rescue student as well, so sometimes my time schedule can be a bit restrictive. I'm looking forward to playing with a new community as well. I've been through a few community's in my many years of gaming, but just didn't fit me well. I'm hoping I can find a new gaming home here and meet new people! Hope to play with all of you soon!
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    Kody taking a step back from Admin

    Just wanted to let you guys know that Kody is going to be taking a step back from Admin for the time being. He is busy with school and work and keeping a positive lifestyle, because of this, hes found that he has precious little time to play. Sometimes being an admin can be pretty time demanding, especially with so few in the position at the moment. We have decided together that it's probably better for Kody to be filling an adviser position right now so that when he does have time to play he can enjoy the game while socializing with our players rather then spending hours working behind his admin menu. Basically this means that he will not be responsible for spawning of donor purchases for you guys anymore or solving in game issues but will still be around to socialize and help players with questions and passing of information. All this being said, we do need more advisers and admins within the section (even before he made the shift) so if anyone is interested in helping out in a staff capacity please message me in discord and we talk talk about it. =)
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    It's been pretty upsetting that wildcard hasn't put out the Halloween content with the promised dinosaur colors this year. I've looked at every possible option to put this content on the servers, with the only result being a flimsy mod with little options that will result in all your Halloween hard work being deleted as soon as the mod is removed. I feel like every person should get their candy on Halloween, so I've come up with an alternative.... Ready? ARK FEAR EVOLVED: ADK STYLE! From October 26th to Oct 31st players may Trick or Treat at an Admin's house with a dino of their choosing! Admins will paint these dinos in a random (we decide) Combination of Halloween Colors! Don't worry we will make it look good During your Trick or Treat visit, AND ONLY during your visit you can submit your picture for our Spooky Picture contest to the admin on discord! This picture can be taken anywhere on any map we host, it can contain wild or tamed dinosaurs if you choose, buildings whatever you want, but know that the picture is going to be judged on the most Spooky Halloween themed picture SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PICTURE READY BEFORE YOU TRICK OR TREAT!!!! (Admins will post those pictures in this thread!) The Prize for the BEST Spooky Picture is a Halloween Colored Shoulder Pet of your choosing. Current Admins and their Homes: (Let us know if youre ready to trick or treat if we arent online) Feisty - Green Obby Ragnarok Kody - Green Obby Mountain top Ragnarok Chas - Green Obby Ragnarok/Island Volcano Beach Sav - Out of Commission atm, but she will judge the contest! I know this isnt quite like the official Fear Evolved, but I couldn't let us go a whole holiday without some sort of celebration! Enjoy!
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the crazy that is ADK, a casual or hectic schedule is welcome here so feel free to hang out when you have the time. If you ever need anything in our Discord feel free to reach out.
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    Extinction Traps: The rule applies here.

    Hey guys, hate to have to make this a thing, but the trap building is getting out of hand on the server. I half expected this to happen but I thought we could just remind people that this was a rule and it would just take care of itself. It's more my fault for not paying attention and building an admin trap sooner, but now we gotta do this =P This rule is now going to apply to extinction. Like we did with Ragnarok, players will have 2 days to take down their traps before they are demolished on site. If you need a time extension to take down your trap because of real life commitments then please shoot me a whisper. WITH THAT BEING SAID. We don't yet have any admin claimed traps located on the map. Please put some input here on what exactly it is you need. Include screenshots of your trap (Maybe we'll even ask one of ya'll to build the admin trap in a central snow biome location) Either way, you can expect one to be built at some point this coming week/weekend. In the mean time please take down ALL traps you have placed already, and note the rule above. If your trap is attached to your base, or extremely close to it then it is in the clear. If you have a question about if a trap is acceptable please take screen shots from a few angles and show distance from your base and send me the screen shots via discord. Thanks for your cooperation! (PS. I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS NEED FOR A COMMUNITY TRAP SO PLEASE SHOW ME)
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    Hi everyone! Thanks to those of you who came to Sunday’s mog run. This week we’ll be running on Thursday night at 7pm CST, to see if this time works better for attendance. Our run for this week will be for the meta achievement Glory of the Ulduar Raider (see link below). https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=12401/glory-of-the-ulduar-raider I think this is a cool place to start because it awards not one but TWO mounts for completing all the achieves. Rusted Proto-Drake: https://www.wowhead.com/spell=63963/rusted-proto-drake Ironbound Proto-Drake: https://www.wowhead.com/spell=63956/ironbound-proto-drake In addition to mounts and achieves we can also collect various transmog appearances including Tier 8 class sets! https://goo.gl/images/TMyFSo The last boss also has what is, in my opinion, one of the coolest looking 1h sword mogs in the game. https://goo.gl/images/H1TGxU There will be a calendar event created in game tonight, but you do not have to sign up in order to go. Any character level 80 and above will be eligible to join us for this run and there are no other requirements!
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    Tribe PRIVATE Channel Rules

    We are SO excited about how the extinction server is going! We are also excited about the traffic in the discord, its so awesome to see everyone helping each other and communicating, this is the community dream! Sometimes however, people need to get away from the loud and excitable moments that happen in the open channels, and we've opened up some new channels to help with this, but they come with some rules... The point of these channels is to temporarily have a private channel to be able to be able to communicate clearly about what you are working on. So the rules are as follows: This channel is meant for smaller groups of about 2-4 people, should your activity involve more people then an OPEN chat channel should be used and anyone who joins the channel should respect that any communication in the channel should be used towards this activity (Don't be afraid to tell people that this channel is being used for X right now so if you're gonna talk about other stuff you should move to another channel.) Private channels are for temporary use only while dealing with specific communication for shorter bursts of needing silence for example, chasing a dino and too many people are talking in the current channel. If you want a quieter channel just because its too loud in general then you should choose a different OPEN chat channel. The first person to join this channel becomes the channel "Leader" by default only people associated with that persons tribe can enter without express permission. For example if Kody and Feisty are taming an owl they jump into a PRIVATE channel, Crankygrandma does not have permission to join that channel because she is not in the tribe. The only exception to this rule is staff who are on staff business or verifying channel usage, but they will do their best not to disrupt your activities. As soon as you are done the activity that required you to not be disturbed, (Your cave is complete, or your dino has been tamed) you must leave the channel in a timely manner, this doesn't mean you have to join a channel with 15 people, but you should vacate to another Open channel to open communication with other tribes once more as well as opening the channel's availability for others. THESE CHANNELS WILL NOT BE USED TO EXCLUDE PEOPLE FROM CONVERSATION OR AS GENERAL TRIBE ONLY COMMUNICATIONS - THIS IS NOT GOOD COMMUNITY PRACTICE AND SHOULD THESE CHANNELS BE ABUSED IN SUCH A WAY THEY WILL BE REMOVED.
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    Hey Dusty_Vance

    Hello ADK, I go by Dusty_Vance I have been playing with ADK in Escape from Tarkov for a few months now figured i should join and make it offical. I play alot of games mostly FPS and MMORPGs. Please if u see me in game hit me up.
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    Hi Fredo

    My name is Fenrir. I am a geology/ geophysics major who likes to play survival/ rpg games. favorite gave in Breath of the Wild. Love ARK. that is why I joined the server, me and my friends were looking for a PVE server for ARK and I did a google search and found you!!! I also stream and my channel name is BismuthG. My goal is to stream ARK after I upgrade my computer.
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    [POLL] Weekly "Let's Play" Times

    We are looking at the possibility to dedicate a day and time each week that we can all get together and play some Minecraft. Times are all approximate and subject to the availability of you players in the community. Let's get this game going again! Jaden Minecraft Grease Monkey
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    Hi Fredo

    omg is that a fenrir?
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    Hi Fredo

    Yay! Glad to see you on the forums!
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    Um hellooo Im a healer i heal , like math , accounting and cats hai
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    I go by Rayne or Tellu, usually Tellu. I am married to Siynn, for 8 years. We met online forever ago and now have 3 kids (dont do it!). Im a SAHM. I am pretty shy around people that I dont know and will not typically start a conversation. A big part of my life are the kids... other than kids and gaming, and cleaning up after Siynn (the laundry basket is literally right there..) I dont do much. Our oldest kid is autisic, so that is a huge part of our lives. We decided to homeschool this year after struggling with the school system. Thats all i can come up with for now! Id like to say I would add more things later, but ill probably forget!
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    Hello friends

    Hello my name is Ty but most know me as Siynn or Haytred. I have been gaming for well over 20 years (Super Nintendo anyone?!?). I Started my pc gaming adventures with WoW and have played every patch since 2005 (until now). My wife and I (Tellu) actually met on WoW waaaaay back in B/C while leveling in Nagrand. We have been married for 8 years and have 3 beautiful children. We successfully ran our own wow guild for 7 years and actually reached top 200 US for a while in MoP/WoD. We also play(ed) many other games including; Rift(beta tested), Tera(beta tested NA release), Wildstar, Archage, Eve Online, Overwatch, HotS, Hearthstone, Ark, and Destiny 2 to name a few. We are older so drama, nor the instant gratification mindset of future generations really appeal to us. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know everyone. ~Siynn
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    If i vote i get to play minecraft with you @LtNoobslayer omg i must vote.
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    I'm back to game, let me know

    I'm back to game, let me know
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    Anonymous V


    Hello Everyone, I currently play Guns of Glory and am trying to get more players into this awesome War game I have an alliance called Anonymous in Kingdom 225. Our kingdom is pretty well dominated but am hoping to change that. If anyone is interested in playing this mobile game let me know. We are Anonymous! We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect Us
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    Our Extinction Server is finally here! With the release of Extinction, we've brought a different variety of settings and gameplay from our current cluster. It will NOT be merged at this time. Our IP is: CURRENT VALUES EXP is 3x (Player and Dino EXP are aligned with official increments.) Current max level without ascension is 145, with is 175. Dino levels are capable of reaching 100 extra levels post tame. Harvesting is 5x Taming is 10x Mating is 1x Egg Hatch is 15x Baby Mature is 10x Baby food consumption is 1x (For whatever reason it was turned up on the hive so we have turned it back down.) Cuddle interval is .5x Egg lay interval is 5x Resource respawn timer is .5x Resource repression is 1x (How close resource will respawn to a player and structures.) Corpse decomposition is 2x. (This means your death bag will last twice as long.) Crop growth is 3x compared to 5x on the hive. CURRENT INI The server will have an auto restart every Sunday and Wednesday at 4AM CST, this will include a wild dino wipe. Prevent building in resource rich areas ENABLED (Depending on how this goes, we will reevaluate at a later date.) Crate Spawns on Structures ENABLED (This will remove being unable to build around drops. ANY person who is found blocking spawns will have their structures removed). Corpse locator is ENABLED Spawn animations DISABLED Unlimited Respecs ENABLED (Official settings are 1 per level) Allow platform saddle to have multiple floors ENABLED (Also applies to rafts) Diseases are now NON-permanent The HUD and visual settings that we use on the cluster will remain the same. (i.e. crosshair, damage markers, etc. are ENABLED) Allow Raid Dino Feeding ENABLED (We intend to allow titans to be kept alive longer than the 5 day period official gives. We assume as of right now that it ties into this specific INI setting. We will make whatever changes we can in the future to allow this. 1 titan is allowed to be kept out on display PER tribe. Players may tame more and place them into dino souls. Players leaving the base may take one with them, but only 1 is to be on display at ANY given time.) Flyers in caves are ENABLED Allow unaligned dinos on platforms ENABLED Override structure platform prevention ENABLED (Turrets will be allowed on platforms.) Auto and fast decay of unsnapped core structures ENABLED Destroy unconnected waterpipes ENABLED (After 2 REAL TIME days pipes will auto destroy.) Passive defense damage ENABLED (Spike walls will damage wild dinos.) Platform structures are set to a limit of 500. (We will be flexible on platform structures depending on what reaches this limit.) MODS REMOVED Storage + Omnicular Wireless Electronics Reusable + MODS ADDED Travan's Trough (Replaces Wireless Electronics) RP Visual Storage (Replaces Storage +)* Utilities Plus (Replaces Reusable + AND Omnicular) *RP Visual Storage is a mod that adds both general storage and resource-specific storage boxes. We hope that these new features fit everyone to have their best experience! Happy ARKing!
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    [POLL] Weekly "Let's Play" Times

    Hey look, a swanky idea being pitched here. Get voting peeps for the rare chance to play games with me.
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    Suggestion Box

    Hello fellow miners and crafters. I have been a little out of the action for a while since 1.13 was released mainly because most of the plugins and server files are being worked on by their respective developers. However I have also been losing steam because of the general decline of interest in Minecraft from the community over the past couple of years. On that note, I would like to let you all know that I am still here and ready to continue work on the servers and our section as a whole. With all that in mind, I am currently open to any and all suggestions on how to get our section populated again. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to let me know via discord or in a reply to this topic. I want everyone to know that I am willing to do what I can to revive this section and make it fun for everyone again. Thank you all for being awesome! -Jaden
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    So everyone knows that there’s a weekly chance to do a certain number of Island Expeditions every week to get a bonus AP reward for your neck, right? And most people also know that you have a slight chance at the end of each expedition to receive cool rare loot like transmog items, battle pets, or even a cool mount like this guy: https://www.wowhead.com/item=163586/squawks#screenshots But what most people don’t know is that getting these rare items to drop is not as random as you might think! It turns out that killing certain rare named mobs gives the chance to drop items that are related to that mob. For instance, to get a chance for Squawks, the mount linked above, you would kill rare pirate mobs. Doing the invasion events that sometimes occur can also give chances for rare items. Counterintuitively, some of the best ways to quickly win an Island Expedition, like looting random chests and killing the big azerite elemental, don’t contribute anything to your chances of getting rare loot. Ironically, losing an Island Expedition is thought not to affect your chances of getting loot either. So someone who wanted to focus on rare drops might ignore chests and the azerite elemental, even if it meant losing the expedition. Of course, it’s up to the player whether doing the expeditions less efficiently is worth the chance for some unique loot. Anecdotally, I received a rare transmog axe from an expedition and sold it for 90k. If you’re interested in reading more, definitely check out this guide: https://www.wowhead.com/island-expeditions-collection-rewards
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    Hello, ARK players! As we begin to wrap up our Halloween Event here on ADK, our players are getting ready for the next major expansion map, Extinction! Release Date: November 6th There have been tons of teasers and content being posted by ARK's Official Twitter and Website, including new creatures, parts of the Element-infested world, and more! Teasers are also being shared by our players in the #ark text channel on a regular basis, so here are some of the ones we have so far - Different variants of Titans - Desert, Forest, Frost, Sky, and TEK - Corrupted Rock Drake ====================================================================================================== - New Creatures - Velonasaur, Gacha, and Gasbag ====================================================================================================== - Twitch-Con 2018 introduced some gameplay for the new expansion (and I'm very triggered I didn't go), where supposedly someone recorded some gameplay on a mobile phone, which introduced a new mechanic - orbital supply drops. - This image and video also shows confirmed corrupted creatures, such as Corrupted Stegosaurus, Paraceratherium, and Wyvern. ====================================================================================================== As some of you (or none of you) may already know, you may still request a TEK Rex/Quetzal upon purchasing a Large Dino and a TEK Stego/Parasaur/Raptor upon a Medium Dino purchase in our store. This lasts until Extinction's release. ====================================================================================================== The ARK staff are very excited to bring this new map as part of our servers, but with that being said, Extinction WILL NOT BE PART OF THE CLUSTER FOR THE FIRST FEW MONTHS! We will obviously keep the current cluster running. This is just so players can have a new start on a new map. Remember to find those Extinction Explorer Notes and we'll see you on Earth!
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    ADK Server Wipe Schedule

    LAST CLUSTER WIPE DATE: Approx Jan 16th, 2018 Mods Removed: Death Recovery, Upgrade Station General Changes made: Max Player and Dino level lowered to 200, EXP Rate lowered, Dino Exp Per level Customized. NEXT CLUSTER WIPE DATE: TO BE DETERMINED Planned Mod Changes: None at this time Planned Server Changes: Our experience values were heavily modified a long time ago, and have become a giant monster, we plan on fixing this and restoring the server to a proper x5 XP set up using the official server experience curves. (If this doesn't make sense please whisper Feisty in Discord, its a doozy to explain.) ____________________________________________________ The ADK Hived Servers are Scheduled to be wiped every 12 to 18 months. When a wipe takes place the Admin staff will be refining our servers for a better player experience. We will be going over player feedback and making changes where possible. (Rates, Mods, Rules) The Admin team reserves the right to wipe the servers early when major changes to the servers are required. For example a mod is broken and no longer supported that most players use and will effect current bases or player characters (Most of the server built their entire base using Structures and keeps but the mod needed to be removed.) We will only resort to this under extreme circumstances. Wipe Protocol: Donation Purchases: Players who donated up to 6 months prior to the wipe (flexible if you miss the cut off by a few weeks with a purchase) will have their purchases credited back to them. You may receive the same purchases or use your balance towards other store purchases to get you back on your feet. For example. Feisty bought 1 small dino - $10, 3 Ascendant Flak sets - $15, and 5 Dino Paint jobs - $5. She now has $30 Dollars Credit and Buys 2 Flak sets - 10$ and 2 Small Dinos - $20. This balance must be used within a month of the wipe date, with the exception of credit that was used for TEK or Element related purchases. Should you choose not to use this credit for another donor pack, the credit for those packs can be held until requirements are met once again. (Completion of boss fights for element purchases OR caves for TEK suits) Returning Players: Approx. 48 hours prior to the wipe, the dino soul recovery file is going to be wiped, at this time players can ball a single dinosaur that they want to have returned after the wipe. Normal Boss Fight Dinosaurs will NOT be permitted. (Rexes, Yuti, Daeodons, Spinos) The purpose of this is to allow players to keep a single prized dinosaur, or a dinosaur to ease them on their new beginning, but not to allow players to easily overcome the boss fights immediately after the wipe. Wiping the servers on a schedule is very healthy for continued growth within the community as well as giving the Admin team a deadline to make changes to make our servers better for our players. I know that some players do not enjoy wipes, and we will unfortunately never be in a position where the entire player base will be ready, but we will do our best to make the transition as painless as possible for those who remain loyal to the community.
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    Server Down

    Server is back up
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    Introduction to Blue

    Hey I'm Blue I am 26 years old and I love playing ark. I would love to be a part of this community and make it my home. Outside of gaming I love to read, swim and hang out with friends and family. I am easy to talk to sweet and I love to laugh.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Oh nice! I use to ride my motorcycle out there all the time to visit friends. Havent been in a couple of years. My touring times were taking a toll on my body after a couple of years of 1000+ mile rides.
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    Hello Everyone!

    San Diego County
  33. 1 point

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm in Sacramento. What about you?
  34. 1 point

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to ADK! What part of California, may I ask?
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    sure glad to see ya the other day bro..hope to see ya more
  36. 1 point

    AOB Streaming

    I have it set as an all day event as typically I'll try to stream most of the day. Will try to update everyone each Saturday on actual stream times.
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