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    The server will be online on March 11th, 2016 and we'd love to have you and your friends join us! There's just a short form that you need to submit so we can make sure that we get everyone the keys they deserve. We are really looking forward to this venture with our own H1Z1: Just Survive server, and know that it's going to be one of the best out there all because of YOU, the players that will be joining the server. As mentioned before it's a simple application process, there will be a link below that will take you directly to the form. (You must be signed in to be able to see and submit the form.) If your friends want to join as well, just tell them to stop by the website and sign up. We do need everyone to submit their own form to make sure that the correct codes are given to the appropriate people. Click Here To Fill Out Your H1Z1 Form We look forward to seeing all of you in the server, and make sure to spread the word! We'll be giving away some =ADK= Swag and Steam Cash to some random folks who are spreading the word on Social Media and tagging ADK when doing it. Twitter - ADKGamers Facebook - ADKGamers Instagram - ADKGamers Don't forget to JUST SURVIVE and Have Fun while doing it!
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    Welcome to my guide of Battlefield 1. Here i will show you settings to optimization for smoother gameplay. This guide will be updated when the game goes live in the mean time this is just some stuff ⦁ Video Settings Now these are my personal video settings, you do not have to use these are what i use to gain more frames per second. I choose to play everything on low to achieve smoother gameplay. ⦁ User Config This user config is a mix of commands that can gain you more frames per second. I have been testing them in the beta and have found out these work best for me. Alot of these commands were from Battlefield 4 and 3 i will contuine to update this thread with new infromation GameTime.MaxVariableFps 125 PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1 PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 0 PerfOverlay.Enable 1 Render.DrawScreenInfo 0 RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0 Screenshot.Format png WorldRender.DxDeferredCsPathEnable 1 WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 1024 WorldRender.DxDeferredCsPathEnable 1 WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 0 WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0 WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256 WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0 Put the .cfg into C:\Origin Games\Battlefield 1 Open Beta And we the game goes live put into C:\Origin Games\Battlefield 1 User Config Download. ⦁ Nvidia Settings My NVIDIA 3D settings that i use to game. @Marcinkoman Can i maybe get this pinned at the top for furture refrence. *note these settings may not work for everyone so if they dont work for you dont use them.
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    Hello! I'm new here in this community! I mainly play Overwatch, Minecraft, and Stardew valley I am 13 1/2 (almost 14) My birthday is July 3rd I do online schooling I love Ramen, I love playing Video games (obviously) I love anime to! (Mainly Voltron or other Mecha anime) I have a pet Dog (Great Dane) named Tank! I would put more but then it be a VERY long list lul Hope I can join this community ~~~Squidney
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    Server Rules No Blocking Military Loot /Fuel & Service Stations. No Hacking/Glitching/Duping. No Exploiting Mechanics No Base/Trader Kamikazing. No Safezone Stealing/Trolling/Camping No Voice/Chat Spamming. >>>>>Blocking Buildings<<<<< We have Block Zones in place, if you cannot build there, it wont let you Blocking More than 1 or 2 buildings of Military Loot is NOT Allowed Fuel/Service Stations has a No Build Zone of 50m You May Not Block Bridges or Roads >>>>>Glitching<<<<< No Glitching Through Buildings, Bases or Other Objects Using a Towed Vehicle to Kill AI is considered Glitching Using Towed Vehicles to Blow up Vehicles is considered Glitching >>>>>Kamikaze<<<<< NO kamikaze of Player Base and Safe-Zones We Consider Kamikaze to be anything where the Player has Control of the Vehicle and Intentionaly Rams >>>>>Safezone Trolling/Stealing/Camping<<<<< The Safe-Zone at the Trader's, is their to Allow Players to Trade while having a Safe and Neutral Location to do Trading, Don't Troll!!! Being an Annoyance, Blocking or Prohibiting Players using the Traders is NOT Allowed. People coming to the Trader or Leaving the Trader with in 1km should be considered non hostile, engage only if attacked. Stealing Vehicles or Items from Vehicles is NOT Allowed (Even if you were the Previous Owner of the Vehicle) Camping the Trader's is considered Trolling. Using Bicycle's or other vehicles to launch other vehicles (Arma Exploit) is against the rules. If a Player is Still Inside the Vehicle from when you Stole it (Outside Safezone) and you drive to a Safe-Zone...The Ownership of Vehicle has NOT Changed as there are still Players inside. In Order for Stealing to Apply, It must be your Vehicle with NO Enemies in it. >>>>>4 Strike Policy<<<<< We have a 4 Strike's and you are Gone Policy. This is More than Fair. (Hacking/Dupping is an instant Permanent Ban) Strike: Verbal Warning. (With Exception if Tabs need Refunding or Removed from a Player) Strike: 1/2 Player Tabs Removed from Locker & a 4 Hour Ban Strike: Full Player Tabs Removed from Locker & a 24 Hour Ban Strike: Player is Permanently Banned All Though we have the 4 Strike Policy and we generaly stick to this, we reserve the right to remove players for ANY reason. >>>>>Staff Policy<<<<< Staff are here to Help Keep the Server Running and Hacker Free Staff will NOT Give Vehicle/Base Codes Out!!! No Exceptions! Staff will NOT Monitor how you Build! Except Blocking Multiple Military Loot Pos. Staff will NOT Replace Lost/Stolen Gear! Staff will NOT Replace Vehicles Caused by Glitches Without Proof! But this is also ADMIN Discretion. >>>>>Admin Abuse<<<<< We keep logs of ALL Admin Ability Usage, Abuse claims are taken VERY seriously. Accusations of "Admin Abuse" will NOT be Tolerated in Side Chat, Discord chats or Forums. If you Believe that a Admin is Abusing, Please Fill out a Admin Abuse Form (HERE) Join Discord then Contact a Manager or Veteran Admin. >>>>>List of Admins<<<<< Veteran Admin - Gingergod | Mr.Pig Oversees the Section and Assists the Manager in running the Section with in ADK. Manager - James Runs the section, Dealing with Admins, handling their training etc. Senior Admin - Fakedeath Long Term Admin, has alot of experience. Admins - Soap | Primaxius The Next level to Adviser - has more experience Advisers - Orcwa | Cyanide The basic admin position - contact them for help
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    Always wondered what we have in our servers.... Well look no further. AI Systems Town Invasions (Envelope or Diamond Markers) Random number of AI and random difficulty Loot drops once 80% or AI are killed as some get stuck in houses that we can't enter Gain Respect for killing AI Lose Respect for Road killing an AI Gain Karma for killing AI DMS Missions (Circle Markers) Random number of AI and map marker defines difficulty Loot crate fills once AI are all dead Gain Poptabs for killing AI Gain Respect for killing AI Gain Karma for killing AI Lose Poptabs for Road Killing an AI Lose Respect for Road Killing an AI Mines spawn at missions Run over AI and an explosion goes off at vehicle DMS Occupation (Roaming AI, Heli crash sites and Random Loot boxes) Random number of AI and random difficulty Gain Poptabs for killing AI Gain Respect for killing AI Gain Karma for killing AI Lose Poptabs for Road Killing an AI Lose Respect for Road Killing an AI ZCP (Capture Points) Gain Poptabs for killing AI Gain Respect for killing AI Gain Karma for killing AI Hold the capture point for 10 minutes and PROFIT Gain group Respect Loot crate (Random Items) or Vehicle as Prize Map Edits Custom Map edits (Residential, Military, Bridges and much much more) Custom Trader Cities ADK Menu Press 7 Transfer the following between servers - Currently disabled Karma Respect Poptabs Rules, News, Did you know, Links Voting Crafting Settings (View distance, status bar etc) Air Drop Traders Completely Custom Territory Levels Purchase Price Radius Number of Objects Respect Players 5000, 20, 30, 10000, 1, // Level 1 10000, 30, 60, 25000, 1, // Level 2 15000, 50, 90, 35000, 1, // Level 3 80000, 115, 125, 150000, 3, // Level 4 80000, 115, 175, 300000, 5, // Level 5 100000, 115, 225, 600000, 7 // Level 6 Other Towing - Lifting Lock Vehicle from drivers seat (Will unlock if you die) Claim Vehicles spawned on the map with a Code Lock Craft Different Wood, Metal and Conrete base parts with our Custom Textures (WIP) Scoreboard Vector Building XM8 Apps - Journal, Recipes, Selfie Blocked Zones Map-Tanoa
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    Wawa's Boot Camp Tournament: The ADK Team Competes! For the last month the ADK Overwatch section has been affiliated with a community called Wawa’s Boot Camp. This community focuses on offering free coaching and advice to players wanting to learn! They are currently hosting an event where professional coaches are helping teams of players in the platinum and diamond skill divisions compete to their fullest potential. Eight teams have been divided and given coaches to help them. They will go through a coaching period from May 15th until May 26th. During this time they will be practicing several hours a week with help from some of the best Overwatch coaches! Once this training period is over, they will then compete in a single elimination tournament. This tournament will begin on May 27th with the grand finals being on June 17th! The tournament stage will be casted by two incredible Overwatch names, Skyline and Matrym. Where does ADK come in? We have been invited to compile six of our players to participate in this tournament and represent ADK! There are players from UGC A and UGC B participating in this event, as well as one of our inhouse regulars and a user who comes from Wawa’s Boot Camp. We encourage you to support the ADK team, who are part of the coaching team, “Team Packing”! Our coaches for the event are eV Packing and Yikes!! Kitta. As this tournament is streamed, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to show your support for us in this tournament! The coaches that are participating in this event are as follows: Boston Splyce BabyBay, Selfless LegitRC, lostux, Liquid Aurace, Yikes!! Kitta, Winston’s Lab Struck, Aero and eV Packing! Tournament Dates Group Stage 1 (5/27) - Map - Hollywood Group Stage 2 (6/3) - Map - King's Row Group Stage 3 (6/10) - Map - Nepal Semis/Finals (6/17) - Map - TBD Stream Link
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    HELLO! I am Cauthon, I am Canadian and I play well as almost every other game ever. I talk to much, and I never sleep, so hopefully that's cool! Thanks for reading.
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    As the Overwatch section expands, we hope to continue to partner with Overwatch related resources for the benefit of both parties. If you are interested in being added to this post, please contact @Liz for more information. Wawa Boot Camp WaWa’s Boot Camp is a small community based off of our love of Overwatch and our want to get better. This community allows you to get into contact with Top 500s, Grandmasters, and Masters who are there to help you. We have a coaching system for anyone who would like coaching on a specific hero. Our coaches are all 4000+ and will be assigned to you for sessions. These sessions are completely free despite some of our coaches doing this outside of the community for a living. This is your chance to work with some of the best Overwatch players in North America. We are a loving and offer a very welcoming environment. No matter what your rank is, if you want to get better, we will help you. All you have to do is be respectful and willing. We often get together daily for queues and are looking at doing scrims in the near future. Join the Discord here:
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    WEW! Got it done! First thing was to make a pattern of a stocking and cutout the design I wanted to applique to the stocking. Second, I cutout 2 layers from black quilt and cut a hole for the chiffon to show through with the lights. LIGHTS! I wanted to do lights from the beginning so I wanted to do that as cheaply as possible so I scavenged a few LED flickering candles, took out the LEDs and made this thing. I didn't feel like making a proper enclosure for the batteries so I just glued some aluminum foil to a piece of cardboard to act as the ground and a reflector for the lights. Now, for the finished product! Dog tax. This is my dog, Fletcher.
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    Well like the title says How'd you find ADK, and what are some great moments you have with ADK. I found ADK while playing on the Arma 3 Esseker server about a year ago. Bought Arma to play with a friend and that was the server we joined. Been here ever since. My favorite thing in ADK is hanging out with people in Arma telling funny stories as we aimlessly kill all the things.
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    (This is my FIRST article so stay with me ...) Week 3 of Heroes of the Storm 2.0 has been here this is the last week, challenge 4 starts today!! The rewards for this challenge are in Overwatch: Officer D.Va Spray Officer D.Va Player Icon This is the last week to get everyone's goodies! Heroes of the storm awards: Overwatch Nexagon Mount Officer D.Va Banner Badge Spray Officer D.Va Portrait Challenge 4 rewards: 10 Loot chests for Heroes of the storm and 10 loot chests for overwatch!! (Good luck with those!) Good luck to everyone! And most importantly HAVE FUN!!
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    New to the community although I've know about it since BF3. My friend Call Meh Hawke recommended I join to have people to play Battlefield with
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    =ADK= Battlefield 1 Server Finally after long time waiting from DICE to give us something that we may get members from and something that we will really use has come . Since the game released we were not able to rent any server at all for BF1, the reason for that is the resources that we need in the game to control the server player behave just like "Kicking,Banning...etc" , But finally they have gave us something will help us out to manage the server . After We "BF staff" talked about how many servers we want to our community , we decided to go with one for now and in the future we can bring more and more . In the coming screenshot you will see our server settings and the name of it , Please Add the server to your Favorite list and kind help us populating it when you are free . Note : Cause i live in the Middle East for sure i will have that ping , you will get less that's for sure . Please tell your friends about it and join us in the server so we can have great times , And make sure to join our OFFICIAL ADK Platoon , You can visit the bellow link to see how . See you guys in the field .
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    Hey guys and gals, This is never a pleasant thing for me to do but here it is. Cherno has been our default ADK map for over a year now and has done us proud, standing tall where other servers have failed quickly. Chernaus will be Taken OFFLINE Tomorrow Morning - Friday 21st April The Reasons: It has been quite long in the making that chernarus had run its course and as the saying goes "no point whipping a dead horse." Low population and even fps problems are ammong the issues that has resulted in this choice. So, we then decided that to make the transition easier and per your previous statements of "give us more notice" we had planned to take chernarus down 7 days after the release of our new map/ server, Tanoa... This has been now been screwed up completely by the fact MAS Vehicles is now undownloadable and for most people, they can't even load it to play (myself among them) So, with the population decrease made even worse, we have made the call to pull Chernarus down and put Tanoa up at the same time, in our old "who gives a F*** attitude." That being said, you can spend all your hard earned tabs tonight and the admins may even give u some toys to help it go out with a bang. I HOPE that all of you faithful players will join us on our new server and map, Tanoa As a Bonus and a Sorry from us The Default Start Tabs will be set to 15k for the first 24hrs. That at least gets you a flag, codelock and a vehicle/gear Gingergod Veteran Admin and Developer
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    UGC Season 4 A Team Roster! After finishing a great season, we are back for this season's roster for the A Team! This season we will be competing in the Silver bracket, and we hope to represent ADK in the best way possible. For those who did not make the roster this time, this does not mean you will not be part of it in the future! Signups for the team will be closed for now, with the possibility of reopening in the future. Now, to the fun part. I am proud to announce this seasons roster! Tanks @Ian @eXStoerm DPS @Arveaus @Ricky10games Support @Liz @Hot Substitutes @Bubble Gum Machine @SuperSandvich
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    The winning gamemode is Mercy Paintball! How will this mode be played? In this 6v6 Mercy elimination gamemode, Mercy will be dealing 500% damage to destroy her enemies! Not only that, but her projectile speed, movement speed and resurrect cooldown will all be modified! Will this mode last for the entire duration of the inhouse? No. We will be playing Competitive 6v6 during the night similar to how we would if any other gamemode is played. How will the inhouse be set up then? We will be playing a few rounds of Mercy Paintball until everyone has their fill. We will then move onto regular Competitive 6v6. Near the end of the night we will consider doing the mode again if there is still enough interest. We hope to see all of you on Friday! Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll located here! We are happy to announce the mode that we will be playing this week is Mercy Paintball. If your desired mode was not selected, please make sure to cast your vote next week! It will be up on Friday, as soon as inhouses have concluded. Remind me, when are inhouses? Inhouses take place on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. You are welcome to bring your friends to participate with us, but we do ask that they join us on discord.
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    As of lately, it has been a little slow over here in recruitment. There has not been as many applicants like in the past. Like the title says "We Need Your Help." We don't ask for much but if you know anyone looking for a community tell them to give ADK a try. Another thing that would help is if more members were active in the Introduction Section. People that are wanting to join the community want to see if it is active and people are willing to reach out and play with them. It's not just something that game staff, and recruitment staff needs to be doing but that all ADK members should be doing to help grow the community. If you're interested in becoming a recruiter or have questions about becoming a recruiter come talk to any recruitment staff and we'll get you squared away. We're currently trying to reach out to more 3rd party sites to help player flow through the site and help grow our ranks. If there's anything you guys can think of to help boost this (Like maybe a recruitment event), or a site you would like to see ADK on please let us know and we'll see what we can do. Wish to see all of you helping out and making ADK the largest gaming community out there. I thank you all for your time
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    Well with about 3.5 years under my belt as a member of ADK I've seen some stuff. I first found ADK via Planetside 2. My little bro, @KillikHiveMind , basically pointed me at the outfit and said something along the lines of "they're pretty chill". I played as a silent medic #4273 until one of the glorious mass lag-outs that used to happen. As the armor column flew off into the sky (I promise this was totally normal) and half the server pop lagged out. I ended up as the platoon lead. I kept that sucker going for a few hours until an officer (I think it was Metal) got on to reign in the rogue platoon. After handing over control Metal suggested I head to the website and sign up. The rest is history so to speak. While I have many favorite memories from my time here I'll always hold the TF2 game nights near and dear. There weren't many of us and there were only a couple of these events, but it was one of the few times I've gotten to play a game with the actual community level admins (those darn hermits). For some reason, we had everybody from the top (old school) brass in game, even the elusive ones like Leroy, Wicker, and the mighty AOB himself (Who is some sort of bullshit wizard with the demoman btw). For the sake of not slapping a wall of text on this post, I'll limit it to just this spark notes story of my finding ADK and a nod to one of my favorite moments. If you ever want to just hear some tales of my time here just find me in discord and I'll gladly regale you with tales from times gone by.
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    PS 2: @AOBLXIX i won't be forgetting you and the hours we passed looking at that god damn spreadsheet tracing shit lol (Bring back AOB's Helper tag!!)
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    I was originally looking for a place to play league of legends late at night, since most of the people I play with are in Britain or Europe and go to bed when I am really wanting to play. I googled gaming communities and this was one of the first I saw. I did play league here a lot when I first joined, but then I saw 1-2 people playing overwatch. I had played the closed beta a bit as well as the open, and then also mostly by myself after that. My league friends didn't play it, so I decided to play with the few people here at the time. Then I pretty much stuck with Overwatch. Some of my favourite moments happen during inhouses for overwatch. They're a blast! edit: by the way, the first person I ever met was @LaithSJ on my first night.
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    Version - Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream [ADDED] 2 Urals to Tow/lift [ADDED] All T810's to Tow/lift [ADDED] More tree types for Tanoa woodcutting [FIXED] Double Trader at Market guy [UPDATED] Main to SW Bridge look- redid it [UPDATED] World Spawned Vehicles, changed a few and added a taru to list [UPDATED] Exile Gold Wep Sell Costs [UPDATED] WoodCutting - increased the find pos for the logs- this is the cause of the single log per pile [UPDATED] DMS Distances from traders, spawns etc - hopefully will spawn more randomly [REMOVED] Waste Trader Anti Dupe - we have several logs to track this, do NOT abuse it. [REMOVED] Cup Ver of Gold AKS - using Exiles Small update to fix a few issues, we are working on something new but not releasable yet EDIT: [UPDATED] Lowered DMS Mission (Round Circles) AI skill levels - let me know if it feels more balanced with this terrain. [UPDATED] ZCP Mission Cleanup Time, was 7 mins (pig changed it lol), its now a more reasonable 5 mins [UPDATED] Lowered the DMS Mission Kill Percentage to 90% [UPDATED] BEC - it was double posting msgs due to multiple .exe's, added a forcequit before start [UPDATED] Loottable to new 1.0.3 ver in prep for 1.0.3 exile release - faster loot, more performance
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    Ever wanted to hurl rocks at a raging Triceratops? Or manipulate the power of fire to scorch your enemies? All will be realized with the AvatARK mod! Based on ideas from the hit show "Avatar: The Last Airbender", nothing is impossible! Choose one of the four factions: Fire, Water, Earth, or Air and begin your adventure as a bender of the elements. The power of these abilities is decided by the extent of your movement speed and for how long you can keep going, plus an all new menu made just for upgrading your bending abilities! That's not all! Your adventure as a manipulator of elements will take place on the Ark Volcano map. With vast plains, treacherous mountains and at it's core a wyvern infested volcano, this map will keep you exploring for weeks on end! Volcano in distance and desert. Snow biome: Volcano and passing wyvern:
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    What's up guys, Cailen here. So I play a lot of Overwatch! My rank is Mid-Diamond, I'm 14 (young asf iknow) and have been playing for as long as I can remember. I'm not apart of any community at the moment, but I would like that to change. I see my friend Seagull playing on your Discord, and this place seemed very interesting. Liz made me feel welcome a while ago but never got the chance to actually take insight to this place. I hope you accept me as an honorary member! ^-^
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    Patch 2.3 is live, servers will be up by 12:00PM CST. Fleetline Features: Multi-crew, Megaships, Asteroid Bases, balances and fixes. New Ship: The Dolphin is a Saud Krieger liner. Meant to be a cheaper more affordable version of the Orca. Here are all the patch notes for those who want to read each change and new feature: Fly Safe Commanders.
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    I made an intro post already, but I don't know if I am a member or not :( I joined the discord often and tried to make some friends, but I don't think anyone voted for me t become a member, if an admin could view this, it would help a lot. I really enjoy this community and I had fun playing overwatch with some of the members.
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    Oh nvm I'm stupid, I see that I am a member. Lmao
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    Hi (= I'm Dey. I've wanted to join a community for a while now and came across you guys so hopefully I can meet some new faces around here. I can play any game except for the newest CoD's but my main is R6: Siege and BF1. Also got an xbox one and PS4 if anyone wants to play on that too. I like baseball. STL Cardinals are my favorite. And hockey. Blues. If I try hard enough I can keep up with football. Hope I get to meet some of you soon.
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    We Successfully created 2 NA Competitive Teams along with a team of subs. The Objectives of the teams Player Growth e.g. CSing, map awareness, effective warding, wave control, ganking, roaming, split pushing, trading, Champion pool, itemization, counters Team Growth e.g. Objective control, team fight positioning, rotations, diving, sieging, team comps, Meta, communication, summoner's used, win conditions Flex Rank - Plat for everyone Community vs Community Schedule DMG inc Community rep NarwalNightmare Royal Esports Club rep ooze Ecliptic Gaming Community rep Pure Coming Soon... Tournaments Riot Games Future Team Competitions The Current Rosters Team 1 Team 2 Subs Top ShadowSt3p9 Top Signed Top explouNET Jg Kyteris Jg Kligidee Jg Phreaktaco Mid NobleGhost Mid Justicar Mid B3mo ADC xFredie ADC lamAdog ADC Gidgetz Supp WELL M3rcy Supp Techlonas Supp xKreecher Practices (5v5 Standard best of 3 with game play breakdown after each game) {Working on Team Comps, Team Fights, Objective Control, and Rotations} (3v3 Top Mid ADC; Counter Match Ups 8mins then reverse the match up{Working on Mechanics, Farming, Trading and Counters} 2v2 Supp Jg; first team to steal 2 buffs or take 1 drake and rift herald wins){ Working on Ward placement and Removal, Objective Control, Counter Jging, Rotations} (2v2 Mid Jg first team to get 2 kills, tower or 100cs on the mid wins {Working on Ganks/Counter Ganks and Warding for Knowledge to Prevent Ganks} 2v2 Bot duos first team to get 2 kills, tower or 100cs on the adc wins {Working on Wave Control, Farming, Trading} 1v1 Top first one to get 1 kill, 1st to lvl 6 or 100cs){Working on Wave Control, Farming, Trading} I have set up an app (Team App) to help organize Availabilities, Schedules, Events, Roster Changes, Local Chat, and even player profiles if you like. I would like availabilities set up in the app or given to me by Saturday night so I would be able to set up the schedule for the next coming week If these teams are successful and are able to meet our objectives I would be willing to make more teams in the near future! If your not a member of ADK and enjoyed your time with us you may would like to join the community all of the information for that process could be located HERE Team 1 Access Group 1; Team 2 AG 2; Subs AG 3
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    DUDE IM FROM STLOUIS GO CARDS FUCK THE CUBS Man, youre gunna do great here hahaha. I play a shit ton of OW and you should join us. See you around my fellow Pooholes hater.
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    @FeistyTV Thank you for your input! 1)For a while we had a server based wholly around annunaki, although this was back before WildCard gave the dev of the mod the middle finger. We will look into it to see if its situation has improved. 2) For the 2nd mod (A.A.10), this is a great suggestion as it has many of the types of QOL mods we currently enjoy wrapped all into one! We will definitely take this into consideration and see if it is right for our server.
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    Hi guys, I'm a 17 year old swedish gamer and I'm currently in my first year of High School. I love to play games and have fun with others at the same time, I play mostly anything but I really like PUBG, HotS, LoL, WoW(Warmane Private), CS:GO and a lot of other games. Just hit me up if you want to play
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    Hey all thought I would come and introduce myself! I am new to the community but liking it thus far. Games I play regularly: - WoW -Overwatch -BF1 -ARK -H1Z1 - I also play a multitude of other steam games Used to play CS:GO daily but am in more of a hate stage with the game right now, due to a spoiled community experience. I am willing to bet if ADK has the right atmosphere that I will give their serves a try =) A little about me? I am a 27 year old Canadian. I am ex Air force instructor (no tours, I didn't do anything crazy) I was in for 7 years and decided after some family tragedy that I needed to be out. I am currently raiding decently hard in wow, I raid mythic 5 days a week split between 2 separate raid teams (Brewmaster Monk, and Balance Druid for anyone curious). I started playing in the online community when I was 17 years old, I played CS:S for many years, before branching out and trying wow and then returning to CS:S and started playing CS:GO shortly after. I have been an admin for a few different communities as well as managed my own servers on and off in the last 10 years on ARK, CSGO, TF2 (way back in the day), I am looking for a nice respectable community that I can call home, if I decide that I like it here, you will likely see an app in the near future! I've already been able to meet a few members and a couple vet admins as well, and I look forward to meeting more that are interested in some of the same games as I am. Happy pewing.
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    I'm just happy the lights aren't there for show and actually light up
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    Yeah I hate killing the fucking blob shit, and if it's a team fight, people go for those, causing your team to lose the fight.
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    Feel free to add me on bnet, IanTheLegend#11127, and also stop by in the overwatch channel sometime if you want to play; almost always at least one person in there!
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    i found ADK back when #6 Operation Lockers was full all the time. Just started playing Battlefield 4 on PC with my classmates, we joined and i got banned for 2 hours by @Yuki_Sorrelwood, then after that i decided to join the teamspeak (just lurking around there) where i meet @MrsVirtue1776 @Virtue1776 @RuinyourDay @HaRdLy007 @Silent166 @Marcinkoman @NikolaiRimskyK @LegallyBlindCake @Wacko920 @Blaze @Jokerz... and geez a hell of a lot of people that come in and play all night with everyone After that decided to try h1z1 (which i've won here in a raffle :P) that's when fun was all over there, people helping each other, raiding bases, killing eachother by accident, getting handcuffed by a chinesse man and then run back to base so we could get unhandcuffed, but in the end we got shoot by @Jokerz. lol There's a lot i can tell since i joined almost 4 years ago, witnessed trouble after trouble, people after people (ban after ban xD) but in the end here we are enjoying games just like group of friends that lives nearby. PS. @LaithSJ don't be sad that i didn't mention you, i just have a special place for you since the day you became an advisor then an admin and a manager right along my side <3
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    Just to clarify - during the last Nexus Challenge, you could complete this just with Versus AI, but now with this one that only applies to the first quest/week. The rest have to be done via Quick Match, Ranked or Unranked (it specifies this in the BNet link posted near the bottom of the Main Post)
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    The winning gamemode is No Limits! How will this mode be played? We will be playing matches with the competetive ruleset but you can have as many heroes as you want in one team! Will this mode last for the entire duration of the inhouse? No. We will be playing Competitive 6v6 during the night similar to how we would if any other gamemode is played. How will the Inhouse be set up then? We will be playing a few matches of No limits until everyones has played the gamemode,then we will switch to Competetive 6v6 but if people want to play the gamemode again we might do it again at the end of the inhouse. We hope to see all of you on Friday! Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll! We are happy to announce the mode that we will be playing this week is No limits and Ian/Casper will be finally playing it ;). If your desired mode was not selected, please make sure to cast your vote next week! It will be up on Friday, as soon as inhouses have concluded. Remind me, when are inhouses? Inhouses take place on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. You are welcome to bring your friends to participate with us, but we do ask that they join us on discord.
  41. 2 likes
    We did it Reddit!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  42. 2 likes
    @Ian The dream is real! No limits finally won!
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    Heroes Of The Storm Nexus Challenge 2.0! Blizzard is doing a second cross over event between Heroes of the storm and Overwatch, letting you earn some sick prizes and loot chests in both games! The event is separated into weeks, each with their own rewards and requirements: Week 1 4-24 Play 5 games with a friend on HOTS HOTS The Orochi Hovercycle Mount Oni Genji Warbanner Oni Spray Oni Genji Portrait. OW Oni Genji Skin Oni Genji Player Icon Oni Genji Spray Week 2 5-1 Complete quest one, and play 5 games with a friend on HOTS! HOTS Busan Police Hovercylce Mount OW Officer Dva Skin Week 3 5-8 Complete quest 2 and play 5 more games with a friend on HOTS! HOTS Overwatch Hexigon mount Officer Dva Banner Badge Spray Officer Dva Portrait OW Officer Dva Spray Officer Dva Icon week 4 5-15 Play another 5 games with a friend on HOTS! HOTS/OW 10 loot chests!!! Links to the video and webpage on the event:
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    Thank you for the patience in making this post as it was delayed by some logistics on the back end with recruiting and what not....... cough cough coyote..... BUT now that that situation is now over I am proud to present our ADK UGC B(est) Team! Team Leader: @bob31000 Team members: @KernalSpicyWeiner @MisterGrimm @Logros @ImaCoyote @Asiansniper911 CONGRATS!!! We will be having a quicky meeting for all that can come this Saturday(April 29th) at 8:30 est to work out some roles for us all. Practice Wednesdays at 8 est starting on the 3rd of may, matches every Thursday at 9:30 est starting on may 18th. Let's go kick some ass shall we?
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    1. All general ADK rules apply. These should already be known. 2. Abandoning CS:GO Matches is forbidden. (Unless absolutely necessary make sure to talk to the other member/s in-game before you leave 3. Intentional team damage is forbidden. Proof must be provided via a demo or video. Both players will be spoken to and a punishment may be given out. 4. Channels should be used appropriately. (ex. open chat for discussion, ranked match for competitive...etc) DO NOT AFK IN COMP CHANNELS 5. NO TOXICITY. This section has a broad range of skill groups, and raging at someone due to performance is unacceptable ( to include bullying, trolling, disrespect, being an annoyance, and making someone not feel welcome. 6. Throwing a match with an =ADK= member will not be tolerated. will result in ban from section for no less than 1 week. 7. Competitive Channel rules: DO NOT join a comp channel while there is someone in one without asking them first via message (this is you're one and only warning 1st offense is a server kick 2nd is a ban from the section) 8. Trolling in anyway is not acceptable and will result in an Immediate kick from discord, If you come back and continue to troll regardless of who it is it will result in a ban from the CSGO section.
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    hey seagull, nice to see you on forums
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    Lot of people in iowa, lol I am as well
  49. 2 likes
    Add me to the club please I was already nominated, so you'll see my IGN: kligidee thanks
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    Although, it's a great source of income for them if they allowed it. But what's interesting is that you have games like Counter Strike and Team Fortress who have lasted for a long time with community hosted servers. And you know what. . the ones that are bad and people don't like don't stay populated. Which is why I don't like the excuse of 'bad server owners'. They're out there no doubt. . but welcome to life. You're going to run across many things that you don't like. I could go on for days, but I'm tired of beating this dead horse :( It makes me sad lol
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