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    Hello, I have recently released an album called Dark Days, Long Nights and wanted to promote it on here. There's an A/B Single for it on bandcamp called In the Underground/In His Own and I have made it available for free download via bandcamp (no email required). If interested please feel free to give it a listen and download it if you are so inclined. https://dayriderofficial.com/album/in-the-underground-in-his-own
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    Hello friends! Open Testing is over. But you can continue to play. About 10,000 players took part in open testing, helped to find bugs, and enough new information to improve optimization and fix a number of problems. Thank you for your contribution to the testing! What you saw is only the beginning of a large-scale future game. During the summer, we will improve Wild Terra 2 according to your feedback, as well as add a central city with inhabitants and quests, agriculture, cooking, new territories for discovering, and much more! What does devs plan to add to Wild Terra 2 before the release on Steam Early Access Special attention to the improvement of what is already added to the game (for example, updated combat system, sorting inventory, settings, and much more). Summer: - The central city of the Mainland with NPCs and quests. - New locations on the Mainland. - Bags and belts. - Agriculture. - Cooking. Autumn: - Cartography. - Even more new territories on the main Continent, including Port City. - Livestock and breeding. - Trade (currency and auction). - Guilds. Winter: - Witchcraft skill. - One new Continent. - Castles and sieges. During all period until the release of the game: - New types of weapons (crossbows, poles, two-handed, throwing bombs, and more). - New buildings, skills, pets, animals, monsters, bosses, equipment, resources, recipes, production buildings, quests. Support the proyect if you like the game. Join ous on Discord to be part in the game creation, talk to developers, participate in events and more. https://discord.gg/dkafSZe
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