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  3. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    I just rebuilt my computer from an AMD FX6300 system to: Case: Phanteks P400A Power supply: EVGA SuperNova 850w Platinum Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus X570 Pro Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Cooler: Stock, but the EK AIO 240 D-RGB watercooler is on the way Memory: Gskill Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz Hard Drives: C: Patriot P300 NVMe (read and write speeds are higher than stated per crystal disc) D: Western Digital Blue Sata III E: Seagate Barricuda 1TB Video card: Gigabyte xtreme gaming gtx 1060 6GB (need an upgrade) My theme is Black and Red, but I have two brown Noctua fans and three Phanteks black frame white blade fans. When the watercooler gets here it has two D-RGB fans with it which will go on the top of my case, and I have two Noctua Redux 1700rpm grey fans to put on the radiator. The VardarS fans are 2500rpm max and make way too much noise. The Noctua's are 1700 at max and make less noise. The noctua's also put out more CFM for the cooler which can't hurt. Once done I will just have to replace the back fan with probably a Noctua redux in grey. I've gone so far with the RGB in my case that I'm considering CableMod black/blood red extension cables. May as well go all the way, lol. Here is a pic I forgot a few things: Sound Card: Sound Blaster G6 USB Keyboard/Mouse: Corsair Strafe silent mechanical keyboard and Razer Deathadder Elite Mouse Headphones: I found my Sennheiser Gamer One headphones which are over the ear and I have the Marshall Major III on the ear headphones. Desk & Chair: Autonomous Electric height adjustable desk, and Maxnomic Commander III gaming chair
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  5. Overwatch Fun at ADK for April 2020

    We have a blast every Friday night, guaranteed
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  7. My name is Kryt

    Hello dear , welcome to ADK
  8. Hi I'm Krey

    Welcome to the community.
  9. Hoole is back!

    Well back buddy.
  10. Hi, im Ryan aka Kreepeer

    Welcome to ADK

    Im looking for some competitive duo partners. Right now im silver 3 but four years ago i was plat 5. sick of getting stuck with bad teams and im trying to get back where i was.... thanks

    Im looking for some competitive duo partners. Right now im silver 3 but four years ago i was plat 5. sick of getting stuck with bad teams and im trying to get back where i was.... thanks
  13. Hi, I'm Gabe.

    I don't really know how to start with this, but it might be unique. I want to return to ADK, I was in it back in 2017 and got involved in some drama. I play War Thunder, Hell Let Loose, EFT and Destiny 2 (similar games as well) mostly. I remember a community that was accepting and just wasn't for me at the time. I'd like to rejoin. I'm banned from the discord and I don't think I'm marked as a member on the website anymore, but here I am. Hi!
  14. Hi, im Ryan aka Kreepeer

    That's cool. Hope to see you around in other titles as well!
  15. Hi, im Ryan aka Kreepeer

    yorick top, amumu jungle and fiz md. i havent played in years. i missed this game a lot. i play nothing but ranked.
  16. Overwatch Community Roster/ Battle.net ID Tags

  17. Hi, im Ryan aka Kreepeer

    Hey, welcome to the community. I haven't played league in ages. Loved Annie. Who do you like the most?
  18. Hi, im Ryan aka Kreepeer

    Hi, im looking to join a nice gaming community to find and play with other gamers like myself. i mostly play league of legends and COD.
  19. Server Info

    Whats up man!! Been a long time h1ghstrung!!
  20. What Are Your Favorite Mods

    My favorite mods have been AE2, Tinker's Construct, ComputerCraft, Draconic Evolution, and Ender IO. Not all of those like to play nice in the same environment though. I also enjoyed Mystcraft but it is horrible for servers.
  21. Server Info

    Sweet. Thank you!
  22. Server Info

    You have been whitelisted. The pinned Rules and Info post is current. There will be a wipe when we get 1.16, whenever that happens.
  23. Server Info

    Yes, it's h1ghstrung.
  24. Server Info

    @h1ghstrung Is your in game name the same as here?
  25. Server Info

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I showed my face around here. I was thinking of getting back in to playing Minecraft. Just a couple questions: Is the vanilla whitelisted server still up? What version is the server running? If the server is still live and running 1.15 I would like to request access to the whitelist. Thanks all!
  26. The next phase of testing will be available on June. Access to Settel pack owners. Settler pack rewards added! A rare unique Hippo mount, Owl pet and mask-helmet. Working on the skill of catching and taming animals to improve taming proficiency. Also we continue to keep improving synchronization of animals and directions of the cardinal points are added to the minimap. Added a new set of hardened leather armor. Two crypts and a necromancer basement are available for exploration at the Graveyard. Two new exotic weapons: Punishment Sword. To create it you need Etched Steel (created from Steel and Caustic Slime, which can be obtained from monsters on swamps). The fur braid of the handle is created from a hardened leather and a bear hide. Sizzling Dagger. To create it, Magmatic metal is required (created from rare Magmatic ore, it can be obtained from Large deposits of coal, as well as from golems in a cave). The heat-resistant hilt is made of heat-resistant wood, which can be obtained from Oak in a thicket. Thanks so much for reading guys!
  27. AotS - Spring 2020

    So anyone here still watch anime? Anything good you've been watching as of late?
  28. What are you reading now?

    No idea. I found a "Winterlight" Trilogy by Katherine Arden that seems to match the bill, but only @TheFallenCommrade can really say. Me Personally, I'm going through the "A Touch of Power" Trilogy. The author released the final book a little while ago so I'm re-reading them. I need to finish the "The Wandering Inn: Volume 2" as well as "The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life, Vol. 2". If your curious about what I'm currently reading you can follow me on goodreads.
  29. What are you reading now?

    Is it called "Under the charm of Winternight" or something else? i'm having trouble googling it
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