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  2. Cardinal Funky | Overwatch Player Reporting For Duty

    Welcome to the community! Glad to see you on the forums
  3. Hello !!! :)

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy playing Overwatch with our guys
  4. Hello !!! :)

    Welcome to The community.
  5. ah thanks funky. it means a lot to titan and I aswell that you guys show up every friday with beers in hand ready to have a good time.... i look forward to lots more mfriday nights with y'all. if it werentfor yall i prob wouldnt even play this game any more lol
  6. Age: 22 Country: United States Main Games: Overwatch | Trove | Path of Exile My name is Cardinal Funky and I am your average competitive gamer. I used to be called UnsoundMrBlaze, back when I played Halo 3, Reach, ODST, Halo 4, and other shooters like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and CSGO. How I Found This Community: I was using the LFG system in Overwatch, in order to play with others and have a bit of fun, and met both Pinkdood and Titan. They both did their usual spiel about the =ADK= community and what we represent. Since our first encounter, I've been playing with them, ever Friday, since my senior year of college; I have since graduated, have a job and an apartment, and still having a wonderful time playing with them and the rest of the community. Why I Am Here: I am here to have a good time and meet some long-term, online friends. Maybe, after a while, we could go to conventions and conferences, together. You see, I've been a solo-achieving competitive gamer for so long that I've lost touch with the human side of it all. I was raised and built within the toxic communities of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, LoL, and other video games (most of them being shooters). I want to build relationships and mostly have a good time. I am no longer a teenager and have realized that there is more to life than grinding and playing video games all day. If it wasn't for meeting Pinkdood and Titan on that faithful day, in college, I probably wouldn't have something to look forward to every Friday. Thanks, guys. Honestly, Pinkdood and Titan have shown me what it means to just have fun and step back from the competitive realms of not just Overwatch, but even in life. I have played every competitive season in Overwatch, even reaching 3800 (Masters) during season 4, yet, nothing compares to the amount of sheer fun and enjoyment I get from just sitting back, having a beer, and chilling with some wonderful friends. This is why I have joined this community and I think I'll have a pretty long stay.
  7. Hello !!! :)

    Hello everyone! I am Nick. I live in Georgia. I am a full-time student. I have joined the ADK Discord last December but I only try to become a forum member now. I mostly play Overwatch. Nice to meet you guys

    Welcome, thanks for joining!
  9. Last week
  10. AYYYEE

    Welcome to the community and enjoy
  11. AYYYEE

    Welcome to the community!
  12. AYYYEE

    Welcome to ADK!
  13. AYYYEE

    Whats up guys, I'm Omen. Most of my Gamertags are "BadOmenVII" if not its probably "OmenVII". My real name is Jakub. I mostly play League of Legends and World of Warcraft right now, but I'm up for about any game. I've played a vast amount of games in all genres throughout my life. Other than Video Games I love Cars/Motorcycles, Guns, and Sports (Mostly Baseball and Football). I'm no pro what so ever but if anyone wants to play some game hit me up with a message and we will get 'er done!
  14. Earlier
  15. Overwatch Fun for March 2019

    Yea, feelsbadman lol
  16. Wassup Everyone!

    Weclome and enjoy
  17. Overwatch Fun for March 2019

    When you kill a pharah, but still die from the last rocket she send out, lol!
  18. New Wipe!

    I am currently online in our EFT channel. I have done some raids in the new wipe for the first time as of last night with Ajax (my eldest son). Bots are a bit changed so that requires some adjustments and of course in addition to new skill and behaviours some of them also have changed routines. otherwise the changes to SKS and the overall radical increase in recoil are pretty huge. Feel free to contact me in our discord server or here by PM.
  19. Hello

    Welcome to the community! What games do you like to Play?
  20. New Wipe!

    Is anyone looking to do some raids? The new 11.7 update and wipe has just come upon us and I have been looking for some people to quest with!
  21. Wassup Everyone!

    Heya, welcome!
  22. Wassup Everyone!

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone has come to find this and is having a great day! You can just all me six, or Z O Six, either works. I love playing games with a fun community and having great nights of grinding. I hope to make some good friendships while in this community and find some awesome people to hangout with. I am currently playing Escape From Tarkov, Rocket League, and occasionally I'll load up overwatch and league of legends.
  23. [Game Channel Requests] for [Consoles]

    I have created the text channel. If it does not see use it will be deleted.
  24. Name: LtNoobslayer Form: =ADK= Discord Voice/Text Channel Requests
  25. Game Channel Request Space-Engineers

    Just an FYI for ya Spook, the form for channel requests lives over here. For future ref.
  26. Hello

    Was up name is Sandy and would really like to join
  27. Just needed the chat added, Naru already got it for us since the site was down. Just goooooing through the motions. Thank you and the end...fin....bye bye now.
  28. Just needed the chat added, Naru already got it for us since the site was down. Just goooooing through the motions. Thank you and the end...fin....bye bye now.
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