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  • Virtue1776

    World of Warcraft - Gladiator Warrior DPS

     Out of the blue this morning I decide to queue up for a random heroic dungeon with a few guildies. I was in for a surprise when after the first pull I looked at my Skada damage meter when I noticed the Warrior doing 25.4k damage per second. I about jumped out of my nasty faded leather chair. The most I had seen at this point since the release of the new expansion was about 17k and that was with in game vehicles or cannons doing the damage. I might just be an Ignorant Restoration Druid, but man I had to check this out. What befuddled me the most was that he was using a one handed sword and shield. It sent me on a quest to see what the heck is going on. I dug around on one of my favorite sites.


              Noxxic is a site I've been using often for my specializations and talent builds. If you happen to have a level 100 Warrior you may consider specing him/her Gladiator.<<--- Attached is a link to Noxxic.com's guide to Gladiator Warriors. In it you'll find every aspect you'll need to get the most out of your Warrior, Talent's, Glyphs, Enchants, gems, etc....


              That being said, things are constantly changing and there is always more then one way to skin a cat or buffalo/Tauren er whatever. In the end it's up to you how to spec your warrior. Below I have two videos dealing with a PVP spec, macros, talents etc.. which can be used for PVE just as well.  These guys both have specs that have different talents than what is found at Noxxic.com. As I stated, and most know this, it's all up to you and what you want to do. A Tome of Clear Mind isn't very expensive..... any way.


             Unlike Battlefield 4, Macros are perfectly legal in World of Warcraft. I always wondered how I'd get dotted up by Warlocks and Shadow Priests in under a half a second, and this is how it's done. In order to take advantage of these you will have to set up a Razor Synapse account or make sure your have your hardware's proper software installed and capable of using macros..


    So check them out......!




    This is the most credible video I've watched and will be implementing it myself on my warrior as I continue leveling him.







              This guy is a little crazy and he drops some 'F' bombs, Just a warning for you who have speakers and there may be family around.




    I hope you enjoy and get some use out of this information. I know I will be knee deep in this!




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    Glad is VERY good at low ilvls. And will be at higher too. Eventually, the other two specs do catch up and will do better, at least on AoE fights (which is most of WoD).


    I've actually been looking into Glad. and it seems fun. Might level my warrior to try it.

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    I've noticed they did a 20% nerf on them. This will obviously bring the other two specs back up. Overall its still a neat spec and new to warriors.

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    spec is nerfed into the dirt almost worthless now.


    noxxic is a garbage sight your best bet is to asked some experienced players questions but i believe the sight called icy veins is good never used but i just know general character optimization.

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