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  • Erick

    Storm United - A First Look



    Storm United is unlike most FPS games I have seen and brings a unique game play to many gamers. Storm United is free-to-play going off of Unreal Engine 4, being developed by PixelBeam.





    Storm United is giving a feature in their game to be part of a clan. Every clan will be able to have their own clan map that every member can access. You may use to map to socialize, customize and strategize. All the features and options haven't been entirely decided but they plan to update weekly for years to come. A great feature about the clan aspect is that the map will be accessible from your mobile device via iOS and Andriod along with a nextgen fully fledged 3D rendered plugin-free webpage. This will have fully functional commands where you can craft your guns, plan wars, build infrastructures and communicate within the Storm United universe from anywhere.


    Storm united will also be offering Private Servers that players may rent if they want to choose who to play with. The price isn't set at the moment nor when you will be able to rent them but they are in the works. There will be a feature to split the cost of the servers evenly between clan members for the clans who want to all contribute.




    We have looked at the clan aspect of it now lets move on towards the events that will take place in Storm United. Since they are looking for this to be a social experience along with a FPS they have decided to start hosting Weekly, monthly and yearly massive tournaments. When you win a tournament you will be given a winner crest next to your name, but what gets my attention is you provided with exclusive clanmap infrastructure, technologies, weapons and gear. Intercontinental tournaments are planned for the second tournament development phase. Having Europe VS America, Asia VS America and Asia VS Europe. These features seem unique and exiting and can't wait to see what Storm United can come up with for the tournaments.




    Lets move on to something other than events and about the game. I'm sure you are all wanting to know what kind of gamemodes will be implemented along with the classes you can play and if there are vehicles. Storm United has a total of seven gamemodes that have been developed so far and plan to have more come up in the future. Storm United will have the basic game modes like Death Match where you will be killing anyone you see, then we got the obvious Team Death Match which is self explanatory just work as a team and kill the people that don't wear the same color as you, Capture the Flag; just grab the enemies flag and bring it back to your base while trying to defend your own flag, Demolition; just plant the bomb at the bomb site and defend while the opposite team attempts to defuse it, Outpost is something different; Find the capture construction material spread across the map and load them in a vehicle for a fast deliver while collected goods are picked up by engineers and used to build a structure while the enemies try to halt or slow down the construction if the structure is completed the match is over, Operation Complete two objectives and manage to escape with the cargo, and finally something i'm actually looking forward to is Freeze Tag; Its quite simple just freeze your enemies by shooting them and unfreeze your team mates by standing next to them for 3 seconds if all players on a team are frozen the match is over. 


    We have covered all those gamemodes now what can you actual play with? There is a total of four classes Assault, Engineer, Shadow, and Medic. 


    Pretty cool video, the assault class is good first class for someone who is trigger happy, damage dealt is determined by the size of their gun. The assault class will be able to assist any other player since they don't have a certain skill set. We also got a class for the tech freaks who love to mess with gadgets, Engineer. The engineer will be able to equip themself with turrents, robots and drones and as they level up they will unlock even more gadgets to play with. If you're a stealth type player then Shadow is for you, they use a range of tools like holographic decoys, intel radars and invisibility clocks. A main feature that may move people towards this class is the use of long-range weaponry. The attacking classes not for you then you might want to be a Medic, Medics will win or lose a battle in Storm United. They have special gear to help their team mates in need like the Close range beams, Long range plasma globes, Healing towers, Healing Grenades, health packs and many more. 


    ​Vehicles are still in development but they plan to be bringing land and air vehicles to the game.




    Storm United still has a lot of developing and work to go trough but this is one promising game that I see making it far. Early Steam Access will be available sometime before Christmas for sure, no set date. Information will continue to be updated as I find it out but if you want to try a unique game this would be where to go.  

    User Feedback

    Damn, this looks amazing.


    It.. it's free?

    Yes sir! Once it comes out of course! Early Steam Access should be before Christmas 

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    Definitely enjoyed the vehicle demonstration video. This is definitely going to be my game of my year when it comes out :-P.

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