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    • Dowin

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  • justicarAB

    Star Citizen Trader Raider

    Star Citizen Trader Raider Event

    Saturdays @ 6pm Central (subject to change if needed)


    NOTE: this event is subject to change based on feedback and suggestions, i would like this event to be a community favorite, so any criticism would be desired to help better the event.

    Note2: i want to start a different scenario where the transports are protecting a single VIP and the raiders are to capture him. rules will be determined later based on feedback of the current event.

    This event consists of two teams, the trade escort,  and the raid team. there are multiple stages of the event. the event will be as follows:


    The Transport Team



    This team will consist of

    1 transport ship (Starfarer)

    1-2 medium fighters "small frigates"

    2-6 fighters


    Set off from the starting destination, and jump through pre-determined jump points and arrive a the destination, then unload cargo in to the determined room.


    The Raid Team



    This team will consist of

    1 transport ship (Caterpillar)

    1-2 medium fighters "small frigates"

    2-6 fighters


    kill all protection vessels and raid the cargo.



    How it plays out specifically



    The raiding party has to kill all the fighters, after this is done, the cargo vessel has to stop and prepare for boarding. The ship has to be intact for the raiders to get credit. after all crew are killed, the raiding part takes the cargo and the score will be awarded.


    Point System:











    User Feedback

    6 hours ago, BookD20 said:

    @justicarAB's Spelling: Engineer Tier ;)


    Hope to see you all there!

    I can put this in DIF EQ form if you want to see what "language" i am most competent in. Maybe you prefer Spanish?

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