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    PUBG - Road Map 2018

    We're 3 months into the new year and we're getting a look at what's in store for Playerunknown's Battleground in 2018. 

    One of the big plans on the road map is committing to a major content delivery cycle every 2 months. And the first content delivery is planned for the month of March. 

    Major updates will include:

    • Changes to specific systems
    • Introduce New Content

    There will also be smaller updates in between each major update, but there hasn't been any information released about what those might typically include. 

    You're also in for a visual treat, which I definitely feel was needed for PUBG. Here's an example of a before and after of what you'll be seeing in game. 

    Playerunknown's Battleground will be giving the game a visual update in 2018.


    Now here are some of the specifics for the 2018 PUBG Road map. 


    New Content and Gameplay:

    New Maps

    A new 4x4km island map. This will be released on the Experimental Test Server next month for everyone to try out. With it being smaller, it should be a fast paced brawl with less hiding and more killing. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    The 4x4 km island concept art for PUBG.


    They're also working on another 8x8km map which they hope to have everyone test in the early development stages to make sure that it's a map that everyone will enjoy. 



    Emote System

    There's no time frame on when it will be released on the Experimental Test Servers, other than it should be released 'soon'. 





    Game Modes

    There's no real details on any new game modes besides that they are working on some "new and interesting" ones for PUBG. When we find out some specifics we'll be sure to let you know!


    New Vehicles and New Weapon Attachments

    • New vehicles should be coming in the first half of the year 
    • Expanding the weapon set and weapon attachments will continue throughout the year 

    Here's a sneak peek of one of the new weapons they're working on.

    A new weapon that the PUBG developers are working on.




    Working on the limb and vehicle bullet penetration which will ultimately increase the realism of gameplay. Please make sure you provide feedback on these new systems once they are out!


    Stability, Optimization and Security



    We are continuing our daily work to combat cheaters, improve server stability and further optimize our servers and clients. It is impossible to solve these problems once and for all, but our goal is to continuously improve in this regard. 

    Due to the sensitive nature of this subject and to maximize the impact we can have, I won’t be able to go into specific plans. However, we’re planning to keep you more up-to-date about our efforts as we have major victories to share.




    PUBG knows they aren't where they need to be but it does appear that they want to put more effort into having a great game for esports. They want to further improve the live spectator tool and integrate a replay system for spectators to use while watching a live match. 

    Improvements to MMR and the overall ranking system are in the works as well. 


    Custom Games



    The Custom Game System will itself be further expanded to allow more fine grain control and quality of life features like saving presets. We’re also planning to distribute access to a wider audience of players so that there are more custom games available to join at any given time.

    We can’t thank you enough for your patience thus far and we will soon share more details with you regarding our successes and future challenges in this regard. 




    The first half of the year will be spent focusing on increasing the detail of vehicle sounds and the second half of the year will focusing on changing the sound that a player produces while moving. For example if you're moving with different equipment, running and out of breath, looking down your sights, etc. . 


    Other road map updates:

    • Achievements
    • In-game friends list
    • Squad voice chat in the main menu
    • Customizable characters
    • Weapon and Parachute skins
    • Overwhauling entire TPP and FPP animation systems
      • Including getting into vehicles and changing seats while in vehicles
    • Overhauling parachuting system


    It looks to be an exciting rest of the year for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. What do all of you think about these changes that are in store? 


    Playerunkown's Battleground 2018 Road map

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