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  • Th3eRaz3r

    Planetside 2 Homecoming Weekend


    July 4th kicks off a five day DOUBLE XP WEEKEND for all players on Planetside 2.  ADK is hosting a homecoming and is inviting all it's members to come back and play during these five days, to reconnect with each other and this game.

    Please join me, Th3eRaz3r, and others for a fun-filled, casual gameplay of this game that you once loved, but is not the game that you remember.

    We will be fighting as NC on Connery, of course.





    User Feedback

    On 6/30/2018 at 8:48 AM, LtNoobslayer said:

    Wish I could make it, sadly this ninja medic will have to sit this one out.  One day I will return to join you boys on the battlefields of Auraxis.

    That's ok. You can steal my title another day.

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    1 hour ago, Jaden said:

    That's ok. You can steal my title another day.

    Nope, my title was conferred upon me by Darkstarzx2 himself, for being the medic who consistently "revived him in the most BS places" behind enemy lines.

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