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    What is going to be in Overwatch 2 as of November 2019

    What is going to be in Overwatch 2

    Blizzard has announced that it will be releasing a sequel to Overwatch. Blizzard has been trying out many new game modes in Overwatch 1 and listening to player feedback, which the idea of PvE actually came from player feedback. When Overwatch released it was a map-based game where you could play in Quickplay (unranked) or competitive (ranked). Soon after the launch of Overwatch 1 and with its success Blizzard slowly started releasing new parts to Overwatch 1. They introduced PvE elements where you play out the current lore on newly released maps. One of the latest expansions to Overwatch 1 was the Arcade where you can play many different game modes. As each new part became successful, Blizzard felt it necessary to build on the PvE experience and release Overwatch 2. Blizzard has spent a lot of time developing the various stories in Overwatch, so we should expect some great storylines and great new game modes.

    Overwatch 2 Zero Hour Announcement:

    Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer:

    What will the PvE be like?

    If you are a fan of the lore in Overwatch, be ready for new lore in Overwatch 2. The lore will start 60 years in the future after Winston has pressed the recall button. Jeff Kaplan has said that there will definitely be game progression when it comes to leveling heroes, but he did not confirm if there will be progression when playing the story mode. Blizzard is still working on creating the story mode content for Overwatch 2, and the release of Overwatch 2 means PvE is here to stay. Blizzard is still open to feedback, and the success of the Archives missions means that we will see more of those mission types. With hero leveling, Kaplan mentioned that there will be a level cap, but Blizzard really doesn’t want that to be the focus like in World of Warcraft where it is all about getting to the highest level (and then gear of course). Like in the past with PvE on Overwatch 1, there will be different difficulties you can choose in Overwatch 2.

    Are there going to be loot boxes in Overwatch 2?

    Kaplan said in an interview that they are exploring a number of business models for Overwatch 2. With the recent backlash over loot boxes in many new games, they may want to move away from loot boxes.

    Are the heroes going to be the same in Overwatch 2?

    No heroes will be removed, and we should expect to see some new heroes in Overwatch 2.

    Can you play offline in Overwatch 2?

    So far Blizzard has firmly said that you cannot play offline. Kaplan did not say that they will make it available in the future, he plainly said that offline mode is not available in Overwatch 2.

    What about all my skins in Overwatch 1?

    Do not worry, all those hours you spent getting loot boxes or money spent on loot boxes for those skins, they will all be moved over the Overwatch 2.

    What about my rank in Overwatch 1?

    Kaplan has said that they want to honor the achievements you have earned in Overwatch 1 and expect those to transfer over to Overwatch 2.

    What if I have Overwatch 2 and want to play with my friends on Overwatch 1?

    Similar to other Blizzard games, you will be able to play with your friends who have Overwatch 1 even if you are on Overwatch 2. Kaplan said that the Overwatch 1 servers will stay up as long as players are queueing up in Overwatch 1.

    Are there new modes in Overwatch 2?

    Yes, the new game mode announced is the “push” map that is similar to escorting the payload. Instead, you accompany a giant robot as you push through the map. Check out the second video above to see the gameplay, video.

    Are there going to be new PvP maps in Overwatch 2?

    Yes, we should expect regularly released maps like in Overwatch 1. They have not released the full details about the maps yet, video.
    What happens to our digital items from Overwatch 1?

    They will be transferred over to Overwatch 2.

    Who is Echo?

    Echo is a character that was released in a lot of art when Overwatch 2 was announced. It is not confirmed whether Echo is hero 32 or not, it is also likely that Sojourn could be hero 32. We do not know what Echo’s purpose is yet, so stay tuned.

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    Extra stuff:

    Check out these answers from Jeff Kaplan, he touches on a lot of Overwatch 2 topics.


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