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    Top 5 Heroes for Season 10 Placement Matches

    Overwatch Season 10 begins on 4/30! It is bringing exciting changes, such as Brigitte in competitive, so it is important to be informed when going into placement matches. Here are the five current best heroes to play in order to do well in them.


    5. Lucio

    As of Season 9, deathball comps are super popular and they are almost impossible to run without Lucio. His speed boosts are essential for this playstyle and his ultimate allows for teams to recover after a hard engage.

    Lucio is perhaps the best pure support in the game right now.


    4. Tracer

    Tracer is back in the meta and for good reason as she is able to just jump in, kill, and get away. Brigitte was speculated to be a good counter to her, but she has fallen short and Tracer is roaming free.

    Tracer is by far the best offense hero going into this season.


    3. Winston

    Winston is as broken as he is terrifying. Perhaps the only tank able to match D.Va at the moment, Winston not only is tough to kill between his base health and ult power, but deals ridiculous damage.

    For players who love to jump in 1v6 and kill the enemies before dying, here's your hero.


    2. Moira

    This biotic support is known as the all gold hero for a reason - she almost always gets gold medals in every category. Between her high mobility, insane damage, and almost unbeatable healing, Moira is a must play for anyone who likes DPS and Support. 


    1. D.Va

    D.Va has been in the meta forever now, and for good reason - she does mobile tank the best. It's as simple as that, no other hero is as good as her in her role.

    While there have been proposed ideas to fix the D.Va monopoly, nothing major has happened yet and she is the best hero to play for consistent wins.


    All in all, skill is the most important factor. If you're not comfortable with these heroes, I'd stick to what you know. These heroes just have slight advantages currently, so I wanted to give people who may not play as much an idea of who is strong!


    Also support mains keep in mind, Brigitte will be a good counter to dive comps, so make sure you practice up!


    Good luck in Season 10!


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